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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Went 2/1 in a tiny tournament.

    Tried Cerulean drake base, and did not play against red. boarded out all 4 each game.

    The new Elemental deck is strong, and unbeatable if it gets rolling.

    Aether Gust never got drawn.

    Sphinx of Foresight was magnificent.
    I kept a ZERO land hand, and smashed it.
    I cast it as the spell that actually stuck, and the scry found the counterspells to protect it.

    Transmog wand seems hopeful.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    So I played burn 3 times. It has been fun.

    4/0, (2xIntentional Draws, then loss in quarterfinals)

    It is an interesting deck to play for me purely because I play all formats. Vintage, Legacy, Modern, Standard, and the best format, Highlander (Australian Highlander , not EDH or Commander). I have even played a little draft recently, but, I don't play each format much.

    Not knowing a format intensely, or being focussed on one set of decktypes makes it much harder to get really good at complex decks. As example, the format I have played the most recently was Highlander, and remembering which creatures are in the deck so the Green Sun's Zenith works properly is quite difficult.
    Being able to play like this means I always have a deck ready for each format, just grab and play.
    It also means I just don't get to know a lot about what everyone else is playing.

    Frustratingly, I am yet to play against Dark Depths. Slowly, the hatred I am playing against Dark Depths is fading.
    I played against a DD player last night, and he wasn't playing DD. D'oh

    Burn sideboarding is a little different to other sideboarding. I do not agree about trying to improve the deck a little by gently massaging numbers. Burn cards are mostly interchangeable between each other. Rift bolt or Lava spike or chain lightning isnt a huge difference. Goblin or Swiftspear isn't massively different.
    Eidolon is different, as is Sulphuric Vortex, but not hugely so.

    The mana base in Burn is incredibly blah. Fetchlands or not depends on grim lavamancer (& Searing Blaze).
    The only other choices are if Horizon canopy lands, or Barbarian Ring should be included. Including either means the 4th Fireblast should be replaced.

    Barbarian ring has been Excellent.
    At a conceptual level, it seems far better than a Horizon land, but very similar. If the horizon land is needed to tap for mana, it can, and hurts. Exactly like a B-Ring If there is too much land, pay a mana and draw a burn card, well, 2/3rds of a burn card. And 2/3rds of 3 = 2
    Barabrian Ring does exactly the same thing, 2 damage.

    The reason B-Ring is better is because it can't be counterspelled, (or discarded), and because it does not need more mana to actually cause the damage. The lightning bolt drawn from the horizon land still needs a mana to cast.

    Either way, 18 land is just not enough. 20 is so much more comfortable.
    I am quite happy playing 4 Barbarian rings.

    Light up the Stage is a mana source, sorta.
    Turn one riftbolt, M-SSpear or Goblin means Light Up can be cast on turn 2 from a single mana. Seeing a one land hand and keeping it can be done, sometimes. Maybe you will draw a second on turn 1 or 2. Maybe LutS will show a 2nd. And maybe you will just lose, it happens.
    Currently I am playing 2x LutS.

    Skewer the critics hasn't worked for me.

    Sideboard is more interesting.
    Smash to Smithereens deserves a full 4 of. Smashing Chalice of the void is good. So is breaking a batterskull, or sword of Ice & fire from a Stoneforge

    Searing Blaze also deserves a full 4 of. It works good. Burning a delver, snapcaster, Strix, Stoneforge, goblin, or whatever is a really good thing. It works.

    The other 7 cards in sideboard can be anything.
    Anyhoo, I have been play a couple of weird sirdboard cards, and they have been working.

    Last night I played against a turn 1 Trimisphere, and a turn 2 Chandra.
    Ball Lightning is an AWESOME way to kill Chandra. Smile
    Then Smash to Smithereens, Bang, bang, bang.clunk. His Ancient Tomb certainly helped, but he was casting a lot of 3 cost Goblin makers and would have got me on his next turn.
    I highly reccomend a Ball lightning or two in the board. Against all in strategies, it does get thru.

    Pyrostatic pillar has won me a game against storm.

    Sulphuric Vortex does work if forced into a long game.

    Alpine Moon is still a 4 of for me, and I am still boarding an Island of Wak-Wak, come on Dark Depths.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo

    Went 3-0 in a tiny tournament

    2-1 Beat dinosaurs, but, I REALLY shouldn't have. Opponent just didn't realise Shifting Triceratops can have reach. He only bought them yesterday. The card is HORRENDOUS for us. He was playing four and drew them. Its obscene. We swapped decks and played some more, and I stomped my Blue deck with his Dinosaurs.

    2-1 Beat Nicol Bolas. Just. well made home brew version. Odd draws on both sides. Easily could have gone the other way. Ritual of soot and Cry are backbreaking. Sphinx was a real star.

    2-0 Beat Red. He got flooded, and he missed a couple of tricks. Newer player. Sphinx was awesome in the second game. We played another 4 games and I taught him a lot of his decks tricks and timing.
    Chainwhirler is much less effective now than I am only playing 4x Stormtamers as my only 1 defense creatures, after boarding.

    Curious obsession was important in 2 wins, and not sighted much else.
    I haven't updated it in months. Not sure I would want to.

    None of the cards listed above seem stronger.
    Sure, lots of them are playable.
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  • posted a message on My Vintage Black & Blue
    Both of Us Play
    1 Tinker
    1 Time Walk
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Brainstorm
    1 Ponder
    4 Force of Will
    1 Tezzeret the Seeker
    1 Mystical Tutor

    1 Sol Ring
    1 Mox Sapphire
    1 Black Lotus
    1 Mox Jet
    1 Mana Vault

    1 Yawgmoth's Will
    1 Demonic Tutor
    1 Vampiric Tutor

    1 Blightsteel Colossus
    1 Time Vault
    1 Voltaic Key

    4 Underground Sea
    2 Tundra
    7x Fetchland
    1 Library of Alexandria
    1 Tolarian Academy

    Just You
    4 Thoughtseize
    2 Duress
    1 Imperial Seal

    1 Personal Tutor
    4 Daze
    2 Spell Pierce
    3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    1 Tezzeret the Seeker (2nd one)

    2 Watery Grave
    1 Mox Emerald
    1 Mox Pearl
    1 Mox Ruby
    1 Lotus Petal
    1 Mana Crypt

    Just Me
    1 Fact or Fiction
    1 Mana Drain
    1 Muddle the Mixture
    1 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
    1 Snapcaster Mage
    3 Preordain
    1 Mental Misstep

    1 Mind Twist
    2 Dark Confidant
    1 Balance
    1 Merchant Scroll

    1 Sensei's Divining Top

    2 Tundra
    1 Island
    1 Seat of the Synod
    1 Mishra's Factory
    4 Wasteland
    1 Strip Mine

    Yours can be more explosive. Mine is more stable
    Your extra artifact mana is faster, and less reliable

    Yours is going for Hand disruption, Mine goes for land disruption

    Mine has 2 more blue mana, and more 3 more cantrips
    Yours has 4 more Heavy blue Planeswalkers

    You use those walkers to win and draw cards, while I am using Fact/Sensei/cantrips/Vryn/ and Bob

    I like mine a whole lot more, but, well, that's magic.
    I have also been playing this off and on for an extremely long time.

    I like having the Bobs, and the Mishra's Factory as back up kills.
    Transmuting the muddle into well, anything, is a neat trick.
    So is using the tinker on the Factory since it only becomes an artifact when I want it. This matters since I just don't have as many artifacts as you.
    My academy is worse, but I am far more resilient to Artifact hate. Often it does nothing to me.

    I use the Strip/Waste approach because everyone has lands, and sometimes I just win because they only have one blue source.
    After a discard the game always goes on.

    The top is REALLY strong. The interaction with Key is also a bit abusive. Works good with Bob and fetches, obviously.

    Manadrain spending mana on a Mindtwist or fact is good. But the double U is tricky, which is one reason I am playing more. Same with casting the Muddle...

    You dont list a sideboard. Oh well.

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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    I go with 23 land because I need 3 land.
    I go with 22 sources of W because I need WWW.
    I still get mana screwed, and colour screwed.

    My 23rd coloured land has annoyed me sometimes, but Megatog is OK with 17. Smile
    You guys play too little land for my tastes
    You guys play colourless sources to stop decks I don't need to. (And it is the right choice, not saying otherwise.)
    I gave up on GQ went I started drawing 2 GQ, one Plains, and just lost.
    Those types of Bad Draws annoy me, so I play my deck, where I can't get them.
    I am at the point of writing notes to myself to be careful when I draw my 23rd land, the Dryad Arbor, so I do not cast the Dryad Militant in my opening hand to avoid possible colour screw on turn 3. That is the level of consistency built into My Army.

