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  • posted a message on Guild Tribal Construction
    Quote from Skello496 »
    Love this idea. I would also recommend adding the cluestone and keyrune for each guild, and also give them all darksteel ingot, mind stone, thran dynamo and Hedron Archive.

    I will do that. Though thran dynamo is a little expensive. (Unless it dropped)

    Quote from Parax »

    Green having access to ramp would give them an unfair advantage if you don't allow non green from playing with fast mana. I guarantee the power level from simic to boros will be wide. I don't think every deck will need sol ring but some will need it to be able to keep up.

    Or I could just play to their strengths. Tokens for Selesnya, big Hastey stuff for Gruul, Growth for Simic and graveplay for Golgari. no fast mana and yet still on theme.

    These decks are not meant to be competitive, they are meant to be fun. So i keep the theme of the guild in tact.
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  • posted a message on Guild Tribal Construction
    Green can still have ramp cards.
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  • posted a message on Lathliss, Valkas and stacking triggers
    So the valkas trigger does not have a damage value until it resolves?
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  • posted a message on Lathliss, Valkas and stacking triggers
    Okay so I have 20 dragons on the field, Among them I have Lathliss, Dragon Queen and scourge of Valkas.
    I manage to pull of playing Kindred Summons (obviously I choose dragons) (Since i have Dragon tempest and two Panharmonicons we already established I won at this point, but I am curious)

    I now have 20 dragons entering the battlefield, but, Can I stack the triggers so Lathliss' dragon tokens enter first so the ten dragons entering would see her tokens and do 60 damage/dragon? (Since they would see all 60 dragons, and Lathliss tokens would see the 60 dragons as the 10 from kindred already has them on the battlefield) Or would the valkas trigger have the initial 20 damage (x4)/dragon already etched into it, regardless of how many more dragons enter before it resolves?
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  • posted a message on Kindred Summons combo
    Hmm. I should add this to my deck. I often have a few dragons. Sometimes a large board. Tokens help... even at a 3, that is 3 more dragons on the field.

    That said. Can't think think of any amazing combos. Of course with say conspiracy any combo can be used.
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  • posted a message on Guild Tribal Construction
    So with the guild kits i built myself a battle-box, (using the DnD Guild d10 to random select which guild each player at the table will play) And while doing so i was thinking what if I converted the currently untouched Guild decks into EDH decks. So I am looking at them and there are a few things i need to take care of.

    First off, the Land base. I am going to keep them all the same (As in each guild will have the same land of their respective colors. Dual, Shock, Filter, Check, Pain, Bounce, gate, Scry, fast and fetch. They will also have access to Command tower, Opal Palace, Path of Ancestry and Reflecting pool. (15 lands thus far)
    So with a 37 land count per deck, we are looking at 22 slots for basics. So split right down the middle, 11 and 11.

    As for rocks, While I have enough Sol rings, I am not running it, i want to keep these rather casual (so no super fast mana in terms of sol ring. But i will be running the Locket and Signet of each guild)

    As for Commanders, obviously the premium foils will be the guild leaders, and I will be running all the guildmages. (i believe 3 per guild) so I am now needing the rest of the deck, that is currently 43/100 cards taken care of.

    Obviously this is meant to be casual and i want to try keeping most of the deck restricted to the ravnica blocks. (As I feel they are the best sets to play off of the commanders) But i am open to other sets but as a "tribal" deck i would like to keep it to the guild aspects represented in the sets. So I need help, 57 cards needed for all 10 decks. (Though guild leaders and champisonw will probably narrow it down.)

