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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Hey esdawt, what do you sideboard in and out against Red?

    Hey Sandfrog, same q. How the hell do you beat Red?
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    I am really not so sure about his choices.

    Trying so hard get the 'Perfect' Plan A seems wrong.
    Attacking on turn 3 with a curious creature seems almost as strong, if it can be protected.

    Turn 1 opt, Turn 2 Two Drop, Turn 3 Curious + Counter/Defend

    Is almost as good.
    And I think part of the reason it is almost as good is the Siren Stormtamer can be cast first on turn 3, then the curious, and then attack.
    Removing the opt does reduce the chances of that.
    Opt is often free since mana needs to be kept open to use the Siren Stormtamer's ability.

    The 2 drops being the Trickster and Warkite also matter because they :
    Tap a creature from nowhere, and then attack carrying the obsession
    Fly over while blanking a creature, carrying the obsession.

    Frank's choices of Pteramander, Surge Mare & Exclusion Mage dont do that.
    They are all worse carriers of the obsession, and interact with Opt far worse.

    Being unblockable is obviously better as an Obsession carrier, but, if Mist-Cloaked Herald is on the table without an obsession, it is the worst card in the deck.

    The reason I am pointing out how good the Warkite is at carrying the Obsession is to show the Stormtamers are often better being used as protection on turn 3. Pretty regularly they are just as effective as Dive Down, and sometimes better than spell pierce.

    Focussing so narrowly on only the perfect draw of Plan A seem too short a view.

    Mist-Cloaked Herald (& Warkite) not being wizards has lost me games.
    Pteramander, & Surge Mare not being Wizards is worth pointing out.

    Turn 2 Trickster, Turn 3 Obsession + Retort
    Has worked out just fine for me.
    And Warkite, in particular, has been woeful against Red.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Standard Mono-Blue Tempo By Frank Karsten // 16 Jan, 2019 (from the link)

    4 x Siren Stormtamer
    4 x Mist-Cloaked Herald
    1 x Pteramander
    4 x Merfolk Trickster
    2 x Surge Mare
    4 x Tempest Djinn
    2 x Exclusion Mage
    3 x Sphinx of Foresight

    4 x Curious Obsession
    4 x Dive Down
    2 x Spell Pierce
    1 x Essence Capture
    4 x Wizard’s Retort

    21 x Island

    Differences :
    2 x Mist-Cloaked Herald
    1 x Pteramander
    2 x Surge Mare
    2 x Exclusion Mage
    1 x Essence Capture

    Instead of (for me):
    4x Opt
    3x WarKite M
    1x Dive Down

    I am thinking Frank hasn't actually played it, but, maybe he has. There are a lot of decks there, all without SB.
    I would have the Surge Mare, Exclusion Mage, and Essence Capture in the sideboard.
    Many of us have already tried these out.
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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    1/1 at GLab (late + Bye as well)

    0/2 loss to Thing + (Thru The Breach + Emrukal)
    Loss to Thing, then turn 3 Anger of the Gods, then Emrukal
    Loss to Blood Moon, then . . . Thing, Thing then Emrukal

    2/1 Red
    loss Eidolon was too good
    win quick spread
    win Martyr of Sand = gain 15 life Smile
    Red Player -> "You got some smug on your face there"

    Played some bonus games against Humans, lost 0/3
    Humans is just a savage beating. Every trick I have just doesn't do nuthin'.
    They don't use the graveyard.
    They don't have boardwipe.
    They don't cast 4 cost spells, or X spells.
    They don't have black creatures.
    They have bigger flyers.
    They have sprint creatures I can't fight.
    Reflector Mage is hideous.
    They always get lucky and take the Spectral procession.
    Their meddling mage still works.
    Little Thalia misses their only spell, Aether Vial.
    Aether Vial is really effect against us because of that instant creature fear.
    Their illusion is always good because it can copy Bananaman, WLL, or any of their toys, because there is always a build up of creatures.
    Mantis Riders is a huge problem.
    Champion of the Parish + Lieutenant are both hideous because of the inherent buildup of creatures.

    Humans is just appalling.
    I can still grab a game or two, but, ergh.
    Every card they play is just BAD for me.

    I think Merfolk is also bad.
    Red/Blue is also ugly, but can be beat.

    I haven't been playing any black decks lately, and I just haven't been pumping the Knights at all.
    Maybe they should change.
    I have lost a couple of games to Blood Moon. As a play style, I need to fetch more Plains. Maybe I should be playing more plains too.
    Ensnaring bridge has also been a problem.
    Maybe Leonin Relic-Warder should be tried in base.
    They would also annoy Amulet, Walking Ballista, Oblivion Stone & bitterblossom too.
    Most decks are going to be able to just kill them though, so the charge better be quick.

