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  • posted a message on Mutiple ETB triggers - Pelt Collector + explore
    Excellent, thanks for the quick response.
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  • posted a message on Mutiple ETB triggers - Pelt Collector + explore

    Newbie question:

    - Turn 1: Pelt Collector
    - Turn 2: Thorn Lieutenant (Pelt Collector is 2/2 with a 1/1 counter on it)
    - Turn 3: Merfolk Branchwalker

    Is this correct?

    1) Active player orders the ETB triggers how they prefer, choosing the order so that explore resolves first.
    2) In this example, Active Player reveals a non-land card with explore and the Merfolk Branchwalker get a +1/+1 counter.
    3) At this point, Merfolk Branchwalker is 3/2 with a +1/+1 counter.
    4) Merfolk Branchwalker's 3 power triggers Pelt Collector ETB trigger -> 3/3 Pelt Collector with 2 counters

    Thanks in advance
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  • posted a message on Enhanced Surveillance and Disinformation Campaign
    I was half expecting to see the mugshot of Agent Orange showing his hands about a foot apart on Disinformation Campaign.

    - It's Huuuuuggggeeee! - Trump
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  • posted a message on MBA(Mono Black Aggro)
    I really like the look of this. I'm going to try this deck with 1 change: Boon of Erebos replaced by this new aura Molting Snakeskin

    Molting Snakeskin B
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gets +2/+0 and has "2B: Regenerate this creature."

    I know being 2-for-1'd isn't great but this on turn 2 triggering heroic on Tormented Hero or on Bloodsoaked Champion which will recur itself seems good. Plus it can regenerate the creature for 2B which may not always be readily available in MBA but it still pretty reasonable.
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  • posted a message on 血に染まりし勇者(Bloodsoaked Hero?) (via Hobby Station)
    Quote from 4649matt »
    The Japanese spoiler page is actually funny, especially the comic!
    Welcome to the fray Bloodstained Hero. What is dead may never die!

    I was having a bad day until I read this link via Google Chrome translation. Brightened up my day.

    "...I feel like not from Soba coming too has been amazing, but spit you Yes I'm not drinking rice?"
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  • posted a message on Rancor in M15?
    Here's your new Rancor:


    What a sad state of affairs. At the very least, they could have added trample, and maybe changed the gravedigging cost to 2G or 1GG even if it meant moving it to uncommon. It sure would be nice to see a strong green aura in the core set.
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  • posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Magic 2015 Wish List
    I wouldn't mind seeing a new card to replace Birds of Paradise. Something like the attached.

    ...or just go with BoP . If it ain't broke don't fix it I guess...

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  • posted a message on Mono-Green Stompy
    Any thoughts on using 1-2 Hall of Triumph as a green Glorious Anthem?
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Eidolon of the Great Revel (SvMTV spoiler)
    note: player not opponent.
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  • posted a message on G/W Hexproof
    Quote from DarkRitual
    It is okay to talk about budget in this forum, and I don't think we would ever move a thread to the budget forum unless he was extreme budgetting (like an entire deck for 10 dollars).

    I normally don't like speaking for other mods but I'm pretty sure that's what they would say on this issue as well. It only is strictly forbidden in Competitive.

    I've already addressed this in a more recent post. My concern was not primarily the budget but multiple threads of the same deck (save a card or 2 because of budget constraints). My point is that this thread could have been a post in the GW/x Hexproof thread with the author asking his "what can I use to replace VoR in this deck."

    Sasky is a mod who responded in this thread and he actually disagrees with you.
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  • posted a message on G/W Hexproof
    While I agree that the thread that has been started may be a better area to post the list for positive critiquing, as this is not the Competitive section there is no restriction on leaving out certain cards for budgetary concerns and I have no problem with someone stating as such in this section personally.

    In regards to the deck, I'm not sure if the Mystics are really needed in a hexproof shell since the need to drop a fattie on turn 2 isn't as high in the current meta.

    Point taken. Apologies IronPlushy. I'm just frustrated repeatedly seeing 5 or 6 threads of the same deck with the exception of a few cards (usually due to budget concerns).
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  • posted a message on G/W Hexproof
    Quote from IronPlushy

    So the general idea is to build a creature that's virtually impossible to interact with and/or is aggressively costed to force unfavorable blocks. the artifacts, split spells, and immortality are really answers to the few removal spells that work against this deck. The weakness used to be that if the your first enchantment loaded creature was removed then it was nearly impossible to come back, while Ready is preventative, the artifacts and gift are remedial.

