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  • posted a message on Are bounce / scry lands useful or useless in mono-color EDH?
    You can’t play cards with coloured mana symbols on them that aren’t on your commander, as per the rules of commander. So it’s a moot point.

    If you find your mana lacking, either run more lands or more mana-producing artifacts.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Drain Life »
    I want to clerify and say that I do not need a Commander to be busted to be interested in it. I do not play cEDH, only casual kitchen table with family and close friends, or at a couple LGS locations

    With that in mind, every Commander set has had at least one deck I wanted to buy and improve until last year, and this appaears to be more of the same.

    Look, I agree with our Holistic Detective that there is potential to cycle through your deck with the Madness commander, but even that seems janky and trashy. You are still uaing a deck with 30+ trash spells. Madness does not have scaleable spells which get better in multiplayer. They do not have higher end spells that are only useful in late game commander. They are a collection o spells which are often not even good enough for two player 20 life duels. Moreover, when deck try to discard/loot their spells away, they do not even care about madness... they try to loot fatties to reanimate, flashback spells for value, or even load up a graveyard for something like a big Yawgmoth's Will / Past in Flames / Mizzix Mastery turn. Also, what is the deck doing when it doesn't have its commander? Even a Mizzix deck can operate without needing experience counters to reduce costs. Doesn't a madness deck fall even flatter on its face without its commander?

    I was at an LGS flipping through binders and several people were joking about how terrible all four seems. Even the "good one" (flashback) seems rather janky at best.

    Whute does nothing meaningfull for flashback. So, unless they print new cards which are good, adding white makes it worse. Had it been Izzet or Grixis in colors, it could have fi in the 99 of my Mizzix deck or maybe a Kess deck. Until we see good white card with flashback, I am less than sold; I am disapointed.
    white gives you increasing devition, as well as waves of aggression, leave // chance etc. Plus the new flashback spell, and others they’ll presumably print. And all the general utility stuff like stp, good board wipes, etc. Sure it makes it harder to fit into the 99 but it’s basically pure upside as a commander.

    Personally I’m sick of the kesses and animars that have to die immediately or they run away with the game, and have a low cost to boot. These face commanders actually look very fair, but good enough that I’m sure I can still crush with them at my local group. I’m so pleased to see some actual restraint in their designs, instead of designs that say “screw balance, it’s just casual. Let’s give them OP nonsense so they buy as many as possible”.

    But if you really want powerful, I’m pretty sure krrrik is busted somehow.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Could see it working as an eggs commander or something. Not the sort of thing I play (high-ish powered, combo wins, and wastes a lot of enemy time - three things I avoid) but it could be good in that shell.

    Outside of that it seems reminiscent of RTI avacyn - board protection in the command zone. Which is fine but not likely to get played. I guess you could do a sac/etb/death trigger thing, but I think there are better choices for it. I guess if you just gotta do it in boros.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Gashnaw II »
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Quote from FearDReaper »
    Ya sure, no disrespect to those who enjoy playing a lower powered deck. It's not my cup of tea but I get it

    Anje enables Worldgorger Dragon combo more than other commanders, due to her haste and dragon untapping her, which means even if you don’t have the right card in hand, Anje could find it, save you the need have a perfect hand.

    Care to explain what you mean? How does she enable to combo better? Dragon does not have madness meaning she will not untap.
    When you're blinking all your stuff with WGD, you also blink anje, untapping her so she can dig for whatever you need to win. So if she's on-board she's a wincon with WGD. Plus being a discard outlet for WGD. Doesn't matter if WGD has madness.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from FearDReaper »
    I agree with Drain Life. In a parallel universe where madness has 20+ really solid cards Anje would be amazing. In ours I find her underehelming. Id like to see a general that gives the next card you discard madness or a discard outlet that has more presence and not madness specific, maybe something like Pack Rat in the zone.
    Sometimes a commander can be more fun because of its limitations. I'm personally liking the power level of this batch of commanders so far. They aren't all "must kill immediately or the game is over" power level.

    Getting to play a bunch of innistrad jank, making it cheap and giving it flash and a cantrip...that just sounds like fun.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    If there's a cEDH deck around her, I would guess she doesn't cast them at all. If you have, say, alhammarret's archive you could probably draw through most of your deck that way. So it doesn't even really matter what they are, in that context.

    Sure, most of them are pretty weak in the context of a normal deck, but Anje is a really good enabler for them. Take a total garbage trash ick gross bleh card, alms of the vein. Well, with Anje, you get to nearly guarantee that you pay the madness cost, AND you get a card back for doing it. So now it's basically B: drain 3, draw 1. Which is kind of great, tbh. Plus you get to cast everything as though it has flash, don't forget. So twins of maurer estate is 2B for a 3/5 flash draw a card. Is that hyper-competitive? Ok, no, probably not. But it's not BAD.

