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  • posted a message on Welp it’s finally happening for black/rakdos players...
    Sorcery speed you lose life equal to the cmc of the enchantment you're destroying, costing somewhere around 3-4...
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  • posted a message on What are fun proactive decks
    Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign

    She's basically a fixed Narset, letting you cast some big spells for free but not 4 a turn that turn into multiple turns. Mystical Tutor into Approach of the Second Sun is a thing, but I took that out after it won the first game. You can put cards in to make it more consistent, to manipulate your topdeck, and it's kind of silly not to put Top in the deck, but I also just like spinning the wheel because even if I don't get a free Mind's Dilation or eldrazi, I still get to draw a card. You don't even need to fill the deck with a huge density of fat cmc odd spells, you can have a fairly slim esper deck that sometimes throws out a fatty for free.
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  • posted a message on AOE Removal
    All Is Dust, won't take out Darksteel Forge, but other pieces maybe.
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  • posted a message on Raff Capashen: Flash, like it oughta be...
    I'd definitely run that specific sword over Weatherlight if we're just talking efficiency and value of the card. It makes Raff as big as the Weatherlight, it guarantees you a card where Weatherlight is a roll of the die, it protects Raff from burn and bounce, and it kills a lot of small annoying creatures.

    Weatherlight is a flavor win though, it's just dripping with it. The only other argument for running the airship is it's less of a target. Someone won't waste any time throwing a Krosan Grip at your sword, but Weatherlight is a lower priority target.

    What is it about 4 drops? They seem to be my favorite CMC point too, causing a huge clog in my decks. I've stopped playing some of the 4 mana ramp spells like Skyshroud Claim because of the competition at that CMC.
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  • posted a message on Nicol Bolas, the Ravager | Cruel Control
    Considering you basically have a walker as a general and it's a new card that looks fun, throw Flux Channeler in here? You're not superfriends, and don't have a lot of other counters matter effects, but it seems like it'd be good more often than it would be a dead card, and you have enough draw to cycle through it if it is.

    Ooo, also proliferate is kind of nice with As Foretold, Coalition Relic and Primal Amulet.
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  • posted a message on Found my commander but can't make a deck around them.
    With infinite mana, she can be a competitive commander, like the other posts have said. If that's your wincon though then you're going to be driving for that every game, and if this is your one Commander deck your games will start to feel pretty stale to you and your opponents.

    Without infinite mana though she's not going to make a lot of faeries. Even against a mono-color deck I've gone 10 mana into her and gotten 1 or 2 faeries. Go in expecting to get a wide variance on payoff with her, and considering how much she costs to cast, know you'll only get her out a couple of times a game. If there are a lot of wraths you might just hold her back. Still, just a few faeries from Oona, and a few played from your hand with a Coat of Arms is going to get some good swings. Door of Destinies is also great if you're going tribal. Dimir colors are great for grinding out so consider cards that will get more value out of your faeries like Blood Artist and Grave Pact effects.

    But as the others have said, she's pretty flexible. She's a flying beater, you don't even have to go far into faeries. Consider what you want to be doing during a 30 minute to 2 hour Commander game. Are you playing and protecting threats? Are you stopping other people's threats? Are you pillow forting up and going for a late game alpha strike? You don't seem to care a lot about winning so I imagine you want to focus more on being able to do fun things during a game. Again, what can you imagine doing on your turn, or other people's turns (which dimir is good at)?
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  • posted a message on Raff Capashen: Flash, like it oughta be...
    Quote from OCPunisher »
    Well, a lot of my mana rocks can be cashed in for extra cards, and I have almost zero recursion in this deck, so it’s a lot like Crystal Shard in that it’s probably going to be there for some value and not much else. That’s probably also a good reason to run Hanna, Ship’s Navigator.

    The land is worth it for O Stone, Scourglass, etc. And yeah, if your Sol Ring is in your yard it's probably worth it to draw it again. But you wouldn't include Expedition Map to go get it likely. I love me some Hanna, and you can flash her in, but unless you're going to fate counter her every time you can't loop the board wipe rocks with her. Codex Shredder is probably too clunky, but I've seen it used effectively before. It's a 6 mana regrowth, but when you have mana up you might not mind spending it before your turn to get back Elesh Norn.
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  • posted a message on Raff Capashen: Flash, like it oughta be...
    Shermanido's got a lot of good points. I think ultimately your flash package is going to depend on your meta and what's fun for you. (advice for editing any EDH deck yah?)

    Personally I think Azami in addition to Raff being a wizard equalling two extra cards before your turn is worth it. I tend to prefer steady incremental card draw over a big BSZ, keeping my hand full over a longer game rather than getting a flood of cards I then have to filter. Nezahal is the nuts in terms of steady card draw and a nice big threat.

    I second the vehicles. Flavor and tech!

    Curious to see how your deck develops as I'm working on a Raff list of my own.
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  • posted a message on Which Azorius Commander?
    Quote from OCPunisher »
    Quote from PhroX »
    I'll drop another vote for Raff. Being able to play almost entirely at instant speed is just so much fun.

    This I can definitely appreciate. My longest running deck is Yeva, and it is the most fun keyword ever.

