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Magic Market Index for May 18th, 2018
  • posted a message on New Commander decks coming, which one to chose?
    You are misunderstanding what Commander Anthology is.
    It is a compilation reprint of four Commander preconstructed decks previously released since 2011, and is sold as a boxed set with an MSRP of $164.99. I believe it is also a limited print run.

    You cannot acquire the decks separately, unless someone else chooses to purchase the set and resell them individually.

    Built from Scratch - the one you seem interested in, is consistently selling for ~$50 on ebay at this time.
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  • posted a message on Need Ideas: Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Storm
    Paradox Storm

    Still working on tweaking the list slightly, but it is good.
    Also easy to scale down in power if necessary.
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  • posted a message on What the heck happened with lifeline?
    Quote from Lithl »

    and if someone boardwipes, you can stack the triggers so Elenda gives you tokens before Lifeline checks whether there are any creatures in play.

    This is incorrect.
    If there are no creatures on the battlefield at the time the ability would trigger, it does not trigger.
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha

    I'm personally in the "minimum non-permanent" camp of Muldrotha abuse (AKA team Primal Surge), which makes self-mill (beyond "controlled self-mill ala intuition / Grisly Salvage / Epiphany at the Drownyard) awesome.

    So you are deliberately weakening your selection, in an effort to increase your dependency on a CMC 6 Commander without any inherit protections...

    Satyr Wayfinder & Laboratory Maniac are weak cards, while Mesmeric Orb and Dreamborn Muse are more likely to cause your opponents to win than they are to help you.
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  • posted a message on The Sagas - Are they good and where are you playing them?
    Song of Freyalise, Time of Ice, The Antiquities War, Fall of the Thran, The Mirari Conjecture, History of Benalia, & Phyrexian Scriptures all have fringe use, or overcosted but useful effects. They may be useful on occasion, and get a 2.
    I am hoping to see Fall of Thran played in Brago, King Eternal personally.

    The rest are all 1.
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  • posted a message on Mox Amber
    Quote from Jusstice »

    The real competition is a land card. And in that competition, Mox Amber comes out ahead in all but the most land-starved EDH decks.

    Lets take a look at all of my current decks, shall we?
    Every single one of them would be made worse by cutting a card for Mox Amber. Often especially a land.
    Every single one of them already plays Mox Diamond, and a couple include Mox Opal.
    Exiling a card in a singleton format makes Chrome Mox a poor choice for most decks, but its value is still usually higher than Amber's.

    How about planned decks?
    Finally we have a single deck that benefits from the Mox - Jhoira, as previously discussed.
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  • posted a message on Mox Amber
    Quote from Jusstice »

    Nay-sayers underestimate the power of a Mox.

    Or, we have and do play with the legal moxen on a regular basis. You grossly overestimate the strength of this card.

    Out of all the decks I have played, zero would be improved by this card. Including it would actually make most worse, as doing so removes an actually useful card, like a Basic Land.
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  • posted a message on Mox Amber
    Quote from MRdown2urth »
    ...why can it not pay general tax?

    It can...
    If you control a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker other than your Commander.
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  • posted a message on Good commander to wear Helm of the Host
    Quote from Ryperior74 »


    Will you people every get this right

    It doesn't matter what the equip cost is and cmc I know it's big on both

    However It's going to be a edh staple because this combos with eons of creatures

    It costs nine mana.
    Sure, you can stagger that cost over two turns, but doing so gives your opponents a full turn cycle to deal with it where it does absolutely nothing.

    Elesh Norn, Tooth and Nail, Possessed Portal
    Those are the things this is competing with, and it is loosing badly. Unless it provides an insurmountable advantage or immediate win with your Commander, it simply costs too much.

    Actually, equipping a Helm of the Host to Elesh Norn sounds fun...
    Bad, but fun.
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  • posted a message on Mox Amber
    Mox Amber is very strong in decks that can use it.
    Those decks are rare, and it is still often overshadowed by other cards in the deck.

    Quote from Incanur »
    As far as places Mox Amber works, it's obviously fantastic in Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Storm. I don't think I want to build that, especially as I know somebody else is building it locally.

    I do not think Jace is making the deck. He has a list for things like Cockatrice, but cannot afford to build a deck like this.

    I, on the other hand, want a competitive deck to lend out to people who have no idea how to play it Smile
    Only high end card I do not already own is Transmute Artifact
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  • posted a message on Playing a 75% Deck Against Mass Land Destruction and 100% Decks
    It is difficult to accurately assess a situation without actually being there.
    Given what you have said, and looking at your posted deck list, I find it likely you are not fully understanding what is going on.

    Perhaps there is a problem that, if unable to be resolved through discussion, would require one or more parties involved to leave.
    However, it sounds like an inexperienced player (you) are playing with a weaker deck (I would guage your list to be at ~50%, not 75%) against strategies you have not learned to deal with, and have come here to complain instead of improving.
    I am also fairly certain they are not playing '100%' decks. Probably in the 75% - 909% range. From your description, it honestly sounds like the MLD player is bad at it, and shouldn't even be playing those effects. With a bit of experience, his or her opponents should be able to punish him for it easily.

