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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] DirkGently here with the Wirewood Symbiote - now just one easy payment!
    Wirewood Symbiote is a really cool card for elves. It's just got 1 ability, but it slices, dices, and purees with the greatest of ease. One ability provides 3 great functions:

    -repeatedly triggering ETB effects for elves, and for any other cards that care when one comes into play.
    -protecting your elves extremely well, since costs can't be responded to.
    -allowing for multiple activations of tap abilities.

    All that, and it costs just 1 easy payment of G. And note that his ability can be used on both yours, and each opponent's turn. So the restriction on his ability is barely a limiting factor.

    -1 hand of emrakul
    -1 werebear
    -1 bonesplitter
    -1 elvish skysweeper
    +1 spidersilk armor
    +1 lignify
    +1 nath's elite
    +1 evolution charm
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  • posted a message on General Hate - How Do You Feel About It?
    It's hard to like anything that's making you lose. But the only time getting hated on is unfair imo (general or otherwise) is when I feel like it's unfairly directed. If I'm crushing the table, you should do everything you can to stop me. But when I'm clearly on the back foot and someone else is in the lead, don't be an idiot.

    Only other sort of hate that's driven me crazy is when someone has a deck full of hate that just so happens to wreck your deck. i.e. I was playing my (casual) teferi deck. Guy plays grand abolisher (countered, i need to be able to flash in blockers) followed by price of progress (ugh, countered...) followed by curse of marit lage, which is where I ran out of counters, and the deck is casual so it's almost entirely basic islands, mana-wise. He didn't even tutor this stuff, or run any other color hate. Dude just really hated blue, and I happened to be playing my one (casual!) blue deck. Most of the old color hate was really bad design; it can either be totally worthless if they're not playing the color, or incredibly overpowered...pretty hard to recover from a curse of marit lage or a boil or whatever. Any of my other decks would have easily crushed his, though, because all those cards would have been worthless.

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  • posted a message on Dual Lands?
    Quote from Prometheus5429
    First off holy cow dude. Wish I could do that. Lol

    Anway Thank you all for the advise. It seems like the consensus is to sell. I have all the shocks, for the most part all my decks have some pretty tasty stuff in them. Old duals are really just flavor. Again thank you all my wife will be pleased :).

    how much you want? Cool

    Solicitation Infraction. Normally this is an auto suspension but in light of the fact that its clearly not the type of post that the auto suspend solicitation is designed for it will just be a one point infraction. Please review the MTGSalvation Forum Rules on solicitation and please keep any and all offers to buy or sell to the market street or private messages. -ISBPathfinder
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  • posted a message on Dual Lands?
    Totally depends on how much you make and how badly you need money. Personally I have too much money, so I blew $450 last night to put together Lazav from scratch. Cool But 5 years ago, I would have said "sell 'em" for sure.

    If you want an investment card, though, hard to do better than duals. They never go down, they're always going to be useful, and you can slot them into any deck. Personally I think they're at least as useful in 2-color as 5-color because you can hit it off all 7 runnable fetches, along with your shock. (This assumes, of course, that you can also afford all 7 runnable fetches) It's not going to take your deck from zero to hero (in no time flat! just like that!) but added reliability in your mana base (especially with fetches) really makes games more fun to play. in my opinion.

    Personally, I'd at least keep 1, for whichever color combo you prefer to play, unless you need money for an urgent organ transplant or something. It's a card you'll always be able to run, and you're not losing money by holding onto it, should you decide to sell later.
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  • posted a message on LAZAV - you stole your way to my heart - a poem by DirkGently
    Quote from kraus911
    I like the different approach to Lazav. A control shell with voltron win condition is pretty sweet. Having hexproof already puts him in the realm of decent voltron general, the fact that he can be super huge without swords depending on who you copy with him helps as well. I also like that you didn't go heavy into the mill people to get Lazav targets strategy. Just counter/kill creatures as they appear and you'll have plenty of targets.

    Do you mean Wash Out as opposed to wash away? If so, this along with Cyclonic Rift make me want Windfall and Whispering Madness in your list. Especially with Notion Thief. Windfall basically reads "All opponents discard their hands and you draw 28 cards". Of course that could be dangerous, but could be fun too...

    Dauthi Embrace seems good here.

