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  • posted a message on Marit Lage, the Eldrazi?
    Maybe Marit Lage isn't exactly the same as the Eldrazi but something like a messenger or servant of them.

    Like Cthulhu for the Other Gods/Great Old Ones or the Sadu Hem (or however you spell it) is the messenger/beacon/servant of the Ogdru Jahad in Hellboy.
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  • posted a message on pro-players using fake DCI numbers in sanctioned events?
    this isn't at all catastrophic but they are committing fraud and many people are implying that that is perfectly acceptable because it is just an fnm.

    What if they traded cards at a protour?
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  • posted a message on Green's Iconic Creature?
    i voted something else for troll if only because they can easily be slotted into the 4-6 power/toughness slot that angels usually fall into for white and they have a built in regeneration ability mirroring flying for angels/sphinxes/dragons.
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  • posted a message on I fail to see the difference between 2012 and the Christian apocalypse.
    Quote from ty1134
    2012 isn't supposed to be an apocalypse, but rather a new age for humanity...a change of life "as we know it". Or at least so I hear from people that are into that. I do believe some people have the gift of foresight, but waiting is the only way to see if the Mayans were onto anything with their accurate calender ending that year.
    It's more like the Long Count calendar's correspondence with the other calendars Y2K than anything else.
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  • posted a message on 10 Greatest Writers of the 20th Century
    So, who were they salvationers? Note I say greatest, not best or most influential. Take one, the other, or both into account when making your list, doesn't matter.

    1.I am not going to provide categories for nomination. The only criteria for inclusion is that the individual had at least one work of prose published from 1900-2000 during the authors life time. YES THIS DOES MEAN THAT YOU CAN INCLUDE AMBROSE BIERCE AND MARK TWAIN. I personally would put both in my top 10, but did not as I view them as 19th rather than 20th century authors and that list waits for another day...
    2. I will be tallying the top 10 individuals with the most votes.
    3.While it would be interesting to do so, you are not required to provide background for your list or reasoning.
    4.For the purposes of tallying the lists, the order that you list individuals in does not matter. This is because given the sheer number of authors active worldwide in the years 1900-2000.
    5.Related to point number 4, do not assume that any other user is neccesary listing authors in order of preference, I will not as I find it too difficult to make comparisons across genres and between people who I think merit inclusion for different reasons.
    6.MOST IMPORTANTLY this thread is not a debate about who was the best, this is a place to let it be known who you think is the best. After the thread has received what I deem an appropriate number of responses, I will post our communal top 10 list for debate and discussion in a new thread.

    EDITE NOTE-I came back to check this thread after a few days and I realize that I missposted my list (original idea was for a top 15 and I just wrote the first 10 names on the list :p )
    William Gibson
    JRR Tolkien
    Chuck Palahniuk
    George Orwell
    HP Lovecraft
    Robert E Howard
    Niel Gaiman
    Ernest Hemingway
    Vladimir Nabakov
    Philip K Dick
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  • posted a message on Lifetime Bans issued by DCI
    Quote from Itachi Uchiha
    I think it is the formal name for Russia
    no, is Soviet Union comrade
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  • posted a message on What offends you the most?
    I think a lot of people are posting what scares or angers them the most rather than what offends them.

    I am offended by how it remains socially acceptable today in the United States to hate gay people openly and how terminology for gays is thrown about as insults. I will admit that I don't call people out on saying "gay/***/etc." in casual conversation if they are not someone who I know should know better because there is the tendency to assume that any man who stands up for gay people must be gay and I would rather not make myself a target for more hate than being a staunch ally can bring.

    The culture is saturated with subtle approvals for anti-gay behavior that result in all kinds of problems ranging from self loathing to the murder of gays and terrorist acts like the mid-1990s Olympic Park nail-bombing.

    What if I everyone walked around saying "Dude that is so ******. You are a ****** ****."
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  • posted a message on Trivia - Which card has the biggest difference between printed text and Oracle text?
    For a very long time Time Vault didn't work like how it was printed due to "teh borken" however it has since been reverted to its original functionality resulting in Tezzeret decks everywhere in vintage.