    Squadron Hawk is a bad card.
    When I wrote "I see one neat combo, and lots of bad decisions.", let me walk you thru it.
    Say you draw a squadron hawk in your opening hand, of the other 59 cards, 3 more are Squadron Hawks, and 3 are force of virtue.
    You are just as likely to be unlucky, as you are lucky. That blows. And if you ARE lucky, great! Now draw a second Squadron Hawk in the remaining 58.
    And how about that hand where you draw 3 squadron Hawks, and no Virtue? Or 3 Virtue, and no Hawks?

    When I draw all 3 WLL, sure, I am most likely going to mulligan. But that is 3 out of 3. Not 3 out of 4. And sometimes, 3 WLL is OK.
    But thats my only mulligan like that.

    I aint disregarding the free Anthem off a Squaddie, that is the 'One neat Combo', but, . . .Really?
    Suddenly you are playing a disenchant target that costs 2 cards.
    I am specifically not playing ANY disenchant targets.
    Discard a WLL wins games, don't discount that either.

    You have found a neat combo, and want to play it, so go ahead.
    But. . . Megatog - "My version is better at being aggressive."
    I don't think so.

    This is your suggested draw :

    Turn 1 Giver of Runes
    Turn 2 Squaddie (+3 Squaddie), Virtue
    Turn 3 - Take 2, RC get a dude
    Turn 4 - take 2+4, cast dude + Squaddie
    Turn 5 - Take 2+4+3+2, + Squaddie
    Turn 6 - WIN !

    My Deck wants a turn 4 Kill.
    (Replace the defensive Giver of Kisses with a proper aggro creature and you add 12 damage by turn 5)

    So, No, Squadron Hawk is not more aggressive.
    Spectral Procession is 3x 1/1 flyers for WWW
    Squadron Hawk is 3x 1/1 Flyers for 1W, 1W, 1W
    Spectral Procession is half the cost, for the same.
    If you do not get a Virtue, Squadron hawk is just bad. With a virtue, it is going to be discarded on turn 1.

    Insert a turn 4 Wrath, or a turn 4 O-Stone & Boom, or a Turn 4 Ugin, or turn 4 combo win, and you is in bad times. (Sometimes RC still can't stop the combo)
    Those situations happening are my starting point.
    Turn 4 aggro win on the play beats them, therefore these changes are not 'Aggressive'.

    I played a lot of Squadron Hawk in the initial version of this deck, and I had neat combos.
    I sometimes pulled them off, and I lost a lot.
    I stopped playing Squadron hawk because I wanted more aggressive cards.
    Decklists that have not been played in tournaments using cards I stopped playing 2 years ago are going to have a real hard time convincing me.

    I mean... seriously?
    Compare that to when you draw the cards we both play :
    Turn 1 - 2/1
    Turn 2 - 2/1 + 2/1 + take 2
    Turn 3 - Benanaman + take 9
    Turn 4 - Win - take 12

    With 3 cards spare on the play.
    (Add a turn 4 WLL and there is another 4 or 5 incoming. Go ahead and Path/Push/Bolt something)
    Squadron Hawk just aint in that mindset.
    And RCoE just looks ordinary. . . .

    Your suggested problem cards : "Path, Push, etc" are all going to land on something. You are not dodging them by casting Virtue. If you do not cast it for 'free', but instead actually have to cast it manually, it is just a bad anthem. And the creature it boosts get killed by 'Path, Push, etc'
    When you have 1 card on the table, I do not want it to be Force of Virtue.
    I do not want to help them kill my creatures by discarding them.

    RC is just NOT aggressive. He does nothing the turn he comes down. He has a 1 for 1 natural power ratio. He has no combat abilities
    Against TiTi or Burn, sure, RC getting a Martyr seems neat.
    Getting a Militant on turn 4 is going to be ordinary, A bodyguard is going to be ordinary, A giver of runes is going to be ordinary, A Kytheon might be OK, Mikie might be OK on turn 5. I do not want to go into Top deck mode, ever. I want to kill them instead. RC is just looking worse and worse.
    Against Terminus, yeah, sure. Your 3 mana creature went zero for 1, if you predicted it.

    Big Thalia still seems slightly better for me, and I have stopped playing her.
    I have stopped playing the 3rd Little Thalia because of Legend problems. I am at the point where smoothing out that level of wrinkle matters to me.
    Bridge from Below was completely not a problem for me. Selfless Spirit made it just go away. Pity really.
    For a brief moment Dauntless bodyguard had a reason to exist, but, no, he is back to being a bad card.
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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    Why are these changes good?
    I see one neat combo, and lots of bad decisions.
    Winbrisk heights is worse, because you are only playing 3 lords.
    Flipping a Virtue is just not as strong as flipping a Marshal or a WLL
    17 sources of W is just not enough to reliably cast WWW
    Horizon canopy is great for me as land 23, 22 & 21
    I do not want them as land 20, or 19.
    I dont want the 3rd little Thalia because of Legend clashes.
    Kytheon is worse because you are playing less 1 drops.
    Kytheon is worse because you have less land.
    Dryad Militant is MUCH worse because you removed the WLL.
    Squadron Hawk is just weak, especially in a sprint deck.
    Getting 2 Squadron Hawks in the first 8 or 9 cards is terrible.
    Ranger of Eos just wont work properly in a slow deck. Ranger does stop the Wrath for a turn, but then you don't kill them, so, next turn they kill your creatures.
    Dauntless Bodyguard seems terrible in this. No creatures are worth defending. So what if you get him on turn 3 from a Ranger?
    Giver of runes of the Ranger is also just bad. Turn 1 Giver is also pretty ordinary.
    Slowing the deck down, doing less damage, reducing the creature count, increasing mana screw, increasing colour screw . . . Why?
    Sure, it is a white weenie deck, so it will win games. How does this improve it?

    What are these changes good at fighting?
    Which deck are they good against?

    The cards I play in my Army of Teeg have been worn down over hundreds of games in dozens of tournaments.
    An untested decklist and 'Possibly try this out? ' really isn't where I am.

    Feel free to type up your results.
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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green
    The first post on this thread is a decklist, and a set of game states that Tier 1 decks can do.

    My opponents will play a targetted creature kill, a Wrath effect, and then a second of both.
    Or, they will play an Ugin on turn 4
    Or, they will combo win on turn 4.
    Or burn me out on turn 4.

    If you win the coin toss, Your deck can win turn four.

    If you lose the coin toss, you lose to each.

    Maybe you can fight burn on the ground. But, only 3 land out of 20 don't hurt you. Ow.
    Turn two Eidolon, on the play, affects every one of your spells.
    My deck is not happy about it, but can still play, Windbrisk, Spectral, WLL, then attack on turn 5 flipping a Lord for the win. Dodging the Eidolon entirely

    Mine is designed to fight those board states.
    Gaddock & Selfless Spirit are in your sideboard, but basedeck in mine. (Little Thalia helps too.)
    Maybe I can fight burn on the ground too. 14 of my land don't hurt me, and I have a couple of neat tricks.

    There is nothing especially wrong with your deck, but, I like mine more.
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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green
    I like the deck, even if it is off-topic.

    It is hyper-aggressive, and will just win games with its speed. It will reliably get some land, and some creatures, and do it's thing.
    The horizon canopies will help significantly with Mana flood, and with 20 land that shouldn't happen to often.
    The Hexdrinkers are a mana sink to help with that as well. Not heaps, but a bit.
    Not getting a 3rd land will happen, but may not be particularly significant.

    Vines & Blossoming are kinda cute, but really don't seem needed, at least not that many.
    The biggest creature it can save is a 2 drop, and a 1 drop is likely, so, what do you care if you works or not?
    If you cast an extra creature instead, it just seems better. If you draw land and booster spells, bad times. Dromoka's seems really agile, but just not aggressive enough.
    They are a good way to protect rancor getting interrupted, I spoze.

    Narnam Renegade is a card I haven't seen before, and yeah, that kinda works since you have 10 fetch lands.
    Loads of 2/3's without much else seems ok, but, Why not play Wild Nactayl as well, or instead?
    3/3 is obviously better than 2/3, and if you are playing 10 fetch already, why not?

    The 10 fetch land is also a REALLY good reason to play 1x Dryad Arbor. The card just rocks.
    You will regularly have your board wiped by Wrath/damnation/Bontu's Last/ Supreme Verdict/ yaddayaddayadda. If you have a fetchland in play, you got get the Arbor, replay your Rancor and smash.

    1xKytheon is just not enough.
    A 2nd is a must, and a 3rd is probably warranted too.
    I found 4 was too many, but 2 wasn't enough.

    You should have a 4th Path to Exile in the board.

    The deck will also have games where it just gets unlucky.
    It will get beat by opponents getting lucky and comboing off.
    But, It does have beats, and if they are going to win, they sure do need to hurry up.

    Knight of Autumn seems a poor choice, It is a toolbox when you really only need it to kill artifact/enchantments. Blood moon ends your spells, and KoA. You should be able to regularly cast it otherwise when you need to kill Ensnaring Bridge, which does just kill you.

