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  • posted a message on The 12th Annual Holiday Card Exchange! (cross promotion)
    Hey all,

    A number of you may be familiar with the Annual Holiday Card Exchange that has been going on for more than 10 years! For those who aren't, it's a community run fun event, where people alter cards for the holiday, and mail them out to each other.

    The Commander forums have always been quite closely tied to the Holiday Card Exchange, so this year we're giving you all a short reminder that it's up and running!

    It's always a lot of fun, and Commander staples are always a nice talking point in each of these events. So anyways, feel free to check it out, and join in if you would like! We'd love to have you participate!

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  • posted a message on The 12th Annual MTGS Holiday Card Exchange!
    Hey everyone! I have returned to host for the Holiday Card exchange once again! Some of you may know me from the Commander forums, some of you may have even gotten some of whatever I've made in years past. I'll even be participating once again this year! We have now passed the decade mark on this little exchange, and I see no reason to stop now!

    As always, exchange entries MUST be in to me by the deadline: December 11, 2018.

    For 2017, the MTGSalvation Holiday Magic Card Exchange returns for its ELEVENTH year!

    Here is an introduction for those of you new to this - or - a refresher for the old timers:

    How the exchange works

    The premise is simple. First, MTGSalvation members from all over the world* send me personally altered cards. Then, as Christmas approaches, I randomly send their cards to someone else who participated. It's a fun gift exchange that's always a blast.

    (*As of recent years, due to shipping prices, I will receive and send the US entries. For foreign parcels, I will help organize a round robin and set up so that you can each send to each other, and not have to ship overseas.)

    What do I mean by personally altered? Does that you mean you have to be as good as the people over in the official altered art thread? Not at all! What's important is that you personalize your cards. For example, here are just a handful of cards done over the past few years:

    As you can see, there is a lot of variation in what people choose to do. Featured is wide range of artistic talent, from doodles to full-blown alters. Just make it fun. In general, if you wouldn't be happy with receiving it from somebody else, you should alter it until you would be. Smile

    How to Participate

    Participating is easy! Just send me a PM with your address, and I'll send you mine back. All you have to do after that is send me your cards along with appropriate packaging and postage to mail your cards along to the next person. After that, just relax and wait for your return package to make its merry way to you. It's that simple!

    All participants must have their cards to me by December 11th, 2018. This means I MUST have the cards in hand by this date, NOT that you should mail it by this date.. They will be redistributed and sent off over the weekend, and hopefully everybody will have theirs by December 25th. Please remember to budget enough time for your cards to arrive. For reference, I live in Virginia, USA.

    Brand new accounts are excluded to avoid gaming the system. If you try and game the system to get more presents, I will catch you. Please don't do it. It will just result in a sad face for both of us.

    This event is not sponsored or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast in any way. It is purely something done for fun by people who love Magic, and is not for for any financial gain or otherwise.

    Tips and Checklist

    Over the past three years, previous exchange runners saw a lot of cards come through. Here are some recommendations to help make the holiday exchange fun for everybody!

    • Try and modify cool cards. They don't necessarily have to be rares, but it's great when somebody can play the cards they receive in a deck and then tell the story of how they received them! If you are on a budget, think an altered playset of playable commons, an EDH staple, or basic lands are great... as long as it's playable it's cool!
    • Stumped for cards to alter? Try sending cards related to your name, avatar, or signature! That way there's a connection between MTGSalvation and the card's you're altering.
    • What you receive is random and a gift from someone else to you. Regardless of how you feel about the quality of cards you received, please be grateful. After all, it's a gift!
    • Part of the fun is ripping open the package when it finally arrives to see what you received. Do not post the alters you did ahead of time - though vague hints can be fun. Wink We don't want to ruin the surprise!
    • Sending items such as letters, notes, or pictures along with your cards to the other person is not only allowed, but encouraged!
    • You might want to take a picture of your cards before you send them so that you can still show them off if the recipient has no way to upload an image.
    • You may submit as few or as many cards as you would like. Take your time and make some great alters!