    Reducing Gaddocks to 2, with 2 in the board seems kinda needed, but wrong.
    Whats the point of some much green then?

    Seems funny. At one point I think I hit 14 protection from black creatures.

    Knight of Autumn seems too much like a toolbox. An everything card.
    Mirror Entity might work against Human and Merfolk. Might not too.
    Qusali Pridemage may be a better idea than Relic warder, but, maybe not. The extra mana to nail the problem is significant, but so is the fact the relic warder does not have to sac.

    Aggregate Results so far for W/gk
    26/12 - Full results for White/gk

    14/2 in last 5 tourneys, all small.

    The worst cards in my most problematic match ups are Little Thalia, Gaddock, and pump knights.

    Dryad often does not use it's ability, same with Soldier, but they are 2/1 and only 1 cost. They are much faster.

    The little token from the Legion is really ordinary at only a 1/1.
    My problem decks do not wipe the board, so, the legion is weak too since the token generator never wins these creature stall games.

    I am going to try out Relic Warders instead of the Pump knights in base.
    Taking out the Aether vial in Humans may just be enough. It is a huge slow down for them, and even if they Reflector mage it back, the Aether vial doesn't work since it reenters without counters, and they can already cast Reflector mages, so , whatever and the game is probably over.
    The Gaddocks and Little Thalia's need to go because they slow/stop the Spectral Processions, and that is likely how I am going to win. Also, slowing my Path to Exiles is annoying, and I am going to need to hit their Mantis Riders, most likely.

    I am also putting a Guardians Pledge back in the board.

    So, Current sideboarding against Humans is very different.

    1xBig Thalia
    2xStillmoon Cav
    1xGuardians Pledge
    4xPath To Exile

    3xLittle Thalia
    2x ??Dryad??

    Really not sure this is going to work since Kitesail Freebooter gets more targets, but, surely it can't get any worse.

    Probably the same sideboarding against Merfolk, except the Still moon stay out & the dryad stay in.

    Intellectually, the Relic Warden seems a good switch.
    Not great vs Blood moon, but, better than nuthin.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Iceheart_Omnis "I second everything you said"


    Iceheart_Omnis "I'm not so sure about 4x copies of a 4-drop, maybe the deck would need a 21st Island"

    In my proposed list above, is 3 copies, and 21 Islands. Smile

    In the Mirror, Pteramander does not like Warkite.
    Izzet drakes also has flyers
    And Cruel Harpooner is a complete downer.

    The adapt prolly does work, but I would want a higher spell count.
    Try it out an report.


    Part of the reason that ZERO land hand is a keeper is because the sphinx has a 21/53 chance of a land in each of the 3 scryed cards. 3 x 0.396 = 1.19 land
    If that is rounded up to 2, fantastic, and the second scry looks at 1 card

    If it is rounded down to 1 Island, the second scry is 2x @ 20/50 = 0.8 land

    What I am trying to explain is the most likely outcome is 2 Island.
    Even if it is only 1 island, you can still draw one on your second (unknown) draw.
    You can still chance the win with an Obsession to draw a bonus card.
    You can still Opt for 2 more chances.

    If you are going to Mulligan, and draw 6 cards, why not Scry 3+3 cards instead?

    And sure, on the play, 1st turn 'Pass' is not intimidating.
    On the draw it rolls out as normal.

    . . . But, that is a ZERO LAND keeper!
    No other standard deck can do that.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    4x Shocklands + 4x Wilds + 1x Off Colour basic

    Is a really bad idea.

    1) Evolving Wilds is SLOW. Turn 1 Creature, turn 2 Curious (with protection), CAN'T happen if you play an E.Wilds.

    2) Shock + OffColour = 5 / 20 land are now NOT basic Islands. This means Tempest Djinn is 3/4 as powerful as it once was. Tempest Djinn is the grunt of the deck.

    3) 'Tempo' means you are trying to go faster than them.
    * Shocklands hurt, and the pain will cost you games.
    * Evolving Wilds create tapped mana which will slow you down.
    * Off Colour mana is often useless.
    All of these things suck.

    Changing the deck to directly weaken the primary and secondary plan is a bad idea.
    Interfering with the whole 'Concept' mentioned in the name seems an obvious No-No.

    Say you get unlucky and draw 3 Shocks and a Djinn.
    A 0/4 is just bad, and might have cost you 6 life.
    Sure, that is a ridiculous extreme, but it is an extreme that does not exist in Mono-U.