    Experiment 1 doesn't seem strong enough, but does help the Avatar.
    Strangleroot Geist is relentless, and does combo with X1 and Avatar. Just not sure about all 3 individually.
    With the Narnam Renegade, maybe the FOUR overlapping abilities are strong enough. Dunno.
    Your deck is faster than my current deck, is less reliable, and will just get beat by stuff my deck crushes.
    Your deck does look solid though.
    It knows what it is trying to do, and will do that.

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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    Hey Sliv3r, Nice write up.

    I am very interested in your results.
    And I think I understand the whys and hows of what happened.

    Our decks really are quite different.
    I think I can see why the Ranger of Eos is working for you, and also why I am having trouble figuring out how to include him.
    He is like a one shot Gaddock, and that is why I think I might pass.

    Against Whir Prison, Gaddock is a win. I don't need the coin toss.
    Against W/U, Gaddock is a win.
    Against Abzan Co, Gaddock is a win. Well, probably.

    Against Bant Spirits, If we are going to win, it is a race, and my deck is WAY angrier.
    Your one drops counted 19 power, My One drops have 25 power. And Soldier of the Pantheon is critical in this match up. (And Dryad is power 26, and maybe the 4 fetchlands count as well, so 30 power, sorta, which is a whole lot more than 19)

    Collected company is real power, and Gaddock stops it.
    Bant Spirits is a hard match up for me, but I can win it.

    My two base deck answers to Ensnaring Bridge + Aether vial can pull me out of unwinable board states.

    I am figuring my 2 base deck Path are going down to 1
    The Lunarch is not a starter for me.
    D.Bodyguard has proven to be terrible, and I aint going back.

    WLL is just more effective for me than you, it is so much more aggressive than Ranger.
    Giver of Runes starting to be useful on turn 5 just seems hopeful when summoned of a Ranger, same with Lunarch. I just don't want my game to go that long.

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  • posted a message on The Wheel
    4/2 Deck - works.

    Vintage is intense
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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green
    This primer is currently under construction.

    It is about a sprint white weenie deck.
    The green is there to fight combo, wrath and Tron spells.

    Please leave it alone.
    Off topic decklists, and Spam is unwanted.
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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green
    My Army of Teeg part 3

    3/0 Untap Games

    2/1 Mill
    Loss Crypt incursion for +33 Life, locked out with an Ensnaring bridge
    Win Reliable , Little Thalia possibly save me from an embarrasing loss. Triple archive trap didn't quite happen
    Win Ripped a RIP for the win. Should have muliganned a one lander, but didn't. Got lucky. Didn't notice, and I was playing sloppy.

    2/0 Artifact Infinite turns - seriously wacky
    Win Turn 4 kill
    Win Gaddock says No!

    2/1 RG Landkill Goodstuff
    Win Too Good
    Loss Stomped by landkill, then Tireless Tracker ground it out
    Win Too fast & good

    Drew the Dryad Arbor in both games round 2. Still got a turn 4 kill!
    Drew both Temple gardens in a game, and it hurt a bit.
    Drew 2 Horizon canopies and a 3rd land, and it hurt a bit.
    Selfless spirit was important twice.
    Switched Gaddocks for paths in round 3 only.
    LegionL Flipped once, but wasn't special.
    Sideboard wasn't used much.
    RIP won a game in round 1
    Path came in round 3 instead of pump knights and gaddocks
    Thalia came in each round
    WLL came in round 1 & 2
    The other 7 cards stayed out.

    I have lost 1 round in my last 4 tournaments. (sure they have all been small)

    Oh my is this thing reliable, fast, and rude.

    I want a way to deal with ensnaring bridge, and maybe blood moon. Probably in the board.
    Leonin Relic warder just doesn't seem thumpy enough to be main, and not specialised enough to be board. Maybe I should try Conclave Tribunal as a cover all band aid.

    A 3rd Devout lightcaster would also be lovely. Often they don't work, but when they do . . . WHAM! Black players are Shocked. When they land they change the game.

    Losing the 2x Martyr is prolly going to be OK, but, Red is a problem.
    Currently I am just trimming all of the land sources that cause me pain, making it harder for red to kill me.
    I am just not playing against red much, so I spoze it doesn't matter.
    I would also like some way of fighting Elves, but that seems very unlikely.

    Storm is strong. It is a good reason to not have Path in base deck. Going HARD is one way to keep them honest.
    Dryad & Little Thalia really does annoy them. Big Thalia making their tokens tapped is OK too.
    Martyr of Sands is a fun way to confuse storm, because via grapeshot they often can't do 35 damage.
    Aetherswon cannonist also works, until they shoot it.

    1/1 at GLab (late + Bye as well)

    0/2 loss to Thing + (Thru The Breach + Emrukal)
    Loss to Thing, then turn 3 Anger of the Gods, then Emrukal
    Loss to Blood Moon, then . . . Thing, Thing then Emrukal

    2/1 Red
    loss Eidolon was too good
    win quick spread
    win Martyr of Sand = gain 15 life Smile
    Red Player - "You got some smug on your face there"

    Played some bonus games against Humans, lost 0/3

    Aggregate Results so far for W/gk
    26/12 - Full results for White/gk

    14/2 in last 5 tourneys, all small.

    I am also putting a Guardians Pledge back in the board.

    So, Current sideboarding against Humans is very different.

    1xBig Thalia
    2xStillmoon Cav
    1xGuardians Pledge
    4xPath To Exile

    3xLittle Thalia
    2x ??Dryad??

    Really not sure this is going to work since Kitesail Freebooter gets more targets, but, surely it can't get any worse.

    Probably the same sideboarding against Merfolk, except the Still moon stay out & the dryad stay in.

    Intellectually, the Relic Warden seems a good switch.
    Not great vs Blood moon, but, better than nuthin.


    3/0 Untap

    2/0 Infinite Turn Artifacts 2/0 in socials after - complete Hulk Smash.
    Relic Warder really worked, twice.
    Turn 4 kill in second game.

    2/1 R/B/g discard Phoenix/Hollow One
    Loss Wow. That thing can be amazing.
    Win His deck didn't work, and mine did.
    Win Mull to 6. Gain 12 from the Martyr. Win on 1 life

    Relic Warder was really good in games 1 & 2, even though he did bolt it and get his Hollow one back.
    10? card sideboard

    Pretty sure I won this round because he misplayed. He let me declare attackers, then killed my guy using a Grim Lavamancer. The Windbrisk Heights then got to activate. But, playing odd cards does help the opponent make mistakes. Either way. Really close.

    2/0 Against Soulflayer reanimator 1/1 in socials after
    Win He got a 4/4 with most abilities, but not Lifelink. I overran him, just.
    Win RIP nailed him

    10? card sideboard

    I have lost 2 rounds in my last 6 tiny tournaments!
    17/2 total over the last 6 tourneys, all small.
    No way is that kind of record going to stay.

    This deck is BRUTAL.
    Given that I am playing white / GREEN, we have remarkably similar decks.
    The differences :

    Switch the Tithe Takers to Gaddocks, Switch the landbase to support green, and (horizon canopies) and they are the same.

    I can get away with playing 23 land because 3 of them are Horizon Canopy.
    I do take pain sometimes, it is a significant downside to playing Green, and one I have focussed on reducing.
    Red is harder for me, and why the Martyr is SO good against them.
    I had the choice, and all of the expensive lands lying around to make the switch, but, there is a whole lot of power in just pure White. Those GQ can really annoy, especially Tron.

    "Only thing to test is Tithe Takers,"
    Cool. Interested to hear. After a board wipe, getting a 1/1 flier is nice. But. I want more effective before, or after.
    EG. The Legions Landing has very rarely been useful after a wipe, but it is a toolbox, and that is the weakest part.
    I just don't rate them, but, I have not played them, and am willing to accept I might be wrong on them.
    The TT are only 2/1, not 2/2, and they regularly do not do anything.

    Playing so much White, I think WSC is the way for you. You do not seem to have enough against Black.

    I think you should play a 4th Selfless Spirit instead of a TT.

    Grand Abolisher I have tried, and it wasn't good enough.
    Voice of Resurgence Is a card I could play now, (since I play W/g), and I don't because I do not believe it is strong enough. Close, but no.

    The sideboard is really personal choice. Smile
    "I want to find something better than Mirran Crusader as his prot G was never that useful"
    Yep. Same finding.
    "Ethersworn Canonists" - sure. I tried those as replacements. OK
    Devout lightcaster has been a windmill SLAM, sometimes.

    "Maybe Wrath of God, maybe Paladin en-Vec/Fiendslayer Paladin"
    Played em all. Didn't work.
    Still want Wrath to work, but it just kept not happening.

    I think you should try a Guardians' Pledge in the board.


    Smile -> "BTW I had some testing vs Grixis Death's Shadow and had 3 WLL's. That was magnificent Grin "
    Yeah. When that last ability kicks in, it REALLY kicks in.

