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  • posted a message on Kaervek the Merciless - a social experiment masquerading as a deck
    Any thought towards diversifying your ramp package? Wayfarer's Bauble and Burnished Hart seem like easy upgrades for some of your weaker mana rocks like Prismatic Lens (you seem fine on making coloured mana and its bad at doing even that) and Thought Vessel (I think I see one card in your deck that can generate in-hand card advantage, and its Hedron Archive).

    I recognize that Bauble/Hart are slightly less efficient and may disrupt your curve, but considering about 90% of your deck is artifacts/enchantments, I think every small step you can make to avoid being straight up out of the game to a Vandalblast or Bane of Progress will increase your win percentage quite a bit. I'll also mention Solemn Simulacrum, but considering how badly it curves with the rest of your deck, as well as your low basic count, it's probably not worth it.
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  • posted a message on how to stay alive with Neheb the Eternal?
    Quote from CalvinSchwa »
    Just a note -- combining Earthquake and Platinum Angel won't go as well for you as you'd like, since both you and the Angel will still have damage marked on them. You'll go to (for instance) -5 life but won't die -- but then the Angel will die from lethal damage, and then you'll die.

    EDIT: Hey Earthquake doesn't hit flying creatures. Okay, other X-burn spells that hit creatures and players.
    Actually, even a Rolling Earthquake or one of its friends still won't cause you to lose if you have Platinum Angel out. Immediately after the Earthquake resolves, state-based actions will first do one check, seeing that Platinum Angel has lethal damage marked on it and your opponents all have 0 or less life (you do too, but Platinum Angel says you can't lose), both the Angel and your opponents will die at the same time. At this point the game should do another SBA check, but because you're the only player remaining in the game, you win before that happens. (See here:
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Quote from vandertroll »
    Quote from Drangsal83 »
    Quote from Taleran »
    I like that Sphinx of the Chimes finally got their payoff

    Nice idea: you can ‚cycle‘ the Petitioners for getting more Petitioners and then a mass reanimate via Immortal Servitude.

    Let's make an Esper bureaucracy deck!

    Who shall lead this evil???

    From the cards I've been looking at, one of the better generals for this deck might be Merieke Ri Berit, since a lot of the flickering, untapping, and activated ability doubling cards that go great with her (Brago, King Eternal, Eerie Interlude, Sky Hussar, To Arms!, Rings of Brighthearth, Illusionist's Bracers) also go great with the Petitioners.

    It gives you access to all the good white/black reanimation cards as well as most of the "same name" effects (though you miss out on green for Bloodbond March and Doubling Chant) and because Merieke is (potentially repeatable) removal on a stick, you have more room in the deck to play the card draw, reanimation, combo/synergy pieces, and other cards that this deck needs, which is important when 20-30 of the slots are taken up by semi-do-nothing Maritime Guards.

    Other options include Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, who is more all-in and synergistic but lacks white, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, who makes your Petitioners cheaper and is an advisor himself, but the lack of black really hurts and he draws a lot of hate (though TBF Merieke does too), and Thrasios+Tymna, which gets you all the colours and would probably be the most consistent deck but they're a bit overplayed as partners and don't offer any real theme or synergy (your army of Petitioners can try to get in to draw cards with Tymna, but they're not good attackers and I don't think we're supposed to play buff cards like the Rat decks do).
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  • posted a message on Zur and Rebels (Lin Sivvi's Crew) for Toolbox Control (Spicy Brew)
    I stumbled upon this decklist and fell in love, and I am probably going to build my own take on it. I have two cards to suggest (that weren't suggested here or in the Lets Brew, AFAIK).

    Timestream Navigator, with the Adaptation+Rebel combo the deck is built around, is sort of a 1-slot "I win" card that can end games where Elesh Norn beats can't get there. EOT fetch her out with at least 9 other permanents (for the city's blessing), untap, spend the 4 to take an extra turn and put her back in the deck, then fetch her out again so she isn't summoning sick on your extra turn. This probably taps you out, but eventually you'll draw lands and be able to cast creatures to attack, assuming Zur can't just poke them to death. As a small bonus, she's a wizard to sac to Voidmage Prodigy if you can't get any of the other options. It's maybe a little against the spirit of the deck, as essentially it changes the gameplan from "control the board" to "get to 8+ mana with Adaptaion+Rebel tutor+potential counter backup", but its still pretty janky and is an option in a meta where the wincon outlined in the OP just isn't realistic.

