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  • posted a message on Ideas for Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant?
    me again, i didnt see your win-con question =)
    all you need to do is look for cards that require a stupid amount of mana to be relevant

    3 cards that strike a whole lot of fear with a flipped sasaya are:
    killer bees
    unyaro bees

    i hope you see where this is going *wink wink*

    some other wonderful cards i run are:
    gelatinous genesis my record is x = 200, and i dont run infinate mana =)

    orochi hatchery again, xx is not a hindurance but a way to be rediculous.

    ant queen / jade mage yea... stupid mana sinks are always fun.

    but you see where this is going, and another silly card i run just because we can is aladdin's lamp it kinda reads: "search your deck for a card and put that card on top"
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  • posted a message on Ideas for Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant?
    Sasaya is probably one of my favorite EDH decks that I own, so I have a few suggestions for you =)

    both howling mine, and font of mythos are highly effective ways of deterring opponent aggression and giving you the chance of your seven land threshhold.

    one of the most powerful cards you can use to get lands into your hand is rites of spring. This card is bonkers considering you can discard land to get more land!

    Groundskeeper is another wonderful addition since you will discard extra lands when you have 8 cards in your hand.

    once you flip sasaya you can use manabond to generate an obscene amount of mana instantly.

    if you would like more suggestions I have plenty, its my first EDH deck and I love another sasaya player Nodding the Affirmative
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  • posted a message on Budget land bounce?
    you can still do the price of glory thing, but instead use the cardPlanar birth
    if your deck is loaded with basic lands, its a one sided crazy mana ramp. another nice thing about this is in a legacy environment, with duals/fetches/artifact/and special lands, noone uses basics, lol
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  • posted a message on Guild watermark
    wow, cant believe i never saw the mark search XD

    maybe ill have to keep everyone posted on how this is going. haha
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  • posted a message on Guild watermark
    Hey guys, I'm kinda hoping that I could get some assistance.

    I am working on acquiring a copy of every card with a guild watermark from both old ravnica and new ravnica but its rather difficult to find all the cards. I will be compiling a list of all the cards but if you guys can think of some please post them and I will be adding them to the list.

    Again, thanks for the help everyone Grin
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  • posted a message on Green generals
    seton is easily the most frightening of the three... Being a player that runs a Seton deck, the second his face hits the table in his shiny GGG glory, i already get the target hovering in front of my face XD

    there are more than enough druids to make it work, and well.

    theres even a druid draw engine that just so happens to take target players land....yes... ALL THEIR LAND!

    the deck is extremely fun for people like drawing a crapton of cards, and playing a rediculous amount of creatures very quickly!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Index of Decent Uncommon Vintage Generals for Pauper EDH
    since your making a list of all playable generals (in other words they have a relevant ability, or relevant p/t to be considered) ill throw a bunch out that you can add =)

    *sorry if you have any of these already

    Aerie Mystics
    Ajani's Pridemate
    Algae Gharial
    Ancestor's Chosen
    Ashen Ghoul
    Auriok Bladewarden
    Azure Mage
    Blood Artist
    Blood Cultist
    Boggart Ram-Gang
    Boneyard Wurm
    Bramblewood Paragon
    Bushi Tenderfoot

    ill add more in the future if you found this helpful at all =)
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Index of Decent Uncommon Vintage Generals for Pauper EDH
    Goblin assassain

    if you want justification for this one do a gatherer search for common goblins and be rediculously amazed Wink


    this is another of my generals, hes out...... and he never leaves play..... hes sick and kills people in one shot
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  • posted a message on Creature type EDH deck, need help/ideas/combo's
    im looking for anything that either takes advantage of a certain creature type in general, or something that can manipulate creature types.
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  • posted a message on Creature type EDH deck, need help/ideas/combo's
    Hello everyone!

    I have been considering making an EDH deck around reaper king but I want to really make it interesting. I'm using him because he is a 5 color general that doesn't see ANY use in my playgroup and his abilities are geared towards a certain creature type. I began wondering how much creature type related combos exist within the vast expanse of magic cards!

    I have been searching a little bit for cards that are focused towards a certain creature type example: rooftop storm. If you have any suggestions on cards like that please post!

    certain combo's involving creature types within the deck.
    example: Ashes of the Fallen naming zombie, and Zombie Apocalypse

    if you have any suggestions for a deck geared towards this please post, and if you have fun cards that target a specific creature type please include them too ^.^

    thanks for the assistance everyone!
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  • posted a message on [AAA] What would you first pick? (#8)
    i really dont want to pick vaxing devil because of the value, but because of its versatility.

    red and green are both very strong colors in my opinion, and a 4/3 is a powerful dude. but i would not play him early...

    i would hold him for mid game when some damage has been dealt and they really cant afford to just take the 4 to the face. removal isn't a very high commodity in sealed as well for this format...
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  • posted a message on My Overpriced LGS just raised the prices...
    wow... my lgs charges 30, but they feed you too XD

    so I'm very happy paying the 5.00 more, and the people there are fantastic.

    I would really just buy a box and go at it with your friends, it would be cheaper, and i think you would have more fun in the end.
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  • posted a message on [AVR] Misthollow Griffin (Scandinavian communities spoiler)
    i REALLY wish they could have made the text say something like:

    this card can be cast from any zone as if it were in your hand (graveyard, hand, exile, or sideboard)

    now That would be a lot more fun, and would make people more interested... I'm sure it would be broken in half way too easily though
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  • posted a message on avenging druid..... think we can use this?
    hello everyone. I have been working on pauper for a little bit lately and sorta stumbled across this card that's just oozing possibilities. avenging druid screams to be used and abused I just want to see what other people think they could do with this...
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