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  • posted a message on List of Relevant Reserved List Cards
    Quote from NierAutomata »

    But what this stands for is the proposition that the reserve list isn't actually that big of a problem for legacy. It's the duals and thats about it.

    Drop of Honey
    Candelabra of Tawnos
    Chains of Mephistopheles
    The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
    Lion's Eye Diamond
    Null Rod
    Mox Diamond
    City of Traitors
    Gaia's Cradle
    Serra's Sanctum
    Time Spiral
    Grim Monolith

    Hmm,yea... Only the dual lands are relevant to the format. Or have very real potential to become relevant.

    I am certain I have missed some as well.

    To the original poster, make certain your tournament organizer is aware that many reserved list cards are critical to the function of entire deck archetypes. And that cards not on the reserv3d list have ws high or higher secondary market values to many reserved list cards.

    Creating a 'no reserved list' Legacy variant does not create a 'budget' alternative, but does needlessly cripple decks and homogenize the format.
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  • posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.
    In a game last night, I repeatedly attacked with an unbuffed Hermit Druid. Never activated its ability.
    I won that game.
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  • posted a message on Gifts Ungiven
    Quote from schweinefett »

    wait; now that i checked it up, why is intuition ok but gifts not? Is it because you can guarantee tutoring between 1-2 cards directly into your hand up to 2 cards in hand and 2 in the grave? or collusion in the game? I'm guessing that extra card makes a big difference, but I'm suspecting that it's not going to be problematic in metas where oppressive decks aren't already a thing.

    The difference between three cards (one to hand), and four cards (two to hand) is... significant.

    Quote from DirkGently »

    I don't buy that argument. Show me some instant-win piles using cards already in many decks, not tailored around the card. I think it requires a pretty decent build-around to be a win, and most combos are going to result in a decent number of avenues for interaction.

    My Muldrotha deck, and another players Riku list, basically win when we resolve Intuition as-is, and none of those choices were made with the idea of including Intuition.
    The primary difference between that and Gifts Ungiven is that with Gifts, we can ignore most otherwise necessary setup. And thee opposing board state is less relivant.
    There are several other local decks that Gifts would immediately become the best card in, and with only minor adjustments wins the game.

    Bruna, Light of Alabaster is another one that has a tendency to win after resolving Gifts.
    A local, far more casual / low powered player was using Bruna a while back. He did not even know what Gifts was. After I showed him the card, it took under a minute to decide it needed to remain banned.
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  • posted a message on PWs with Static Ability
    Quote from leslak »

    there, corrected

    Eh, either can be justified, I have always felt she was mistyped and fits better as a Warrior. Warrior was added to her type in addition to Barbarian (should have been instead) , & it was even in her name.
    I am also pretty sure Barbarian should have been subsumed into Warrior during the Grand Creature Type update anyway (along with other redundant types, such as Shade, Specter, and Wraith into Spirit, or the plethora of Beasts).
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  • posted a message on PWs with Static Ability
    Static abilities on planeswalkers do not have to involve loyalty directly; they just need to support the card & character. Static abilities are also not the only replacements for loyalty abilities available. The one hard constraint I would include is that any activated abilities must be loyalty abilities.

    Some designs I was playing around with years ago:

    Jeska, Thrice-Touched by Infinity 2RR
    Legendary Planeswalkers - Jeska
    ~ is a 3/2 Human Warrior creature with haste, first strike, and indestructible in addition to her other types.
    +1: Any number of creatures block Jeska this turn of able.
    -X: Creatures you control get +X/+0 until end of turn.

    Name, Bargainer of Souls2BB
    Legendary Planeswalkers - NAME
    As ~ enters the battlefield, you may pay any amount of life. If you do, NAME enters the battlefield with that many additional loyalty counters.
    0: Reveal the top card of your library and put it into your hand. Name loses a number of loyalty counters equal to that cards converted mana cost.
    -X: Creatures get - X/-X until end of turn.