    Dregs of Sorrow is usually less economical than Decree of Pain, but I like it in Lazav since you can cast it for 7, kill two creatures, picking one to copy with Lazav and drawing two cards.

    i did mean wash out, good catch.

    good point about whispering madness and co, especially with the notion thief. I'll see if I can wedge it in somewhere. Might be dangerous to put it on lazav though, i could deck myself pretty fast, especially with double strike.

    dauthi embrace seems meh, unless i'm missing something. Since lazav is all i'd really want to attack with, something as lame as trailblazer's boots would probably be better, especially since it can't target him when he's got a pro-black sword on. Generally, though, I'm aiming to use swords with

    i generally dislike nonblack removal, and expensive cards in general, hence the lack of decree.
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  • posted a message on LAZAV - you stole your way to my heart - a poem by DirkGently

    When Gatecrash first was spoiled,
    It made me very sad,
    because dimir got the shaft, you see,
    and all their cards were bad.

    "The scrubs want mill!" the rc cried,
    and cried, as well, did I,
    Because mill is the worst strategy in the history of magic that gathering,
    Oh hi.

    And when I saw their guiltmaster,
    I saw, at first, a hope,
    but then dismissed it since, I thought,
    He's too inconsistent of a bloke.

    Lazav, Lazav, you sneaky dimir man,
    You stole your way into my heart as only dimir can,
    With cleverness, stealth, and shapeshifting,
    You found a way to make me sing.

    For when I looked at him again,
    I realized to myself,
    That though he's hard to predict,
    He's bound to be top-shelf.

    For no matter what he does become,
    because this is commander,
    He's bound to be hit something deadly,
    with hexproof made much grander.

    And though it's hard to control precisely,
    who he'll be right next,
    you can bet your bottom dollar,
    on the board he'll be the best.

    Lazav, Lazav, you sneaky dimir man,
    You stole your way into my heart as only dimir can,
    With cleverness, stealth, and shapeshifting,
    You found a way to make me sing.



    Ok, enough arts and crafts. Decklist time!

    I wanted the deck to revolve heavily around the general and combat, so the general strategy of the deck is to tutor for the most potent swords it can, and start going to town every turn for the awesome procs. Lazav should just be off doing his thing, getting you more resources and bringing your opponents closer to death with each swing, while you hold down the fort with the powerful counterspell and removal suite, backed up by a nasty recursion package that keeps everything at your fingertips. Draw is sort of light, but that's mostly because lazav should be getting you plenty of draw off sofi and mask, especially with fireshrieker.

    Let me know what you think about the deck, or about my amazing poetry skills.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Zirilan of the Claw
    Quote from arkbeetle
    My favourite general Grin

    Seconded. Out of the many EDH decks I've made, I don't think any have been as much fun to pilot as Zirilan. While most of my decks fall out of favor in a matter of months, Zirilan is still going strong after YEARS.

    Don't rely on zirilan too much, use every mana doubler on mono red to cast dragons easily . Repercussion is a game winner in this deck

    OK, majorly disagree with this, though. Yes, zirilan can be fragile, but he protects himself with changeling berserker or worldgorger dragon (worldgorger can exile your board if you aren't careful, though.), and having dragons available but not in play can be a lot more versatile and less likely to draw hate.

    My favorite dragon, by far? hoarding dragon. For long games, you can get reito lantern to reuse all your dragons, or gauntlet of might or illusionist's bracers or whatever. There's a ton of very powerful artifacts, I've gone from having no dragons on board to swinging for 100+ damage out of nowhere, with cards like hellkite charger and dragon tyrant after setting myself up properly with artifacts. just make sure you have a sac outlet for the hoarding dragon and let the dragon recycling party begin.
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  • posted a message on Best Card Advantage generals?
    glissa the traitor. Unlike 99% of the ones mentioned in this thread, she doesn't necessitate instant death, and she's a constant CA machine in multiplayer.
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  • posted a message on Getting burnt out on EDH
    Quote from Master Biomancer
    It's very simple - build powerful decks, and play to have a good time. I play Vig and could just heavily ramp and kill everyone with powerful card, but still, it's easy to play a broken deck in a non-broken way.

    This is the opposite of what is good. If you want the game to be fun, don't put that powerful stuff in there in the first place.

    If you intentionally pull your punches, then whoever wins didn't really win, they just pulled their punches the least. Which basically means you aren't playing a game anymore, you're just doing random crap until someone ends it.

