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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    I don't get how this is supposed to combo with stasis or whatever. Can't your opponents just skip a similar number of turns? I don't actually know how that works at a tournament, if you just keep going back and forth skipping turns.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    Forget thrax, this guy was abysmal just compared to the rest of the cycle. Krenko? Talrand? Insane. Yeva and odric are closer in power level but still better.

    Really should have done the sac on any creature attacking alone, imo.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    Does telepathy generate somewhat disproportionate hate for a card that doesn't affect board or hands in any direct way? Sure, sometimes, depends on the situation. But even if people are way overvaluing it, there's almost always way scarier stuff to worry about, rather than merely annoying. At least most everywhere I've played.
    Quote from Onering »

    I think you are generally a better player than most, so what you would do doesn't really line up with what many would do under pressure. You have a lot of both experience and skills with the format, and a proclivity for running decks that can easily answer most threats, so you are in a position to trust your own assessments and not rely on potentially misleading info. Players who are less skilled, less experienced, and who run decks with fewer or narrower answers (and thus must take more drastic action to respond to potential threats instead of just sandbagging a cheap counter or removal spell and seeing what plays out, which is what you would do anyway with flying hippo) are going to have to rely on potentially misleading info more often. The more vulnerable their position, or the more often they aren't sure what to do, the less reliable the source has to be for them to listen. For many players, a guy that usually tells the truth but occasionally lies is a guy to listen to, especially if the truth is usually something that saved the table and the lie just gets you to do their dirty work. Basically, a guy that tells the truth 80 percent of the time, and that truth often has significant benefits to you, and lies 20 percent, with those lies only doing you minor harm (the major harm going to another player, which is your long term goal anyway), is going to be a guy that many players will listen to.
    This still reads like theory to me. Cause sure, I've thought about playing the card that way, but does anyone actually do this? Maybe I'm just a bad actor (my terribleness at "Avalon" and "one night werewolf" is legendary), but I imagine me attempting it would go like this:

    Me: he's, uh...he's got a...doomsday. Yeah, a doomsday. You better kill him.

    Him: haha, are you serious? I don't even run that card.

    Me: no, seriously, he's got one. He's gonna combo out.

    Him: haha, what lame-ass mind control crap are you trying to pull? Tell you what, player 3 - if you promise to attack dirkgently with everything for the next two turns, I'll prove I don't have doomsday.

    Player 3: nah, that's ok, I'm pretty sure he's full of *****. I'll attack him anyway.

    Is there anyone in this thread who consistently manages to use glasses to lie and gets benefit from it? I want some actual examples, with transcripts, or it didn't happen.
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  • posted a message on Feather - Heroic Combo and Control [Work NO LONGER In Progress (but input still welcome)]
    It definitely could be. I'm usually a 40+ guy, though, so even 35 makes me nervous :p

    My new meta allows partial mulligans, which makes low lands a LOT better, but I don't think I should let that warp my deckbuilding.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from tstorm823 »
    Well that's lame. Ignore me then. Booo.
    Cheer up! You can still draft Feather with defiant strike and draw a ludicrous number of cards for limited. Or even topple the statue, although that's a lot more expensive. Oooh, or blindblast.

    Point is, you got options. And Feather isn't *just* an efficient flyer :p
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Well, you don't have to choose feather.

    But also I'm pretty sure gideon's sacrifice is a fairly poor draft card unless there's a lot more token generation than I remember.
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  • posted a message on Feather - Heroic Combo and Control [Work NO LONGER In Progress (but input still welcome)]
    Ok, initial decklist is DONE.

    Cuts were:

    gold myr, iron myr, coldsteel heart, fire diamond, marble diamond - all slow, enter tapped (or with summoning sickness). Replaced with fast mana like the moxen, so we can get moving ASAP, and drop them mid-game without sacrificing tempo. Cut 'em all!

    gird for battle - were it an instant, it'd be an easy keep. As the last sorcery outside of ignition...too slow. Cut!

    elite skirmisher - arguably the lamest effect, plus it dies to our 1-damage spells we'd like to be able to trigger him with. And he costs 3, which is increasingly the top of our curve. Cut!

    rush of blood - basically only useful as a finisher, and 3 is a ton for something you're planning to recast. Too slow! Cut! Leaving in onward // victory, so we still have some burst potential as a finisher if we really need it, but mostly I prefer the 1-mana +3 pumps I think, since they're reasonable efficient heroic triggerers.

    Also I cut a plains for an inspiring vantage. Not 100% sure about the mana split, time will tell. Worth pointing out that we're running almost zero utility lands, and I think that's correct. We have strict color requirements and we should always have better things to do with our mana than dump it into lands.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    I can only speak for me, I suppose, but if you lied even once, I'd probably never trust you again. If you say "he's got a T&N" or something, I might be somewhat more apt to leave up counter mana, but I definitely wouldn't assume you were telling the truth again, ever. You'd need to tell the truth like 99%+ of the time for me to believe you outright. I'm certainly not going to go all-in killing someone just because you said he had a T&N, if you've told me lies in the past. Which begs the question of what you stand to gain, that you wouldn't also gain via telepathy. Is it your goal to make me keep up counters more often? If so, why? How does that benefit you? And if the other person does have a T&N in hand, I'd absolutely rather have believability on my side - because it's visible - than the opportunity to fake people out keeping up answers for stuff that isn't there.

