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  • posted a message on Oblation vs Song of the Dryads vs Beast Within
    Quote from umtiger »
    I've built MWC before. For me, it was artifact-ramp.dec that accelerated into Iona as my commander. It was artifact heavy and I had enough cards that I wanted to run that I was making cuts. So I wasn't like I was aiming to add more white cards. And this was right as tuck got axed from commanders.

    For spot removal, I would play Disenchant (2cc and flexible enough for most cases) or Return to Dust (exile and 2-for-1) before Oblation. In the course of a game, there aren't many threats that necessitate tuck. So I feel that Oblation's main selling point is kinda lackluster compared to its drawback and 3-cc.

    But you're hurting for card advantage sticking with MWC. One of the few ways white captures card advantage is mass removal. I weigh playing Oblation against playing more Mass Removal. I don't weigh Oblation vs other spot removal.
    I haven't really brought up tuck as a major selling point of oblation (it's not). Idk why you keep strawmanning me by arguing against stuff I never brought up.

    Oblation's main selling points are (1) flexibility, (2) instant speed, and (3) relatively low cost. Tucking is probably a distant 4th or 5th.

    I agree that white-based control decks want to run a lot of wipes in most cases, but that doesn't protect from many threats that demand faster answers, and having only 2-3 ways to remove creatures at instant speed strikes me as not enough for most metas. Being able to allow the board to grow with some degree of protection in the form of a flexible panic-button like oblation gives you more value when you do use your board wipes, without requiring leaving open tons of mana like most instant-speed board wipes require (though I do like those too).

    Despite having 2 of the best creature removal spells in the format, white is actually pretty weak after pte and stp in terms of good creature removal in commander. Disenchant is ok (saving 1 mana at the expense of losing creature and planeswalker removal has never been a deal I'm keen to make) but it's not creature removal. And return to dust is more expensive and less flexible than oblation so it doesn't even really compare. It's a fine card if you're trying to get value out of your targeted removal (or at least the potential to), but it doesn't do nearly as well at the job oblation does, of being a panic button to stop enemy wincons.
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  • posted a message on Most annoying keyword ability
    Quote from Anachronity »
    Protection from [color or colors] on your commander is a big one for me due to the format's color identity rules. Almost all colorless removal either costs too much mana or costs too much money for my tastes exactly because it's good colorless removal. Brittle Effigy is the best that I know of on both counts.

    Animar, Soul of Elements is particularly annoying since he's also a very dangerous engine/combo piece and can also-also easily win off of commander damage. Combine that with the low mana cost and he ends up feeling very unfair if you're only playing black and/or white, unless you're just playing boardwipe tribal.

    Oversoul of Dusk is probably the most annoying non-legendary with this effect, but it's not as egregious there since it's not commander damage.
    I'm confused how you could find that to be a bigger problem than hexproof given your reasoning. As long as you're looking at wipes like ugin or all is dust, you could just run a colored wipe to kill it. Basically the only things that work on hexproof but don't work on protection, removal-wise, are damage-based wipes like starstorm, removal auras coming into play without being cast, and forcing it into combat somehow.

    I've never even seen anyone play oversoul. Doesn't look like much of a commander card to me. It's hard to imagine what sort of deck would want to play it (although I do have on in my collection just in case I figure that out).
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  • posted a message on Deck percentages?

    Exact definitions vary. For example, some would say a jhoira of the ghitu deck with obliterate, ulamog, the infinite gyre, fetches, mana crypt etc is 100% because it's an optimized Jhoira deck, although others would say it isn't because jhoira isn't considered a top-tier competitive commander (and so no version of Jhoira could be 100%).
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  • posted a message on Do you see this as a funny story or an example of bad sportsmanship?
    Maybe this is more of a personal preference thing, but his deck sucking, were I at that table, would actually make me way more annoyed than if his deck looked competitive and was competitive. With almost any other combo I'd be less annoyed since you can try to be prepared to answer them, but TeferiPool is basically unanswerable (assuming you don't already have something on board or in the command zone to win or break the combo) except by countering teferi, which you'd presumably have little reason to do if the deck appeared to be low powered. I guess it's probably worth asking right at the onset whether they have pool in the deck, because the existence of that card in the deck is going to make me play VERY differently. In the sense of trying to kill them constantly and encouraging everyone else at the table to do so as well. No matter how casual the rest of the deck is.