    Yet another wizard, Spellseeker is sort of a catchall answer for anything via a Rebel tutor at instant speed provided you have the mana to cast what she tutors for and can make room in the deck for a small spell toolbox. She can get a counterspell, a removal spell like Swords, a bounce spell like Rift (or you can grab it to use it as a boardwipe), an actual boardwipe like Black Sun's Zenith or Martial Coup, or another tutor for something like a crucial enchantment or artifact if Zur is offline (so you're tutoring for a tutor in order to tutor ...). If you've already used/tutored for all the effects in your deck that can do what you need in the moment (i.e. Voidmage Prodigy and Spell Queller got killed so you don't have any counterspell creatures at the CMC 3 slot) it acts as a flex slot for all of them. It's also just a good card to play on curve to grab a Demonic Tutor for a Rebel searcher, increasing your consistency of assembling the toolbox. My version of the deck is also going to try a larger Wizard subtheme, with Patron Wizard as a surprise, repeatable Force Spike and Snapcaster Mage performing a similar role to Spellseeker while also benefiting from the more diverse spell selection I'll be playing.
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  • posted a message on Lazav, the Multifarious - Faceless Man and Robot Spy Drones
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    As far as surveil goes, there isn't a lot of cards that impress me for commander multiplayer too be honest. I did actually play Doom Whisperer in my first build, and i'ts always going to be a fine card, but didn't fit my low mana curve in the end.
    The best way of describing surveil is it is still nickle and diming your way to get your graveyard as a resource, but there are just much more broken ways of doing this in an eternal format.

    I could see Nightveil Sprite being alright, but I will point out that a card like Merfolk Looter is straight up better. You actually get to draw the card, so you can keep it and discard another potentially, or discard it straight away with a Merfolk Looter. Where as surveil is only being able to put into graveyard. Merfolk Looter doesn't need to attack either.
    Surveil is a nice ability, but as I say in a format that packs a lot of powerful draw cards, I feel it struggles a bit to compete.

    I do rate Price of Fame highly however, and it probably correct for me to run at least one creature removal card, and I think I'd pick this one for the deck, for it's ability to pick off commanders for 1B and you get the surveil 2.

    Yeah I was planning on playing Price as well, when I was looking to take this deck and add my own pet cards/meta calls the lack of removal really jumped out to me. My more casual build would probably run that + Sinister Sabotage over Force of Will as a budget+thematic alternative. The other clunky cards I mentioned probably aren't worth it though, but I'm gonna try Enhanced Surveillance to see if supercharging Lasav is enough to make it worth it.
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  • posted a message on Lazav, the Multifarious - Faceless Man and Robot Spy Drones
    Is Crackdown Construct too slow and tricky to pull off for this deck, even though it fits the robo theme? Its another card along with the Cephalid to combo off with Lightning Greaves, and you can pay a bunch of life with Hex Parasite to one-shot someone (or with Vector Asp's infect its much less life but much more mana), but the real combo is to target Ornithopter, Walking Ballista or any other 0 cost artifact creature in your yard infinite times with Lasav to pump up Lasav infinitely (and it doesn't matter if the creature Lasav becomes is 0/0, he'll get the Crackdown pump first before copying it and then all the other pumps will still apply). Then you just need to give Lasav evasion (Ornithopter comes pre-built with it) and someone's dead.

    What do you think about more Surveil and Surveil matters cards in a slightly more casual build of the deck, i.e. Enhanced Surveillance, Nightveil Sprite, Disinformation Campaign? If you surveil even just twice, the extra 4 cards you get to see with Enhanced Surveillance can help you dig into your deck to set up combos, any more cards than that and its overperforming. You can always loot it away if you draw it late (since the real strength is playing this turn 2 and then playing Lasav, it just seems very consistently strong when played early), plus the shuffle effect can help you protect your combo pieces from graveyard hate so you can tutor them up again later. The Sprite is similar to the loot creatures and is an additional source of evasion for Lasav, but surveiling is quite a bit worse than looting, though its very strong with the other cards listed I here. Campaign, along with some other card advantage/filter surveil cards I might run like Notion Rain and Discovery // Dispersal, seems like a good source of sustain in a deck that will most likely combo off slower than your build and thus will need some amount of sustain to keep going past my opponent's interaction and threats, but maybe its still too slow even for that.
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  • posted a message on Hoping to compile a list of Reanimate/Recursion tools that can be used immediately when creatures die.
    Faith's Reward as mentioned is good for recurring noncreatures, but Thrilling Encore is a super-Grim Return that gets not only your creatures back but your opponent's as well.