    Quick aside on Raff: as much fun as it is to flash things in, I've always found that the artifact theme was either too combo-y for my group's collective stomach, or it lacked the muscle to stand up to a table full of demons, dragons, and other large things that commander decks often have. I'm aware of a few big guys, but I'm concerned that there might not be enough of them overall to make up a deck, and they all have the added weakness of being vulnerable to Shatters on top of the creature removals.

    Aside from artifacts there are plenty of legendaries that have impact. Flashing in Eldrazi before your turn and then swinging with annihilator is pretty good. Nezahal and some of the other big blue legendary beaters. Flashing in og Avacyn in response to a wipe and then swinging with her next turn... not bad. Elesh Norn.
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  • posted a message on Which Azorius Commander?
    I would second Raff, but also in your meta it sounds like Ephara might work well. If you keep off devotion then you have a draw engine in the command zone that can't be edicted out, and then when you're ready you can devotion her up and swing if you want. Honestly she probably belongs in Raff rather than the other way around as she can be flashed out, but when I ran my Ephara deck I had a lot of fun.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Soul Diviner - decent tech. I could see it used for removing cumulative upkeep counters, among other things, for profit.

    Drawing cards off Glacial Chasm... so good...
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  • posted a message on Which wrath creature(s)?
    Massacre Wurm because it doesn't just kill creatures, it's a win con. Wurm with Girl seems pretty good too.

    Also, Dread Cacodemon isn't cheap, but it is Plague Wind stapled to a creature.
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  • posted a message on The Best Draw Cards in EDH
    It has been done here before, but not updated. Tappedout has a decent list without explanation.

    We've done top 5 in various colors before, and top 10, and various such lists. Google brought up this from 2014:

    Unhelpful answer, it depends, right? On colors and strategy and mana curve? Do you put Rhystic Study in every blue deck? Oddly enough I didn't put it in my enchantress deck because the enchantresses already draw a crap ton of cards and I wanted a slot for something else more interesting.

    It's color specific but one of my favorite flat out draw spells is Sphinx's Revelation because it's flexible, instant speed, and includes life gain as a bonus.

    The most card drawing fun I've ever had is when I get Scroll Rack and Land Tax active.

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  • posted a message on Decks that start out focused and end up with split goals...
    Quote from DirkGently »
    I have a game to help think about this - I call it "Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon Synergy". Lets use as an example my first Toshiro Umezawa deck, which I didn't like how it turned out.

    The primary synergy with Toshi is instants - without those, Toshiro does nothing, and he needs nothing else to have synergy.

    Then you have stuff that supports that synergy but doesn't have synergy on its own, such as self-mill to get instants into your grave without casting them, or non-instant removal, which can trigger toshiro. So that's the second degree of synergy.

    Once I had the self-mill, suddenly self-recurring creatures like reassembling skeleton were better. Now we're up to three degrees of synergy.

    And once I had a bunch of self-recurring creatures, I needed something to do with them to get decent value besides just chump blocking. So then I threw in grave pact and dictate of erebos and the like. Holy crap, we're up to four degrees.

    And finally, now that I've got a grave pact engine going, I need sac outlets to reliably trigger them instead of relying on blocks. Five degrees of synergy at this point. Yikes.

    You can see where this went off the rails. By the end, there were a lot of cards that had no direct synergy with my commander, and I was spreading myself way too thin across many different functionalities of cards. The odds of drawing cards that didn't work well together was way too high, and a lot of my cards were very low-impact without synergies.

    So I think it's worth analyzing card choices in this way. Think to yourself - "why is this card in my deck, what makes it good here?" And if you find that it takes quite a few degrees of synergy - by which I usually mean more than about 3 at absolute maximum - then you should probably reevaluate and try to refocus your deck.

    This is the best explanation of this phenomenon that I've seen. Also pretty much sums up what happened to the deck in my op... It was a Sigarda humans and small useful dorks matter deck, so Skullclamp was super important as it's the best draw engine in the deck. So I put in Stoneforge Mystic to get clamp and to activate Bygone Bishop and Champion of Lambholt and others. But then I would draw Stoneforge Mystic when I already had clamp out and be like, wouldn't it be cool to have other equipment to go fetch, especially with beaters like Sigarda, Gisela, and Avacyn... And so how I end up split between a humans/dorks matter deck and an angels with swords deck.

    Does the drifted deck play badly? No, but I consistently find myself wondering mid game what it is I'm trying to accomplish. I have good cards in my hand and on the battlefield, and I can do some decent damage, but part of the fun of playing a deck for me is piloting a well-tuned engine (is that a mixed metaphor? it might be).

    If your deck drifts to good stuff and it's still fun to play, hey, cool. But that's not my jam.

    The lesson for me here, and Dirk puts it so well, is not to mistake my support engines for the goal of my deck. If you're really digging that 4th level of synergy, then that's a sign you should build a deck that makes it a higher level of synergy, especially if you're frustrated at where the original intent of the deck has gone. Which is why my current project is to develop lists for both ends of the spectrum of my deck and decide which one is actually more fun to play.

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  • posted a message on Why is it so hard to get feedback on decklists?
    If people put some kind of "looking for feedback" tag on their deck then you could use the tag to generate a pool of decks to select from. On the header of the random deck of the day thread you can then note that if someone wants their deck in the pool they need to put that tag in the title.
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