    To me it sounds like the sort of sucker punch deck that's basically designed to bull***** being casual and basically win one game before people figure out what's going on. The equivalent of atogatog tribal that secretly has a dozen tutors to hit reiterate + reset combo and win in response because everyone thought you were playing jank. The presence of cards like spellbook make me think that's even more likely. Maybe he's just a noob who heard about the combo and thought it sounded cool, but personally I'd be pretty pissed if someone tried that sort of thing on me, the more I think about it.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Mirror Entity
    Grandfather of aether vial, and only 1000x worse!

    Needing to pay (and tap) to winch + losing the counters + costing 1 more is the kiss of death for this thing. It's just way too slow, despite the advantage of being able to over-winch without downside.
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  • posted a message on Oblation vs Song of the Dryads vs Beast Within
    Quote from umtiger »
    You play Oblation when you're group-hugging. Since it's spot-removal, but draws an opponent 2 cards or you have a playgroup you want to metagame against (e.g. God heavy metas) or you have nothing else or you play 2DH. It's always something other than how good it is.
    Worth pointing out that oblation upsides if someone has stolen your permanent, whereas path doesn't, although that's a pretty minor consideration.

    My Phelddagrif deck is a weird case because it's like 50 control cards, so inclusion in that deck (2DH AND regular) doesn't necessarily make it one of the top-tier removal spells for decks with fewer slots. So let's ignore that for now (as well the irrelevance of whether group hug "players" use it).

    But for sake of argument, if you're playing MWC, what targeted removal are you playing over oblation? stp, pte, sure. unexpectedly absent, maybe. There really aren't any other options at instant speed that aren't either very restrictive or cost more. There's some 3 cmc creature removal with a smaller downside, but those are significantly less flexible than oblation. If you're playing pretty aggro maybe you play something like oust for tempo, but being sorcery makes it worse that oblation in most multiplayer games.

    To go to the OP, green adds a few creature removal options, but only beast within really compares to the white options for the same purposes. Song is a great option for removing commanders but otherwise is quite mediocre. Between G and W you have a plethora of efficient artifact/enchantment removal options, but if you want more than a couple creature removal options you're still probably looking at oblation.

    Mostly I just don't know what removal you'd play over it if you're dedicating more than 2-3 slots for targeted creature removal in a W (3-4 for GW) deck. Which is hardly an excessive amount.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Mirror Entity
    Kind of a hidden gem imo. Makes the battlefield untenable for lots of threatening cards, even moreso with equipment. For RW that's pretty strong.
    Playable shadow cards:

    Dauthi Embrace Yup.
    Dauthi Mercenary Unblockable firebreathing.
    Jodah's Avenger Potential swordbearer. Meh, I still think Invisible Stalker is better.
    Nether Traitor It's recurrable. That's sufficient for me.
    Shadow Sliver Obligatory synergy with Crystalline Sliver noted.
    Soltari Champion Better battle cry, and just like battle cry, it has synergy with all the usual "extra combat step" abilities. Good boy
    Soltari Crusader Firebreathing on an unblockable.
    Stronghold Rats Keep in mind you discard a card as well.
    Thalakos Deceiver Cheap permanent steal. (As opposed to ones like Control Magic.) Downside, it takes a whole turn without haste.

    This one? The damage scales with power, so that's good, but most of the time, I'd prefer Kamahl, Pit Fighter for the haste, even though Kamahl is more expensive.
    Personally I wouldn't consider mercenary or crusader playable. double cost firebreathing sucks and if you have infinite mana there's better places to put it. I'd much prefer just having 1 more static power - and that's only playable in sygg, river cutthroat imo.

    Also wtf is "good boy"?
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  • posted a message on Do you see this as a funny story or an example of bad sportsmanship?
    No one had a board state that could potentially kill him? Even after recasting commanders if necessary? Teferi lock isn't always a win, especially if your deck is trash which it sounds like his was.

    Overall I think the generic case doesn't have a clear answer. Some people are fine comboing off and letting table play for second. Some people consider it poor sportsmanship. Which type was Teferi? It also depends on the relative power of the group. Did combos come up beforehand? Is anyone else playing combos?