    If you're looking for some janky multi-piece combos, both those cards can be combined with Archaeomancer (and its ilk), a free sac outlet, and something to refund your mana like Peregrine Drake or Palinchron to create infinite mana, etbs, storm and sacrifice triggers. If you'd prefer a combo piece that's less cheesy and more generally useful than those two land untappers, Treachery can be brought back with Faith's Reward to do everything I just mentioned + steal and kill all of your opponents creatures via saccing them (you do need 2 extra nontoken creatures you own in play beyond Archaeomancer to complete the loop using Treachery) while also being a super powerful control tool in and of itself.
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  • posted a message on Pinpoint Discard
    I think that the card Thoughtseize, assuming an unknown meta, is typically going to be a poor card that can end up hurting you both politically and card advantage-wise in a typical game of multiplayer EDH. It's a card meant for 1v1 and highly competitive environments.

    However Thoughtseize is not the only form of pinpoint discard, and I think with certain strategies and cards these discard effects can really shine in a fair amount of metas, casual and semi-casual alike.

    In my experience, both Tidehollow Sculler and his younger brother Mesmeric Fiend are political and information-gathering tools that, when paired with sac outlets and recursion, can give you a big advantage. The political aspect comes in the fact that playing these cards reveals someone's hand to the table, and if you choose the right person (aka the one most likely to be holding on to powerful cards), you can bring the whole table against them due to them seeing their strong hand (plus you get information on what they're holding too). What's more, because the effects of both Sculler and Fiend are temporary in that their death results in your opponent getting their card back, taking a powerful card (Genesis Wave, Torment of Hailfire, Tooth and Nail etc.) from their hand doesn't stop them from being a threat. Unlike with Thoughtseize where taking away their one good card both leaves them with nothing (they now may target you out of spite) and the table doesn't have to worry as much about the cards they have (and thus won't target that opponent more), the card being temporarily exiled still means the opponent who owns it is a permanent problem.

    That by itself isn't enough however, as you can end up whiffing on hitting a good card (one of the issues with Thoughtseize) and the opponent can of course kill your creature to get their card back, effectively costing you a card for no real gain. That's where the sac outlets come in, as you can respond to the exile trigger by saccing Fiend or Sculler, thereby permanently exiling the card you take. And if the sac outlet you use is something like Vampiric Rites or Evolutionary Leap, then you are simultaneously disrupting your opponent's gameplan while advancing your own, gaining information and potentially diverting attention away from you. If you also pair them with ways to recur creatures, like Phyrexian Reclamation or Sun Titan, as well as ways to get value from creatures in general, like Skullclamp or Harvester of Souls, Tidehollow Sculler and Mesmeric Fiend can be useful tools that you can recur when their effects are needed (opponent drawing many cards or tutoring excessively) that enable non-blue decks to interact with cards they normally can't. I've played them both to good effect on in an Athreos, God of Passage deck where there are additional political implications via opponents letting me get them back to help tear apart a threatening player's hand with the use of a sac outlet. Additionally that deck was fairly combo-heavy, so being able to check if the player with mana up can interact with me for the low cost of 2 mana is very useful.

    Outside of those two, there are a couple others pinpoint discard cards that seem playable though I haven't played them myself. Corpse Traders and Mind Slash maybe fall outside the line of "pinpoint", but they do allow a similar effect to Sculler and Fiend in that if you pair them with tokens or creatures you want to sac, you can generate advantages for yourself while also gaining information and disrupting opponents. Corpse Traders seems too mana inefficient while Mind Slash seems so efficient it might end up getting you targeted yourself if your deck can really abuse it, but they both seem like they could have a place in the right deck.

    Conversely, Entomber Exarch is a broad utility card that seems like it can fit in any creature-heavy deck yet always ends up getting cut from early drafts of decks I initially include him in. The split card aspect of him is strong in that if the Duress effect is unlikely to have a good target at the moment (empty hands, heavy creature strategies), he's still a Gravedigger, so any deck interested in that effect for that cost can use him, but my decks are usually playing at a higher power level than Gravedigger. Outside of something a bit janky like Cleric tribal, he seems like a card that can fit in lower powerlevel decks or in decks where both creature recursion and hand disruption, no matter the cost, are things the deck is in strong need of, potentially as a flexible if costly silver bullet.