    1. You absolutely must, must, must include a stamped envelope (NOT SELF ADDRESSED) envelope with enough postage for up to a 6 oz package. If you do not include one, I cannot promise you that you will receive any cards back. Make sure this envelope has enough postage to mail the stuff you sent. Again, DO NOT send a self-addressed envelope! You must provide an envelope that will be sufficient to mail your items further out.

    2. In the past, a couple of people have sent extra large/heavy items. This is great, and often these items are very cool! However, if you're going to do this, please include an extra envelope that is the appropriate size and/or has the right amount of postage on it. Please do include some real cards as well, that way your recipient can still have something to include in a deck!

    3. No proxies/fakes, no matter how cool. Sentiments on these vary across the entire range, but MTGSalvation does not condone this practice. While the gift exchange isn't directly affiliated with the site, let's keep this above the belt for the Holidays. Thanks!

    4. If you are an international participant, please tell me in your PM so we can discuss how international shipping will work out best in your case. The US Postal prices have done some crazy things in the last few years, and shipping times may be a concern.

    5. Along with your cards and Stamped envelope, please include a slip of paper with your MTGSalvation username. There will be a lot of cards coming in and if I don't know who sent me something I can't really let them know - which I'd like to do Smile


    1. Send me a PM with your address
    2. Check you inbox daily, I'm on all the time and will generally be quick to reply.
    3. Alter cards!
    4. Write your MTGSalvation username on a slip of paper.
    5. Send me your cards, that slip of paper with your MTGSalvation username, and a stamped envelope with enough postage to mail your cards, inside another envelope. Don't forget any of those steps!
    6. Time travel to later in December and check your mail. Enjoy your gift!

    Please post below.

    Myself! (obviously)
    Slavan K. Guiser

    ==EU People==

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  • posted a message on Tower of Fortunes or Ring of Three Wishes?
    pretty sure the OP got his answer long ago. Smile
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Splinter Twin
    This is the favorite card of someone in my playgroup. They were sad that it wasn't legendary.
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  • posted a message on Cards that cares for +1/+1 Counter in White and Red (or Colorless)
    A few fun ones in red:

    Falkenrath Exterminator - repeatable removal.
    Goblin Razerunners - Dome people for +1 counters.
    Ion Storm - repeatable shocks!
    Kilnmouth Dragon - perhaps better in dragons, but can still care about +1 counters
    Preyseizer Dragon

    And of course, Curse of Stalked Prey to put counters on everything.

    In colorless, you're looking at things like Pentavus, Thopter Squadron, and Triskelavus to make tokens (which goes well with Cathars' crusade), or dudes like Etched Oracle or Mindless Automaton to draw cards, or even just Triskelion or Workhorse to get stuff done.
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  • posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    Quote from vetkin »
    Nice recap as always, bob. I really want to get a hold of Bramble Sovereign. Such a good card for the deck.

    By the way, I want to get your opinions on Enduring Renewal. I have been using it to good effect in my list. It gives the opponents information on what we have on hand, but it is a wrath protection and a Séance/GPG engine (the draw step trigger).

    That's an interesting thought. I use Enduring Renewal in a different deck (Karador) where I can control my creatures' deaths more easily and more actively combo with it. I hadn't really thought about it for this one. If you try it out, I'd be interested to know the results, on paper it sounds nice for the reason's you've stated - plus we have a fair bit of other recursion as well.
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  • posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    Quote from OCPunisher »
    Glad to see you're finally getting back to this deck! I've had huge success with using your list as a starting point for my own, and the last few sets have given it several cards that are nearly perfect for it.
    - Bramble Sovereign is a no-brainer. Unless the price tag skyrockets, there's simply no reason not to run it.
    - Another recent stud is Tendershoot Dryad. In exchange for the cumbersome triple-green CC and unnecessary power/toughness on Verdant Force, we get a very strong ascend trigger that is laughably easy to achieve and a body that comes back with a Reveillark trigger.
    - Although I haven't acquired it yet, Helm of the Host is another must-have. I recall an episode of a podcast that discussed it as part of a set review, and the headline was that "every time you would normally think that there's a catch, there isn't one". It's just pure upside.
    - Finally, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Regna, the Redeemer, specifically compared to Resplendent Angel. The former costs a little more, but rewards you with two bodies for each trigger, and doesn't care how much life you gain. Also, Regna doesn't have an inflated price from the Standard format.