    Sky-Tether & Deputy are just not very good to start with.
    Sky tether stops flying creatures from blocking, but, isn't that precisely what War Kite does?
    Essence Capture is way more in character, and I do not think that should be base.
    This deck really WANTS pure Blue.

    When you get Island, Island, and then draw an E.Wilds while holding a Djinn, it blows.
    When you get Island, Island, and then draw a mountain, you will understand.
    And it does happen.

    It will also happen, really regularly, that your off-colour splash spells will appear, and the mana source just wont.
    For a normal 3 card off colour splash, I would want 13+ sources.
    Sure, this deck has some card filtering, but only 9 sources is a complete liability.

    This deck is Mono-U Tempo. It is in the name.
    Cards that interfere with Djinn & Curious Obsession should be avoided.

    Play the deck in any level of competition and those two cards stand out as being far stronger than all the others. They win games.
    The only reason I am interested in reducing the 1-drops and 1 cost protection spells is because I am not sure it is that helpful to have eight of each when there is on four curious obsessions 8+8+4 puts a whole lot of stress on that 4. Drawing lots of spell pierces & Dive Downs and no creatures is much more of a problem than drawing lots of creatures, or lots of obsession.

    The reason the Sphinx is SO GOOD is because it directly supports and finds the cards to make Plan A & Plan B happen.
    Sphinx is the only card in standard I can think of that actually supports Plan A {Turn 1 creature, turn 2 Obsession (with Protection)}. And that is solely because it has a pregame effect.
    No other approach is going to actively support Plan A because it will cost mana.

    Sphinx is FREE !

    Sphinx even allows Mono-U to keep more 1 land hands!

    Sphinx is Bollocks because it increases the consistency of Mono-U. The outliers were the main problem that U had, and Sphinx just corrects them.

    This does not mean that other decks can't win, it just means that Mono-U wont fall in holes so often.
    Sphinx makes Mono-U into my kind of deck.
    The opponent can absolutely win, but they have to do something really good.
    And fast.

    Also Sage's Row Savant looks like it might be good enough.
    It's a wizard, Harry, and Scry 2 is a fine ability. Definitely not overpowered, but playable.
    I have found Mystic A to semi-regularly win games, especially when a significant amount of countermagic is sideboarded in. Sage's Row seems a much faster, but less dominant effect.
    I think I still prefer War-Kite though.

    ***** ********
    Imagine this ZERO LAND hand

    Sphinx, Sphinx, Siren S, Curious Obsession, Dive Down, Mist-Cloaked H, Opt

    Play, or draw, I would KEEP IT ! Smile
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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop

    "user-100025592" - Storm is strong. It is a good reason to not have Path in base deck. Going HARD is one way to keep them honest.
    Dryad & Little Thalia really does annoy them. Big Thalia making their tokens tapped is OK too.
    Martyr of Sands is a fun way to confuse storm, because via grapeshot they often can't do 35 damage.
    Aetherswon cannonist also works, until they shoot it.

    I am only playing 3 WLL in base at the moment because drawing 2 of them can be a hassle and stuff up the curve.
    Also, only getting 3 land just blows.
    WLL is still so much better than the other choices.

    Login "my meta is heavy on black decks" -> Devout Lightcaster
    Death Shadow HATES it
    And, Try Windbrisk Heights instead of 2 Brave the elements
    You need more land, and mutavault does not tap for white, same Abby & Academy.

    I don't like Gavony Riders.

    I have already said all my perspectives....
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    The deck has some obvious strong points to start with

    Spinhx should be a 2-3 in main.
    I think Essence capture is probably 0-1-2 in main, with maybe the remainder in the side.
    Quench is an optional, it will see play, and might be good enough. I think Spell Pierce fills this position better, but, yeah, it will see play here.
    Ptermander, doesn't seem good enough, but, maybe...

    If the Sphinx has enough of an effect, an opt or two might be replaceable.
    I think i am interested in exploring a much more violent version. The war-kites can be a thing of real fear. But, Red is just such a hassle.

    The reason I don't want the Essence capture base is to avoid just losing against Creatureless decks.
    Quench, Disdainful stroke and even Spell pierce are similar, but all different.
    Dive Down can also be slightly problematic, and I would probably lose one of them.

    The sphinx allows the deck to take early loses, and still have a huge air wing by turn 4 via a Djinn and a Sphinx.

    I reckon this is likely what I will be trying first. . . .

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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Hey user-100030115,
    Welcome aboard.