    TLDR: Most pinpoint discard effects in multiplayer are bad because they are situational 1-for-1s, but when stapled to a permanent your deck is set up to abuse, and when used to create political advantages and gain information, they can be strong tools for non-blue decks to disrupt enemy win conditions while protecting their own.
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  • posted a message on Spellseeker, how good is it, and which decks do you play it in?
    If you want a more permanent answer to a board of creatures than Cyclonic Rift, Black Sun's Zenith and Martial Coup are both options (along with the myriad of X red sweepers).
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  • posted a message on Yuriko, The Tiger's Shadow: Your 2 mana Hydra Omnivore (that draws you cards)
    The Scuttler-Warp-Yuriko combo is actually only 9 mana to start, provided you already have Time Warp and Scuttler in hand and hit both your land drops for the next two extra turns. On 9 mana is Time Warp + Vexing Scuttler (saccing Yuriko) recurring Time Warp, on 10 mana is Time Warp + 5 mana you can spend removing blockers or drawing cards to hit land drops, on 11 mana is Ninjutsu back Scuttler with Yuriko, sac Yuriko to Scuttler getting Warp, play Warp.
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  • posted a message on Which C18 Commanders are you building?
    Yuriko and Tuvasa have already been built and are currently awaiting sleeves. :p Commanders that draw cards are inherently things that I am drawn to, and these do them in ways that I love: enabling janky unlockable creatures to be powerful (also Ninjas), and reviving an old, absolute pile of a gimmicky enchantress deck I used to run that I am excited to have true support for.

    Brudiclad and Windgrace I want to build, I just don't have the inspiration to build them atm. Brudiclad I do have a general idea of where I'll take it, but I also currently have an artifact deck that's hogging lots of powerful artifact support cards, so I'll probably wait till I'm done enjoying that deck. Windgrace I'm a bit stumped on what overall strategy to take, I just know that I've always loved land based strategies (Borboygmos Enraged etc.) so an idea will come in time, I have too many decks hogging powerful lands atm however so I'm in no rush.

    I feel I am somewhat alone in my excitement for Arixmethes. Having a consistent effect out of the command zone, specifically the ability to always go straight to 7 mana from 4 with few ways for opponents to stop you is very powerful and can break deck building in certain ways. I haven't looked too much into an overall theme outside of Krakens and big sea monsters, but I think there's some potential for a great deck that can allow some lesser played expensive bombs to shine.
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  • posted a message on Yuriko, Eldrazi's Shadow (Let's Brew)!
    I've just got some individual thoughts on cards and card effects that may or may not have been discussed yet:

    Crystal Shard/Erratic Portal/Cavern Harpy/Vedalken Mastermind: I think along with sac outlets to enable Yuriko's constant Ninjutsu, self-bounce effects do the same while both protecting our creatures from removal and enabling the reuse of ETBs. It's worth mentioning that unlike the sac outlets, these cards help non-Yuriko Ninjas get back to your hand for more Ninjutsu action.

    The Harpy I feel is a little slow and clunky, but there is something to be said for a creature that flies in to enable Ninjutsu and is basically unkillable. If you draw the Harpy, you're going to be able to enable Ninjutsu for the rest of the game, even if it costs you a bit of mana and life.

    Shard and Portal both seem very good if your strategy has a big emphasis on powerful ETBs like Spellseeker or Venser, Shaper Savant. Unlike Harpy they protect your guys at instant speed and can clear blockers against opponents who drop their guard or are forced to tap out.

    Mastermind seems a bit weaker, but can be useful at protecting important noncreatures like Arcane Adaptation and can also get in for Ninjutsu on an opponent with their pants down.

    Triton Shorestalker/ Slither Blade/Gudul Lurker/Mist-Cloaked Herald/Tormented Soul: My current build of Yuriko is playing all of these, and I haven't tested the deck yet, but in theory they seem powerful. Being 1 mana means you can Ninjutsu Yuriko in on turn 2 (which overdraws you fwiw), but the real value is starting the chain of card draw and unlockable Ninjas super early to draw into your power cards and make land drops as fast as possible. Being 1 mana also means you can drop them back down on the cheap after you've Ninjutsu'd them up while still leaving up interaction. I feel like there's less of a need to run some of the jankier big CMC cards (Never//Return, Consign//Oblivion) if you increase the number of times you trigger Yumiko, which is what you want to be doing anyway. The first two on the list are also Rogues, which is helpful with both Notorious Throng andKnowledge Exploitation.Coastal Piracy/Bident of Thassa become way more threatening as well. How competitive do you think this strategy is compared to a build that's more control heavy?