    Hope to see more of your posts in the near future!

    Hey OC! Been a whole!

    I agree entirely on Bramble, it is far and away exactly what this deck was looking for. Helm of the host was one that I was very excited to look at when it was first spoiled, but then I paled a bit on the high cost to use. It has a decently high cost, and a high equip, and tends to be a priority one target. It does give 'immediate' value though, which is nice. I can see it reasonably compared to God Pharaoh's Gift, which is amazing. I would certainly run it over blade of selves, which I've found situational and a bit slow.

    As a bonus, putting it on Trostani herself would get hilariously out of hand quickly. Even if you only get one token copy before they break the blade, they need to deal with the token ASAP, or they start populating themselves into insanity.


    I've had great success with Tendershoot dryad in other decks, and is really a card that seems to just be straight up good in plenty of decks that run green. Your assessment is pretty spot on. I tend to not run as many of the small tokens anymore, but your assessment is pretty darn good, and I have enjoyed the capability to clone token producers (the horse), as that gets nuts quickly.


    Regna, the Redeemer vs. Resplendent Angel, On paper I like the angel a lot more. The bodies are similar enough, but the angel costs half as much, and puts out a much better token. My experience with Sunmare says that it's fairly simple to just populate out a token on an alternate turn to re-trigger the lifegain on trostani, and thereby get another token. That said, the issue with the angel compared to sunmare is that Sunmare will trigger for itself on the turn you cast it, while the angel needs help. Further, populating the sunmare's horses is enough to qualify it, while the Angels are 1 short of the lifegain.

    Now, Mirari's Wake or Parallel Lives are enough to offset it, but it's something to keep in mind. Even so, the fact that the angel costs half, and is returnable by sun titan I think makes it worth trying out. It's something I'll keep in mind though.

    I kind of wish that Regna made soldiers instead of warriors, so she'd pair better with Knight-Captain of Eos, but alas.

    I also don't want to go too overboard on the lifegain->token producers as well, as Trostani is my main form of lifegain, and I don't want the deck to become too reliant on the commander to function.
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  • posted a message on Trostani Landfall Fogs
    Well, with the Commander decks coming around the corner, I guess I should brush off the dust on this thread and point out some of the new cards that look super cool.

    To be honest, Turntimber Sower is the card that really got me excited this time around, so it's a shame that the rest of the Land matters deck is a little bit of a let down. But hey, at least this guy is cool.

    He hits a couple points, all in one card - First, we have a fairly sizable landfall theme, and getting more creatures from landfall is something we love, so... score! And second, he brings back lands! Super score! He also makes tokens, for our token theme, but we're not likely to be populating these guys. They're kinda small and sucky, though they are plants if you run Avenger of Zendikar.

    On his own, he takes 3 landfalls just to return one land, which is a bit tough, but good enough on its own. If we have other things, like Zendikar's Roil, that makes it that much faster. Of course, things like Parallel Lives boosts it up as well.

    Aside from being land protection (Glacial Chasm has a tendency to die) and returning our utility lands that naturally kill themselves off, like Buried Ruin or Grove of the Guardian - That he returns the lands to hand allows for some use out of cycling lands in a pinch - though 3 creatures + a cost to draw a card isn't great, it's nice to have the option in a pinch. Of course, with Mirrorpool and populate effects, we could get a sizable loop of plant generators... though again, that's a lot of effort for that.