    I definitely don't consider it bad sportsmanship to gang up on someone who's known to have strong combos in their deck like teferi pool, that's just playing smart. If next game Teferi gets beat down quickly, he only has himself to blame.
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  • posted a message on Oblation vs Song of the Dryads vs Beast Within
    Quote from umtiger »
    I don't understand how you can say your Phelddagrif isn't sub-optimal? 2DH by definition is suboptimal for fun/budget reasons. I went through two of your grif lists. It's easy to say that they're not built 100%. You even say so yourself. This is you describing the objectives of one of your deck lists:
    "-Never feels overpowered or oppressive."

    Your list might not be group-hug. However, Phelddagrif is the de-facto group hug general. At least, it was before Kynaios and Tiro. If anyone wants to justify running the Beast Within/Oblation/Song of Dryads package for group hug flavor, it's legit. From my perspective, you should have just left it at that. It's probably the only reason to legitimately run all three and say it's good deck building.

    Please don't just focus on your own decklist as an example. I reference the general and the archetype not your deck list and not you personally. Besides, just because you run it doesn't make it correct.

    1. Surviving is not the best way to win. If all decks/players are even, it may one way to consistently win your meta. However, that's not how most magic games are won. I'd say that the winning player(s) more often than not achieve victory through snowballing mana/card advantage, locking players out of games, and/or playing the most powerful threats that go unanswered. Long drawn out games are fun and memorable but even those games are punctuated by huge board advantages and/or massive threats at some point or another which none of these 3 cards spot on their own.

    There are too many threats to be able to answer them all. Even if a player is able to answer them all, it's often because they built some sort of overwhelming card/mana advantage elsewhere to be able to do so. Answering threats with spot removal to "not lose" is not winning.

    2. You might "not lose" because you stopped a combo using Beast Within/Oblation/Song of Dryads. But there is a huge opportunity loss in tempo from having such expensive answers in your deck/hand. It's even worse that they are expensive spot answers and not even mass-removal.

    Cheap answers are good because they also let you play threats. The cost of flexibility being baked-into the 3cc of these cards comes at a huge cost, especially when two are in your hand. By the time you have the chance to use 2 of these cards in a game, you'll already have reached enough mana to be able to play much more powerful answer cards. Flexibility is way overrated. There is a massive tempo lost of playing high-cc answers just for the sake of versatility. For example, Utter End is way overplayed, same with Diabolic Tutor.

    You mention STP and PTE, so we can consider building our removal package around things other than flexibility (perhaps, power and cc?). I just think that the amount of mass-removal open to a white player just dis-incentivizes playing all of these 3 flexible answers that have so many costs baked-in. For the record, I'd consider Nature's Claim before Oblation/Song of Dryads.

    3. Beast Within is easily the best. However, focus on your point of how running all three. I'm bashing running all three in the same deck. Beast Within is a staple and has no drawback as far as EDH is concerned. Oblation and Song are not.
    2DH is a variant format of commander. Cards costing over $2 TCG mid are not legal to play. It's not suboptimal, it's just a more restrictive format.

    Just because a deck doesn't feel overpowered or oppressive doesn't make it weak. The appearance of strength is a negative attribute in multiplayer, it makes you a target. Phelddagrif's power comes from the appearance of weakness while actually being very powerful. I'm sure my lists aren't completely optimal (and the exact card choice can be very meta-tweaked) but it's not a deck very many people are working on. It's experimental, trying to use perceived threat as a weapon. It's hard to say how good the list is since it depends a lot on the pilot, but at least in the moderately powered groups where I play, it's quite strong, wins something like 70%+ of games I've played it in, and it does well even if there's a fairly competitive deck since I can usually block their combos with targeted control while using the other players to kill them. Once there's multiple fast combo decks it may not be viable but I haven't run into that situation yet.

    K&T are a group hug card, so they make total sense for group hug. Phelddagrif isn't really a group hug card imo (since they can discriminate and are not forced to hug the entire group - I prefer to think of them as political), but many people do play him in that sort of deck. I don't really care how people choose to use cards, what matters is what the cards can actually do. If people want to build bad Phelddagrif decks that's not really my business, any more than the multitude of tribal tazri decks makes tazri combo any less powerful.

