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  • posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria spoiler season begins on the Magic Twitch stream
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    The mods can split topics, can't they? There's a LOT to unpack here, and a lot of good conversation we could be having about actual cards without being forced into the generally abandoned "New Card Discussion" sub-forum.

    If you feel similarly, and want to have a conversation about how awesome the new Mothra card is (mechanically), or how bad the commanders are, please report this post and maybe we can get the mods' attention. Thank you.

    Splitting threads is... difficult. However, not all cards need to be discussed only in this thread. If you would like to discuss the mothra card separately in the Rumor Mill, I give you full permission to start a new Single Card Discussion thread for that card.
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  • posted a message on Currently Suspended/Banned Users.
    ilovesaprolings has earned three strikes and will be taking a short vacation.
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  • posted a message on What are some former heavy hitters that no longer pull their weight? What about old unsung heroes that are the hot ticket today?
    Consecrated Sphinx may have dropped off a bit due to availability, price, and just general exposure. It can still run away with a game if you get it to stick.

    Back when I first started playing Commander, the Bringer cycle wasn't too shabby, especially blue and black, but now they're entirely outclassed. I feel we also see the Primordial cycle a lot less, though they can still pack quite a punch. Steel Hellkite and even Bloodgift Demon are seen less frequently as well.

    In terms of hitters that still hold their value, I feel that Frost Titan remains underappreciated. Opponents often forget how hard he is to remove, and to block. Especially once you start cloning them, opponents can't keep enough blockers back to stop you - as a bonus, their crackback options become more limited as well. It's also a good way to put a pause button on some commanders. Sun Titan remains a stable, and Stonehewer Giant will always be relevant.
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  • posted a message on Finding eccentric and new commanders
    I will second the idea that it's not so much the Commander that matters, but how you decide to build them.

    Even so, there are several Commander options from recent sets that offer more niche gameplay and deckbuilding challenges:
    • Eutropia the Twice-Favored - Eutropia needs both enchantments and creatures to work effectively. You could easily build her as voltron, or as an enchantress deck - but you can also look into a Bestow deck or other kind of value driven enchantment flickering deck.
    • Siona, Captain of the Pyleas - a similar playing field of wanting auras, but also wanting to go wide.
    • Haktos the Unscarred - typically a voltron style, but not knowing what number will get chosen makes equipment and auras hard to build. Instead, some non-targeted buffs and anthems is what you want. Cards like Pyrohemia can be interesting, as if you don't roll a 4, he'll be immune and you can keep damaging the board. Possibly flicker effects (Restoration Angel) to flicker him if you land on the wrong number.
    • Kunoros, Hound of Athreos - GY police. Easily a voltron style, but you can probably also work some ways to use the GY lockdown to your advantage.
    • Questing Beast - fog tribal. With Questing Beast making your team immune to fogs, you can attack with impunity into enemy forces and then fog to make combat one sided.
    • Renata, Called to the Hunt and/or Grumgully, the Generous - I see the potential for +1 counter decks here.
    • Torbran, Thane of Red Fell - I saw someone mention mono-red superfriends with this guy at the helm, but there's a lot more fun to be had. Cards like Pyrohemia become far more deadly. Just remember to give him protection from red or indestructible first.
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  • posted a message on Cards that fill their text box?
    I feel like I need to give an honorable mention to Remove Enchantments.

    Chains of Mephistopheles you can at least figure out. Remove enchantments gets obnoxious every single time. Smile
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  • posted a message on [Budget] Commander: Edric vs Grenzo, Dungeon Warden vs Meren vs Greven vs Selvala, Explorer Returned
    Edric can be rather competitive, and I would not really place him under a budget heading. His optimized list may run a lot of cheap 10 cent creatures, but it also runs a lot of extra turn effects which can get very pricey. Obviously, if you're not going for optimized combo, you can scale back on that, but you are then left with a rather fragile shell that is very reliant on your commander.

    From a more Casual side, I would recommend either Meren or Selvala from your list. Both can really bring in a large amount of value, which will still give you benefits even if they get removed. Meren may bring in a bit more perceived threat initially, but also can give immediate value, and naturally scales well.