    Emmara, Soul of the Accord . . . Hmmmmmmm Maybe I should Try it.
    Sure seems like a maybe.
    Something about Casting a WLL, and attacking on turn 4, and Emmara dealing 6 damage...

    edit. . . .Actually.
    Turn 3 attack for 2 (gain a 1/1 lifelink)
    Turn 4 Attack for 4+2 (gain 2 Life & another 1/1 lifelink)

    Precinct Captain might just be better since he has First strike, but, the token does not have Lifelink.
    Not sure if WG is better or worse than WW

    Emma seems better because she does not have to hit them, just tap.
    Also, being a one off means being a legend is actually better for me.


    2/1 Untap Games

    1/2 Amulet Titans
    Loss Big build up, But I was still holding 3 land at the end. Couldn't do it.
    Win Relic Warder got the Amulet and a quick charge
    Loss D'oh . No warder. He got Titan, then wiped my board with a Firespout

    2/1 Mill
    Win Brutal stomp
    Loss Ensnaring Bridge x2. Almost got him because Gaddock forced him to keep cards.
    Win Got him BIG beatdown.

    2/0 green Eldrich Stompy
    Win Brutal Stomp
    Win Quick Flying Kill

    Leonin Relic Warder has been great, constantly.
    Sideboarded both maindecker out in the last game, and shouldn't have because Utopia Sprawl is very useful to him.

    Gaddock was great in Match 2, and sideboarded in 1 & 3


    I tried to find an Emma, but didn't in time.
    And so I kept playing the Leo RW, and I aint switching those guys out. They are fabulous.
    Two of the 3 games I lost, I would have won if I topdecked LRW
    And the third he was in my hand waiting for the amulet that never came, but the third Titan did, just in time.

    LRW was so good the first time that I pushed out two cards in SB for another 2.

    All the 'Team' Decks play Aether vial, and he just stops that. Even if he dies, the Vial comes back, but doesn't work.
    All the dinky combo decks play some neat enchantment, or some problem accelerator.
    Facing 2x Ensaring bridges was a problem, because suddenly I knew I couldn't topdeck my way out.

    Hiding Darksteel citadel is just hilarious.

    Walking Ballista is forced to go off, same with E Explosives and Oblivion Stone, all of which have been noticeable problems.
    Wurmcoil engine can be fought, flown over or blocked with a sacrifice creature, but all of those are worse solutions than LRW.

    Only Bloodmoon is still difficult, and they are likely to have a bolt.

    Spreading Seas is cute because it is easier to shrug off, but they will get another card if they pop the LRW.
    Hollow One is likely to be short term as well, but maybe that is all I need.

    Deals with Mesmeric orb, Ghostly prison, Bitterblossom, Sword of . . .
    Corsair of Kruphix (1GG) - Centaur with flip top card - That guy is just horrible for me. 2/4 blocker that gains life and card advantage. Yuk. But he is an enchantment

    Hey Wow ! He gets Eidolon of the Great Revel! Sure, it might be only for an instant as the flames come down, but, sometimes they do run out of burn that can target creatures. And I still might get to cast more 1 drops before they do.
    Haven't seen P Revoker in a long time.

    It is pop and play against Affinity, but should probably be held up for Cranial Plating.

    Vedalken Shackles can be a hassle.
    All the white enchantments that hide creatures, (Journey to nowhere, Oblivion Ring, Burning Light . . . ) all go away.

    But, primarily, LRW is a 2/2 creature that stops Aether vial, and Oblivion Stone. The two critical cards in Tron and 'Team' Decks.
    That seems good.

    The windbrisk heights are most definitely staying at 3, for me.
    They do slow down the initial roll out, but they have won me game, after game.
    A WLL, or A Banana Man flipping out just wins games.
    Sometime a Spectral Procession will spam blockers for the game, sometimes a Gaddock will lock them out, sometimes a hidden selfless will protect the entire team, Sometimes a sneaky Path to Exile will pop the problem monster.
    Showing a little Thalia in responce to a snapcaster , and making the spell too expensive is very satisfying.

    windbrisk heights has won me a whole lotta games I would otherwise have lost. It confuses and scares the opponent.
    I think of it as a one drop, not a 'come into play tapped' land, because it is a creature, just not yet.
    Windbrisk heights does slow the front end, but makes the back end arrive with a HUGE thump.

    Judges Familiar is an OK card. But only ever OK. I think.
    Flying is great. The sac ability is OK

    In comparison to Legion's Landing, sure.
    LL has 3 abilities. The 1/1 with Lifelink is mostly worse than a 1/1 Flyer. Mostly.
    LL does win the one game in 30 when you do not draw that third (or 4th) land, and you do attack with 3 creatures.
    About the same regularity I am making tokens, and less often I am winning because of them.

    A second LL is a bad idea, but the first has been good.
    Well, good enough. It is a bit of a seat belt, but the deck is such a rocket, that seatbelt has worked.
    The tiny bit of lifegain has mattered against red, once or twice.
    (Lowering the pain from land has mattered more. Even now, the small amounts of pain do matter against red, sometimes.)

    I too am sceptical about the Isamaru.
    Woof !

    When you are trying to block a 1/1, or fight your way past multiple 1/1's, Isamaru is just better at it.
    He is a weird relic that just won't go away.
    On turn 1, sure a Dryad (or Soldier) might be better against specific decks, but turn 1 Woof! is always good.
    Gut Shot it, go on.

    Against any deck, turn 1 Woof! is good, and holding a second one in hand is bad.
    Turn 2 castle, attack is style.

    Sure, that is a 1 of, and another 1 of, but it doesn't matter. They are purely bonus. A 4th Kytheon is just so much worse because of Legend status.
    Woof! is just Solid with that extra defence point.
    Add a BananaMan, and then have the opponent cast something like a Pyroclasm, and suddenly it matters.

    It is all the dinky little stuff that makes the deck sparkle just a little brighter than it looks.

    Judge's Familiar does have a little sparkle, and the evasion is real, but it is only a 1/1.
    Is that ability really worth it?
    Personally, I would prefer to double the numbers.


    "is Martyr of sands really good vs Burn?"

    Last Time I cast it, I gained 15 and burny man immediately quit.
    Just don't cast it turn 1 and get it killed. Or get skull cracked.

    Tivadar of Thorn is style, worse, but real style.

    Basilisk collar seems bad.
    They burn the creature as you attach, and the game is over.


    Martyr of sands :
    Depends on the storm.
    Some storm can do 60, some cant reach 30.
    Grapeshot is hard to figure.

    Against red, OOoooooYeah.

    Against Primeval Titans, NOOOOooo.
    Must kill faster, often by interference.
    LRW is interference and thump

    Leonin Relic Warder works against Tron & titans & weird toys in Red. (Experimental frenzy, . . . )
    Tithe taker doesn't
    Martyr of sands works against Red.

    I am having trouble figuring why TT is good
    Tokens after wipe is rarely a win.
    I think it needs to be a lot more consequential before, or after.

    Cast L.o.s and they can sometimes just ignore it.
    It is sad times when they start bolting themselves.
    Sometimes They draw the bolts, and their creatures, and just kill all of us and hit us. And then they play a second Eidolon
    Losing after having the specialist SB card go off is really sadtimes.

    Sure, just sometimes Worship was the best thing ever.
    I tried it, but, it didn't work.

    I would stall at 3 land.
    Or not draw the Worship.
    Or not draw a pro red creature.

    Or they would do something frustrating that made me lose life.


    2/2 at Next Level R

    1/2 vs Spirits - 1/1 in socials with board
    win Isamaru, Relic warden on his Aether Vial, Bananaman. Ismaru Having that 2nd point mattered.
    Loss Turn 3 Collected company, SpellQueller on my WLL, so I pathed The SQ. Turn 4 CoCo, Double Drogskoll Captain. Too much flying beats. Still got him to 3 life.
    Loss I pathed his Noble H on his turn 2 end, and he Spell Queller-ed it. My turn 4 WLL was also Spell Queller-ed. Sigh.

    Vials hid in game 2&3
    Reflector mage is harsh
    I subbed out Gaddock, not realising he had CoCo, and got nailed in game two.
    Just didn't know the deck. I will sideboard better next time. Similar deck to Humans, and hard.
    I can win it though, if the LRW get lucky, or he gets unlucky. Tough.

    0/2 vs Vengevine 2/1 in Socials with base deck after.
    Loss Incredibly tight. Temur for the win
    Loss Even tighter - Almost got a turn 4 win, but he won on turn 5, both of us fighting thru blockers

    Amazing games. I drew the RIP in initial hand game 2, and only got 1 land going first. Mulliganed.
    Shouldn't complain though, I kept a 1 land hand in the first game and drew a second. Only had 1 drops.
    I subbed out Gaddock, and it was the right call. Only time I should have.

    Very cool deck. Real class.
    Difficult board states where Gaddock Blocking alone in the first game was the right call. Weird.

