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  • posted a message on People who durdle in life...
    Quote from traderjoe
    Perhaps we should indulge in the little and materialistic things and keep us happy.

    With every action we take, we can either contribute something to the world or we can take away from it. At the same time, that action will give us either positive feelings or negative feelings. The feelings that we have and the memories that we form are internal to ourselves, and cannot be projected to the outside world except through the actions we take. When we die, our feelings and memories cease to exist, as we lack the physical capability to project them into the world through our actions. The physical consequences of the actions we took while alive will persist for the duration of the existence of the universe.
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  • posted a message on Not really good with girls, need some advice
    Quote from dgschess

    If she didn't want to mention in at the interview, she should've just said so while on the phone with me the night before, instead of making false promises.


    (Now some idiot is going to misinterpret that last sentence and be all, "well of course school is more important to her too!" That's not my point. She told me she didn't have a chance, but her chance was to mention it at the same time as she mentioned school. I never wanted her to not work and I never wanted her to not go to school.)


    My main issue is that am I ever going to see her again? Perhaps it's not an untrustworthiness based on her morals as a person. But how can I confidently shell out hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket for her if I know there's a possibility that she won't get on the plane because she just doesn't feel like it.

    The same way she didn't feel like mentioning the vacation plans during the interview.

    Snippet 1: I'm pretty sure she WANTED to bring it up, but didn't get a chance to. Snippet 2 addresses this. To an interviewer, scheduling around school is going to make you look more desirable as an employee, while scheduling around vacation will make you less desirable as an employee. There's a huge difference. I do phone interviews for my company, and if someone said they had a vacation planned after a week, I would find a reason to end the conversation (especially since the company I work for doesn't even allow people to take vacation days for a full 6 months after starting). It's a seriously bad thing to ask for vacation right after starting a new job. If this was her first interview (which it sounds like it likely was), she probably wasn't aware that asking for vacation was such a no-no when she promised you she would.

    I personally don't think she did anything wrong. Technically she broke her promise, but really it wasn't fair for you to make her promise that in the first place. You seem pretty convinced that she did something horrible, though. Just make sure you read the third snippet I left in with your post. It's so important I'll even include it again in bold:
    But how can I confidently shell out hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket for her if I know there's a possibility that she won't get on the plane because she just doesn't feel like it.

    If this is how you feel, I think it is in the best interests of everyone involved to chalk this up to a learning experience and part ways. If there's one thing that you need for a successful relationship (especially long distance!), it's trust.

    I should probably mention that my wife and I dated long-distance (10 hour drive) for about 6 months while she was finishing up school and I was working.
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  • posted a message on Becoming epically good with basic arithmetic
    Is there any reason you want to become better at math? The ability to do math in your head is not a particularly valuable skill in a world of calculators. You would be far better off learning about algorithmic complexity, as that is something computers have a harder time doing and is more applicable to real life.

    More on topic, I usually try to find the unique prime factorization of all the numbers I am multiplying/dividing. That makes it a lot easier for me (unless I'm dealing with large prime numbers, of course).
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  • posted a message on Not really good with girls, need some advice
    So maybe I missed this in the two pages, but why couldn't you go visit her?
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  • posted a message on Low Wage Workers
    Does it really matter if our bread and circuses are called "Wages" or "Welfare"? :p
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  • posted a message on Decisions, decisions
    You have an easy job that pays well, yet you are considering quitting with no savings Confused

    If you want to quit your job, save up some money first so you have a good financial footing to stand on. Learn to live frugally both so you can save more and make the money you save last longer once you quit.
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  • posted a message on Bad Date
    I forget I have to get up early all the time. It's a miracle I'm still employed Redface
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  • posted a message on How has getting your GED changed your life?
    Tiax, I think the reason you think most of those things "sounds funny" is because he uses passive voice.
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  • posted a message on Manicures/Pedicures for guys
    Why would you want to get rid of the callouses on your feet? They make it LESS painful to walk on things like rocks and concrete. I used to walk on rocks on purpose to build up callouses, and still go barefoot whenever possible.

    Also, why do your feet need to look good for your wedding? Are you going to not be wearing shoes?
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  • posted a message on Getting a BS in Computer Science vs. going straight for MS.
    I tried grad school in CS and quit because it was a waste of time. Teach yourself C++ and CUDA and you can easily get a job doing something cool with nvidia tech, if not working for NVidia itself.

    The only reason to go to grad school in CS as someone said is if you want to teach and not make any money (but admittedly have a pretty cushy job).
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  • posted a message on Seeking a new beginning...
    My advice from experience moving cross country is to make sure you have an apartment and job lined up before you move.
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  • posted a message on What the heck Girl?
    Quote from Neptune
    Bros before garden implements.

    But, if she really did mood swing that fast, then it's her problem. Of course, we only have the OP's word for it, so he could be coloring it in his favor. Mostly, though, from experiencing other women, I would tend to believe him.

    A lot of the time when someone feels lied to or betrayed by someone they really like, they will start to think or talk badly about the person. Not just women do this.... I'm pretty sure that is what prompted the sudden mood swing. You're right to say that she shouldn't be talking bad about him, but I think you could agree that it would be understandable if she found out that he was coming onto her so strong day(s) after getting out of a (serious?) long term relationship.
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  • posted a message on What the heck Girl?
    Why does everyone think it is the girl's problem? Maybe she found out that you started showing interest in her less than a week after you got out of a year long relationship...
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  • posted a message on Worth saving this car?
    1996 Cadillac Coupe Deville. Runs good, has less than 100k miles. It has served me well for almost 3 years, but has had major problems the whole time. I think sitting in the former owners yard for a decade really took a toll on it. Here is a list of the current problems:
    One of the headlights is broken
    Burns oil
    AC doesnt work
    Brake lines should be replaced
    Hood doesn't work
    Security system sometimes locks the engine off for 3 hours
    Engine overheats in bad traffic (can't drive to Chicago because of this) for unknown reasons (not short on coolant)
    Gas cap and trunk sometimes pop open when starting the car (indicating the electrical system has problems)
    I think the alternator is going bad

    ... And something new pops up every 3 months. Is this just because it's an older car, is it because it sat in the previous owners yard (literally the grass) for over a decade? I got it pretty cheap so I'm not too upset about it since it lasted me 3 years... Just really conflicted if it's worth to spend so much on repairs if a new thing is just going to keep coming up all the time.
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  • posted a message on MENSA brainteaser
    Any piece of recycled paper can be turned into recycled used paper by writing on it. There's no assumption in the problem. You are making the assumption that recycled paper can't be turned into recycled used paper... If anything you are the one that sounds elitist, since you keep talking about how you have trained your mind to be logical for the LSAT.

    Also, a problem with your airport runway question is that whether answer B could be correct or not would be dependent on the amount of time it takes to land an airplane, and how many runways the airport has. For example, if the airport has 2 runways and it takes 2 minutes to land the plane, then an airplane would need to be landing on each runway at any given time. Whereas if the airport has 60 runways, it is highly unlikely that two planes would be landing on adjacent runways at the same time. So some information is missing from your scenario to be able to uniquely identify an answer (the number of runways, and the duration of time it takes to land).
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