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    posted a message on Memorable Mafia moments
    Quote from Ged »
    @fadeblue: I have no idea. I pop in once every couple years to a chorus of "holy crap, it's Ged" and "who is Ged?". I have fond memories of being up at like 12:30 and so tired I'd act goofy and get temp-banned for "being drunk". This was, of course, about 3 years before my first alcoholic drink. Now when I show up I'm inevitably ****faced (or as we like to say in these parts, "CropCircled") and no one ever calls me on it. Funny how that works.
    This makes me unbelievably happy. Although, in recent years, I've found new methods of recreation. 420'd

    Quote from ganderin_dan
    Everyone remember when CropCircles came back for 5 minutes, everyone got excited, then he left without a word?
    Yeah, I tend to do that from time to time.

    I think after this attempt, I'll finally be saying a real farwell to Mafia. Every time I try to get back into it, it proves to be too time consuming, I fall behind and end up getting replaced. And I feel bad because I know how much it sucks having to replace players. I really miss this game, but it seems it's just not in the cards.

    Mayhap I'll remember to stop by here now again for a drunk post or two, for old time's sake. Link
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    posted a message on [Mini Game] The Hobbit: AUJ - Game Over: The Return Journey [Town and Hitman Victory]
    I'm out of town for a wedding right now. Will post more when I get some time.
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    posted a message on Memorable Mafia moments
    Quote from kpaca
    Ive played with wolg once before but I don't know if I've ever played with Axelrod even thouh weve both been around a while.
    Wolg is just the account I post from when I'm sober, obv
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    posted a message on The Hobbit Mafia: An Unexpected Journey - Signups [CLOSED]

    Currently in infinity games
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