    No idea what targeted removal has to do with "group hug flavor". Maybe you have a different definition of group hug that involves killing things?

    1) The most common and reliable ways to win in commander almost all involve some degree of burst. Either you combo out in one turn, or you play an asymmetrical jokulhaups that leaves everyone else with nothing and you with a strong board state, or a narset chain that never lets anyone else have a turn, etc. The point is that the best wins are not slow, grindy affairs for card advantage that give you tons of time to play a board wipe. Yes, of course board wipes are useful for clearing out masses of medium threats if things get out of hand, but if you want to stop a powerful deck from winning you need the right answer at the right time. The longer you survive, the more opportunity you have to pull off your bursty wincon.

    Not all threats are equal. Some threats demand an answer immediately or you lose. The point isn't to answer every single threat with targeted removal. The point is to answer the right ones. Having flexibility makes that most likely.

    2) song is a pretty bad way to stop combo but as I said, it has other uses.

    There just aren't many 1 cmc instant-speed answers (and we were talking about white, not green, in terms of oblation's utility). If white had more I'd probably play them. If you're playing MWC I can't imagine going without oblation, it's one of your best targeted removal options. Green doesn't add a ton to that either. It's not until you add black or blue that you really open up a lot of cheaper answers and oblation might fall off your control list.

    If you're a control deck you should be happy to leave up 3 mana most of the time. Oblation is less useful for more proactive decks, though, I'll agree with that. I'm assuming we're talking control here, though.

    3) Really just depends how heavy on control you are. I think it's very reasonable to run all 3 if you're a control deck, especially if you're only in RGW or a subset. But if you're pretty proactive and/or you've got multiple good control colors oblation could fall off the list, sure. Really just depends on the context. GW control, though, all 3 I'd say.
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  • posted a message on Oblation vs Song of the Dryads vs Beast Within
    Quote from umtiger »
    So the only time to play all three is when you're group-hugging or purposefully un-powering- basically, Phelddagrif. If that's the answer, it's a good answer and it's legit. Some cards are very flavorful in certain decks or certain builds of decks. Suboptimal for fun is okay. I'm not against that.

    However, the first 4 paragraphs just skirt around the question or try to build a strange case for playing all three. Remember, the question was why use all three? Not, why not use any one of these three?

    I disagree with some of your statements.

    1. The absolute most important thing to winning is not just surviving. Even if that was the case, none of these cards are going to be the "right answer" to help you come back.

    2. Oblation is not very high on white's targeted removal. If it is, it's just over-played. Few competitive decks can find space for Oblation. Flexibility is overrated. Even if you value flexibility, white's options are too varied to justify using it in a tuned deck.

    3. How come you compare running Oblation vs. Song of Dryads? The point you're making is running them all.

    I agree with some of your statements.

    1. Phelddagrif is legit place to run this package.

    2. Value is overrated. However, I'm not saying this package is poor to run because of that. You're correct in most cases to focus on the card drawing part. Because most players do mistakenly focus on that. However, I'm not most players. I don't mind Oblation drawing your opponent cards. This package is poor to run because there are better options. The versatility of targeting all permanent-types isn't worth the tempo loss of having so much 3cc removal in your hand.

    3. Of course, you wrote about Oblation more than the Green options. Green has less removal. Beast Within and Song of Dryads is higher on the list than Oblation in their respective colors.
    My Phelddagrif is not suboptimal, and it's definitely not group hug. It may not be built to win in the simplest possible way, but it is built to freakin' win. Sometimes the surest way to win isn't to play the most powerful possible cards.


    1) Not sure what you mean. The way to not die is often to remove some specific permanent. If you want to come back, first you have to not die. Having the right answer at the right time is how you do that. After you avoid dying, then you can worry about coming back. "Coming back" is not a mandatory part of not dying anyway. You just have to not die. And then keep doing it.

    2) White has stp, pte, unexpectedly absent....after that I think I take oblation in terms of spot removal (and it's really a toss up between it and UA). I'd say 4th is a pretty solid ranking. What else are you ranking higher? Also, flexibility is not overrated at all imo, but I guess it depends how highly you think it's rated.