    Splashing is just not a great idea when playing Tempest Djinn

    eyes everywhere is an interesting card, but just not strong enough.
    There have been similar cards before, in particular Search for Azcanta. Very similar effect, and cheaper.
    Yet, Search for A is just not quite what this deck wants.

    Compare Eyes Everywhere with the card I have been frothing about, Sphinx of Foresight
    The sphinx has the same "scry 1" ability as an afterthought, but also has a way strong Pregame ability, and a 4/4 flyer body for an extra U.
    The main Kick of EE costs 6, and while that can happen, only playing 20 land makes that really unlikely in most situations.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    kysg, your example 5-0 decklist is exactly the Standard Mono-U from the top of Page 9.
    (with the standard 2 card change)

    -2 Warkite
    +1 Sleep
    +1 Essence Scatter

    Every Sideboard card is bog standard.
    The Chemister Insight you focus on is mentioned on 5 different previous pages.

    kysg - "No, you didn't explain anything snd what you did explain"

    So, the thing I did explain, I didn't explain ? Smile
    You funny.

    Why quote all of someone's post, ignore it, and then misspell something rude?

    Mono-U has two main wins :

    1) Get a curious obsession on a creature, and protect it.
    Requires 2 Islands, a one drop, a curious obsession, and hopefully a Dive Down or Spell Pierce.

    2) Get a Tempest Djinn, and do beats.
    Requires 3 Islands and a Tempest Djinn

    Sure, it can spam together a swarm, or counterspell the critical opponent spells, but it's hard.
    The deck lacks Beef.

    Sphinx is SO GOOD because it supports both win conditions, AND it's a 3rd win condition.

    Sphinx finds missing cards to support the turn 1 Dude, turn 2 Curious & Protect
    Sphinx finds the extra land, and Djinns to support the flying beats
    Sphinx is the missing 4 power Beef, especially when the Djinn die.

    Sphinx having Scry 1 is just gravy.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Have at what?

    I found exactly the card I searched for. I have explained why it's ace.
    You reckon "Nope" x3
    Have a nice random opinion, and have fun with that.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    yes, yes, and yes. Smile

    Complete rebuttal of all your in depth points.

    I have scoured through all blue creatures looking for this card.
    It has TWO abilities beyond what I wanted, both of which are strong.
    Be wrong, I do not mind.

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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    EerieE only works when you have mana.
    I never have the mana.

    Selfless Spirit is better, and cheaper.
    Except, maybe, against terminus.
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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    Hey Legion, You are playing massed MonoW Humans.

    While Gideon becomes a human, he does not trigger your 8 human boosters.
    Hero of Bladehold does, but, not doing anything the turn you cast him makes him really slow, and hard to cast in a deck playing only 19 land.

    Your deck does not have the resilience to survive a boardwipe, but does have a faster kill.
    I reckon you might be better off embracing that a bit.
    4x Dauntless Bodyguard and upping Kytheon to 3x seems better.

    I reckon dumping all the seatbelts and really riding that pony might be a better option.

    I mean ALL the seatbelts. Go 40 humans. Mardu Woe-Reaper maybe even Dragonhunters

    Gideon's Lawkeeper & Martyr of Sands are interesting SB options

    Proclamation of Rebirth is a fascinating and completely different approach. And it works when playing 30+ one drops.
    I have had control players just sag after casting it the turn after they wipe the board.
    Them - Damnation
    Me - Proclamation for Champion, Kytheon, Dauntless B (name Champ)
    Them - Read Proclamation, (over and over), Search for boardwipe, Durdle
    Me - Bananaman, Take 11, Transform, Untap and invulnerable the Bananaman
    Them - Damnation, kill, uh, the Dauntless Bodyguard?

    Compare that with your current response to massed point and kill, then double Damnation.

    Guardians' Pledge, now there is a kill card.
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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    My Current Build. Oh my is this thing reliable, fast, and rude.

    I want a way to deal with ensnaring bridge, and maybe blood moon.
    Probably in the board.
    Leonin Relic warder just doesn't seem thumpy enough to be main, and not specialised enough to be board. Maybe I should try Conclave Tribunal as a cover all band aid.

    A 3rd Devout lightcaster would also be lovely.
    Often they don't work, but when they do . . . WHAM! Black players are Shocked.
    When they land they change the game.
    Losing the 2x Martyr is prolly going to be OK, but, Red is a problem.
    Currently I am just trimming all of the land sources that cause me pain, making it harder for red to kill me.
    I am just not playing against red much, so I spoze it doesn't matter.
    I would also like some way of fighting Elves, but that seems very unlikely.
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