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  • posted a message on Bant Draw-Go Control
    Thoughts on krasis?
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  • posted a message on Bant Draw-Go Control
    Quote from jayjayhooks »
    I updated the mana and sideboard a bit and went 5-0 against Titan Shift, BW taxes, KCI, Jeskai and GB Rock with this list:

    I only lost 2 games - Game 1 agaisnt BW taxes and G1 against KCI. Disrupting shoal was a house in the KCI match - you can tap out for Jace if you have another jace, a cryptic or an illumination in hand and its just GG.

    BW Taxes felt close, I think I got lucky because both Growth and Shoal felt absolutely awful in that matchup.

    Shift felt close as well, but I was able to keep him off 6 mana long enough with a combination of conditional countermagic on ramp spells and a clutch shoal on a lightning bolt the turn I tapped out for Jace.

    GB Rock felt about even, nothing remarkable there and I absolutely smashed Jeskai just like the other time I played against it before updating the mana.

    really like your list but you're main win cons are just jace and teferi locks? just curious. did you miss having no colonnades?
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  • posted a message on Bant Draw-Go Control
    i was thinking nissa vital force as another option for the main. maybe a 2/2/1 split on planeswalkers. gives you a 5/5 beater to go with your colonnnades. returns a jace or teferi or snapcaster or colonnade to your hand. even the ultimate the next turn is good at drawing you cards, especially with a teferi emblem out. it's something to think about at least.

    i do like gideon too but i feel if you're running green, then you should consider green walkers.

    i was also thinking of having either tireless trackers or tarmogoyfs in the side. trackers seem decent.

    EDIT: Also - knight of autumn. does a lot that we want: life, body for beater, artifact/enchantment hate. can be bounced back to do it again with CC
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  • posted a message on Bant Draw-Go Control
    well i'm keeping this tab open. i started with a UW shell and put growth spiral in and adjusted the mana base after seeing someone post about it on the UW control facebook page. i'm really liking growth spiral in this list. and i could see lumbering falls possibly as a 1-of in the deck. maybe 3/1 split with colonnade.

    i definitely want to try out wilderness reclamation
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    5 color!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    wow so much mill on mtgo. so ******* stupid.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    so i'm trying to figure out my sb and i'm really curious what would be the most optimal sb for an unknown meta. a general idea is cool. i have the basics but i'm not sure if i need surgicals or what not in it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    thanks so much, sicsmoo. i'll check it out. Smile going to a scg event and wanna play tron again.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    so it's been a while since i've picked up tron but feel like it's where i want to be after the holidays. any updated sideboard guide anywhere that i could read up on current matchups?
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  • posted a message on GB/x Midrange
    Quote from TechnoWriter »
    Gratz on that T2 finish!

    Going forward would you make any changes? Aside from CarnyT are there any other “all star” cards that you’d promote?

    I think the main board was perfect. I might switch a walker for a cast down to give me a 4th but honestly i really liked the entire list. no one card disappointed me. every play felt super smooth. i definitely had no problem with red burning my stuff since it saved me life. it just felt like "get to 6, drop a carnage tyrant, win the game." against white, i would peck away at their life with 2/3's or 3/2's. like one at a time. make them use a settle on one dude. saving tyrant is great.

    i know in the jeskai matchups, trying to play stuff before you attack is good. force them to use their mana so they don't have 4. there were a few times in the semi finals that i would have a tyrant on the field but then play a branchwalker or ranger. they'd counter it, which took them off of settle. easy 7 points of damage. it almost feels like we are semi-control in those matchups since you need CT to connect.
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  • posted a message on GB/x Midrange
    Tournament reports!!!!!!

    FNM: 3-1. Third place. Felt the deck was great and used it for the PPTQ the next day.

    PPTQ: 2nd place!!

    I get to the PPTQ 30 minutes before it starts and just listen to some Gorillaz. They post the first round parings and there are 23 people with five rounds. I was hoping for a first round bye but that was not the case.

    R1: Jeskai Drakes – Lost in 2.
    Off to a great start here. Game 1 I mulled to five. I didn’t like the hand but stuck with it since I knew the player and what he usually ran. I couldn’t really resolve anything and the things that did hit the battlefield soon died there after. Never really saw my removal. Game 2 was a lot quicker for him and I just got blown out by a huge drake. My PPTQ losing streak continues.

