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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine Flavor Inspirations
    I guess Chulane is a sort of Merlin... but probably we'll see another Merlin too
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    Quote from Sunspotter »
    Any speculation on what the dual-sided mechanic is going to be? That's a pretty steep ability cost for a 1 mana 1/2 to have, so i'm wondering if it'll have any sort of cost reduction integral to it (hence the split)

    Do we know something about it? Like, it's an alternate cost, or an activated ability like level up?
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    Quote from SnowPlaneFan »

    Acting mean towards people based on immutable characteristics that they can't help having, is essentially evil, regardless of what their grandfathers may or may not have done. You can't use that as an excuse to act bigoted towards people because of their skin color.

    Well we should define "acting mean" better because to me, saying "well i have a hundred white dudes in my company, maybe i should hire a couple of black dudes too" isn't acting mean

    Quote from SnowPlaneFan »

    That's pretty intellectually disingenuous. You're assuming that I care what ethnicity people are in an activity/job/group/etc. I don't. I wouldn't care if 100.0% of all the people in some job were non-white, or 0.0% were. All I care about is that everyone was allowed to play by the same rules when trying to get hired/not get fired. The rest will play itself out meritocractically.

    And if your argument fails, resort to the blabbling about meritocracy.
    I am not seeing wotc picking unqualified people out the streets because they are women/black/LGBT/whatever. Everyone at wotc is qualified. Every woman i see working at the sets is as qualified as the men.
    The incriminated tweet too is quite tame and says "please apply", not "free job for every nonwhite!". Apply means they will still scrutinize the applicants' curriculum, so they won't hire underqualified people. Meritocracy isn't in danger. We aren't getting swarmed by bad designers.
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    Quote from LuckyJoe1988 »
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    ITT: people talking about racism against whites proving that they don’t understand the core concept of racism. Or history, for that matter.
    “When are people going to start defending whites?!”
    *opens history textbook*
    “Oh yeah.”
    Whoops! Looks like I said something glib after all. XD

    wE mUsT kEeP tHe EvIl CiS mEn OuT oF pOwEr So ThErE cAn Be PrOpEr BAlAnCe!!

    I am not even going to begin... Weird

    Yeah, bud, get over yourself and best if you stay on the main topic in this thread. Rolleyes

    But... they have the power. Look at, i don't know, the design team of the last 3 sets and you'll see that they are composed 90% by white male.
    "things used to be 100% about me, now it's only 95% and it's unacceptable"
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from Bhogal83 »
    I've gotten used to WOTC pandering to the identity politics left, so it no longer bothers me.

    Man that's really funny. They are doing that to sell more. It's capitalism baby. They want to broad their customers audience by bringing in nonwhite and women. Because nonwhite and women have $$$. They want to hire nonwhite and women to help them create a product that will sell to them.
    So if you want to blame something, blame the $$$

    It's funny that this kind of topic pop up when a set like this... how can we say it? Different? Experimental? When a set like this pops up.
    I'm not liking it very much, faerie tale is not one of my top tropes, i can even dare to say that fairy tale is somehow too girlish for me, but for sure i won't feel threatened as a cis white man because my game is trying something different.
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  • posted a message on Major changes to Magic announced at SDCC? (New booster variants and premium styles)
    The end of paper Magic tournaments is nigh. All the "pro" events and qualifiers will be through Arena starting in 2020. Profit margins are higher, and there's no need for judges or TOs, or to scrounge enough physical product on hand to supply players and have prize support.

    I would also not be surprised if the announcement stated that "Throne of Eldraine" will be the last paper Magic product.

    We'll going to make our own magic then, with blackjack and hookers
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  • posted a message on I hope Emminence comes back for C19. Roast me :D
    Quote from Igzex »
    The passive effects weren't horribly oppressive and you had good incentive to actually risk casting these cards to the field.

    And that's just like your opinion. Many find Edgar Markov and Inalla oppressive. To me Inalla is the worst offender, going either from turn 2 combo win without never ever casting the general to slow garbage deck with no middle ground.

    Quote from Igzex »
    you really can't compare giant growthing a cat each combat step to draining everyone with Tendrils of Agony in a number of turns that one could count with one hand.

