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    posted a message on Running Command Tower in a monocolored deck?
    There's no point in mono-colored deck, and even less in a colorless deck. Up that basic count so you can ramp more.
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    posted a message on Inclusion in the MTG Salvation Community
    MTG Salvation is a community for discussing Magic: The Gathering. Towards this end, we try every day to help build a community with a culture of inclusiveness and non-discrimination. It is important to all of us here at MTGSalvation that all can feel welcome to share their thoughts and love of the game here. However, we are only the beginning. Everyone is involved in making a community come together — from the posts each of us make, to helping monitor and report posts that breach our ideals to help foster the kind of community we all want to have.

    We will say this simply and up front: Racism, Sexism, Misogyny, and any other forms of prejudice or predatory behavior is not welcome here. We extend our hand to the community: help us spread these values in the positive messages we post, and report any posts that violate these policies and ideals. If you have any doubts about whether a post violates our rules, or there is something that makes you uncomfortable on the site — please talk to us in the Staff Inbox, or message a moderator or admin directly to let us know of your concerns.

    In general, we try to keep MTG Salvation free of in-depth political discussion. These discussions often have little bearing on Magic: The Gathering topics, and this is not the place to debate contentious issues or convince others of your viewpoint. However, sometimes the reality is that the two can get caught up together. When this occurs, the moderator team tries to keep the topic focused on the impact to the game first and foremost as much as possible — while closing threads that get too heated or go too far afield. While we know that these are passionate topics, we ask you to please help us in keeping the discussion level headed and on the topics of how these topics influence the game.

    It has been two weeks since Wizards of the Coast has removed racist depictions from their site by removing the art of several problematic cards. It has been brought to our attention that our own databases still maintained the old art. As racism has no place on this site, we are following Wizards' example, and are likewise removing the art of the following problematic cards:

    MTG Salvation is a gaming forum, and we want to foster a community that welcomes a wide variety of views. Posts and comments that hinder this goal are not welcome here.

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    posted a message on Don’t know if this is the right place to put this.
    A reminder to all: Please keep discussion on topic and civil. Remember that this is a Gaming site, primarily for the purpose of discussing Magic the Gathering. This is not the place to have a heavy in-depth political rally and try to convince others of your positions.

    Given the nature of the announcement by Wizards, it is obvious that this discussion will have some political features and ramifications, but try to keep the discussion focused on how it pertains to the game.

    I would also like to remind everyone that personal attacks are not permitted. Racist, Bigoted, Sexist, Misogynistic, and other similar speech is not permitted. Make sure your discussions remain focused on the positions and not the person. Make sure they remain civil.

    If you feel someone is violating any of these rules, please use the REPORT feature, and move on.

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on Cards Banned for Racist Imagery and/or Text
    Keep in mind the original announcement mentions the art in particular as part of the problem. Note that they are not removing the cards - they are removing the art of the cards.

    Why Crusade when Honor of the Pure? I just hope if its possible that they "reprint" some cards with different names and art.

    Keeping in line with the art being part of the problem (though I'm sure the titles, and to some extent the abilities and feel of the cards), I'm going to say that Crusade has two strikes against it above Honor the Pure:
    1. The name Crusade is evocative of a real historical event and genocidal war, and thus while a "Crusade" can be a general term (Cathars' Crusade), a card simply titled "Crusade" as a solitary proper noun brings additional potential connotations. Especially when joined with number 2 below:
    2. The art features real life religious symbols - Most new sets (such as the Avacinian church, or Theros deities) now use newly created symbology as well. Aside from using and existing religious symbol, tied with the first point it absolutely solidifies the card as being tied to the historical event as well.

    What about the flavor text on 7th ED Persecute or forced march

    I believe forced march is a good candidate for removal as well. Notably to me it invokes the "Trail of Tears" - a forced march of Native Americans that resulted in a catastrophic amount of deaths.

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    posted a message on Rules Changes to Commander - Dies and Exile effects will trigger when going to Command Zone.

    Thank you! A very good source. (adding it to OP)

    Again, I reiterate my current stance on rules savviness. I don't see this as a push to make one person's deck work - but rather that this was first hand exposure to the Rules Committee that how Commanders and Dies works wasn't very intuitive, and an opportunity to make the rules work the way people expect that they should when first introduced to it.

    I will anecdotally back that up, in that explaining that Commanders don't count for 'dies' to new players was perhaps one of the first Commander intricacies to have to explain - then explaining that Decree of Pain DOES count it (because it counts creatures that are destroyed, not that died), and then explaining how certain exile and return effects will work with Command Zone (Banishing Light) while some do not (Oblivion Ring)!

    That's a lot of nitpicky rules interactions to explain, which this change greatly improves.

    In that end, I would then count this interaction between the CAG and RC to be a success for the program. The RC is very, very rules savvy, and rather experience dense. That can make it easy to overlook how complex a lot of these interactions that some of take for granted are, and how often they need to be explained. If having access to the mindset of people who are not as rules savvy has led to a net benefit change for the vast majority of players (keep in mind that simply by interacting online, YOU are already greatly more enfranchised than most other players), I can only see this as a Win.
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    posted a message on Ikoria Spoiler Season
    I had hoped the thread would get back on track over night. Although there were a few valiant efforts to get back on track and on topic, this thread has gone every which way. Locking this thread to give people time to cool down.