    2/1 Emeria
    Win Smugglers copter just aint good enough. He only got 1 plains
    Loss 2xWrath, sigh. WarHawks wipe the initial board, with a Path to nail the BananaMan
    Win Fight & Win

    I subbed out Gaddock, not realising he had Wrath, and got nailed in game two.
    I don't think he played it right, but I should win this one.

    2/1 Esper control
    loss Liliana & 3x Lingering souls. Discards and spot kill. Discarded a WLL, and flooded.
    Win Fought thru him
    Win Fight and break thru, Little Thalia held off the Supreme Verdict

    I subbed out Gaddock, not realising he had Supreme Verdict, and got lucky.

    I had real mana problems. Flooded out once or twice, and mulliganed far more than normal.
    Drew the dryad, and fetched her. Happens.

    Relic Warden has earned its Place.


    1/2 at Untap

    1/2 Red 3/1 in Socials. He only just got that one win. Sigh.
    Loss Sigh. 6 land, no land, First land turn 3
    Win 2xMartyr = Smile
    Loss Sigh. Top deck burn for the win

    1/2 Eldrazi Tron 1/1 in Socials basedeck
    Win Gaddock won it
    Loss Tron + Bassilisk Collar + Walking Ballista = Kill, Kill, Kill
    Loss All is Dust, Then Medium & Large Eldrazi for the win.

    2/1 Green/White
    Win Massed Flyers FTW
    Loss Eldrich into Wasp Queen
    Win Sprint into a stall

    I had real problems with lands tonite. Didn't feel right.

    Martyr just beats Red.
    I am tired of losing to Red, so, I am going to play more Martyrs.


    Played 6 games against Blue/Black/(red) Control Good Stuff. No sideboard.
    All 6 games went with serve.

    If he gets 2 boardwipes, he wins.

    Almost none of my creatures abilities were used. Weird.
    Any time they might be useful, he would just kill them, and then wipe the board.
    Push, Snap, Push
    But if anything goes wrong, he dies.

    Tithe Taker is just NOT Gaddock.
    Gaddock in play shuts down almost all of the deck you lost to, except Lantern.
    Co-Co and Chord of Calling are headkicks, if they happen.
    Empty the Warrens gets a Gaddock.
    And, oddly enough, Gaddock can beat ensnaring bridge. When they have a Chandra, and can't cast it, the Bridge stops working. Figured that out playing against Mill.

    Lantern : Yeah. That thing is outrageous.
    Gaddock stops Whir of Invention, and Witchbane Orb, but, Lantern is still favoured against me. Just.

    Spirits : probably beats me too, but stopping Co-Co really helps. Getting rid of the Aether Vial is how we get fast enough to kill them.
    I can regularly get past it though, now I understand it.

    Phoenix : I am not sure what deck this is. Hmmm

    Would having Hexproof help?
    There are a couple of little white creatures that do that.
    I think you need a lot more 'Disenchant' effects in sideboard.
    Is there a disenchant effect in White that works from the graveyard in modern?

    I am still feeling pretty good about my White/g version.

    Tithe Taker being 'cool' just aint enough. If the only time he is special is against the ignorant, I would go with NO. I never liked playing Doomed traveller in limited, let alone modern.

    4th Selfless Spirit may well be an excellent idea.

    Leonin Arbiter is a thing, but he is NOT better from a Vial.
    turn 2 on the play, I play a Leo Arb.
    turn 2 on the draw, you lose because you played a Fetch land, and then a fetch land, and then a fetch land.

    Substitute that for turn 3 off a Vial and the whole thing does not work, and takes an extra card, and is much slower beats.
    Leo Arb does stop Chord of Calling, but I think CoCo still happens.
    Leo Arb also improves GQ, but Flagstones are unimpressed on turn 3.
    Leo Arb makes the Path to Exiles a whole lot better too.

    Ethersworn Canonist just wasn't good enough against most decks.
    Spirit of the Labyrinth is REALLY specific. Sure the beats are good, but against which of the above decks is the Lab Spirit good?

    Try a Mana Tithe, it is way fun to counter their stuff from nowhere....hmmmmmm.

    4x Leo Relic Warders basedeck seems like a good idea against that lot.

    Lantern Control hates them, Mono Red Prison might just lose to them, Storm is random and might ignore or be crippled. Spirits HATES them, stopping the Vial matters. Bant Tool Box might ignore him, or get crippled, depends on the build.

    I am pretty sure you should add in Leo Arbiters and ALL Leo relic Warders.
    Stopping the Vial, and then disrupting their land might get you there.

    SB :
    Leyline of Sanctity will help against the lantern (just beats it, I think. Autowin since the Ensnaring Bridge stops working coz Thoughtseize & Inquiz don't work, and you will get a LeoRW eventually.)
    should help against red prison too


    Lantern HATES steppe Lynx.
    (Attack as a zero power creature, ghost quarter your Flagstones, take 4.)

    It can be pretty outrageous just normally.
    Flagstones, Lynx
    Flagstones, take 4
    Ghost quarter, Take 6

    Take 10 (!) by turn 3 is really rude for a ONE drop.

    It sure aint defence though.
    In the previous decklists above, there are decks I built with 4 of them.

    I do not believe a straight white version of the White/g I play is the right call.
    If you do play the Steppe L, might want some fetchlands, if you got them, and they do clash with Leo Arbiters.


    2/1 @ Untap

    2/1 vs Biomancer/Displacer
    Loss - Way cool infinite
    Win - Speed smash
    Win - hard fight. Big Thalia won the game by making his creatures not able to block.
    I played the third game wrong when I should have gone for Gaddock instead of Big Thalia.
    Only won the third by top decking a WLL off the top.

    1/2 vs UR Thing in the Ice/Pyromancer
    Win - Speed stomp
    Loss - Slower start with double opening Horizon Canopy. Thing flipped, and just go there
    Loss - Thing Flipped , then doubled damage
    Dryad Militant's ability almost won this.

    2/0 Spirits
    win - Hard fought and long. I do not believe I should have won this if he played it perfect. But he didn't.
    win - Hard fought. Got him solely because of a cascade of death. I used a Shefet Dunes to boost all 4 attacking creatures. Suddenly he has to block, and the 5 points of first strike from Big Thalia is enough to kill the first +1/+1 booster, then the next and next.

    Real surprise that the game came down to Shefet Dunes. The games were that marginal. I only won this because I now know the match up. Avoiding the CoCo and Spell Queller is critical.
    Diddn't see a LeoRW, but he didn't get a turn 1 Aether Vial, so no effect

    Path, WLL sided in matches 1,2,3
    Gaddock sided in matches 1&3, out match 2
    LeoRW sided in match 3

    Tempting to put a Path in basedeck again.
    4x Martyr of Sands is hard to justify in the board. Stomping on Red is great, but. . . Maybe I should have subbed them in again UR Thing. Not sure they can kill me if I am on 35 life. HMMMMMmmmmmmm. Problem is it completely stops the sprint on turns 1 & 2. Martyr would be about trying to win AFTER the Thing goes off, or try to fight my way thru the bajillion tokens being created from the Young Pyromancer.

    Drawing the Dryad Arbor is poor.
    Being able to Fetch the Dryad Arbor is AWESOME.
    It is amazing how often the Arbor is fetched, and how effective it is.

    The legions landing did flip the one time it was cast, and it made 3 vamps. The life gain and extra creatures were critical.

    The deck is just solid.
    No mulligans, and only one dodgy start with two opening Horizon Canopies. Did slightly flood once, but the land did win it with the 6th land being the Shefet Dunes.
    Eijango Castle threatened to be useful, and made a slight threat in 2 games.

    The 2nd toughness on Isamaru mattered, a little.
    Didn't see a spectral procession.


    Little Thalia is strong, in general, no argument here. But, not against everything.
    I think she should go down against Humans, elves, Spirits, Merfolk, Slivers, Stompy Green . . . Pretty well any 'Team' deck.
    I sideboarded out 2 copies of her against spirits in my latest round.
    If I am sideboarding in Path, and they only have Aether Vials as spells, she can actually be more of a tax on me.

    And it is the Legend Rule that's stopping me from having the 4th.

    Drawing 2 of them is a pain.
    Drawing 3 of them will lose the game.

    This deck is about beatdown & consistency first, and I just don't want to lose to myself.

    From the start, this is a 'Feel Good' deck. If they win, fair enough, they have done something special.
    I enjoy playing this deck, and a 4th Little Thalia adds problems and 'No Fun' draws.

    There is only 1 Isamaru because of the Legend rule. Same with Eijango Castle. (I wouldn't play a 2nd Legions Landing because it just isn't strong enough, but the Legend rule does rule it out.)

    Kytheon gets 3 copies because he really is outrageous, and always collects the bolt first. Also, he can actually dodge the legend rule and have 2 copies in play.

    Big Thalia just isn't strong enough to justify a 3rd copy, and the legend rule stops me wanting her. Unless she is going to be super effective, hence the third used to be in the board. the 3rd left because she lost games because of the legend rule.