    A challenge is what makes a game a game. If it's not challenging, it's not fun, and if there's no real competition, it's not challenging. I'm not saying you should be a dick about the rules or play the most competitive deck you can, but you should try to make sure everyone is on approximately even footing, and then actually play a real game, with everyone trying to win. I would much prefer to lose than to be yanked around for half an hour by someone who could have just won at any moment.

    One thing I've found makes things interesting and evenly-footed is to play using the precons. The game is always fairly even, there's plenty of jank mixed in with the good stuff, and games are long and complex.
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  • posted a message on Our Custom Ban List Proposal
    Pretty sure we've done this 23425151 times before.

    The problem is, it gains no real community support, no one will be playing by this banlist, and it'll die quickly if it ever truly lives.

    Whining to the RC is the only way to actually change the ban list, other than house-rulings.
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  • posted a message on The Commander In You

    DirkGently, Holistic Detective
    Legendary Creature - Nerd
    DirkGently cannot attack or block unless he has a blood alcohol content of .2 or greater, and probably not even then.
    Whenever DirkGently deals combat damage to a player, he must apologize for 20 minutes.
    DirkGently pretends like he has an awesome activated ability, but he doesn't.
    Whenever another creature cares about DirkGently's power and toughness, he says he's a 6/6.
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  • posted a message on Getting burnt out on EDH
    Quote from Secularon
    There is a finite amount of cards in mtg.

    Play enough, chances are you'll get board. That's life

    there are a pretty decent number of permutations of 100 out of 13000.

    Anyone got a good calculator? when I put in 13000!/12900!100! mine just laughed Frown

    however, if by "board" you mean stiff and dead, then yes, after playing every variation of deck, you'll probably be pretty stiff and/or dead.

    In seriousness, I seem to be the only one here who loathes planechase with all my soul - it's a chaos-driven format that throws the intricate strategy of mtg out the window in favor of randomness.

    Pauper EDH is cool, though. Answers tend to be common whereas bombs tend to be rare, so it's a lot less bombastic of a format.

    My solution is to try to invent a system that allows me to build a new deck on the fly, and I'm in the process of collecting all the commanders, so I'll be able to play a new deck every time, or whenever I wish. I think in general if you avoid the goodstuff staples and try to focus on really building around the general, each of your decks will be fairly different. Just make sure you pick interesting generals who can be built around.
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  • posted a message on Two ideas for the ultimate EDH setup - need more, need yours!
    Quote from TheTrueNub
    I respect the other stuff you said, but just as an FYI, cards on MTGO cost nothing like what they do in real life.

    Legends, p3k, a/b/r duals, antiquities, arabian nights, etc. etc. cards that cost hundreds of dollars IRL cost a few cents on MTGO.

    A few examples to put my "money where my mouth is" no pun intended:
    Moat is currently $4.13
    Imperial Seal is currently $5.39
    Bazaar of Baghdad is currently $11.11
    Candelabra of Tawnos is currently $10.13
    Tundra is currently $23.54
    etc etc

    Main trouble with MTGO isn't the card prices but rather that you can't play combo decks as well as you can in real life, because the clunky priority system makes all your opponents have to click OK every time you tap and untap Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact (for example) for infinite mana, unlike in real life where you can just announce "I use this combo to generate 20 or whatever).

    Food for thought.

    I knew mtgo was cheaper, I didn't realize THAT much cheaper, but nevertheless, especially with EDH I'd rather play someone face-to-face. If I was only building highly-tuned combo decks and trying to perfect my play or whatever, MTGO would probably be the place to do it, but I'm usually playing just for fun, and I've never had much fun with online competition. Plus I like the physical cards themselves.

    I guess mostly the price issue isn't so much about the cost of acquiring the new cards, so much as that I wouldn't be able to show off all the cool cards I've accumulated over the years.
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  • posted a message on Two ideas for the ultimate EDH setup - need more, need yours!
    Quote from Kryptnyt
    Play on MTGO. Solves all of these problems, minus the "edh cube draft" one, which is kind of narrow anyway. If you play EDH online, though, all the rest of your paper cards are free to be used for any kind of cube you want.

    Well, except that it also kills most of the point of my playing magic (and EDH in particular) in the first place, which is playing it with other people, face to face, where I can smell their fear. If I wanted to sit in front of my tv in my bathrobe, I'd just play some other video game.

