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  • posted a message on IGN Spoilers - Nicol Bolas, Dragon God, Deliver Unto Evil, The Elderspell
    Quote from Faruel »
    I am not talking about constructed. I think the card is perfectly fine there but in limited? You will get 7 planeswalker in the Prerelease package and most player will end up with playing at least 2. This card is totally bonkers and unfair. You can't compare this with wrath of God. This is a one sited, 2 cc planeswalker wrath with upside. Even if your opponent doesn't play any planeswalker you can destroy your own to reach a ultimate. Not even a death card if your opponent doesn't play any planeswalker. I can't see why the spot removal wasn't enough for limited. There are solid removal spell even at common.
    Well, for one thing, this is a rare. I don't think this is getting anywhere CLOSE to the best rare in limited. Did you play during fate reforged? I played during fate reforged.

    For a second thing, you just said yourself - running around 2 walkers? I mean, is plummet a hideously broken limited card? Also costs 2 and kills something most decks will have a couple of, and probably at a decent mana advantage. Sure, this can get you 2 loyalty, but that won't be a major deal unless you have a rare+ walker close to ulting, which is a lot less likely than an uncommon one where you just get decent value. And compared to flyers, they'll probably get immediate value out of their pw first, which most flyers will not.

    Anytime your "broken rare" can be reasonably compared to might be overreacting just a smidge.
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  • posted a message on Which wrath creature(s)?
    Oh yeah, definitely agree on kagemaro. Being able to activate at will (and at instant-speed) can be a lot stronger than an etb.
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  • posted a message on Lie about proxy?
    Quote from Helnas »
    How would you play a weak commander a few games, win a few games after each other and stil do politics? Wouldnt every1 on the table go for you after winning 2-3 games in a row?

    Or is the strenght in this deck, playing off you won the game by sheer luck and then switch decks to not show the strenght to anyone?
    I talk about that at a few places in the guide, but the basic rundown is:
    -even if people know you're a threat, you're usually not the most pressing problem so you rarely get the hate
    -messing with you tends to do more to diminish that player's chances of winning more than it diminishes yours, so no one wants to be the one to do it
    -most people are not directly killed by you - usually only one is - so you don't come off as a dominant force in the eyes of most opponents
    -there are few avenues to attack your gameplan because you play so few nonland permanents - and you don't even really have a plan to disrupt besides staying alive, playing lands, and keeping your hand full-ish
    -you can motivate people to leave you alone with Phelddagrif's power of bribes
    -and yes, to a certain extent your wins do often look "lucky" because it comes down to having the right answers to your opponent and swinging in with Phelddagrif - rarely do you appear totally dominant and powerful

    If you do play it over and over with no breaks and win consistently I could see people going full archenemy on you and accruing some losses, but I personally tend to switch up decks pretty often.
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  • posted a message on Which wrath creature(s)?
    Massacre girl costs less and...y'know...kills things with more than just 2 measly toughness? Gets my vote for sure.

    Kinda depends, though. If your meta is super slow and grindy then the demon can have a big impact over the course of the game. If your meta is very token-heavy then wurm can just kill people, and if keeping your creatures alive is important to you then wurm has that advantage too. But in terms of being the most universally-powerful and having the biggest immediate impact plus being most efficient, I'd give it to massacre girl.
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  • posted a message on Sarkhan the Masterless
    Sarkhan the Incel.

    Seriously though, the abilities are super cool. He doesn't give haste though? Kind of a bummer. Guess you'll almost always -3 him to start.
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  • posted a message on IGN Spoilers - Nicol Bolas, Dragon God, Deliver Unto Evil, The Elderspell
    Quote from Morphling »
    Your reaction tells me they made this card absolutely perfect. If you're going to stuff a set full of PW's, you NEED some easy, cheap ways to answer them. Spot removal won't get you there. You need some MASS removal options too. I might even put in some ways that really do punish a foolish player who just floods the board with PW's every single game. Incidentally, its the same reason 'busted/unfair' Wrath of God exists: There's a price to be paid for being too don't do it.
    I agree up until the end. You don't just "not do it". You weigh the risks and the rewards. Some games you have to just hope your opponent doesn't have WoG (or the elderspell) because you can't realistically beat them if they do, and you want the best chance if they don't. Or you can be aware of the risks during deckbuilding and give yourself answers in the form of counterspells, indestructibles, or what have you. It's all a balance of risk and reward, not a simple "Don't do that thing because there's a good counter to it".
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  • posted a message on Lie about proxy?
    Quote from Helnas »
    I ordered 3 decks, all 3 from command quarters, all 3 the budget versions.
    I went for phenax, phelddagrid and xantcha.
    All seemed pretty unique to me and ended up on 80 euro inclusive commanders

    1 last question on a totally diffrent subject, last 3 times there was some1 playing who had a horrible stench coming off him, so much that when he sat next to me i just picked up my stuff and sat at a diffrent table. I have no problem talking to him about it in a private conversation, but is there an etiquette here?
    Would it be best to talk to him myself or to the shop owner about it? He knows the guy longer then me and im kinda new to magic, let alone etiquette about bad odour in magic.
    Ps This wasnt your, ive worked real hard and ive build up some sweat today, this was ive worked up sweat last week and havnt changed or showered.
    If I may be so bold...

