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  • posted a message on [AKH]Ultimate Sacrifice/Elspeth Returned
    Quote from Zifbox »
    It was posted on artist Ryan Yee's Instagram account with #aprilfools.
    Ah, I saw it on twitter, where it did not have the "#aprilfools"
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  • posted a message on [AKH]Ultimate Sacrifice/Elspeth Returned
    Here is another potential of the weird sideways cards, this time a planeswalker...ish. Apparently one of the original postings tagged it with April fools
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  • posted a message on Can you purchase entire commander decks or any of the pre-made decks?
    Quote from Yami_Justin »
    I'm sorry. Basically I wanted to know if it was possible to use a Commmander deck with no restrictions or bans, like a freeform battle.
    No way to have it be a 'commander' game. So you wouldn't have the ability to cast your commander, but you could do a 99 card highlander freeform.

    They stopped selling the pre-made commander decks as they were not really purchased--only vendors really bought them. If you want recent commander cards, they are in the treasure chests or purchased from a bot.
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  • posted a message on [COMPETITIVE] Norin the Wary
    Quote from CyborgAeon »
    Hi! I read the original primer for Norin after originally designing my very own Norin the wary deck.
    Keep flickering, Norin players!
    Can you post your list? I'm very intrigued.
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  • posted a message on [MTGO banlist] 1v1 Wizards discussion thread
    I doubt this will have a tailored banlist. Wizards already does not do the commander banlist, nor do they officially test for commander. This will very likely have the DC banlist to start, and might occasionally get attention, similar to Pauper.
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  • posted a message on Iona, Shield of Emeria
    This is not the right forum. But the answer is no, because Orzhov Guildmage is both white and black, so Iona stops it.
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  • posted a message on They didn't see the Cat Lady Combo
    I read something that seems fairly likely. There is a non-zero chance that Felidar Guardian started as "creature or artifact" to fit with a fairly common theme of the block. However, that is significantly more font space than "permanent." So, perhaps by templating they noticed it would require smaller font and just ran back the quick change to permanent. If that was the case, it's possible that R&D was well past KLD/AER and so it would be more understandable to forget.

    People also have to remember that Wizards play tests these things while they are in flux. The original [c]Skullclamp[/s] was junk and then changed late. By the time people had remembered it and realized it was junk anymore, it was too late. So, a good chance that the cat we saw simply was different than the one that Wizards played with for a while, and so the change didn't consciously register.

    Of course, it's also possible that nothing changed and they just didn't see it.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Aether Revolt/Dublin - Standard - 2/3-5
    Quote from Culex69 »
    When do they post the decklists?
    Not until after cut to Top 8. Otherwise you can look at deck techs. They are trying to cut down on scouting and passing information.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Aether Revolt/Dublin - Standard - 2/3-5
    IT's worse because that main phase creature even has a 'Beginning of Combat' trigger, and if anyone honestly believes that he didn't know there was a Weldfast trigger, they are delusional.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Aether Revolt/Dublin - Standard - 2/3-5
    I'm curious, where does a player find the list of shortcuts? How is someone, at their first PT, going to know that if they say "combat?" that means they skipped the beginning of combat step and missed a trigger? Because the communication failure here seems as though it was two ways--one with a language barrier.

    EDIT: Turns out there are some obscure blog posts on the subject. So, the question becomes, where are players informed they have to find these obscure blog posts?
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  • posted a message on Welcome Deck 2016?
    It could just be that no bots want them if they are cards like that--reprinted a million times and handed out freely a number of times. It's possible you can find a bot willing to pick them up, but it would probably be for fractions a cent for each. If it indeed has a different set symbol, you will have an even harder time.

    Only guaranteed option is including them in a bigger lot sold directly to a store, though these often have minimums amounts.
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  • posted a message on Mythic Distribution: Sealed Boxes vs. Random Packs
    For this 'floor' to be true, there would have to be a conscious effort to push non-mythics into non-sealed boxes. We know that the sheet is typically 15 mythics and 106 rares (for a total of 121, or an 11x11 sheet) (this is also the reason that the statement that a particular rare is twice as common as a particular mythic--there is 1 of each mythic on the sheet and 2 of each rare). So, each pack *should* have a 106/121 chance of being a rare (hence the common approximation of 7/8, as that is very close to 106/121). That means there is a 0.8526% chance per box that it will have no mythics. The last large set print run size I could find was Tempest with 400 million cards (source), released in 1997 when there was approximately 5 million players (source). Now there is 22+ million players, so it would seem safe to assume at least 1.6 billion print runs. That means at least 100 million packs. Even with the conservative estimate that half of packs go into boxes, the numbers are simply not super supportive. That means nearly 1.4 millions boxes, and about 11,800 without mythics. To force the non-boxes to take those 426,300 packs would throw off the other half, which would mean the 'odds' would be determinable different. You'd be removing so many of the mythics from the non-box sets it would be half the rate. Then, if you consider that half the packs going into boxes is a conservative estimate, it would be extremely noticeable if non-box packs were affected this way.

    Of course this could be all off if Wizards prints just mythic sheets, though the numbers for that do not break down well for conventional printing.
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  • posted a message on What are your expectations for Pro Tour Aether Revolt?
    I doubt the Copy Cat copy will succeed all that much. Every Pro knows it's a possibility and so they will pack answers. If the Pro Tour meta is as anti-Copy Cat as seems likely, playing the deck would likely be a mistake.
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  • posted a message on Amonkhet speculations
    Quote from Manite »
    Maro hinted that there might well be a Sphinx PW in Amonkhet. I can't seem to find the post now though, so maybe he removed it out of fear that he might have said too much?

    Maro has said maybe a number of times as well as confirming there is a sphinx planeswalker in the lore, and posting about Crucius as a planeswalker.
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  • posted a message on Another thread about cool finds at Wal-Mart/Target.
    Quote from Ebontail »
    my target had little plastic cubes with some presealed decks in it, i believe they are repacks of damaged/returned product. One of them had an obvious commander deck so i bought it. For $30 i got the mono blue commander deck, vraskas half of a duel deck, an event deck and an intro deck.
    Target has done these for a while. It is not damaged product--it is unsold product. The best I got was had Kaalia of the Vast, The Mimeoplasm, and a third Commander deck. This was in ~2013 or 2014. Let's just say I always check those boxes now. I have gotten quite a few commander decks this way, though that first pack was the only one I've found with 3 commander decks. Sometimes they contain fat pack land packs too. If you check regularly, you'll start knowing decks by their front card...
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