    3) Concensus seemed to be that beast within was the best and I think that's fair. tuck vs destroy is arguable (I think I'd prefer tuck) but a 3/3 is a lot less powerful than 2 cards so I think it's better on balance, even if the 2 cards aren't a big downside. But a lot of people were bashing oblation so I felt compelled to defend its honor, which generally means comparing it to the other cards. Although I think also it's a strong card just in a vacuum. Song of the dryads is a much less interesting card to talk about, though, since people aren't thrown off by the "bad value" like they are with oblation.
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  • posted a message on Themes and deckbuilding: Introduction of the Atmospheric Deck.
    Personally I see decks falling into these general categories:

    -decks built around synergy with a certain mechanic. i.e. a tribal deck, a +1/+1 counter deck, some combo, etc. The most common kind of deck.

    -decks built around a certain mechanic (without synergy). i.e. theft. Theft doesn't really synergize with itself.

    -decks built around strong cards with no mechanical or synergistic considerations. aka goodstuff.

    -decks built around neither synergistic, mechanical, or power considerations. I group any kind of theme deck here - game of thrones flavor, artist decks, left handed decks, etc.

    -decks built around creating a certain experience. This is a category I'm interested in exploring although idk if it's its own category or just a subcategory of #4. My best example is my tymna/kraum deck, which is full of cards I think make for exciting unexpected finishes. The goal is to win in a way that's satisfying, regardless of synergy, mechanics, or power, though of course there are some synergies and mechanical links. My Phelddagrif deck could also be considered in this way, as a deck built to try to make games as fair as possible no matter the power levels. Phelddagrif might also just be synergistic (category #1), but it's a weird sort of synergy that has nothing to do with how the cards interact with each other and more how the deck as a whole interacts with your opponents.

    Personally I would consider what you're doing to be more #4 than #5. I think of #5 as having nothing to do with the art or flavor of the cards, and purely to do with the mechanics and the kinds of games they create.
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  • posted a message on Good hidden gems that aren't super specific or narrow
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    I got the most perfect thing for this

    I'm almost in disbelief this next to never sees light in B involved decks

    praetor's grasp

    You know bribery right?

    Well this is a demonic tutor version of that

    Con is mana s not rainbow and it's not a free spell.
    -it's in 4K decks. Hardly hidden.

    -the mana is not rainbow - nvm I see you've erratta'ed that.

    -the part of bribery where the creature is free? Yeah that's why bribery is good, you see. Without that bribery sucks.'s basically just a grim tutor except rather than get a synergistic part of your own deck, you have to hope someone else has a synergistic card for you. And if they're off-color you may not even be able to cast most of their spells.'s usually a 4 mana sol ring, aka sisay's ring, aka mediocrity incarnate.

    -it actually used to be on the top 50 list back in the day iirc. It's a funny card but it's nothing special imo. But maybe that's just because I already have a grim/vamp/seal/demonic/etc. Even so, though, transmute cards are cheap and can hit something in your own deck that's probably more likely to be useful than digging through someone else's.
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  • posted a message on Mizzix of the Izmagus - Buyback to the future
    I also have this on/off problem with some decks sometimes. Do you have deckbuilding strategies to tackle it?
    Well, I think one way I attempted to tackle it here is with including cards like catalyst stone and baral, chief of compliance that work as a lower-powered version of my commander. That way even if it's off it's not THAT off. Unfortunately buyback costs are expensive enough that it's pretty difficult to go for a win without the commander, but drawing a card for 4 instead of 6 off whispers was still a pretty decent improvement.

    One obvious way is to just build the deck so that it's less reliant on the commander or on specific cards. Commanders like Mizzix and Shirei obviously are dangerous because they can have SUCH a big impact on your play that they're bound to create an on/off situation. Other commanders, such as Glissa, Toshiro, Sygg, etc, I think are less immediately splashy because they generate more incremental advantage so they don't push things to ridiculousness immediately, and are less likely to get removed because of that. The potential upside on commanders like mizzix is so high that they basically can't live without the game ending pretty quickly.

