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  • posted a message on Is playing all archetypes necessary to become better ?
    It certainly helps.

    Nothing teaches you of the weaknesses and strengths of a deck than knowing how to play it yourself.
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  • posted a message on Sabotage mechanic
    It should be sabotage 3, not sabotage 3. "To you" rather than "its controller".

    sleeper agent is black. While a case can be made for red, I think 5 damage (for a 1/1, compared to the rare sleeper agaent's 3/3) is a bit much. Playing multiple copies on the first couple of turns, while unlikely, is going to end the game on turn 4, which is way too fast for standard.
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  • posted a message on Fblthp feels like an absolute waste as a rare in WAR
    Quote from NGW »
    Like, really? But again, this is probably falling on deaf ears because "omg hahaha, they actually made a Fblthp card!"

    Yes. That's exactly the point.

    Remember: spike, johnny, timmy. If your idea of a "waste" card is anything that appeals to johnny and timmy, then a lot of people are going to disagree. At least for a joke card, he's a good johnny one, rather than things like steamflogger boss

    A lot of people felt the same way with lion's eye diamond. Inquest even made an article of how bad it was.
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  • posted a message on A Set in Four Cards
    If an effect would cause you to draw cards, instead you draw that many cards and ~ gets +1/+1 until EOT

    Basically, instead on triggering off the draw, the entire effect that draws is replaced. Not sure of that works, though.
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  • posted a message on A Set in Four Cards
    Putting a cost into it does the same job. I dopn't like miracle's first draw mechanic because in a high strees situation/beginners things get forgotten and mucked up. In a tournament, that's fine -- judge is there. In casual, it leads to an annoying amount of do-overs, wait I forgot miracle, and oops.

    Wisen -- draw 3 means would trigger a "Whenever you draw a card" three times. Does this mean a brainstorm gives alarac warden +1/+1 or +3/+3?
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  • posted a message on Should magic go for the keyforge model?
    They already tried that with the pre-con decks of yore, e cept your proposal
    1) Has a new format attached to it
    2) 40$ mrsp for modern staples.

    Some precon decks will just gather dust as they're crap compared to the others. Kinda boring to have a format with only 1 deck is playable.

    40$ msrpt on the decks will mean only the barest of modern staples will be included -- this won't be a cheap source for modern staples, because then people who have no interest in the format will just buy the precons and chop up the deck for the individual cards, leading to the failure of the format and the increase in the price despite what msrp says,

    See what happened to rat's nest and war of attrition.
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  • posted a message on To Allow a Tutor or Not to allow one?
    It depends, of course.

    Do you know his deck enough to know what he'll tutor?
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  • posted a message on New Leyline Cycle
    Leyline of oblivion is way too good. it does what leyline of the void currently does (ie anti-reanimator), costs less (therefore actually castable) and also hits tinker, show and tell, aether vial. etc.

    Leyline of shadows -- Too undercosted as it is, then make it a leyline? Whoohoo, I play multiple copies on turn 1!

    Leyline of explosives -- cute, but storm will bounce this before going off, like every other permanent storm hoser. This is worse, since storm hosers usually are capanble of defending themselves (ie cotv, spheres) by making the bounce spell harder to cast. Still kinda usable.
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  • posted a message on 10 Instant Designs
    A lot of these are off color. Hybrid color cards are "both colors can do that". You have a mono blue kill spell. No, it is not "Sneaky rulesy". They're blatant violations of the color pie.

    Other than that:

    UW -- too ridiculously good.

    BW -- just remove "target" if it's a problem. However, this card raises questions that the answers aren't readily obvious (non flyer blocking a flyer?)

    RW -- not red. Sure, primal strength is red, but that's already color shifted.

    GW --a bit too good, IMO. Salvageable design it it cost a bit more.

    RB -- instant discard is something Wizards doesn't like doing it because it raises a lot of questions. Monored instant discard?

    UB -- haha, yeah, no.
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  • posted a message on Changes that MTG should make to text cards
    #1, 2, and 6

    This adds a layer of complexity.

    Imagine you're a new player.

    "This creature must attack if able? Ok."


    "What does fury mean again?"

    #4 No. When magic was starting out, questions like "does this go to my hand/graveyard or the other guys?" were quite common. Also, there are spells were owner and controller are different (brand).
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  • posted a message on Spell Martyr: What Color(s) Would this Card Be?
    word of command is black. This is word of command, except free. So, if you wanted a non-black discard spell... this is still black.
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  • posted a message on Can the Temp Exile / Play TEOT mechanic be a Keyword?
    Cantriping(of which this is a weaker version of) is extremely difficult to cost at lower costs. A cantripping standfirm for a small additional cost is fine, but a cantripping lightning bolt is ember shot (IMO, embershot costs too much, but certainly abusive if costed on the same lines as a cantripping stand firm).

    Is it concerning if this shows up a lot in a set? Yes, especially if there's a lot of mana acceleration, or exile/graveyard interaction.
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  • posted a message on Equipment Mana Rocks
    Quote from 1110mystic »
    Really random idea - but would something like this work within the rules? (taking some language from battlemages)

    ~ 2
    Artifact - Equipment
    If ~ was equipped with its 1 equip cost, [put a charge counter on ~, and] equipped creature has "0: add W to your mana pool. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery and only once each turn."
    If ~ was equipped with its 3W equip cost, equipped creature has "X"
    [If ~ would become unequiped from a creature remove all charge counters from it]
    Equip 1 or 3W

    Bracketed language to deal with memory issues needed? Edit 2 to deal with the fact that you didn't want the creature to tap. . . and . . . i've made it too complex haven't I? Final edit - this I think allows for infinite targeting combos, unfortunately . . .

    Annoyingly complex. No way a common, or probably even uncommon. It is essentially two different (common) equiment slapped together, then more wording added to make two equip costs, then add+remove counter clauses.

    AFAIK, there is no such term as "unequip" but there is "unattach".
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  • posted a message on 10 red cards
    Unless there's a combo I'm missing, I think afterglow can cost less.

    Likewise I think Rake and brassjaw can cost less. Then again, I'm thinking in terms of eternal cardpool. Maybe they're fine if there are ridiculously powerful creatures/artifacts in the set.

    Good for multiplayer -- probably too good. Maybe make the cost XR, where X is the number of opponents?

    Utter mayhem --
    Player: "I have an opalesesence, humility, and utter mayhem in play. What happens."
    Judge: *tears hair out*

    Unchecked looters -- eww. Street Fog 2: Super Turbo.
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  • posted a message on 1 CMC Planeswalkers
    Flavor-wise, terrible.

    They are mythic in both card rarity and lore, in deed and in scarcity.

    These do not represent mythic deeds. What's the point of making them planewalkers? Just make them artifacts or enchantments.

    Not only that, but your sample cards are thematically just stapled together abilities of each color.
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