    To be clear, being a good player is not synonymous with being a competative player.
    Playing a strong deck is not synonymous with playing a competative deck.
    Opponents playing with effects you do not like does not make them spikes.

    To be a good player, you simply need to be able to learn and improve, both at deck construction and gameplay.

    At a gameplay level, what are you having difficulty with?
    If mass creature removal is causing problems, do not over-commit creatures to the board. Play enough to present a legitimate threat, but no more so you can recover from a 'wrath'.
    If counterspells are a problem, learn to guage what level of threat your cards are to the player, and provoke a response with a lesser threat to clear the way for a greater one (if they do not answer the lesser threats, you still have pressure on them).
    If you are having issue with mass land destruction, do not default to playing a land every turn. Play only what you need, and hold the rest in hand.
    If combo is the issue, learn how the combo works, and hold creature removal, graveyard removal, or whatever else is appropriate to interupt it.

    For deck construction, again look at what the problems are, and figure out how to address them.
    What cards can counter those effects? What is the cost of playing them (combination of how effective they are, and how narrow they are - what are you not playing in their place)?
    Is there a more general change you can make?

    Looking at your deck, first thing is your curve is way to high. It takes you too long before you can reasonably affect the game, making you vulnerable to any faster or just more efficient decks. This also makes it vastly more difficult to recover from mass land destruction.

    You say you want to play an Avacyn-themed angel tribal deck? Angels are expensive. Instead, consider a 'Church of Avacyn' deck, using a human tribal theme for the lower curve, with a smaller angel tribal theme for the top.

    Sunforger & Mistveil Plains are cheap, and cards you should be playing in that type of deck anyway. With Boros Charm, they provide recurring immunity to those sweeper effects.
    Karmic Justice is also a card worth considering if your opponents rely on mass noncreature removal.

    For Mairsil, the Pretender, something as simpple as Arrest can cause immense trouble for the player (though I personally find it too weak without a consistent way of recurring it). Phyrexian Revoker, Pithing Needle, Cursed Totem, & Damping Matrix all lock him out of using abilities while they are on the battlefield.
    Torpor Orb & Hushwing Gryff restricts his access to those abilities to begin with. Graveyard removal also limits his options. Every deck should have two or three dedicated pieces of grave hate, more if the meta demands. Which ones you use depends on your deck, but common strong options include Rest in Peace, Relic of Progenitus, or even Tormod's Crypt.
    White has variety of similar effects available to it. These are all often worth playing as general hate cards, even without a specific target.

    Angel of Jubilation is a powerful hate card against a variety of effects and combos commonly played in the format.

    A bit more expensive, you have Teferi's Protection - also searchable and recurable with Sunforger + Mistveil.
    The white fetch lands (Flooded Strand, Marsh Flats, Arid Mesa, & Windswept Heath) all improve the consistency of your mana base, and all can find Mistveil Plains.
    The remaining red fetch lands (Scalding Tarn, Bloodstained Mire, & Wooded Foothills) cannot find Mistveil Plains, but are still well worth considering.

    Land Tax & Scroll Rack higher cost (monitarily), but both can help recover from mass land destruction, and provide a powerful card 'draw' engine when combined.

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  • posted a message on Good commander to wear Helm of the Host
    Quote from OCPunisher »

    There's really no wrong answer here. This card would add value to every deck in this format, except maybe the dumb storm decks that have virtually no creatures. If this card doesn't add value to your deck, then your deck probably isn't right for this format.

    At CMC 3, equip 2, I would play it in most decks.
    At CMC 4, equip 3, I would consider it for ~50% of decks.

    At CMC 4, equip 5, it is worth playing in precisely three decks -
    With a respectable argument for Narset, Enlightened Master, Prime Speaker Zegana, or other decks that make heavy use of extra combat steps or turns.
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    Quote from AtlasNova »

    I think this is a case of you both not ever playing Muldrotha
    < >
    I don't appreciate you asserting it's clear I've never played with a card that's just childish.

    Childish, you say?

    That you think Liliana, Death's Majesty and Apprentice Necromancer are worth playing tells me a lot.
    If I ever decide I need more inferior targeted creature removal, I might try Sinister Concoction. Until then, requiring a card in hand makes the card a poor choice.

    Quote from Gutterstorm »

    Flash doesn't really matter with Muldrotha as she only works during your turn.

    Necromancy 'having' Flash is actually pretty important. In large part because it allows you to sacrifice said Necromancy.
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    Quote from AtlasNova »

    That's a big no with Null Brooch. Yes to Glen Elendra Archmage though. For the same reasons Lunar Force isn't a serious include; one counterspell is not good enough.

    Have you even read Null Brooch? It is most certainly not *one* counterspell, and is a very strong card I have run in numerous decks.
    The problem with Lunar Force is that you do not control what gets countered. That card is actually just bad.
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