    Of course you could build mizzix so that he's NOT busted - i.e. run few instants/sorceries, run spells that cost a bunch of colored mana and little colorless, etc, but where's the fun in that? I think some commanders are just meant to be on/off and that's just how it is. If you try to avoid that too much I think you just end up in goodstuff territory, or running bad cards just to avoid breaking him, neither of which sounds super fun to me.
    Quote from shermanido37 »
    As a Mizzix player myself, let me tell you there are a TON of ways to abuse this general. Buyback is definitely high on the ridiculous interactions list, but the problem is that there aren't all that many good buyback spells out there.
    Reiterate, Capsize, and Spell Burst are the best.
    Whispers of the Muse, Fanning the Flames and Shattering Pulse are niche, but have some cute potential.
    But the rest just do nothing. Searing Touch? Really?
    Then there's the most important part - they all rely on your commander. Without Mizzix, Capsize bounces 1 threat for our entire turn, Whispers taps out to draw 1 card. And if that's bad, just think what Searing Touch does without our commander!

    Here's a suggestion: if you're looking for cute interactions with Mizzix, X cost spells are a MUST. The way the rules work out, you will always get an experience counter for playing them, and that allows for ridiculous growth. Even if you don't like stuff like Reality Spasm, you have to admit that casting Stroke of Genius where X is 5 - for just U - is hilarious. The thing is, though, that Stroke of Genius might draw you less cards without Mizzix, but it will still draw you cards, so it will still do its job!
    Here is an example.

    You can also look at my list here, but be warned that it's a combo version of Mizzix.
    I didn't actually draw fanning the flames but it seems nuts for its interaction with mizzix. If you get out memory stone it because RR to get an XP counter and deal increasingly large amounts of damage. Pretty sick wincon imo.

    I think shattering pulse is just great. R to destroy any artifact as many times as you want is nutty. No more mana rocks. No more equipment.

    Searing touch I drew pretty late so it didn't matter much, but it seems at least ok. it's basically just koth of the hammers ult except it works on nonbasics. Not insane on its own but with any of the abuse guys like talrand or sphinx bone wand or whatever it seems powerful. I considered running trash like whim of volrath just as a way to trigger talrand et al, with no use whatsoever, so 1 damage for 1 mana is a pretty great deal by comparison, even if it does require more setup.

    Definitely they're all pretty awful without mizzix but that was sort of the point, it's the buyback deck. I tried to mitigate with memory stone etc. Haze of rage in particular is pretty absurd if you have any kind of token generation. Easy to make every creature have 30+ power.

    Early in development I was trying to choose between going X spells to fire increasingly large fireballs, and buyback to trigger as many spell triggers as possible, and I thought buyback seemed like the more novel idea (although a couple X spells are still in there). Stroke of genius is definitely among the best X spells, and should probably be in there anyway, though. I may add it in if I play the deck again, although I feel like I'd have to cut down on the main goal of the deck a bit.
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  • posted a message on Daxos the Returned - Enchantment Speed Bumps Galore
    Have you ever tested remove enchantments? Seems like a potentially strong way to protect against a sweeper and retrigger daxos a ton of times.

    Also...holy freaking crap, that might just be the most complicated card in the entire game. It took me several minutes to understand wtf it does. What a mess.
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  • posted a message on Mizzix of the Izmagus - Buyback to the future
    Tried it out tonight. Only got in one game as it took several hours.

    Overall the deck feels a bit like my shirei deck - when it's on, it's REALLY on, and I'm almost guaranteed to be enemy #1. When it's off, it does next to nothing.

    Well, that's not quite fair, the deck can still draw and ramp and play a few control spells, but most of the meat of the deck is centered around going ham with mizzix.

    Had an early lead and thought I might win within a couple turns, but then mizzix got stolen through my FoW and another guy played living death a few turns later to put like 30 power on the board or so and then also decided to swing into my face pretty hard (but not hard enough). Got mizzix out as everyone was scrambling to solve the big board state problem (eventually resolved by a nev's disk I helped protect), and somehow I was allowed to live despite having spell burst with 6 counters and a ton of mana, and even (on the last turn) tidespout tyrant. Used my mana to buyback and bounce the remaining blockers, then killed the last 2 people in one turn by pumping them for +27 power with haze of rage with multiple counter backup.

    Anyway, it's kind of fun, more fun than shirei but the on/off thing always bothers me. Might be better if I drew memory crystal, although I did have out 2 other cost reducers at one point.
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