    So yeah, i need help.
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  • posted a message on The 100-Card Deck Limitation
    99 cards is fine. But 100 would also be fine, 100 + your general(s). That is fine.
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  • posted a message on Underplayed Tribal Decks That Don't Suck
    Grenzo is your only good choice.
    Better yet would be mono black with marrow.
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  • posted a message on Let's build Persistent Petitioners
    With esper, you can also throw in other wins like Humility, Dovescape and Ethereal Absolution
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  • posted a message on Underplayed Tribal Decks That Don't Suck
    With Aryel, Knight of Windgrace you could go with a Knight Tribal. They might not have a lot of synergy but i bet they are fun. if i had more cash I was actually planning to build her myself.
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  • posted a message on What is Draconic Dominance Missing?
    Quote from Igzex »
    My general principal for my build is to be very careful about running any sort of ramp that costs more than 3 mana and even then the vast majority should cost 2 at most. A good chunk of the deck is going to be 6+ drops so you kinda need to keep the curve for the rest of the deck as low as you can. The only exception I keep in my deck is Oracle of Mul Daya because she forms some good engines with my Crucible of Worlds, fetches, and Haven of the Spirit Dragon package.
    yea i get it. I may switch out gilded for crypt But crypt does not produxe colors. Plus half my games can get dragons down to only coating colors.
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  • posted a message on What is Draconic Dominance Missing?
    Quote from Gutterstorm »
    You can get Dragon’s Hoard for 3. Tome is definitely worse.
    yea i run it. And if it is untapppef, i can tap to draw a card before my turn.
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  • posted a message on What is Draconic Dominance Missing?
    Quote from Seravol »
    And maybe just a thought about Tome of the Guildpact...

    Five-mana rocks need to offer at least two mana (Gilded Lotus is good in some mana-heavy decks, like this one.), or make it "It's also a rock." But you won't be casting as many multicolored spells as you think.

    yea, most of the deck is mono color. (18 muti color spells including my general) Not of enough of the deck supports a 5 cost mana rock that might also draw a card. There are better rocks that cost less to put out. they may not draw me a card, but its the mana i need. (I already have a lot of draw power in the deck, like the point as I will NOT play a land in hand in hopes that i will draw into reliquary tower and thus keep my hand)

    Gilded lotus however produces 3 mana, do it stays.
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  • posted a message on Going Infinite and "I Win" Combos Outside cEDH.
    I run infinite combos as a win con. I see many combos that dont end the game. Yes my playgroup gets annoyed but it is a win con (and not my only one.)

    I'm not going to go infinite mana and do nothing with it. I will pump it into a fireball or comet storm.

    I will make 10 billion squirrels and then attack (maybe a turn later because reasons (no haste)

    I also play infinite combos to steal win when i may have been behind all game. The might have just burned the last few counterspells they had. I am open to finish the game.

    They are mad all the work they did is nullified, BUT IT IS A GAME
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  • posted a message on Is it too Early to discuss c19?
    Quote from Yatsufusa »
    I'm not going to touch on the reprints, since I think it's been pronounced very well already in the thread and I don't really have anything new to offer.

    I've mentioned this idea before and reiterating it likely won't change anything (nor do I expect to see it this year), but can I finally have my Commander's Arsenal featuring the newly created cards of the year alongside the decks? While they're at that, revert the foil changes to the regular decks, so effectively all new cards would have their foil and nonfoil counterparts released effectively in the same time. The discrepancy that each new year adds is already compounding and clearly the Judge Foil pace of 1 per year isn't actually doing anything in scale. The previews don't even excite me anymore because I know they can't be foiled and hence I consider them ineligible (other than the Commanders, but that's only a handful of cards that can easily miss in design to what I would want to use). When they previewed Teferi's Protection in 2017 my immediate reaction was "Oh boy can't wait to accquire the judge foil in 2018 or 2019".

    Sure, the sealed product definitely doesn't include me in its target demographic (even in the few foils I was interested in i went for singles that my LGS opened up from), but it's still painful to see new great designs I simply have no desire to incorporate because of their nonfoil-only status, making preview season ironically making me more apathetic to the product line instead.

    I am the opposite. I prefer non foils. In fact i wish ur dragon was non fo so i could have had him altered.
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