    Either way, I'm excited to try this guy in the deck.

    Otherwise from the new Commander products, Boreas Charger straight up looks like a nice addition to most any white deck. Finding Mistveil Plains or duals is great, plus it's a land ramp in white. I tend to be wary of the "if an opponent has more lands" clauses though, since I usually tend to ramp hard and have the most.

    Isolated Watchtower is interesting, but our basic count is pretty low, and again, the "more lands" clause is problematic for us. Ancient Stone Idol is pretty vanilla, but can be a fun slot for some good tokens to populate, especially once you tokenize the main body as well. Endless Atlas should be easy to turn on with basic plains, though I'll probably keep that for mono-colored decks which will need the draw power more - we're doing ok already in this deck. Finally, Retrofitter Foundry looks like a fun source of tokens, though I'd prefer it in a deck that synergizes more with Salvaging Station and artifact untaps.


    From older sets, which I haven't been so good on updating during:

    Some of the best news is the reprint of Crucible of Worlds (About darn time!), which helps make it considerably more affordable, though it's still stupidly expensive. Mentor of the Meek is another good reprint, especially if you build this deck with smaller tokens from Zendikar's Roil or similar effects.

    Resplendent Angel is another nice add for this deck - Decent sized useful tokens that can be triggered by Trostani's lifegain, and the Angel herself can be brought back with Sun Titan makes her a useful option.

    Elvish Rejuvinator gives us an additional wood elves like ability, with the bonus of hitting non-basics, but the drawback of being a top 5 deal.

    Runic Armasaur just looks like a decent addition to any deck that runs green, drawing cards of of any fetch-land, plus other creature abilities. I'm starting to count how many creature/land abilities I see in my LGS to get an idea of how effective he might get.

    Together Forever looks like one of those cards that's simply powerful enough to just build around. Right now I just have the Cathars' crusade to fuel it, so it won't be for this build, but with a bit more focus on +1 counters (which tend to synergize with tokens due to Doubling Season and similar), it could be something to keep in mind.

    Bramble Sovereign however, hits the level of insta-add. We love our tokenized copies of things, and this thing is a prime new source of it.

    The reprints of Seedborn Muse and Doubling Season should make those a bit more able to be acquired, though as both remain extremely powerful cards, their price will remain high.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Splinter Twin
    I've been tempted to make a Gahiji, Honored One deck for a while. Since that deck would love to have a doubling season, I feel that this would be a welcome addition as well.
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  • posted a message on Final suggestions on Dune Brood deck
    Heya! I moved your post into the multiplayer decklist forum, lemme know if it should be in 1v1 instead.


    As for the deck, I'm a bit surprised at the lack of equipment - Since you want to do damage to the opponent, I would have figured that trample, haste, and other forms of evasion would be good, and between blue's artifact tutoring, and red and white's equipment tutoring, you could have a nasty setup.

    I especially like Sword of Vengeance for you, since it gives both haste and trample. Also, Sword of the Animist can help ramp you up too. If you want to go more the evasion route, then the Fleetfeather Sandals might be a good option, since they give flying.
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  • posted a message on Don't let who have what?
    It comes down to combo pieces, and cards that generate advantage. I find that things like Rings of Brighthearth, Mirari's Wake, Mana Reflection, Necropotence, etc... you really can't get mad when they die.

    Sheldon has in fact written a few articles on it:
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  • posted a message on Finally completed the set
    Congrats! A worthy achievement! Been a long road, and I'm glad you made it!
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  • posted a message on When are artifact lands worth it?
    Seeing as this is 7 years old, I assume OP got his answer. Smile

    If you'd like to keep discussing artifact lands, feel free to open a new thread though. I use them in several decks myself.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 1/3/18 Azorand so many dinos
    A fight?! Count me in!
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