    That commanders quarters Phelddagrif list is an abomination unto my sight. If you want to unlock the real potential of Phelddagrif, I've got the perfect primer for you, because I wrote it (no conflict of interest here!), and it's easy to build a budget decklist from it as well - a budget decklist that can trash competitive decks when played well. His deck is cute but it honestly has no chance to stand up to anyone doing anything remotely powerful, and will most likely fuel those people into crushing you even more quickly and easily. If you're playing in a low-powered meta it seems funny, but I would never bring that deck anywhere near a table of competitive, or even 75%, decks.

    As far as odors, I usually just suck it up. If you have to say something, I'd recommend something that doesn't point fingers, something like "it kinda smells like BO in here" so the person doesn't feel singled out and maybe they'll catch wise and shower next time. But honestly I think it's unlikely there's much you can do. Telling the store owner might be your best course of action since you can remain anonymous. I definitely wouldn't tell him anything with anyone else around.
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  • posted a message on Feather - Heroic Combo and Control [Work NO LONGER In Progress (but input still welcome)]
    Quote from Serberus_08 »
    Seize the Day seems like a no brainer, just for sheer value.
    People seem to like this with Feather, and maybe I'm missing something, but I don't really get it.

    Compare to any other red voltron commander - the first time you use this, it costs 4. The second time, it costs 3, but with Feather, it costs 4, because you have to exile and return it to hand. So you're actually losing value until you cast it a THIRD time, also for 4. By which point...I mean, what are you doing? You've already attacked at least 5 times - You haven't won the game yet? Plus you can't do the big pump into triple-swing turn, because it won't return to your hand until endstep.

    I think it fits well into a Feather deck that is going heavy on pumps and trying to kill with Feather commander damage. For this version of the deck though, I'm focusing more on value from heroic creatures, cantrips, and removal, so putting together an early lethal attack with Feather is unlikely, making this card significantly less exciting. It's also really expensive, which makes it a bad way to trigger my heroic creatures for value. That's why I chose to run rush of blood and onward // victory instead, which also functionally double her damage but at a lower cost and instant speed, which makes them better for triggering my heroic dudes, and in combo with soul's fire and fall of the hammer.

    I could see it making the cut for a commander-damage-focused build for sure, though. I might try one of those too. Feather is super cool, there's lots of ways to build her.
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  • posted a message on IGN Spoilers - Nicol Bolas, Dragon God, Deliver Unto Evil, The Elderspell
    Wtf? Destroy all creatures you don't control costs 9 mana, but destroy all planeswalkers you don't control only costs 2? Except The Elder Spell is even better than that because it also puts extra loyalty counters on any planeswalker you happen to have.

    Yeah, this card is literally and deliberately broken.
    Well...except that (1) destroy all enemy creatures for 9 is ludicrously overcosted outside of basically only commander (2) decks usually play a lot more creatures than planeswalkers.

    This card is a lot closer to something like rest in peace. A very efficient hoser for a specific deck (in this case, superfriends). Outside of that, it's just a more restrictive dreadbore that might not even have a target against some decks (in particular, WW and RDW usually run no pws to my knowledge, and are some of the best decks in the meta, so mainboard this at your peril if you play standard).
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  • posted a message on Planar Celebration
    Quote from Manite »
    I don't want to waste my time on a story with a downer ending where the good guys I've been rooting for end up losing. And I flat out reject stories that confuse "realism" with "pessimism", where the downer ending is supposed to represent some fatalistic philosophy about life. It's bad enough that real life has been disappointing and depressing, I will NOT waste my time on disappointing and depressing fiction.
    And if the good guys always win, then where is the tension?

    Personally I think the more interesting direction is not letting the bad guy win sometimes, but rather doing away with clear delineations between good and evil. Give me some (early) Song of Ice and Fire over Lord of the Rings any day. When no one is going to be the obvious winner, there's tension. There's room to experience more emotions than increasingly-numb satisfaction at another victory to vindicate my personal perspective. In the real world, heroes aren't flawless, villains aren't pure evil, and no one has all the answers. Fiction, in its best forms, channels that complexity to make us care.

    On the other hand, it's a card game. If the plot sucks but we get some Feather-caliber cards out of the deal, then I can deal with some trite storytelling.
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  • posted a message on Huatli's Raptor ( @wizards_magicES Spoiler)
    Quote from ironwit »
    good card...
    having said that, War of the Sparks proliferate targets seem limited to planeswalkers and amassed armies; not sure I envision this doing much besides putting a counter on Ajani.
    Well, off the top of my head, there's pledge of unity that got spoiled recently. And there's that 1G 1/1 that etbs with proliferate or a +1/+1 counter, I think he's a common.