    When they cast a turn 1 Aether Vial, I am in trouble.
    LeoRW can win those games, when Little Thalia won't. Same with Oblivion Stone, Wurmcoil engine, cranial plating, Lantern . . .

    But the big one is Ensnaring bridge.
    The weakest Little T is the 4th one.
    1xLittleT & 1xLeoRW is just SO much more effective than 2 of either.

    And yeah, the Spectral + (Gaddock/L.Thalia) is a Nonbo, as mentioned repeatedly.
    Regularly, Spectral or Gaddock get boarded, and sometimes Thalia. But very rarely does it matter.
    Often I can play around them by holding off the 2 drop until turn 4, with the Spectral on turn 3.
    Or just play the 2 drop, have them WIN! (or die), and then play the Spectral on turn 3, or (turn 4 with a tax).

    Spectral is just SO bollocks in this that the power overwhelms the problems.
    Windbrisk Heights with Spectral is BS, especially when playing 7 Lords.
    Spectral is also rather good with Kytheon, Selfless, LL, and the whole concept of the deck.
    After a boardwipe, Spectral is the best way to try to do the last 3-6 damage, and all the restrictions just went away.

    This deck isn't 'broken' in any way, it is however able to keep almost anything in modern a run for it's money, and it is the decks that beat me the most, that LeoRW is best at. Cute enchantments and dinky artifacts.


    Turn 1 Kytheon
    Turn 2 Soldier + Dryad Arbor
    Turn 3 flip Kytheon - is also good times.

    Regarding the 4th Little Thalia . . .
    How about this. . . Would you play a 5th?
    I mean, say the 4 of a card rule disappeared, would you play a 6th?
    Obviously, I would not. But it is an interesting demonstration. I think 3 is the right amount in basedeck.

    She is Awesome. I really aint arguing that. To be in any Modern deck, the card has to be borderline overpowered.
    But, is she that good that having a 2nd in hand is a fair enough price to pay?
    Because I am quite certain that aint true.

    Of the decks you list :
    "Turn 2 Thalia: Red Spells, Burn, Death's Shadow, Tron, UWx Control, BGx Midrange, Storm, and more."
    Yep. I have played against all of them.

    Burn just kills her.
    Attack on turn 2 with a Monastery Swiftspear, whatcha gunna do?
    I mean, sure, she is a fine card against burn, but, not special. I payed 2, and they payed 2. Eh?
    Lots of my other creatures have the same effect. I pay 1, and they pay 1.

    Death's Shadow - Really isn't fussed.
    They are not actually in that much of a hurry, and I do not really want to get them to about 10 life. I want a huge WHAM to kill them.
    If I was concerned about Deaths Shadow, I could go back to 14 protection from Black creatures, and LAUGH !
    Death Shadow looks at Devout Lightcaster and has a quiet cry. And Path is brutal against them. Seriously, Death Shadow is so stomped by this, I don't need any more help. I have been de-sideboarding against it for some time.
    Little Thalia making their cantrips cost an extra 1 does slow them down, a bit, but not a lot. Swampcycling will already have happened, and a one cost, possibly more if they went first.
    Temur Battle sillyness will still make them size 24 with trample.

    Tron is inconvenienced by Little Thalia, but nothing more. She delays them by a turn, mostly. If I have a second in hand, that will delay me by a turn. A second LT is bad.

    UWx Control - yeah she is good, here a 4th might be worth it. But she is not that good. Gaddock is just better. No wrath effects, no Cryptics is SO much better than slow down by a turn. Kinda similar to Tron. Gaddock does the work.

    BGx Midrange - Yeah, She is OK. It is a big swath of cards in this one. If they go mostly creatures, She really doesn't do much. And if they are going lots of boosters (Elf, Bird, Noble), all she is doing is counteracting a one cost creature for their 1 or 2 expensive spells. A second LThalia in hand is just bad.

    Storm - Yep. 4th is fantastic.

    Against Merfolk, Elves, Humans, Slivers, goblins, green stompy, . . . No. And the first Three are feeling underpowered.

    And please, don't get me wrong, I am playing 3 of her because I believe in her, and she has demonstrated her usefulness. She has won me a whole lot of games. But. So has all the other cards.
    As example, the Shefet Dunes is an incredibly borderline card. Almost always it is better as a plains. And about 1 game in 50 it is the deciding factor, and it has never cost me a game. Sure, I have been blood mooned, and it does cost me a little life. It is entirely possible that a 4th Horizon canopy would be a better call. But. I do not believe it is. Tapping for colour-less does happen. 3+1 is better. Getting 2 Horizon canopies as only initial land can and does happen, and I don't want that. The difference in that happening when not playing the 4th Horizon canopy is startling. Mathematically, about half of those draws disappear.

    That is what I mean by a 'feel good' deck.
    Mathematically, the bad draws have gone away.
    I have worked at removing all the internal weaknesses. That is why the obvious nonbo of Gaddock + Spectral is SO LOUD. It is screamingly obvious. Often I sideboard one or the other. And sometimes neither, because both are massive effects.

    This deck gets fewer bad hands than any other deck I play, and possibly any other deck in Modern. (except the pure white deck above).

    White/g is designed to not mulligan.
    Maybe a deck with a shed-ton of cantrip effects might use fewer mulligans, but I doubt it.
    And when it is forced to Mulligan, Wallop is still fine.
    As example, This deck would prefer if both players mulliganed to nothing, every game, against anyone.

    Plains, One drop . . .Is all it needs, what do you have?

    I played Burn in Legacy last night. It really sucks after playing this bad boy.
    Constant mulligans, Mana floods, and Mana screw. That was only across 4 rounds, 2 of which I won.
    It felt bad, and really random.

    This deck aint like that.
    23 Land, and 13 one cost creatures (well, technically the Dryad arbor + 4 fetch really confuses that)

    The only time my draw goes bad is when :
    * WAY too much simple land
    * No 3rd land with 3+4 drops
    * No Green for Gaddock
    * Legend Rule bites me

    That is about it.
    The only reason I allow those 4 problems is because the power level of those 3&4 drops is just bollocks for the other cards.
    I have consciously explored ways to deal with those four problems, and the original pure white deck lists on this thread did have solutions for those problems. But it was weaker against the opponent.

    Pump knights, fewer 3&4 drops, no green, and fewer legends all help deal with those 4 problems.
    Gaddock and WLL are just so strong against a whole lotta things.
    Those 4 problems are complications worth dealing with if it means Gaddock just wins the game, again. Gaddock solves all sorts of problems that used to be insurmountable.
    The first Wrath effect is expected, the second Wrath is the problem. Cryptic command was a a problem stall card, and yadda yadda yadda. Match ups where I don't need Gaddock, the rest of the deck can deal, and it kicks in nicely. Games where I need Gaddock, he just wins.

    The LeoRW seem to fill a specific hole I had. Spirits & Humans are a specific problem, and I am focused on thinking about that some more.
    My current thinking is on 'Tocatli guard' (1W Creatures don't trigger ETB effects). Stops Reflector Mage, No-Mage and quite a lot of obscure others. (Reflector is Bad News.)

    The reason I don't want a 4th LThalia is because well, a 4th is worse than the 3rd one.
    After vast amounts of playtesting, the 3rd Big Thalia got shaved off, same as the 4th Kytheon, and the 2nd Isamaru.
    The 4th Gaddock is in the board because in a heap of match ups, if he survives, I just win.
    A 4th LThalia doesn't have that effect, (and often Storm can just Bolt/Grapeshot her).

    0/4/1 Complete wipeout, but my it was fun.
    Losing that way was OK. Every game was tight.

    I lost to stuff I've beaten previous. Insane games. And the deck performed. No mulligans.
    Two floods, and yadda, yadda yadda. Brain hurts.

    But their decks were on fire, with some epic games
    Complex, hard stuff. And I got some weird arse draws

    Flipping a Windbrisk Heights for a Horizon Canopy, pay 1 & draw a card just isn't the same as Lord, win.
    I would happily play that all over again.
    The Relic warden and Big Thalia were the worse performers.
    The Dryad was awesome, and bad.
    Not sure if Gaddock stopped anyone doing anything the entire day.

    Mine was doing great, but, just didn't quite against really well done stuff by opponents.
    Good times, which seems really odd from that scoreline.

    My final opponent was a Death Shadow deck. He got me turn 4 both games with Temur battle rage with targetted discard. I played 2 more games. I won the two bonus games when Martyr got me above where he can kill me. Death shadow is meant to be easy.

    Fighting thru hordes of Elementals(10?), turn after turn, with the correct numbers of creatures.
    Winning after the thing goes off, and not, twice more. But, so close.