    I like fleecemane and smiter in this deck because I can change gears fairly well by going either hexproof or G/W aggro. This is a very rough first draft but I want to keep the hexproof theme. Even this rough cut has tore up both control decks it faced.

    Any suggestions are welcome but please don't suggest Voice of Resurgence because he is very unattainable to me.

    Please search the forum before posting. There is a G/W/x Hexproof thread and it's very active (at last check right above your topic!!!)

    Also, if budget is a concern then please post your deck in the Budget section. If you don't want suggestions based on budget concerns this is not the right subforum for you.
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  • posted a message on G/W Value Aggro Tempo - VAT
    There's already a similar thread here:


    While Boon Satyr may have its place in certain decks, I don't think this is one. At least mainboard. I'd much rather be more aggressive out of the gates and increase my 1 CC. I'd replace them with Dryad Militant and/or Soldier of the Pantheon. 4 Guildgates are probably too much as well as the Mutavaults. I'd say 2 each max. I personally don't run any Guildgates.

    The tools are definitely there to have a quality G/W Aggro deck, we just need to find the optimal build Smile

    Oh yeah, here is Craig Wescoe's Theros-updated GW list:

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  • posted a message on B/G counters
    Quote from cab0747
    I love the idea of this deck and I have never played BG in standard before. This looks promising.

    28 creatures is VERY heavy. I would consider cutting this number down and adding in more disruption. My suggestions are below:

    -3 Lotleth Troll - I don't like this guy much. This gives our opponent card advantage. He plays nice with Varolz, the Scar-Striped but I don't think his benefits are worth the card disadvantage.

    -2 Corpsejack Menace - I like it! doubling counters is great. However, I dont think he is a 4-of in our 75.

    Now, with our creature count down to 22, let's add some disruption!

    +4 Thoughtseize - I love this card for early game disruption and information. The discard is what everyone looks at, but the information in the early game is key. I know the life-loss (along with Read the Bones and shock-lands) isnt ideal, but I have an idea to counter that...

    +1-2 Bow of Nylea - A watered down Umezawa's Jitte. Our creatures have deathtouch (making Cackler and Experiment viable late-game), we get +1/+1 counters (woohoo!!), spot removal of pesky creatures, and life if we need it! I really like this card.

    Let me know what you all think of these ideas.

    You're exactly right about my fear of life loss with Thoughtseize and Read the Bones and the shock lands. But I won't deny for second the power of Thoughtseize. Amazing card.

    Maybe Grisly Salvage as rmstephens mentioned instead of Read the Bones?

    Also, Golgari Charm probably deserves a couple of slots mainly for regeneration if the only regen creature we are running is Experiment One.

    I get this feeling that Anger of the Gods is going to see a lot of play even with the 1RR CMC.
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  • posted a message on B/G counters
    Quote from rmstephens
    Here's my first draft at something along these lines.

    I didn't really calculate out the mana base; I assume it'd shift somewhat.

    Seems like Supreme Verdict and Anger of the Gods are going to be pretty big, so I think Thoughtsieze/Golgari Charm main are a good plan to deal with them. Also helps that Experiment One, Lotleth Troll and Varolz, the Scar Striped all have regeneration too if need be.

    A couple Whip of Erebos might be correct if we're going all in on the GY abuse plan. Althought that might be better suited for BUG, dropping some of the aggro cards and getting some more mill happening.

    I don't think you want to focus TOO much on the +1/+1 counters; things like Corpsejack Menace feel a bit too win-more.

    I assume the sideboard would round out the removal suite to bring in answers to whatever problems we might be facing. The rest of the set of Golgari Charm might help against some of the aggro decks with lots of X/1s. Fade into Antiquity as an additional answer to any of the gods that you run into? Lifebane Zombie against any of the decks that fall into the Naya spectrum.

    Fair enough. I think I just get overly excited thinking of turn 3 Corpsejack Menace with acceleration from Sylvan Caryatid (or Elvish Mystic if you wanted to go that way) and then turn 4 Kalonian Hydra. On turn 5 you attack with a 24/24 trampler which is game over if your opponent doesn't remove either of them.

    But I agree the deck list above is more balanced. I think regeneration from Experiment One, Varolz, the Scar-Striped and Lotleth Troll, and especially Golgari Charm are going to be important with Anger of the Gods likely to see a lot of play.
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