    Also, all my expensive stuff is in paper. I don't relish the prospect of buying all of them again.
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  • posted a message on Two ideas for the ultimate EDH setup - need more, need yours!

    -Being able to build a deck from the ground up in less than a minute.
    -Being able to play any deck you've ever made, without carrying around all those decks.
    -Being able to cube draft EDH decks.
    -Not having to buy duplicates for all those expensive auto-includes, like duals and fetches.

    "That's impossible," you might say, "Nothing could do all of that, least of all for 5 easy payments of $19.99." And you'd probably be right. But I have imagined, and now I can't stop imagining - the ultimate way to play EDH, with infinite variability and zero boredom, playing a deck only as long as you want to, and then assembling an entirely new deck instead.

    How? Yeah, seriously, I have no idea. I might need your help on that one. But here are a two of the ideas I've had, one fairly reasonable, and one that's completely deranged.

    Packages (the semi-reasonable one)

    In order to simplify the deckbuilding process, instead of deciding on 100 individual cards from the pool, instead all the cards are configured into groups (packages) of 9 (or maybe 11) cards with a common element (and color(s), for simplicity's sake). For instance, the package "GW lands" might have:
    windswept heath
    gavony township
    grove of the guardian
    horizon canopy
    razorverge thicket
    selesnya sanctuary
    sunpetal grove
    temple garden

    The cards are separated into their packages within your deck box(es), and each card in the package has a sticker on the front of the card that identifies it as being from that package, with an additional number on it that won't matter until later. Packages could be very specific, as above, or could be a little more vague, like "black auto-includes", which might include tutors, like demonic tutor as well as removal, like decree of pain, or those might be in separate packages related to their function.

    Needless to say, all cards have to be in the same sleeves.

    In order to build a deck, pick your general and then pick 11 (or maybe 9) packages that work well with your general and fit within their color(s). Pull them out, shuffle up, and play. To disassemble, separate the cards by their stickers and put them back into their respective locations in the box.

    If you have a specific, tuned deck you want to play, though, it's a bit more complex...you'll need a list of the cards in the list, by package with the additional number on them as well. Then pull out each package and remove the cards you need for the deck. Of course, you could try to configure the packages to match some of the decks you have, though, so you can use as many complete packages as possible.

    To cube draft EDH decks, it's simple enough, except that you'd need to put everything back into the correct package when you're done. Better get your friends to help.

    -ideal for making new decks given a relatively simple starting point
    -not too complicated
    -fairly easy to update
    -even if you tune on the fly you can put stuff back where it goes when you're done
    -slow to assemble existing decks
    -can't have complete customization without more hassle
    -can't include rare synergies (i.e. baubles with glissa, rebels with lin sivvi) without special, one-general-only packages, which is even less practical with, for example, wort, boggart auntie.

    The Comb (the deranged one)

    Ok, so bear with me.

    Step 1: get a list of EDH decks.
    Step 2: combine the lists and remove the duplicates, so you have one long list
    Step 3: get 1000 or so toploaders.
    Step 4: drill a hole in the bottom of all of the toploaders.
    Step 5: glue all your toploaders together into one giant perfectly-straight stack, you crazy bastard.
    Step 6: put all your cards into the slots in your crazy toploader stack in some order you've written down (might want to number them for easier replacement)
    Step 7: for each decklist, make a sort of....weird, comb-lookin' thing. like, a long piece of something with a bunch of little pokey-things sticking off of it. And make sure all the pokey-things are lined up to exactly where the cards in the deck are.
    Step 8: to retrieve a deck, stick the comb into the holes in the toploaders and push out the cards. Or, probably not, probably the cards will get stuck in there and the pokey-things will slide over or under them. But, I mean, hopefully they come out.
    Step 9: play your deck.
    Step 10: put them all back into the corresponding slots, and you can get another comb for your other deck and play it instead.

    -in magic christmas land, it's an easy way to configure a slew of existing decklists
    -in reality, the stack of toploaders would be huge, the "combs" would never line up, they'd never push all the cards out, it'd probably take up more room than having dozens of regular decks with you, the combs would be really fragile and awkward to carry, and you'd probably damage the cards.

    So yeah, that's the best I could think of: one organizational method, and one mechanical method. That took me a disturbing amount of time to come up with, too. So I think I'd better hand the reigns over to you - yes you! - before I hurt myself.

    Any other mind-blowing ideas on how to make this happen?
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