    Also toyed with the idea of 'Whenever a player casts a spell, you may remove some number of loyalty counters. If you do, counter it'.
    Or various other triggers, such as gaining loyalty whenever a creature enters under your control instead of an activated +
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  • posted a message on Power-Level Typology
    I am curious where you would place what I play.
    I am also curious the location you most often play now.
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  • posted a message on Best Spellseeker targets
    I am disappointed no one has mentioned Word of Command. All the judges love that card; just make certain you ay thw wrong land for them during their draw step Smile

    Honorable mention to Magical Hack, for something no one will expect.
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  • posted a message on Tolarian Academy
    For this type of calculation, you need to use hypergeometric probability. Calculators for this are widely available online for ease of use.

    With 15 artifacts, and a sample size of nine (9 - Academy, turn 2), you have a 35% chance of seeing two or more artifacts.
    With 20 artifacts, and a sample size of eight (9 - Academy, turn 2), you have a 51% chance of seeing two or more artifacts.
    This is discounting the other variables that would increase this likelihood (mulligan decisions, tutoring, draw, and selection effects, choice of Commander, etc).

    Yes, Ancient Tomb is more consistent in such a deck, but does not produce colored mana, damages you when used, and does not scale as the game progresses. This is also using your example of a type of deck that it is questionable to play Academy in to begin with.

    For a deck that actually wants Academy, ~15 artifacts is the expected concentration of CMC 0 & 1 cards, not the total artifact count. Many of those produce mana themselves, or otherwise enable mana producers, and so in turn allow CMC 2+ artifacts to be a significant consideration for turn 2 mana production.

    There is a 9.1% chance of drawing Academy by turn 2 (one in eleven games). This is again discounting the effects of mulligans, tutors, draw, etc. All of which increase that chance. In a deck that can appropriately use Academy, I expect it to see play by turn 2 roughly one out of six games.
    There are too many variables to get an accurate calculation on the chance of it producing a given amount of mana, but a reasonable guess is 70% chance of it producing 2+ mana on turn 2, and a near guarantee of 3+ mana on turn 3. There is a not-insignificant chance of it producing that quantity of mana on turn 1.
    When you consider the type of cards that enable it to produce that mana, and that the mana is U, opposed to C, it is going to define those games. Remember, an Academy tapping for UU on turn 2 generally means you have access to 10+ mana on turn 3.
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  • posted a message on Balance is balanced
    Quote from DirkGently »

    The card is not limited resources. It's not completely beyond the pale to even consider.

    What's wrong with Limited Resources?
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  • posted a message on Tolarian Academy
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »

    I think that blue ancient tomb is like..... an optimal scenario. I think its potentially like a maze of ith with no activated ability half the time is my argument.

    We are rather specifically looking at the average expected scenario, in a non-competative deck.
    The optimal scenario is casting Time Spiral on turn 1. You know, the reason it was banned in Type 2 ('Standard').
    This would be a rare occurrence in Commander, but not so rare it wouldn't happen.

    It is trivially easy to play Tolarian Academy on turn 2, and have it tap for UU.
    Turn 1: Darksteel Citadel, Voltaic Key.
    Turn 2: Tolarian Academy, tap for UU. At least, that is what would have happened, except I used the Citadel to cast a Candelabra of Tawnos first.

    Quote from Pokken »

    In an unfocused deck with say, 15-20 artifacts, it's going to be noticeably worse than ancient tomb. So there is that.

    In that scenario, it is worse than Ancient Tomb on average turn 1, roughly equal on turn 2, and better for the rest of the game.

    Quote from Forgotten One »

    I hated Pre-Banning Tempest Block-5th Ed-Urza's Saga Standard. When the best sideboarding strategy was for players to board in 4 Tolarian Academy (even if they weren't blue) to try and prevent you from playing your Academy (old Legendary rules), then you know something was wrong.

    To add a bit of context for this, for those unfamiliar.
    In 'Standard' at the time, there were two viable competitive decks. Blue, that used Academy, and mono Green, which did the above in addition to playing four Crop Rotation, whose primary purpose was to find those Academy's.