    Animate Dead is simply a stupidly complicated card in terms of what it technically does What it does in almost all "normal" situations is pretty intuitive; but when you throw Worldgorger Dragon into the mix...

    Great Whale and its compadres were errata'd during their stint in temp/urza standard because they were obscenely broken with Recurring Nightmare/Survival of The Fittest but I think that they were mainly a problem due to the game rules at the time as their current oracle text seems to be what is printed on them.

    Illusionary Mask is the most messed up oracle'd card of all time becuase the way that the card was intended to work simply doesn't work with magic's card memory rules, Firestorm Pheonix similiarly doesn't, as they both require hidden things (what is under the mask, pheonix in your hand) to be having a direct effect on the game from zones where your opponent cannot legally look at them to make sure that you are not attempting to cheat.

    Lotus Vale is still stuck where time vault was for years.
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  • posted a message on Qualia, the last puzzle
    Explaining anything is scary at first because you misperceive the explanation as something different from how you perceived the thing in the first place.

    Knowing the why of existence does not change the physical aspects of existence and as a philosophical nihilist I simply don't care. Knowing is interesting to my intellectual curiosity. I don't believe in the self as anything aside from an interconnected set of associations and perception recordings anyway. Knowing what those symbols are is inconsequential in analyzing what they do and we do not interact with the symbols as reality we interact with their symptoms. We don't need to know what the Platonic Form of a chair is, "chairness", we simply perceive chairs in their physical reality, not their absolute truth.

    I engage in human interaction, read books, etc. because it is pleasing to me. I do not ask what that pleasure is beyond its physical causes, knowing why/what would not effect my enjoyment of them because we cannot interact except in the barest of abstract senses with anything beyond "existence" as defined as say, the universe as it is considered by physics (I won't bring planes, extra dimensions of reality, and black holes, anti-matter universes, pocket universes, etc. into my argument because they are irrelevancies to human life for the foreseeable future).

    Ultimately the most interesting implication of this whole line of thought is simply that it creates an admittedly out there and hard to explain, but existent nonetheless, place for a concept of "Godness" in a purely "rational" worldview.

    I really do need to read the book you mentioned to understand some of what you are getting at though.
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  • posted a message on Yawgmoth's Will - I just dont get it
    Yawgmoth's will is broken, irregardless of storm or anything else of the sort because it is inexpensive mass card draw that lets you in effect, draw into an extra copy of your restricted cards.

    Assuming that yawgmoth's Will simply read 2B-Draw 5 cards, it would still be broken playing as Seething Song does to Dark Ritual to the broken Ancestral Recall. Seething song is not as powerful as dark rit, but is nonetheless a very good card that has found a central place in several archetypes in extended and legacy. Will would still need to be restricted.

    Obviously the card is stupid broken with storm.
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  • posted a message on Random paypal question
    all I needed to know.

    I don't need to worry about breaking the bank, I am really pretty responsible with money.

    Thanks Nai!
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  • posted a message on Random paypal question
    So it does not delay when a store or individual should receive their payment from you/ship stuff?
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  • posted a message on Random paypal question
    Recently I've been looking into getting a paypal account now that I am on my own in college during the school year for stuff like the very occasional ebay deal since I don't have a credit card to buy stuff with online.

    Anyhow I know that you can you can connect a bank account (which I have) to your paypal rather than a credit card. However, does this cause a delay in payment?

    I couldn't find anything amongst the official info pages that suggested that this is the case, but my dad seemed to think that paypal didn't really work very well unless linked to a credit card.
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  • posted a message on Oh highschool...
    I attended a competitive private school that didn't rank precisely because the kind of competition you get from rankings in an environment where intelligence is assumed is the wrong kind to encourage; competition for its own sake.
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  • posted a message on New Wotc TMs - Dark Ascension
    I think that having it be the title of the novel for the Mirrodin block would make sense. The timing of the copyright seems reasonablably close to the time period between learning the name of Zendikar and getting info about "In the Teeth of Akoum" novel.

    EDIT-Missed charlequin's last post somehow. Probably is either a dnd product or a new ccg trying to compete with Call of Cthulhu in the horror ccg niche like they did with Hecatomb and Dreamblade.
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