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  • posted a message on Decks that start out focused and end up with split goals...
    I have a game to help think about this - I call it "Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon Synergy". Lets use as an example my first Toshiro Umezawa deck, which I didn't like how it turned out.

    The primary synergy with Toshi is instants - without those, Toshiro does nothing, and he needs nothing else to have synergy.

    Then you have stuff that supports that synergy but doesn't have synergy on its own, such as self-mill to get instants into your grave without casting them, or non-instant removal, which can trigger toshiro. So that's the second degree of synergy.

    Once I had the self-mill, suddenly self-recurring creatures like reassembling skeleton were better. Now we're up to three degrees of synergy.

    And once I had a bunch of self-recurring creatures, I needed something to do with them to get decent value besides just chump blocking. So then I threw in grave pact and dictate of erebos and the like. Holy crap, we're up to four degrees.

    And finally, now that I've got a grave pact engine going, I need sac outlets to reliably trigger them instead of relying on blocks. Five degrees of synergy at this point. Yikes.

    You can see where this went off the rails. By the end, there were a lot of cards that had no direct synergy with my commander, and I was spreading myself way too thin across many different functionalities of cards. The odds of drawing cards that didn't work well together was way too high, and a lot of my cards were very low-impact without synergies.

    So I think it's worth analyzing card choices in this way. Think to yourself - "why is this card in my deck, what makes it good here?" And if you find that it takes quite a few degrees of synergy - by which I usually mean more than about 3 at absolute maximum - then you should probably reevaluate and try to refocus your deck.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    I actually ran it in my "Seven Sagas of Rona" deck.

    There are a few decent synergies, biggest one being disciple of bolas, greater good, or momentous fall to draw a ton of cards, which is the only thing that could reasonably be called "good". Giving it lifelink, evasion, haste, and/or protection is also a decent choice. Failing at that, having a backup plan of miren, the moaning well, diamond valley or Temple of Aclazotz in response to removal prevents it from being too bad.

    The other sillier thing you can do is use something like power conduit or ferropede to keep it perpetually in the drain mode (Although then you've mostly made a more complicated palace siege). If you REALLY want to get crazy, proliferate it with thrummingbird or something, while also stripping the counters off with hex parasite, so you're draining 4 a turn.
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  • posted a message on Phelddagrif: Show Weakness to Hide Your Strength
    Quote from alexandre »
    This new expansion brought two great cards for us so far: Teyo, the Shieldmage and Kasmina's Transmutation.
    I love the cheap planeswalker, gives us some protection in early game. It doesn't help us much when it comes to aggro decks but hey, we have some Wraths for that.
    The enchantment is like Pongify. A nice one indeed.
    Hmm, I'm curious why you'd consider Teyo for this deck? I don't consider hexproof particularly relevant for us, and the walls are obviously pretty low-impact. In general I avoid walkers since they tend to draw attacks and worry people. The minus-only variety might not have the same problem, since it can't really ult or otherwise be scary, but Teyo doesn't seem like he does anything we're really interested in (at least, to my eye)

    Kasmina's is an ok card, but it's something like 5th best in terms of neutralizing removal, behind song of the dryads, imprisoned in the moon, darksteel mutation, deep freeze, and arguably lignify. Pongify fulfills a different goal because of its instant speed. Imo it's not a good idea to have too many neutralizing removals, since they majorly antagonize whoever you've played them on - so usually I only want to play them when it's 1v1, or if someone has a disproportionately scary deck and neutralizing their commander is the only reliable way to keep balance.
    Quote from GloriousGoose »
    I'm more excited for Emergence Zone and Time Wipe. Zone gives us more surprise wipes and Wipe is basically Wrath plus Phelddy's blue ability only without an opponent drawing a card.
    I do think those are more playable, although neither massively excites me. Time wipe is generally superior to WoG in the 1v1 game, but before that point I usually don't mind letting someone else draw a card, and the extra cost is non-negligible early on (since you can installment-plan the WoG + bounce, or skip the bounce if necessary). Which one is better is debatable, but it's definitely splitting hairs either way, it's not going to revolutionize the deck or anything.