    So there are definitely some options.
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  • posted a message on Why is it so hard to get feedback on decklists?
    Quote from Kelzam »
    Well the nectdeck comment is just asinine. You don't have to netdeck to know good cards in the format, or look at EDHREC. It's always funny to me when people bring up the word "netdeck" because it's usually used in such a poor argument or way of thinking. Netdecking ultimately means finding optimal or good cards and that you're using them, because that's what "netdecks" are: Optimized decks that were came to as a consensus of common knowledge of what a good assembly of cards are for a deck. Every time someone "netdecks" it's a list of cards that were tested and proven. You don't even need the internet to do that if you have a decent amount of exposure or experience in a format to know what you're doing. So really people? Just drop the "netdeck" thing. It's ignorant. Especially in Commander.
    when people complain about netdecking, it's usually because someone copied a decklist whole cloth without understanding it or putting any work into it. It can make more competitive formats like standard somewhat unappealing to brewers when anything they're tinkering with has to stand up to top-tier decks at every round, even from people who spent next to zero time on their list. But thats the unavoidable nature of those formats.

    That's why I prefer limited and commander - in limited deckbuulding skill is part of the competition, and in commander even people "netdecking" are usually just copying stuff off edhrec, which tends to follow 75% rather than cEDH building, so brews don't have to compete with top-tier decks constantly. And even the odd cEDH player can be beaten if the table allies against them.
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  • posted a message on Feather - Heroic Combo and Control [Work NO LONGER In Progress (but input still welcome)]
    So I'm pretty excited about Feather.

    I think people are underestimating how powerful her ability is, by including generic goodstuff and slower, more gradual strategies. I think the best way to build her is going to be to focus on staying low-cmc, with low-cmc strategies. Anything that costs more than 2 has to really justify its inclusion. I think ramp is going to be necessary, but only cheap rocks to get Feather out and protected ASAP. With how much protection we can run without compromising our strategy, Feather is practically invincible.

    From there, the plan is to exploit heroic creatures and other cast triggers. The obvious synergy is the cheap cantrips, but I'm focusing on a few things besides the obvious. Because so many of the best triggers require themselves to be targeted, one of my favorite synergies are functionally-useless spells that allow many targets for low mana, such as dwarven song and heaven's gate, so you can trigger all your heroic creatures for a single mana. The second focus of the deck is disruption in the form of removal - ideally removal that has a secondary utility when targeting your own creatures. Once we've drawn a million cards off cheap cantrips, the removal can be thrown out at enemy targets without worrying about getting value out of them. A good example of this is something like oblation and path to Exile, which both work great with anything producing tokens. Primal Amulet can make it possible to do both, hitting tokens for value and enemies for removal at the same time. And Paradox Engine with a mana rock can let us cast everything over and over.

    As far as winning, we've got quite a few options. Firestorm can do tons of face damage while clearing the field constantly. Tokens are also an easy way to go off, with many ways to pump them, or just generate enough to overwhelm. heroic creatures can get huge, akroan conscriptor can use enemies against their controller, guttersnipe can do tons of damage, monastery mentor is a huge army in a can...and simplest of all, Feather herself can easily hit lethal damage with a few pumps.

    Anyway, here's my's a taaaad over 100 cards the right number of cards!

    I'm having a hell of a time whittling down, there are a ton of really strong options. Any help on that front would be appreciated. It's currently at 113 cards, so there's plenty of work to be done.
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  • posted a message on Decks that start out focused and end up with split goals...
    Quote from lyonhaert »
    That's a good way to look at it, but the way I see it they're really degrees of separation. The self-mill and opponent-creature-death-trigger are directly related to the commander, but the self-recurring creatures are only related to the self-mill. The pacts could also be seen as bridging the sacrifice fodder creatures back to the commander for synergy with the death triggers rather than an additional degree of separation.
    it's not a perfect example, but I think it still holds up decently when you consider that bloodghast and co were my only non-commander creatures.

    In general I think I've learned my lesson, though, so I don't have other better examples to pull from (or at least, not off the top of my head).
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  • posted a message on Sylvia and Khorvath - Maximum Boros: Knights, Dragons, and Equipment
    Got to finally run this in the 1v1 tourney.

    It was a little silly. The tourney was low turnout (only 6, usually it's 10 and caps at 10). I was kind of nervous that a boros deck wouldn't be able to hold up to some of the big value decks like animar and meren, but it won fairly handily. The only game I lost was when I got stuck on 3 lands for 7 turns or so.

    I would describe most of the decks as being heavily synergized around their commander, lacking in answers, and bad at coping with enemy answers. I won most games where I was able to kill the enemy commander once. Also I kept drawing Ancient Tomb in over half my games, which was an absolute all-star. Having a T2 Sylvia with any equipment to follow up was basically unbeatable for any of them. I think I only cast Khorvath once. Poor guy.
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