    Locking thread.

    I'm also going to take this opportunity to restate: If you feel someone is posting something against the rules, either flaming, trolling, spam, or anything else - Please just report the post and move on.
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    posted a message on 2/14 Secret Lairs: Theros Stargazing
    At 40 bucks, only one of them is cheaper than simply buying the existing cards. I think this product would have been a huge hit at 30 bucks a pop.

    Well have I got good news for you... If you buy ALL of them, they ARE at 30 a pop!

    Jokes aside, I think this product was mostly done well... In fact, if anything, it should maybe be more expensive. Right now, people who simply want a playable set of cards can buy them elsewhere, cheaper, so this drop isn't undercutting the general secondary market - while still being appealing to collectors and investors - especially the latter since this drop actually IS a giant cut on current prices! Currently, pricing out each of these cards on TCG player non-foil is $165. Selecting this same cart with foil versions of the cards yields an impressive cart of about $450. That's pretty impressive.

    Keep in mind the current pricing on these cards for the comparison are comparing to regular, non-foil versions of these cards. Instead, these versions are foil, and alternate art promos. Now, everyone has their preference when it comes to foils or art, but typically these make the item have more of a premium price, rather than less.

    Right now, purchasing the entire drop for $150 actually comes out positive on value for the purchaser, compared to non-premium versions of the cards - that's pretty insane. It doesn't even hold a candle to current premium copies. And this doesn't account for whether or not they decide to add any special gifts, like the stained glass planeswalkers. This drop is just bonkers. It's good enough that you could purchase the whole set and not feel bad, and probably even flip it, but not so crazy that everyone feels obligated to purchase it or miss out on a crazy deal. - I'm personally not a huge fan of the aesthetic, so I'll probably forgo this one, though I at least have a few days to consider it.

    Of course, that will depend on what the resulting supply ends up being. Seeing as how one item appears to already be out of pre-printed stock (likely the Red bundle, as it has the highest current value), it seems the sales are going well, so supply may be somewhat higher than expected long term.

    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    The 465 thing

    Sorry man that’s not gonna be the value of all of these

    Reaper kings are $68 in foil and sliver over lords are $87 in foil

    But the bad news

    Secret lair sliver overlords are only $20 and the non foils are 28$

    And secret lair reaper kings are 10$ While non foils are $11

    Of course this isn't going to be the price of these long term - but the comparison remains apt. In terms of value, this drop is coming close to the standard printing, for something that is considered more premium in nature, and will have collector value further on. This does mean that close to release, there will certainly be a greater supply, and prices should (hopefully) remain lower. However, if you were looking for a more 'premium' version of these cards - perhaps for foiling out a deck - this is by far a better deal currently than trying to actually get OG foils.

    The reaper king and sliver overlord comparison is also VERY misleading. Those are some old sets, that have a much lower print run. You're comparing a print run that just happened, to printings that are 16 years old and 11 years old.

    A better comparison might be the snow covered lands, which have been released more recently. Regular Ice-age snow forests are a bit over $1. Full art snow lands are .50. Foil coldsnap and foil full-arts are around $7. The secret lair Snow-forest are $14. Even that is misleading though, as there are now several sets worth of snow-lands in the wild, giving ample supply, so the only thing propping up the Secret Lair prices is not people seeking usability, but only people seeking uniqueness and scarcity. Contrastingly, this drop is aimed at both. (The Kaleidoscope set, in comparison was more for usability, as those cards had been out of print for a considerable time).

    For a lair that people criticized as having one of the lowest values compared to current card prices, that one is now sitting pretty nice as an investment.

    Some people like the bling.
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    posted a message on Edh is the worst format in any tcg ever
    Thread Locked.

    There is a place for discussion about the popularity of formats, and even for questioning appeal that you don't understand. However this thread starts off immediately inflammatory and trolling to elicit responses - and then spirals downhill into insults from there.
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    posted a message on Need help reclaiming my old username/account
    Quote from bobthefunny »
    Hi Mirrorman95,

    Sorry for the delay in updates - I thought at first I could fix this quickly, but it's taking a bit longer than I expected. Just wanted to give you an update that we ARE looking at this, and not leaving you in the dark. Smile

    I've had the same exact problem as mirrorman. I tried logging in to my old account and haven't had any luck. Even contacted twitch and they said that I needed to contact someone from MTGS. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    This should be resolved now.

    I apologize for not getting to this sooner - I have alerts on the inbox forum, but that doesn't trigger on thread replies, so this didn't notify me.

    If future people find this thread, send me a PM, or drop a note on my inbox thread so I get replies - thanks!
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    posted a message on Looking for land ramp cards for a non green deck
    You have asked me about my favorite topic.

    When ramping in non-green colors, don't be afraid to get creative, and look for synergies between your ramp effects. Don't feel limited to cards that just say 'ramp' - these colors excel in bounce, flicker, and reanimation, all of which can be used to ramp. One of my favorite ways to ramp in Black for example is Undying Evil on my Burnished Hart or Solemn Silmulacrum when it's about to die.

