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  • posted a message on Commander Singles Price Speculation
    Hey, I'm new to all this and don't really do this kind of thing at all, but someone asked how much the cards in the new decks were going to be worth and no one answered. Well I really wanted to know, so I used magiccards.info to look them up. These estimates are based on the midrange price of the rares and "rare" uncommons I didn't bother with commons or lands. Also keep in mind the new cards will compleatly through these numbers out of wack as will a drastic drop in price of sol ring becuase I used a 17.50 estamate for it. Well here you go:

    Hevenly Inferno- 65.05
    Mirror Mastery- 44.84
    Counterpunch- 45.55
    Political Puppits- 56.62
    Devour for Power- 66.88

    Oh, and let the attack on my grammer and spelling begin...
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  • posted a message on Dollar Value of Each New Commander Deck
    Ummm, I tried to find it at stg and got nothing, can someone post a link. The info would go along way to helping us all decide which of these wonderful decks we're going to fork over our hard earned cash for.
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