    Wingcrafter/Siren Stormtamer: In a similar vein to the last group of cards, having cheap evasive utility dorks seem like real good things to have to enable our Ninjas. I'm unsure how often Stormtamer will actually do anything, it seems more likely for our board to get wrathed than for any of our dorky creatures to get targeted, but it has more play to it than Slither Blade. :p Wingcrafter is both something to play early when there are likely no blockers to get Yuriko in there, while later enabling in-play Ninjas flight to jump over blockers while being a flier itself for another Ninja to Ninjutsu.

    Lay Claim/Striped Riverwinder/Street Wraith/Cycling cards: I don't think I'll go this route, but it would be interesting to fill the deck with a bunch of cycling cards you don't intend to cast for the purpose of doing big damage with Yuriko without needing to always use Scroll Rack, Top etc. And unlike some of the less impressive and clunky big CMC cards, you can cycle these for 1 or 2 mana (preferably 1, though a card like Lay Claim will occasionally be worth casting sometimes and thus is worth the higher cycling cost) and still have a relatively smooth draw. They also help fuel delve, and you can potentially go for a Living Death strategy with lots of value dorks and looting.

    Lim-Dul's Vault: If you are looking for more topdeck manipulation and tutors, this acts like a painful cross between the two. You can dig deep to find whatever card you need to win the game, or just flip cards till you find a pile with 3-4 8+ mana cards and blow the table up with Yuriko. Seems worth testing.
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  • posted a message on Yuriko, Eldrazi's Shadow (Let's Brew)!
    To give some love to the Distended Mindbender, I think it also has some use as a political tool. If someone at the table is being the archenemy, another player at the table can allow your Mindbender to get through unblocked so that you can Ninjutsu it back to hand (you can even have your Ninja attack the archenemy thanks to how Ninjutsu works) to rip their hand apart again. Both the Ninjutsu and the Mindbender trigger are immune to conventional counterspells too.

    Also I just realized that while the Scuttler-Warp-Yuriko combo takes 11 mana to be infinite, it only takes 9 to start as long as you hit your land drops on your extra turns. Turn 9 is Time Warp + Vexing Scuttler saccing Yuriko recurring Time Warp, turn 10 is Time Warp + 5 mana you can spend removing blockers, Turn 11 is Ninjutsu back Scuttler with Yuriko, sac Yuriko to Scuttler getting Warp, play Warp. That's wayyyy better than I thought it was.
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  • posted a message on Yuriko, Eldrazi's Shadow (Let's Brew)!
    Quote from thomeyis »

    Edit: I'd like to note that Exploit cards work very well with Yuriko, because you can always get her back for two mana. I don't know if any of them are worth playing, but the synergy is there.

    In the same vein, Emerge is a mechanic that pulls triple duty with Yuriko, giving you a way to sac her to let her Ninjutsu again, they are all ETB guys to recur, and they're all 7+ mana bombs to hit off Yuriko that really only cost 4 or so.

    Of the available options, Elder Deep-Fiend, Distended Mindbender, and Vexing Scuttler (can't link, on mobile :/) all seem playable, with Wretched Gryff being a serviceable draw engine that I think is too inefficient.

    Deep-Fiend taps down blockers for your Ninjas while keeping big attackers off your back, Mindbender can pick apart the hand of whoever you think is threatening you, and Scuttler fits with the Warp recursion theme, making an infinite, though expensive 11 mana combo with Yoriko: cast Time Warp, sac Yoriko to Scuttler getting Warp, on your next turn attack unblocked with Scuttler (Key to the City etc) to Ninjutsu Scuttler back with Yuriko, go back to step 1.
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  • posted a message on Full Spoiler is up
    On the lack of Killbots, not every legend is meant for Commander. RB also got a buttload (bolt-load?) of very playable commanders to play with compared to pretty much every other colour combo (UB got two cool ones, GW and RG got one each and UW has 0 if you don't count Calcutron), and the other RB ones do more interesting things than just come into play for stupid cheap and be annoying to kill. I'm betting she wasn't originally a legend either, they may have just slapped the tag on her to emphasize the evil villain theme and come up with a cool flavour story for the wonky Ninjutsu-esque mechanic they made for this card.
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