    One of the best non-green ramp cards ever printed is Rings of Brighthearth - This turns every fetchland into a rampant growth as well. It also doubles up your Burnished Hart, and also Wayfarer's Bauble. Before I go too far into it, here's just a dump of cards for you to look at:

    I mentioned when some cards could get non-land ramp cards, but didn't include other 'ramp' cards that are explicitly non ramp (Smothering Tithe) since you specifically asked about lands.

    1 - Wayfarer's Bauble - A rampant growth for any deck. Synergies well with artifact recursion.
    2 - Sword of the Animist - Gets lands.
    3 - Burnished Hart - A bigger sakura tribe elder for any deck.
    3 - Crucible of Worlds - Doesn't ramp on its own, but ensures consistent land drops with fetch lands.
    3 - Rings of Brighthearth - Ramps with fetch lands, turbos other ramp options. Can go infinite with Deserted Temple
    3 - Sword of Light and Shadow - return your rampy dudes.
    4 - Solemn Simulacrum - An all around acceptable pick, though not great in any specific area. Gets better with more synergy.
    2 - Thaumatic Compass - Gets lands, IS LAND!
    2 - Treasure Map - Becomes a land, and gives a ritual effect as well (or you could draw cards, that's ok too.)
    2 - Dowsing Dagger - Give one person plants, hit someone else.
    4 - Golden Guardian - Fight something of yours prior to a wrath effect for free flippy.
    4 - Conqueror's Galleon - It's a land that does everything.
    6 - Oblivion Sower - Works best with other exile effects, but still works.
    4 - Prototype Portal - I have imprinted an artifact land before.
    5 - Mirrorworks - I have copied artifact lands.

    1 - Undying Evil - Cast on Burnished Hart (or other rampy mcdude)
    1 - Supernatural Stamina - Undying Evil #2
    1 - Kaya's Ghost Form - Undying Evil #3
    1 - Unearth - Burnished hart...
    2 - Dance of the Dead - aim at that green player. Or a robot.
    2 - Animate Dead - aim at that green player. Or a robot.
    4 - Liliana of the Dark Realms - Not ramp, but keeps up swamp counts.

    2 - Search for Azcanta - It's eventually a rampant growth.
    2 - Phantasmal Image - Copy a robot.
    2 - Dance of Many - Copy a robot.
    2 - Copy Artifact - Copy a robot.
    2 - Twincast - hello mr. Green player.
    2 - Narset's Reversal - Hello mr. Green player.
    3 - Trinket Mage - Gets Wayfarer's Bauble, Sol Ring, Skullclamp, etc.
    3 - Tribute Mage - Gets Sword of the Animist. Mana rocks, etc.
    3 - Trophy Mage - Gets Burnished Hart, Sword of Light and Shadow, Crucible of Worlds, Rings of Brighthearth, Mana rocks, etc.
    5 - Tezzeret the Seeker - -0: get artifact land. -1 get sol ring. -3 get Rings, then -0, get 2 lands. etc.

    WHITE - second best 'ramp' color.
    1 - Legion's Landing - it's a 1 cost land.
    2 - Relic Seeker - Gets Sword of the Animist. (or skullclamp)
    2 - Stoneforge Mystic - Gets Sword of the Animist. (or skullclamp)
    2 - Knight of the White Orchid - If you're behind, you ramp. Gets non-basics.
    2 - Oath of Lieges - Makes everyone catch up to the ramp player. Rather good anti-ramp tech, actually.
    2 - Angelic Renewal - Combo with Burnished Hart, or even Solemn Simulacrum, etc. Still has natural use outside of that.
    3 - Boreas Charger - Again. Gets non-basics.
    3 - Gift of Immortality - Put it on a Burnished Hart. Smile.
    4 - Kor Cartographer - Ramps. Gets non-basics.
    4 - Restoration Angel - Flicker the sad robot.
    6 - Sun Titan - Ramps with Fetchlands.
    7 - Emeria Shepherd - Combo's with Burnished Hart to pull lots of lands out. Can chain with other things as well, such as Sun Titan.
    1 - Land Tax - doesn't ramp on its own, but ensures land drops.
    4 - Endless Horizons - doesn't ramp on its own, but ensures land drops. Don't have to go crazy on it either. Just pull out 5 basic plains, and no one cares enough to kill it, and you get 5 free cards.

    • Myriad Landscape - it ramps.
    • Terrain Generator - gets extra lands from draws into play. Each investment pays off in future turns.
    • Rav bounce lands - These don't 'ramp' per se, but ensure you hit a land drop that you might otherwise have missed, by giving you a virtual 'land' in hand.
    • Thawing Glaciers - Doesn't 'ramp' per se (on its own), but ensures you hit land drops. Ramps with Deserted Temple or Rings of Brighthearth.
    • Deserted Temple - Ramps with Glaciers, goes infinite with Rings + large mana land (Coffers).

    I'm sure Ill think of more later. I have used each of these cards, for the sake of ramping, in at least one deck at some point or another.
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