    R2: Mono Red – Won in 3.
    Game 1 he was stuck on two lands the entire game and just couldn’t keep anything on the field. My Wildgrowth Walker gained me a tun of life and just ran him over. I used Cast Downs on all his Steam-Kins. Game 2 was the complete opposite. So much burn to my face and nothing stuck. At this point I was getting a little frustrated but kept my composure. Game 3 was just like game 1. I gained 12 life off of my Walker and he couldn’t do anything about it, especially after I resolved a Carnage Tyrant on 6.

    R3: Izzet Phoenix – Won in 3.
    These games played out a lot like the mono red list but instead of burning me, he kept drawing cards. Game 1 I didn’t see one Phoenix but knew what he was on. I just destroyed his stuff that would get in my way and 2 Carnage Tyrants sealed the deal. Game 2 had me trying to resolve a Deathgorge Scavenger against him but it soon was burned out before I could use it. Eventually he had 3 Phoenixes and I couldn’t keep up. Game 3 had him stuck on a few lands and I was able to keep all my removal for his Phoenixes. Carnage Tyrant won me another one.

    R4: Dimir Control – Won in 2.
    My opponent played with a Dairy Queen ice cream in his hand the whole time. Game 1 he had an active Azcanta (which I had to flip for him since he couldn’t do it with one hand) but kept missing on every hit. Two Carnage Tyrants later and I got there. Game 2 was very similar but I saved all my removal for his Doom Whisperers. I noticed he never really used them when I killed them. Just let them die without using Surveil. Another Carnage Tyrant won me this one.

    R5: ID to top 8.
    The standings for the last round went up and everyone noticed that there was a clean top 8. And I got 8th. My first top 8 at any event. I was super freaking excited. So we all drew and I was able to relax before the top 8.

    Quarters: Mono Red – Won in 2.
    I sit down with all the excitement of hitting top 8 to have to play the #1 player in the PPTQ. This round took me about 10 minutes to win. Game 1, he flooded the board with dudes but I gained 9 life off of Wildgrowth Walker. Turn 6 I dropped a Carnage Tyrant and passed. I was trying to figure out what I would need to get the win and my only real option was Find/Finality to wipe the board. I drew my card – Find/Finality. I put the counters on Tyrant to have a 4/6 Walker and a 9/8 Tyrant. He scoops. Game 2 had him flood out and I out-valued him.

    Semis: Jeskai Drakes – Won in 2.
    I was a little worried about this one since I was afraid of playing against control. I need to stop feeling that way. I need to play to my outs. Game 1, he was stuck on 2 lands for 5 turns. I drew Baby Vraska and destroyed his Search. He scooped after that. Game 2, I resolved 2 Tyrants and was able to eventually kill him.

    Finals: Boros Angels – dropped
    I finished my semis before the other games were done so I sat and watched to see who I was going to have to play in the finals. After he won, he asked if I cared about invite to the RPTQ. I asked the judge if he knew when it was and the dates that they happened to fall on, I was not able to go to. So the judge and my opponent were able to figure out a split. I get $175 in credit and he got the invite plus $125 in credit. I was happy with my decision. I finished off my shocklands that I needed and got a box of Ixalan where my wife pulls a Carnage Tyrant, Search for Azcanta and foil Search for Azcanta. Not a bad day at all.

    Overall, I loved the deck. I wrote to Andrea on twitter a few times and he shared my excitement as well. I hope to one day meet him. He seems like a cool dude. I’ll probably keep playing this until the next set comes out.
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  • posted a message on GB/x Midrange
    So I'm new to GB. What's our plan against jeskai and that rb burn deck

    Also, should I be running harpooner at all?
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  • posted a message on U(X/x) -- Nexus Tempo
    My buddy said he saw a jeskai Nexus list in league yesterday. I think that sounds amazing. Who needs fogs when you have sweepers and board wipes. Anyone have any idea where to start?

    Teferi, justice strike, essence scatter\surveil counterspell, search for azcanta, Probably clarion as well, sideboard disdainful stroke, and nexus

    That's what he saw
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    i'd go ghost quarter over tectonic edge. sometimes you're gonna want to hit those basics, like against ponza or the like. they also might only have like one swamp or plains or wahtever and GQ'ing it is a good move
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