    I lost to mill. not sure how that happened. either. Historically I really shouldn't.
    It was like that, but really enjoyable. Smile


    2/0 at untap

    2/1 vs Biomancer/Displacer
    Wow, what a deck. We have played a bit beforehand, and he should win basedeck if he gets a mix of all his creatures.
    After sideboarding, my Path to exiles are critical at disrupting his board, his path to exiles are less effective, but obviously still work on my Lords.
    Insanely hard complex games, often decided by choosing the right creatures to attack.
    Gaddock is important at stopping CoCo and the other one (XGGG - search and get)
    Avoiding a creature death Cascade by keeping the Lords at home is a good place to start.
    Him attacking straight through my team because a creature is too important to block, was funny. Exalted is like that.

    2/0 Green Stompy
    All my inbuilt tricks don't work, except flying. My speed also helps.
    Blocking Nullhide Ferrox while flying over for the win seems to work.

    The LeoRW have been quite uninspired for many rounds.
    They did a cute trick this time where the exiled my own Legion's Landing, died, and got another 1/1 Vamp.
    But that is pretty weak.
    The Modern Field is just SO HUGE, next time it will be Aether vials every game.
    Still, they aint earning their keep at the moment.
    TribalSympathy 'Wheel of Sun and Moon, Finks, EE, Ethersworn Canonist, and I loved the idea of the Stillmoon Cavaliers'
    E-Canonist does work, but there is better
    Stillmoon Cavaliers is a fine choice, but I am making different ones at the moment. I dont seem to need it since the rest of the deck is now upgraded. Still a completely fine choice.

    EE - hmmmm what is that? EE. . .it is gunna be obvious
    Engineered Explosives?
    Nah, That is a card The Opponent should be playing. An artifact that doesn't hurt them just doesn't make it into this deck.

    Wheel of S&M is really narrow, and actually a bit slow. Them going first & second turn discard, and then you playing the wheel, is sad making.

    Finks are too slow. A 3 cost 3/2 that comes back as a 2/1 is ok, but not special. Big Thalia is better and far more disruption. 3 mana for 3 power is just not enough without having a backbreaking ability.
    Compare Spectral procession to Finks. 3 x 1/1 means a LOT more as they fly over, boosted 3 times by a Lord. Kill one, and there is still 2 more, not one. Only after a board wipe, (or if the Life Gain matters) is the Finks better. Or I spoze sometimes when they bounce/flicker tokens.
    Considering if a sorcery/creature is better in my hand is getting a bit wacky, but even there it can be weird. Inquiz of Kozilek can't get the 6 cost procession, and Eidolon of Burny Red doesn't trigger either. But, every basdeck game Gaddock & Little Thalia annoy Spectral Procession. Thing is, Spectral is that ridiculous, it is still worth it.
    And Banana Man is just a YES. This may well be the best deck ever for that card. It is Banana Man Heaven.

    Since those are the 3 cost spells that Finks need to be better than to earn a spot, I just don't think Finks works. I mean, sure it is a fine 3 drop that tools along. The 3 different 3 drops I am playing land with a thud, and might just win it, by themselves.

    I am finding the deck is still a little heavy sometimes.
    I need to survive targetted Discard, and that requires a heavier hand. I am also getting too much land, on occasion, but I think I have to just wear that too. The inbuilt compensating systems do cover most of it. Recently, twice I have drawn a double Horizon Canopy opening hand as my only mana. And it hurts. Well, a bit. If they are ignoring my life total it makes no difference. And those hands are rare.

    One regular opponent plays Mill. Check through this thread and it is the same guy.
    I am going to start playing a Gaea's Blessing. I figure it is worth it because unlike all the rest of my sideboard, GB works when I don't draw it, or about 4 times as often as a normal Sideboard card.
    Probably worth it against Phoenix or Reanimate too.

    Played against a completely bog-standard Green Tron
    3/1 using Base decks
    3/3 After sideboarding
    Gaddock locked up ONE game, total. Leo did absalutely F'kall.

    Just not sure these games are indicative, but it does demonstrate WWW can go toe to toe with Tron.
    But, any deck that can go even with Tron, is a serious deck.

    Walking Ballista is a problem, Ugin is a loss, Oblivion stone went off once total, and in all of those games he never cast a Wurmcoil, (and I did see them in his deck).

    I sideboarded only once, and, well, I did not SB in the Path to Exile. I think this might be the right call. Still think the LeoRW should be there, but I should play them immediately, and try to take a cantrip artifact.

    Lifegain is rarely useful.
    I learnt that in the original builds of this deck. As I am sure I have written, many times, the original version of this was Martyr of Sands/Serra's Ascendant. Mostly, it is a flawed tactic. If a 5/6 gaining you 5 life is Whopping! then, why not play Martyr of Sands and gain 15 on turn 2? Well, 15 lifegain is mostly just not good enough hence me playing 4 Martyrs in the board for when it is.

    Watchwolf is a 3/3 in just 2 colours, Fleecemane Lion is strictly better than Watchwolf.
    Fleecemane see almost zero play.
    Avatar of the Resolute is better than Fleecemane, My that thing is strong, and it sees almost no play. Kraul Harpooner is the same, nothing.
    The design philosophy in this deck is to KILL.
    1 cost = 2 power
    Big Thalia, is a 3 power creature that shuts down their side of the board.
    Tapped fetchland, gets a tapped multiland, gets a tapped creature
    First Strike can be just as good Lifelink. (Think Deathtouch)
    And Big Thalia is reducing in numbers because 3 cost 3 power doesn't seem good enough.
    I have already written about the cards you suggest.
    Tell me cards that stop Ugin, Wrath, Death Shadow, CoCo, Cryptic, Mill, Pyromancer, ArcLight Phoenix, Reflector Mage, Ensnaring bridge . . .
    And sure.
    The reason I switched back to Teeg is that the games he wins are often the ones I would have outright lost.
    Ugin, Wrath, Mill, CoCo, Cryptic. . .
    Stuff that will just kill you, unless you get a counterspell, and the mana to cast it. Which is why Gaddock is SO GOOD.
    Tap out to play creatures is how this deck works, and why counterspells just don't work in it.

    This is a sprint white deck. My life total is often irrelevant.
    The green bits are pure greed because the deck is so consistent it can afford the impurities because the upgrade in power level is massive.

    Lots of ground based creatures that join together to do something without disrupting the opponent is currently not successful in any modern deck.
    Humans, & Spirits fly, and disrupt.

    This deck has 7 lords, and 7 flip if 3 attackers effects. Noble Hierach is based on helping individual attackers. At a fundamental concept level, NobleH just shouldn't be there.
    (OK. He is WAY COOL at sliding straight past Ensnaring Bridge. And an expensive proven powerhouse. Obviously)


    2/1 at untap

    0/2 vs Bio/Displacer
    loss - ow
    loss - ow

    2/1 Thing in the Ice/Pyromancer
    loss -
    win - Martyr got me enough life so that I got to kill him after the Thing
    win - Although really. He forget that when the Thing goes off and he picks up his hand, I get to kill him a turn later because his Ensnaring bridge doesn't work any more.

    2/1 Burn
    loss - almost
    Win - Martyr
    Win - Martyr, then Martyr, then Martyr Smile 54 Life is a funny lifetotal vs burn


    Leo Arbi doesn't seem to deserve a full 4 copies, since he isn't doing special things, and a second copy in play isn't exciting.

    I am finding the LeoRW really ordinary on an ongoing basis at the moment.
    And I am playing a single Path to Exile base, which is kinda embarrassing.

    CoCo and other green-go-and-get effects often effectively end the game, stopping them is done by Gaddock (for me). Judge Familar, Little Thalia and maybe Phyrexian revokers on mana dorks might be enough to push through. Against that style (Bant, Spirits, Humans) I am finding I need to wade through a sea of enemy creatures. (Really not sure if reducing the Spectral processions is such a good idea for me).

    The sideboard you are going with is interesting.
    RIP, Martyr, StoneyS, Kataki, LeoRW all seems fair enough
    Numbers vary, of course.
    The only one I would question is the Leyline. What is it good against except Burn? Coz Martyr should have that covered.

    Not having access to Green makes it a really different deck.
    (I play fairly regularly against Mill, and a single Gaea's Blessing in the board should just kill it.)
    I am sure you should play 4 Selfless Spirit base.
    I am stopping the Damnation/Wrath effects with Gaddock, you need to stop them too, and Selfless is inherently good since it is a 2 power flyer. Being able to win creature battles is awesome, and block+ disappear is also quite special against things with lifelink.

    Really recommend Horizon Canopy, especially the first one. But. It does cost.

    I had an incredible blow out loss recently

    I attack with 3 little creatures into a Young Pyromancer, and a small Prowess creature.
    He is tapped out, What Can He Do?

    Mutagenic Growth on the Y.Pyromancer, Trigger prowess, Make a 1/1, . . and wipe my board.



    1/2 at Untap

    0/2 Scapeshift
    2/1 Red/Black Discard
    2/1 Biomancer/Displacer

    Got sad at slow results and switched it up

    3/0 at Untap

    2/1 Grapeshot Storm
    2/0 Scapeshift
    2/0 Eldrazi Tron

    Added a Knigh of Autumn. Sided out twice. Drew it once, and it was very ordinary.
    Added a second basedeck Path to Exile, which were average.
    Added 3 Tarmogoyfs, which hid, and were ordinary.