    So yeah, Anje looks like the feather of madness to me: takes some real mediocre crap and makes it playable. I like that.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Mimicvat »
    The flashback one is pure value, and the BUG one is pure value, while the ones with trash mechanics and weaker colours are also weaker and trashier. Everything went pretty much as expected, nothing to see here people.
    how is anje not value? She basically reads: you may cast any number of madness cards for their madness cost, and draw a card when you do it. Seeeeeems strong to me. How many good madness cards we’ll have remains to be seen, but there aren’t a ton of good morphs or flashback spells either. Also anje costs 3. If any commander breaks into cEDH, my money is probably on anje.

    Ghired is combat focused, so ofc he’s not broken good. But with haste that’s still at least 10/13 of stats for 5, with more each turn...for low/mid power tables I’m sure he’ll be fine.
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  • posted a message on Phelddagrif: Show Weakness to Hide Your Strength
    Sorry, I somehow missed this. Might have been when I was on vacation.

    Not huge on squelch - I think the deck functions best when value and answers are pretty separated. Narrow answers are risky since we want to keep maximum control at any given time, with a minimum of necessary cards in hand at a given time. Less flexible answers means more cards required to have control of the game. For medium/low powered metas it's fine. I tend to find triggered abilities are more frequently the thing I want to counter, though. Hence I like Tale's End more.

    I've not busted out Tasigur in a long time - I could see myself going back, but I think it's a lot harder to play politically in the same way, given his rep as a strong card. Plus...I mean, with how cool my Phelddagrif alter is...I don't think I can ever really replace Phelddy Grin Scheming symmetry is a sweet card, though.

    EDIT: copying over my comments from...that other site...

    As far as old cards on my mind, first and foremost is search for Azcanta (I mean, it's not THAT old, but it's old enough to have been tested). Mostly because it looks so good for us. I really want it to work. I wasn't thrilled with it before, but I think part of that is in how I was using it. Revealing the cards is obviously not ideal, but (1) you can always fail to find, and (2) you can find other value generation - it hits exploration, nexus of fate, etc (3) you can just stop using it when you don't need anything, (4) you can use the thing you find right away, (5) it costs basically nothing, just 2 mana and it flips right away in the late-game, and the scry early can be great for finding lands so we don't hit handsize early (6) 1v1 it's kind of insane, way better than arch, (7) if it's a board wipe, you're getting it eot probably, so you can just fire it off next turn, or skip taking it if you don't want it, and most importantly (8) while having things your opponents know about and can play around is bad, it's not bad if you have them in addition to your other cards. So they know you have a counter - that's fine, as long as you have more counters. Savvy opponents are probably assuming you have one anyway. It becomes awkward when you've already got 7 cards in hand when you activate it, and now you're discarding - so just don't activate it when you have 7, simple. When you're in trouble and low on cards, BAM, gas when you most need it.

    I'm also feeling a bit down on single-shot draw at the moment. For a few reasons. I'll go through some of my thoughts on the matter.

    If you have a big draw spell, the problem becomes - when do you fire it off, and for how much? Obviously if you're running reliquary tower you can just fire it off for a ton, but then you're basically just playing regular control with a crappy wincon, since everyone will be gunning for you. If you aren't, though, then how many is enough? Obviously you'd prefer to draw 5-7 cards with it, but you can't realistically maintain control over the game with just a few answers in hand, usually. So you can't really go down that low in the first place. So now you have to fire it off for, like, 3-4. Which is just lame. Why even bother. Just run medium/small draw.

    If you have small draw, the problem becomes - how much do you need to run? You don't want to run out of gas, and sometimes you have to fire off a bunch of answers at once and find yourself low on defenses. So you need a decent density to ensure you can top yourself back up. But now you're significantly watering down your chance to have early answers, and if nothing much is happening, you're going to have a bunch of draw spells you don't really want to cast because they'll just make you even more overloaded. So you really need the right mix of draw and answers, consistently, for a really long game. If you hit too much draw when nothing is happening, you're in trouble. If you hit a drought of draw and need more gas, you're in trouble. It's just not reliable.

    My favorite draw spells sort of get around this issue a bit - chemister's insight, for example, is a really solid one, because it acts like multiple small draw spells. And there's draw like dig through time which is just so good that it's still probably worth it.

    But a lot of the other single-shot draw...eh, I'm just not feeling it. I'd much rather have some consistent value source. That way I can always keep myself as topped up as I think I need to be, and I only need one card to do it, not consistently hitting a good mix of draw and answers for the entire game.

    Ok, end of rant.