    I'm not blown away by emergence zone, alchemist's refuge has always been right on the edge of getting cut from my deck and I'd rather pay more than sac the land. Again, not that it's bad, it's just not going to make any big changes to the deck imo. Especially since, being non-repeatable, I don't think it really merits tutoring up (which refuge sometimes can, if you've already gotten the more powerful utility lands and/or want to be able to instant-speed more of your wipes).

    The other card I see that looks potentially good is dovin's veto. Again, nothing revolutionary, but it's a strong counterspell that could replace existing options depending on meta.

    Lots of cool cards so far, not a ton for Phelddagrif though imo.
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  • posted a message on Jace's Triumph
    Quote from Dusk707 »
    Huh, just noticed all of the Triumph cards have the same artist

    Edit: who also happens to be the same artist who did all five of the defeat cards in Hour, nice touch
    Now if only the art design wasn't so weird and awkward.

    *Jace turns to camera: remember kids, taking over the world is totally not cool*
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers - Niv-Mizzet Reborn
    Quote from Crispen_Smith »
    How on Earth do you build around his ability? I feel like most of the time it's "look at the top 10 cards of your library and if there's a guild split card, reveal it and put it into your hand". The split cards being the best way to minimize color screw as you are building towards Niv and maximize late game effectiveness
    Uh...just stick a bunch of the best 2-color cards in your deck, in something approximately an equal proportion, with the best fixing you can afford?

    Doesn't seem like rocket science to me.
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  • posted a message on Feather, the Redeemed + Arcane Arts (Let’s Brew!)
    Just realized - it's worth remembering that you don't ONLY need to use spells which target creatures. For instance, you can use by force quite effectively if you have an artifact creature you don't mind sacrificing to the cause.

    Plus, at least to my reading of the card, feather will return it just fine if you protect/blink/etc your artifact creature before the spell resolves, just so long as something of your opponents is still alive to get blown up (although if they manage to remove all their targets too, then the spell gets countered and I'm fairly certain feather will fail to return it).
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  • posted a message on Lie about proxy?
    Quote from schweinefett »
    I guess you've not seen the prices of juzam djinn recently. Even with its equivalent being 30 cents, the djinn (last i saw) commanded like 900 dollars. the djinn is pretty awesome in a mono black suicide/nostalgia deck.
    I know it's super expensive (it's by far the most expensive legal card I don't own) but there's no way you can convince me it's a good card anywhere. It's neat to run for nostalgia purposes granted - but tabernacle, chains, abyss, etc show up in cEDH lists...djinn definitely does fact, it's in a shocking 16 decks. Which in terms of fame:usage is an incredible ratio. Squire sees the same popularity.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from schweinefett »
    regarding the new blue god, i was trying to mull over how to make high tide work, maybe float a time spiral, tonnes of untap effects like cloud of faries and turnabout and reset. And then i thought wait but we can do better than that - how about floating a artificial evolution to screw with my opponent's ib halfheart, goblin tactician! Or float a blue elemental blast?
    and then i realised that temporal manipulation is just better. it kinda spoils the whole funkiness of trying to do fun things.
    I shall call it "The Narset Conundrum".
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  • posted a message on Lie about proxy?
    lol, why is Juzam Djinn in the same list as workshop, tabernacle, and chains? The rest are niche but powerful. Juzam is looking, mostly?

    Anyway, imo there's some value in preserving your "innocence". Which is to say - if you start proxying tabernacles and abysses you don't have a ton of room to explore. I'd start with a precon, personally, and tune it from there. That way you can ease yourself into the format without needing to worry about deck construction any more than you want to, or spend more than you're comfortable.

