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    posted a message on Magic Apparel
    Jace, Cunning Castaway eat your heart out!

    Got this for Xmas from my awesome cousin who I taught to play when he was 5 years old!

    Any other fetch Magic apparel out there?
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    posted a message on Johnny / Vorthos Theme Deck: Psychonauts and Psychics
    Definition of Psychonaut

    "An explorer of one's own mind. A psychonaut often embarks on inner voyages with the aid of psychoactive substances, meditation, sensory deprivation, binaural beats, and other means. Most commonly, one who experiments with psychedelic substances. The goal of the psychonaut is to learn about self and reality by transcending normal consciousness. Psychonauts are distinguished from purely recreational users of psychoactive substances in their desire to learn and grow from these experiences."



    I am building a pimped out Commander deck for a friend for Christmas. He is a psychonaut and introduced me to how to be a "Lawful Good" psychonaut in college.

    What Commander best personifies the above definition of Psychonaut? In terms of flavor and function. What key Commander cards best personify Psychonauts?



    If you post 8 suggestions that are "A+" suggestions (the card's name, art, and textbox perfectly illustrate the themes and goals of the Psychonaut deck) I will send you a foil version of a card from the list of cards you suggested!

    Happy Holidays! May 2018 be as fruitful of a year as 2017 was for me!

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    posted a message on Split Screen - You Now Have 4 Libraries - gatheringmagic.com Spoiler
    My first thought is Leveler, but there has to be much better ways to abuse this.
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    posted a message on From the Vault: Transform
    What I want to see:

    From the Vault: Foglio
    From the Vault: Avon
    From the Vault: Guay
    From the Vault: Venters
    From the Vault: Weatherlight Saga
    From the Vault: Planeswalkers
    From the Vault: Izzet
    From the Vault: Dimir
    From the Vault: Selesnya

    Happiness and Rainbows
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    posted a message on TCGPlayer preview: Legion's Landing / Adanto, the First Fort
    Better upside than Sacred Cat, IMO.
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    posted a message on Huatli, Warrior Poet - PAX stream
    *sigh* People complain that a Planeswalker that poops out 3/3 trampling dinosaurs should be 4 CMC already forgot about how oppressive Gideon, Ally of Zendikar was to the metagame.

    Kudos Play Design. You're already paying your salary in spades, IMHO.
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    posted a message on Cat Tribal Deck
    Storyline Gurus: Who dat?

    But seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing pre-spark Windgrace and Ajani.
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    posted a message on CFB spoiler: Nimble Obstructionist
    Spike card is Spike. Home-run by all means for tournament players. And it combines two great effects (Clique and Stifle) that we usually don't get enough of. This is like Ben and Jerry discounted their ice cream (rare not mythic) and combined two existing flavors into a new one.

    Happiness and Rainbows
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    posted a message on 6/22 Mothership Spoilers - Rhonas's last stand
    All y'all new players are spoiled rotten. I've been playing for over two decades. Two decades ago if we got a 5/4 for CC it would cost you half your life and have cumulative upkeep and phasing.

    ~Old Fogey

    Happiness and Rainbows
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    posted a message on SCG Spoiler - Earthshaker Khenra
    Quote from AnImAr_ »

    That looks extremely stupid as hell. They did not nail the eternal arts for anything, yet. Except Neheb.

    I didn't realize this was a rare, either. Yuck.

    Nah they didn't nail it. They 'obelisk-ed' it. Happiness and Rainbows
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