    Edit: Fixed tags
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  • posted a message on Print this Wizards (so I can play it in EDH)
    Talisman of Corruption 2
    t: Add C.
    t: Add W or B. Talisman of Corruption deals 1 damage to you.

    Talisman of Ingenuity 2
    t: Add C.
    t: Add U or R. Talisman of Ingenuity deals 1 damage to you.

    Talisman of Decay 2
    t: Add C.
    t: Add B or G. Talisman of Decay deals 1 damage to you.

    Talisman of ? 2
    t: Add C.
    t: Add R or W. Talisman of ? deals 1 damage to you.

    Talisman of ? 2
    t: Add C.
    t: Add G or U. Talisman of ? deals 1 damage to you.

    Side note: Ravnica would have been an excellent place to put these (and reprints of the other five), instead of those awful Lockets
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  • posted a message on Tolarian Academy
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »

    • Complexity - For this card to be good you really need to get it and 2+ artifacts in play by turns 2-3. Even at that point its mostly a colored mana
    • Ancient Tomb. What we like to really think about as the completely nuts situations for this card is when you can put 3+ artifacts into play on turns 1-2 with it but at which point we are talking about 4 or more VERY specific cards in an opening hand. Sure you could load a deck full of every 0 mana artifact that exists to try to do this but lets be honest you will get a lot of bad starts with that kind of deck. If you want to talk about the most competative combo decks using every fast mana in existence then this is also outside of the scope of the banned list. The complexity to having broken mana fast with this card plus something to dump it into to use is very complex and unlikely to happen fast enough that its a problem.

    This is a gross misunderstanding of how Tolarian Academy is enabled, and ties into the oft used comparison to Gaea's Cradle.
    Most of the enablers for Academy produce mana, and do so the turn they enter the battlefield. More, the early enablers often produce more mana than they cost. This creates an escalating effect that is not really seen anywhere else. That artifacts tend to be more resilient than creatures is another minor benefit.

    Realistically, in any deck where Academy can be considered better than Island, it being capable of producing two mana on turn 2, and three mana on turn 3 is the minimum expectation of any game it shows up, and the cards that allow it to produce that mana themselves produce as much.
    Realistically, it is more than doubling the rate you produce mana early game, in a deck that is already ramping.

    It (and Channel) are kind of the definition of 'Produces too much mana to quickly'.
    Convince the Rules Community to finally ban Mana Crypt and Sol Ring, and I am willing to entertain an argument for Academy being unbanned, but strongly suspect even then that it is still far to strong.
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  • posted a message on What Card Do You Wish You Owned for a Deck?
    Quote from kraus911 »

    The Abyss Love everything about the card and I'll definitely never own one.

    Story about The Abyss.
    A while back, a friend cast The Abyss on turn 2 or 3. By turn 5, he was complaining about it effectively preventing him from casting his Commander. He would not stop asking the the rest of the table to destroy it for him.
    Eventually I gave in, cast Demonic Tutor, and removed his Abyss... by playing The Abyss.

    Another game, an opponent was playing Elves, and had been hamstrung by my Abyss. Eventually, he drew into Naturalize (or equivalent), and destroyed it. That same turn, he then played a Concordant Crossroads. I think he had it in hand for several turns.
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  • posted a message on Consistency?
    This is the second time in a row you have revived a thread over seven years old. Before posting to a thread you did not find on the first page, check the post dates.

    Forum rules can be found here.
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  • posted a message on Ban//Unban
    Quote from cryogen »

    I largely agree with most of this, except I think that Library would get a lot of initial use and then taper off as people started to realize how situational it was.

    I have played with Library of Alexandria in Commander. I had others in my local area, of a variety of levels of play, add it to their decks with no other change.
    It defines games, consistently. If your decks goal is *not* to cast One With Nothing, it is objectively wrong not to play Library.
    That card needs to remain banned.
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