    I have sympathy for people who are trying to put themselves through college or whatever, and for whom even spending $50 would be a major financial burden. But if you're dropping nearly $1000, then you should be able to get basically everything you'd need to make a strong deck - the thing you should be focusing on is the skill to build a good deck, not fretting about not owning a tabernacle. I've got a tabernacle. It's not that good of a card. You don't need it. Nobody needs it. If you want to try them out as proxies with people who are ok with it, go nuts I guess, but I don't think you'll be learning anything very useful. Focus on building a good deck within your budget, and don't worry so much about those chase rares.
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  • posted a message on Feather, the Redeemed + Arcane Arts (Let’s Brew!)
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    And that'd also render Aurelia's Fury and Soul's Fire style cards unrepeatable with her. Frown
    Sure, but flavor-wise it might make more sense. Shooting your own creature with aurelia's fury is definitely an odd thing to incentivize. I think the "intent" is that you're using pump spells with her.
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  • posted a message on The Seven Sagas of Rona, Disciple of Gix
    So I got to play this a bit last night. It didn't go amazingly, but a lot of that I would chalk up to a lack of interaction. Had a lot of games that ended to early explosive plays that could have been easily handled by a single counterspell or removal. Why don't I just always play Phelddagrif, anyway?

    Anyway, it did actually go better than expected, and I think the biggest part of that is thanks to the universal synergies. Being able to tick up and down sagas to keep repeating the best bits was pretty cool. Probably the strongest saga was the mirari conjecture, which led to my one win. Never got to play antiquities war or time of ice, unfortunately. Although looking at the antiquities war, it seems kind of hard to really win with it, given that it's so telegraphed. Unless you get a sweet spell swindle for 6+ the turn before the final phase or something.

    As a lower-powered deck I think it did an admirable job, and it was fun to use the sagas so much. But it's difficult to include answers at the same time. If I tune it up at all, I'll probably cut back on the saga-specific synergies, ramp up the generic ones a little, and put in more counters and removal. You know, like I always do.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    The boar god is pretty sweet, but the others are a bit underwhelming. To be fair, they've got a few strikes against them from the beginning - being monocolored is always going to be both more restrictive in terms of deck construction, and also restrict the sorts of abilities they're able to have. Also, their semi-invincibility is kind of a waste in the command zone since commanders are already functionally immortal. One thing for the indestructible gods, since it's just an added layer of protection, but for these guys you've got to pick whether you'd rather just recast for 2 more, or wait some turns (or spin a top) to get them back without tax. Being able to alternate is obviously nice, but still, it's a lot less useful than the other god abilities in the CZ.

    Kefnet definitely has the neatest ability of the non-boar-gods, but whenever I see a new commander, and my mind fills with excited possibilities, and I try to imagine what sorts of thrilling new adventures we could have together...and then I realize it works best with time magic...I immediately stop giving a *****.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    God-Eternal Rhonas. Now this is decent.
    really? Idk I'm very unimpressed with the etb considering it provides no protection or evasion, and the body is fairly unexciting.

    So far boar >>> bontu >>> Rhonas imo.
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  • posted a message on "Silent Submarine"
    I mean, there's only been one creature I'm aware of with a saboteur draw ability with 2 cmc, which is vedalken heretic, which is a multicolor 1/1 and dies to sorcery-speed creature removal.

    Copter is certainly stronger late-game, but early-game drawing is a lot better than looting. If you can get the CA flowing early, it's going to be difficult for your opponent to recover.
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  • posted a message on "Silent Submarine"
    I feel like people are being overly harsh. Having a card that dodges board wipes and provides card advantage (not just card quality like copter, but actual CA) has potential, especially at only 2 cmc. Imagine playing a fairly creature-light control deck with lots of wipes - this could be a good way to swing in and get cards after a wipe, while putting on some pressure. And there are a lot of wipes in standard right now...

    Not saying it's amazing, but I wouldn't say it's terrible.
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