    In other news - can't remember how clear I've been about this, but the budgetless version of Phelddagrif is a deck I put together from time to time, when I'm feeling especially Phelddagriffy and want to really push my Phelddagriffness to the limit. But those cards are part of my main collection that I use to build all my other decks, so usually I play the budget version, which has its own cards that don't need to be returned to the collection. BUT I'm now in the slow, expensive process of upgrading the budget Phelddagrif to a more badass version - I probably won't make it all the way to the fully budgetless version, because idk if I reaaallly want to shell out for more duals. But short of that, I've already got a lot of the expensive sweet cards, like cyc rift, exploration, intuition, a decent percentage of the fetches and shocks, etc. So that should enhance my ability to test this deck in its more powerful variation, which is my favorite version, personally. No offense, etbt lands.
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  • posted a message on Brawl finally getting support!?
    It does say 1v1 in arena by end of year, but theoretically it could be multiplayer later (because of how brawl works, I doubt it, but it could in theory).

    It does also specifically say the brawl event will be multiplayer, though. So clearly they're not trying to move it to a strictly 1v1 format, at least for the time being.

    And I think it's smart that they're trying to keep those events not prize oriented - although I dunno how stores will sell them as events. We've got a few stores locally that do events with a flat prize structure and it kind of drives me nuts, personally. If I wasn't so competitive, I'd just money draft every time and just hope I end up with a vaguely-playable deck. Less of an issue for a non-draft format, but then it still sorta feels like a waste of time. If an event is casual I'd rather it was totally casual, with no pairings or rounds or anything, just find people and play. Also I don't love that I'm basically being forced to buy packs. But we'll see how stores decide to host these, maybe it'll just be full casual with the hopes of selling the precons to generate revenue.
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  • posted a message on Brawl finally getting support!?
    For those who haven't read it:


    So let's see, we've got:

    -Brawl in arena
    -Brawl precons
    -Brawl events

    Pretty much all the things I hoped for. We'll see if it sticks this time.

    The only thing that worries me a bit is that, because of how arena works, and given how much the article talks about baral being a problem in the format (which was only ever true in 1v1) I suspect the format is going to gravitate toward a 1v1 format instead of a multiplayer one, but we'll see. The precons and the events seem multiplayer-oriented, but I can't imagine how arena would work smoothly for multiplayer.

    I'm also curious how many stores will actually do brawl events, but with a product that they presumably want to sell, hopefully they'll be a little more gung-ho about it. I know my LGS at the time didn't really seem to give a rat's ass about the initial announcement of brawl, and they definitely didn't host any events or anything. But cross fingers it works out this time.
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  • posted a message on Demon Deck Ideas- New to Commander
    Does anyone get the feeling we're shouting into a void? OP has been asked direct questions and hasn't responded - or even posted - for more than a week.

    I get everyone just wants to be helpful but I think odds are good that OP posted the same thing on reddit or something, got a faster response, and is never going to look at anything you've written.
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  • posted a message on App for EDH decklists
    I've been using "decked" for years. It gives stats and makes it pretty easy to add or remove. More importantly for me, it has a collection feature that lets me keep track of all the cards in my collection, and check a decklist to see if I'm missing anything.

    I do have some gripes with it too, but it's overall a pretty solid app. Might be the sort of thing you're looking for. They're pretty good with quick set updates.
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  • posted a message on Land commanders who are NOT land related
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Do people have other thoughts on who might be a good land commander, yet NOT land related?
    Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper would like to have a word with you!
    If you don't want to miss out on G for animating reasons, maybe Derevi, Empyrial Tactician and Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper as a secret/second commander?
    Golos, Tireless Pilgrim can fetch the land(s) you want but win without them as well. Though a lot faster with the big mana lands, duh.

    Haha, I do love both commanders, Noyan being the oddball Zendikar merfolk who deal with lands is definitely refreshing. Ramos, Dragon Engine is probably doable as a land commander as well, if not green inclined.
    Wait, I'm confused. You said explicitly NOT land related in the OP. In what sense are noyan and golos not land related?

    Although also I wonder why NOT land related if you want a land deck?

    I've been really enjoying my Thrasios 98 land decks (with bruse).
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  • posted a message on Control decks: How do you stay alive against the whole table attacking you early?
    Quote from Drain Life »
    It is my opinion and my experience that traditional "draw-go" control is only viable in duels, and even then, it has been outclassed by "tap-out" control for the last 10-15 years or so. I agree with 75chan, when they said:
    Quote from 75chan »
    Classic draw-go doesn't work as you can't one-for-one the table and people will hit you in the face.

    I think you missed the rest of 75chan's post. TRADITIONAL draw-go doesn't work - but most decks from other formats can't be ported directly into commander. Draw-go in commander requires political consideration to work, but when that is properly utilized it can be a very viable strategy.
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  • posted a message on Demon Deck Ideas- New to Commander
    I think what needs clarification is whether:

    1) you think demons are sweet and want to build a demon deck, even if it's not as effective as another deck would be, or

    2) if you mostly just want to "end their lovely lives" and think demons seem like the best way to do that, but you'd consider an alternative that would be more effective.
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