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  • posted a message on Wizards Price Hiking
    Since cube has come to online, and within a VERY short period of time, they have ratcheted the price up on this phantom event. This seems like an attempt to determine exactly what the market can bear. They reached my F-it point - this is obvious exploitation now.

    6 tickets - to 8 tickets - to 10 tickets. RIDICULOUS. #LostCustomer #DoneWithWizardsForever
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  • posted a message on Not very experienced with building Show & Tell/Eureka decks - critique please
    I drafted this deck with which I am horribly inexperienced, and I'm not sure if I built it correctly given all of the options it has. Please, if you have time, give your opinions on how you would build.

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  • posted a message on I need help....
    Because overall the deck is trash. People gave you suggestions to be somewhat legacy competitive and you shrugged them aside to try and tune this janky pile. I'm surprised anybody assisted you after you posted your list.

    spam warning. -RabidVacin
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  • posted a message on analysis: 14 vs 15 cards in Pack Wars
    I always played where you shuffle two of every basic land into a booster.
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  • posted a message on Best brands for Cheddar Cheese?
    Tillamook 100%
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  • posted a message on Reasonable price to draft old sets?
    In a for profit model that seems like a fair price. In order to draft full block sets of the past you would have to personally buy a box of each and host. If one pack of each costs you 20.00 retail, $15 for the convenience of having the older packs provided and a place, with other people, to play. Their payout should be in older packs though.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Official Complain About v4 Thread
    This isn't an MMO. You can ship all your tickets and cards for cash (as I am). Why would you ask somebody to send you their stuff?
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  • posted a message on Planeswalkers in MTG Commander/EDH...
    Quote from Awesomejace »
    Sorry to tell you this, but only legendary creatures can be used as "commanders" in a commander deck. Also remember that legendary enchantment creatures are still legendary creatures and that your deck must be at least 100 cards. Although, I think a planeswalker may be tournament legal in a commander deck. If you are having more trouble and nobody online can answer your questions, there are usually Friday night tournaments/draft events you can go to which may have someone who can answer your question.
    pretty sure 3 years is long enough to figure it out on their own. Nice necro...
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  • posted a message on Traveling Band of EDH Players: Across the USA
    Hi, I'm new to EDH like your buddy. I got into it because two of my employees play regularly and running a business leaves me little time to draft. If you want to detour slightly to the Tri-Cities (Kennewick/Pasco/Richland) in Eastern Washington we would love to have you for a game. Also, my business is a cannabis dispensary - we will roll out the green carpet for you, providing you are of age. Smile PM me for further information. Happy travels!
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  • posted a message on Well, see you at Dragonmaze
    I have drafted GTC a few times now, not impressed in the slightest. I have yet to actually enjoy my time playing the set, even winning most of the matches. I will be anxiously awaiting RTR/GTC/DGM.
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  • posted a message on Has anyone drafted GTC yet? What are the viable archetypes?
    Quote from urafever
    Nah, that can't be right at all. The thing is, even if your primary plan is to be as aggressive as possible, there are definitely a nonzero number of games where things just don't play out the way you want them to. In a draft, I somewhat understand cutting a card like this (even though I would never, ever do it), because you only have to win six out of a possible nine games. It's certainly possible that in a number as small as nine games, you'll never have a situation where your "plan A" of aggression doesn't work and you need to grind out a victory some other way.

    However, if we're talking about a high level sealed such as a GP or even a PTQ, we're now talking about having to win perhaps 7-8 matches or more. That means we might play three or even four times as many games in the course of a day than we ever would in a draft. That creates a pretty large sample size of games, and the chance of hitting multiple games throughout the day that don't go as planned is much higher. For this reason, you should always play cards in your sealed that are extremely powerful, even if they don't fit your deck's "plan." Playing stock archetypes is going to be much more effective in draft and even there I find it to be significantly worse than being creative in your deckbuilding.

    Nah man, I would never play a card that provides inevitability in the form of a constantly growing stream of attackers and chumps. That would be the wrong play for sealed, an environment with some of the highest variance limited games MTG has to offer.

    Hehehe. Smile
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  • posted a message on P1p8
    Heres the pack, I dont even have time to look it over at the moment. Ill be on later to see what transpires.

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  • posted a message on P1p7
    Quote from LazyBuffalo
    I think the on colour options are unplayable here. I would take Scab-Clan Charger to keep a jump to Simic open.

    Very good point, this does seem like the appropriate time for a hedge.
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  • posted a message on P1p7
    Quote from ExpiredRascals

    Also, can we slow down on passing packs? Pack 6 came and went in like 3 hours flat.

    Yeah, sorry, some folks were pitching a fit about us taking too long on picks and that pack seemed like a no-brainer. I'll leave a minimum of 12 hours for team members to post before passing.
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