    Possibly it's because I play telepathy primarily in Phelddagrif, where, machinations aside, I'm never doing anything too devious. There's never a combo I'm hiding, or really anything particularly powerful at all, just a bunch of removal I'd rather not telegraph. But if the board states are fairly even, and hands are fairly innocuous, and telepathy guy is potentially likely to have worse stuff in hand...then sure, I could see that resulting in telepathy player getting hated on. But if that's actually happening, and you're the telepathy player, and you DON'T have anything to can just reveal you hand anyway. Telepathy is strictly better than revelation for that reason alone.
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  • posted a message on Feather - Heroic Combo and Control [Work NO LONGER In Progress (but input still welcome)]
    So here's what I'm thinking for cuts:

    Aurelia's fury: very powerful and flexible...and expensive. I like the ability to block board wipes, but you're paying 4+ per turn for that. As far as targeting multiple minions of yours for triggers, it's worse than random non-value 1cmc chaff. Great for slow, but I want FAST! Cut!

    Fell the mighty: sorcery, expensive, sucks at killing anything less than power 4. We want fat dudes who smash, and this does not play ball. Are we really casting this more than once anyway? Cut! Chandra's ignition stays in - easier to protect our important dudes from while still wiping enemy boards, and it's a solid finisher.

    Martial glory: it's fine, but it's the least exciting pump. Cut!

    Chaos warp: tough call, but I don't think it's really something I'd ever aim at my side of the board while I have so few permanents, so it's just a good removal spell. Cut! Oblation stays since it's ok to target my stuff sometimes.

    Cloud key: I've got a loooot of 1 cmc instants. Cut!

    Primal amulet: I love it, but it doesn't retrigger heroic and it has the cloud key problem. And cmc 4?? You crazy?? I want FAST! Cut!

    Ok, now we're getting somewhere. 6 down, 8 more cuts to go!


    Btw @ispathfinder and @rumpy5897 - the heroic fat dudes also have another important function - they make fall of the hammer, souls fire, ignition, etc much, much better and more reliable.

    Second edit: more cuts!

    Zada, mirrorwing dragon, and precursor golem - all have great synergy with cantrip draws, but they don't work with hardly anything else and they're soooo expeeeeensive. And expensive means slow. We want fast, fast, FAST! Cuuuut!

    Average cmc is now below 2! Even with pyrokinesis being a filthy liar.

    Stuff I for sure need to add:

    And maaaybe...

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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    I think there's merit to a light touch. The more you talk (pointedly), the more you look like a puppet master who must die. Also lying is going to work once before no one trusts you. And You're assuming you're a better actor than the guy you're framing...I think unless he's snidely whiplash he'll be able to at least make people skeptical of your claim and uncertain of the truth. And that's assuming he doesn't just reveal his hand to prove you a liar.

    Idk it all sounds like cute theorycrafting that'll never work how you want in practice. Telepathy
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  • posted a message on Feather - Heroic Combo and Control [Work NO LONGER In Progress (but input still welcome)]
    Yeah, we'll see, it might make it's way back in at some point. I think the more the deck moves toward slower control/ramp the more sense it makes. Right now I want to push her to the limit, though, so anything that slows me down is out, out, out. If that ends up sucking then I'll reevaluate and try some slower builds.

    I will also say though - because I'm running more instants/sorceries than your build, I have more redundancy and thus less likelihood sunforger will be useful.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    Quote from ChazA4 »
    Wow, so that popped

    I used this EXTENSIVELY back when I played in Fallen Empires; I felt it was so important to know what my opponent had. Obviously, it still is, but I'm not so fixated on that.

    To that end, I too would have to disagree with Dirk's assessment. Telepathy was a centerpiece in my early Wrexial build(I don't know why...I think I just liked forcing everyone to 'bare it all', lol). I've seen a lot of people since play it as well. My takeaway(and obviously Dirk's mileage has varied) has been that the person who plays Telepathy better win fast, or get hated out fast. Sure, the table will gang up on someone trying to combo, and shenanigans have to be more stealth shenanigan-y, but by and large, people like keeping secrets, and Telepathy rubs people that I've interacted with the wrong way. It's only human.

    Now, glasses have a bonus in that YOU are holding all the cards. Sure, it only works on one guy at a time, but let us remember that EDH is a social format, yes? A sudden Tim Taylor "Uh-oh...!" provides some amusing distraction and redirection...all without you having to play suit.

    It's asymmetrical, but not unfairly so in the eyes of your opponents. Though I admit I'm biased...I still have a playset, in fact. I should put one into one of my decks just for crits and giggles.
    man, your meta must be suuuper low power level for telepathy to draw hate. Usually when I play it, it reveals 5 kinds of scary BS that pulls the hate off me very quickly.

    Besides, once it hits most of the damage is done, no sense crying over spilt milk. Hurting me won't let you have your secrets back.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    Quote from Lithl »
    In my experience, this only happens when one opponent has a game-ending threat or something that dramatically hoses another opponent. Usually, people end up gunning for the person who's hiding information from the table.

    People tend to be more chill about Revelation.
    i can't exactly disprove that, except to say that my experience has not born that out, and I've played a lot of telepathy in a lot of places. But different groups are different.

    Sometimes it helps to make people more aware of what's in people's hands, and what the implications are. What combo pieces that tutor could grab, etc.

    Revelation might be ok for some decks, but I don't think those decks should be playing either card. Telepathy is best when you've got lots of answers and need to dole them out optimally. Showing everyone your answers drastically reduces their effectiveness.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Victim on Night
    Quote from tstorm823 »
    Glasses of Urza

    I would play this over Telepathy. I want to know things, I don't want to share that knowledge.
    nah, telepathy is way better. Your opponents knowing what each other have is almost always to your benefit since they'll answer each other's threats as optimally as possible, but won't know yours, they'll attack the guy holding the board wipe to force the issue, etc. Also you get to know everything at once with real-time updates.

    Telepathy is 10/10, this is like 6/10.
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