    You can't really compare giant growing a cat each turn to giving a creature +1/+2 then.
    The comparison is valid only when you compare the worst eminence card with the best storm card, but not when you do it with the worst storm card?
    Your hypotethical haste card is broken, but not because of haste, because of the broken tap ability.
    And Tendrils of agony is also a really tame effect. Draining 2 for 4 is kinda weak. Except when you add storm, then you broke it.
    That's how you measure a failed mechanic. They are either too strong or absolute garbage with almost no middle ground.
    Same for eminence.

    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Populate being WURG would be even better

    No please we got so many pentacolor legends this year...
    I hope populate will be bant or naya. Ooooh, print a legendary godsire please!
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    This is killing lorwyn usn't it?
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  • posted a message on [RUMOR] The Commander 19 decks will be based on keywords
    Quote from Ritokure »
    If this is true, I wonder how they are going to fit in characters from Magic's past. Considering how popular said characters are and how consistent they have been with this even outside Commander, this would be a no-brainer, so which ones could fit thematically with each ability?

    Populate: Gaea, Mat'Selesnya, Kristina of the Woods
    Flashback: Ashnod, Leshrac, Sifa Grent
    Morph: Belbe, Ugin (Pre-Spark)
    Madness: Anje Falkenrath, Ramaz

    Just some rough ideas, of course. Any others I missed?

    We'll probably get a new version of Ixidor for morph
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  • posted a message on [RUMOR] The Commander 19 decks will be based on keywords
    We need to know the colors!!!
    Because for example GW populate would be boring, ***** has been already done! Add red or blue!
    lashback being dimir or grixis after Dralnu and Kess would look repetitive too

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  • posted a message on I hope Emminence comes back for C19. Roast me :D
    Quote from Igzex »
    The eminence abilities we have now are nothing to really complain about and kinda surprised to see them get so much hate now. I mean, I get it feels psychologically annoying that an opponent has an advantage that you can only remove by taking control of it from the battlefield or bouncing it (Or resorting to Mind-slaving and exiling their commander) but like, it's for the most narrow and casual of things.

    Ur-Dragon and Arahbo are for meme tribes that will never, ever be taken seriously. (Cries into my Ur-Dragon playmat)

    Inalla and Edgar are the most pushed but still far from the most annoying thing even in casual.

    M'Odo doesn't count he's your typical stupid fan designed card that one person actually happens to physically own.

    Honestly though I'd rather see something new rather than Eminence, but I don't hate it or outright consider it a blight to the format. We've seen how pushed something made for commander can be and none of the current eminence bearers are close to it.

    greater mossdog is a crappy card, so dredge is a totally fair ability
    astral steel is a crappy card, so storm is a totally fair ability
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  • posted a message on What you want to see in Commander themes
    Quote from DirkGently »
    I'd love



    Whoever did the design on arixmethes, xantcha, and varchild can do all of them this time around.

    Add the guy who designed Kykar too
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  • posted a message on Commander July 8th Banlist Update
    Quote from Faruel »
    Quote from Faruel »

    You actually don't have to sit there for 2 hours. There is rule 104.3a:
    A player can concede the game at any time. A player who concedes leaves the game immediately. That player loses the game.

    And if the other players at table don't do the same you have to wait until everyone is finished for the next game Rolleyes

    Isn't that the same problem when losing to aggro, voltron, poison or when being focused? Rolleyes

    Nah, it's way faster Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Five Eminence Commanders
    Finally, there's also the option of abandoning putting the counters on the commander entirely. To preserve interactivity, all of the commanders could put counters on permanents already on the battlefield, like Anastasia does.

    Mmh, but that would encourage never casting your commander, i thing that i hate about eminence

    Quote from HugSeal »
    It is still a dumb uninteractive overrun imo, but atleast not as repeatable.

    aw man, why you hate overruns so much? they are fun!
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  • posted a message on I hope Emminence comes back for C19. Roast me :D
    Quote from NZB2323 »
    Maybe they could print eminence and eminence hate. Something like Torpor Orb but it shuts down eminence abilities.

    Please wizard do it as an emblem or eminence ability
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