    A $50 budget is quite low, as I've built under that restriction before, but it should be fairly achievable, especially in G/x decks. G/b may provide a bit more difficulty on the removal side of things, while G/w may have a bit trickier draw, but neither should be impossible to overcome.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria Spoiler Season
    I had hoped the thread would get back on track over night. Although there were a few valiant efforts to get back on track and on topic, this thread has gone every which way. Locking this thread to give people time to cool down.

    Locking thread.

    I'm also going to take this opportunity to restate: If you feel someone is posting something against the rules, either flaming, trolling, spam, or anything else - Please just report the post and move on.
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  • posted a message on Silas Renn, Tymna the Weaver: Artifact Lives Matter
    moved to decklists
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  • posted a message on Custom Set Thread Marked as Spam
    Done. It was a combination of being a new user, a long post, and you also hit a few keywords that are popular in spam posts.
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  • posted a message on does glint hawk idol trigger golem foundry?
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  • posted a message on Legacy Tribal Wars
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  • posted a message on Are there any other cards to make Tron work in Mono Red?
    Expedition Map is the only way in mono-red to search up a non-basic typed land card. There are other tutor effects, like Ring of three wishes or Planar Portal - but those are expensive to run.

    There are a number of ways to tutor up artifacts though to get it, as well as ways to recur artifacts in red to use it multiple times.

    You can also use cards like Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient in order to copy the search ability.

    I don't know if this is the best method to get that mana though. You might be better off running Cloudpost with Vesuva and Thespian's Stage. You could even run Glimmerpost then. I know the Urzatron comes in untapped, but at least the locus lands give benefits quicker, and Vesuva and Stage are just generally solid cards.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2020 names revealed
    Quote from NerdSoda »
    I dont think they would do 4 wedges and 1 shard; Ruthless Regiment is probably RWB

    I considered that, but that would put W four times. They have done 3-2 splits of cycles in sets before. I can see them doing a 3-2 split here.

    Oh hey. I put WRU twice! Well THAT's clearly not right. Let's try this again:

    Ruthless Regiment - RBW
    Arcane Maelstrom - RU +G?
    Symbiotic Swarm - GWB
    Timeless Wisdom - UWR
    Enhanced evolution - UGB

    Then again, they may not make them all 3 color either. There may be a mix of 3 color and 2 color decks. I feel the initial pairing of colors makes sense for the theme, but part of the issue is that it's a 3-2 split between ally (RB, WU, GW) and enemy pairs (UR, UG), and that blue gets repeated 3 times - yet makes the most sense in each of those themes. Like, you're not going to say that any of those 3 doesn't have blue in it.

    I'd initially almost put Ruthless Regiment as RW due to 'Regiment,' then realized I'd left out black entirely, and that 'Ruthless' really does lean towards RB, or possibly WB. When I went for upping to 3 colors, I realized I had overdone White again, but green could fit in with ruthless hordes, maybe? Anyways. WRB does make more sense.

    I'd still be more inclined towards WUR for the Arcane deck, just because of storm, arcane, and prowess style mechanics, and because of commanders like Shu Yun, etc. They definitely like putting that kind of mechanic synergy into white (Monastery Mentor...) - but green can fit as well, with Commanders like Riku of two reflections, - or it might be more literal, leaning into Maelstrom Wanderer and more of a Cascade theme instead. Which... now seems more likely.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2020 names revealed
    At first guess, the names seem to line up well with color pairs very well:

    Ruthless Regiment - RB
    Arcane Maelstrom - RU
    Symbiotic Swarm - GW
    Timeless Wisdom - UW
    Enhanced evolution - UG

    Which seems a little off. B only shows up once, while U shows up three times. These could be three color decks again, which would then probably go down:

    Ruthless Regiment - RBG
    Arcane Maelstrom - RUW
    Symbiotic Swarm - GWB
    Timeless Wisdom - UWR
    Enhanced evolution - UGB
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Panoptic Mirror
    I considered leaving this open, but I wouldn't want people to confuse the issue and answer points from seven years ago - the game has changed a lot since then. I think it would be best to open a new thread to discuss this unbanning, and quote the relevant parts you wish to discuss.

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