    Sideboarded a Gaddock & a Little Thalia.
    Removed all Big Thalia's.
    Sideboarded the last Relic Warden
    Switched a Plains for an additional Arid Mesa (R/W Fetch) which was eh.

    The base deck showed up and did it's thing.

    The final games into Eldrazi tron were odd.
    Attacking with 2xWLL, Gaddock, Dryad & Kytheon seems good.

    I think I got lucky against Scapeshift, but I did the right things.
    Anger wiped the board, still won.


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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green
    My Army of Teeg part 2
    2/2/0 at Good Games Lonsdale

    2/1 3/0 in socials after
    Stomp. Only lost that one game because there was no third land.
    2x Protection from black Pump knights by turn 3 seemed good, but I finished the game with 6 cards I couldn't cast because of the no 3rd land problem.
    Dieing to small Black creatures when I have a Devout Lightcaster in hand is a tad irritating.
    The first game of the match involved me casting a Spectral Procession on turn 4 off 3xHorizon Canopies, and a Dryad Arbor to pay the Thalia Tax, but I got there with 1 life to spare.

    0/2 vs Monastry Mentor.
    Grrrr. I cast Gaddock on turn 2, and all he did was stop me casting 3x Spectral processions. He doesn't play any 4+ cost spells. Still got him to 1.
    Game two involved me trying for the win instead of trying for interference.
    By sprinting, he was able to flip the Thing in the Ice the turn before he got smacked. Not sure if Big Thalia would have been a better % play, or not.
    Not sure about what and how to sideboard in this either. Tight, and I have significant game against him.

    1/2 Amulet of Awakening.
    Wow. Just Wow. What a deck.
    Game 1 I killed his Double Striking, Trampling 8/6 Titan, and go to 1 Life. I think I have the game, when he taps out for 5 mana, cycles a Tolarian Academy into a Walking Ballista, casts it for 1, and kills me.
    Game 2 I killed him, to the point, the turn before he whacks me silly.
    Game 3 he hit me for 16 damage on turn 2.
    I saw no Path to Exiles in games 2 or 3. I actually thought about Mulliganing a perfectly reasonable hand in game 3 because it didn't have one.

    2/1 Tron
    YAY !
    Game 1 - He wiggled a bit, but got stomped. Big Thalia shone.
    Game 2 - Turn 4 Karn, Turn 5 Ullamog, Turn 6 Ugin . The Karn I killed, Ullamog I can squint at, but the Ugin is scoop.
    Game 3 - Turn 4 Speed stomp vs slow draw. Little Thalia was effective. The Damping Sphere wasn't needed.

    Played a Razorverge Thicket instead on a plains. The only time it is likely to matter is lategame (turn 4 Smile ) when I need the 4th land to cast WLL. Or maybe Blood moon. Or Big Thalia.
    The Black player told me it mad no difference no play the fetch lands he was playing, and I disagreed. Then in the match, Big Thalia said Hi! to his fetchlands when it mattered.
    The Dryad Militants were very effective against little Jace in Monastry.
    The Dryad Arbor was Great! when summoned by a Fetchland. And ordinary when played naturally. It did do the final damage, and won a game. And not tapping for white was annoying. Gotta remember to play different 1 drops on turn 1 if I draw the Dryad Arbor. Do not play Dryad Militant on turn 1 if I get the Arbor, since G can cast it later. Play the Soldier, Kytheon or Woof instead, where possible.

    Selfless spirit was a workhorse, even though I did not face a single board wipe.
    Kytheon did transform, and it did matter.
    WLL & Banana men were solid.
    Soldier of the Pantheon & pump knights were most boarded cards. Woof & spectrals and a couple of spectrals also left.

    Played 2 serious but social games against the 4-0 player, he was running Tron
    Game 1, got him to 1 life.
    Game 2, Killed him

    He seemed a lot less cocky after. Smile

    Game 1 he needed a Walking ballista on turn 2 to kill my Thalia, so he did.
    Then he needed an O-Stone to Kill Gaddock & friends, so he did.
    Then he needed another O-stone, so he did.
    Then he needed another Ballista, so he did. Smile

    2/2/0 at GamesL

    2/1 Amulet 1/1 after in socials
    2/0 Miracles Grumpy and social after. Smile
    0/2 Red/white Burn 1/1 in socials
    1/2 Black/Green/w Premium Goodstuff

    All fully maxed decks played by reasonable players
    Sure, the Amulet player could have been better, but he had only been playing in for 5 days, and that deck is hard.
    Path is really strong in this one. They put so much effort in, and then the Titan goes away.

    The Miracles player knows his stuff and was adamant he should win 70% of the time.
    I have played, and beaten him twice. Smile

    Burn is just hard.
    It really regularly goes with the play, and I lost the roll, and then stuffed up a Path to Exile on a Eidolon.
    I should have let the eidolon kill him. D'oh. The two in socials went with serve.
    Maybe I should play a couple of devoted anti red cards.
    Martyr of Sands is still way cool.
    Path is a really dodgy call in this match. Dunno. Maybe not when I am on the play. Maybe not at all.

    Against Black green, Inquiz took an Isamaru on first turn, then a bit of a flood
    Game two Thoughtseize got a Devout lightcaster, and the game went real long.
    Sideboard in 12 cards, including all 4 paths to exile, which was a huge mistake.
    Took out the Gaddocks, and then lost to a -3/-3, four cost black spell.
    Scooze/Tireless tracker/ Tarmogoyf / Lingering souls / Geth / Path / Fatal P - even an Anafenza in game one.
    Just quality spells that try to spam together enough to stay alive , and then play something that will slowly win.
    Helping him by pathing his creatures isn't going to win because he will use the land.
    I need to kill him faster, by ignoring his Tarmogoyf.
    Both Wrath of Gods were brought in. Both hid, and probably would have sucked badly anyway. Hmmmm.
    Humans, Merfolk and Slivers be damned, the Wraths are outa here.

    5th Dec - I won another small tournament with this deck, against tier 1 decks.

    4/0 - Won at Games Lab Smile 12 people

    2/1 U/R
    Neat deck doing good things. Lost the first to Thing in the Ice and triple arc Phoenix.
    Turn 2 Thing is a real hassle, but they still have to kill me after it has gone off, and that aint that easy since I don't hurt myself much, and can repopulate really quickly.
    Hard fought games 2&3, but I got him in extra time.

    2/0 Tron
    Game 1, He got a slow, turn 5 Tron, and couldn't use it because of Gaddock
    Game 2, He got fast Tron, and couldn't get it done. All the creatures got in his face
    Walking Ballista tried, but couldn't

    2/0 Blue/Black
    Good Stuff. He just didn't get off the ground. Gaddock & Co got in his face and he just couldn't

    2/1 Death Shadow
    He got lucky in the first game and just squeaked it home.
    Game 2 & 3 were beatings
    Went 2/1 after in socials. He needs to get a lucky Anger of the gods, and 4 cost Liliana
    10 card sideboard

    1 Mulligan for the tournament.
    I kept a 1 lander on the draw as well. It had 4 one drops, and I drew a land.

    I had one game with 2 Razorverge as only land in first 7 , which was awesome. Very happy with change.
    Had a game where 2 Windbrisk were only land in initial 7. Went fine. Banana Man & WLL made a sudden, massive Kill.
    Multiple games were turn 1 Windbrisk because I did not draw a 1 drop, and that seemed to work out fine.
    It felt like I flooded once, but didn't because of Horizon canopy, Windbrisk, and fetching the Dryad Arbor.

    Sideboarded out Gaddock in matches 1&4, but he really kicked in Matches 2&3, Spectral Procession went the other way.
    Path & RIP went in matches 1&4
    Only Martyr of Sands never went in.

    Dryad Militant was an All-Star. Matches 1,3&4 that dinky little ability was MASSIVE. Even against Tron, a WLL made the dryad special. Nuthin wrong with a 1 cost 4/3
    Dryad Arbor got fetched, was annoyingly green once, and was useful in casting WLL once as the 4th mana.
    Soldier of Fortune was just a 2/1, constantly, and got sided out in round 4.
    Kytheon threatened to be useful, and so got killed.
    Big Thalia got sided in twice, and did annoy.
    Benana Man was always good.
    Selfless spirit was good, but not special.
    WLL was always good.
    Isamaru was cast, and did have a castle ready, but it didn't matter
    Shefet Dunes hid.
    Spectral was really strong, irritated by little Thalia, and had problems with Gaddock. Spectral technically costing 6 is still cute when cards like Inquiz of Kozilek (or eidolon) see it.
    Legions Landing was unseen.
    Little Thalia was all good, all the time, and the second one in hand was a little annoying.
    White Shield crusader got pumped twice, and confused big Lili, and Black targetted creature kill.
    Horizon Canopy was activated twice, and didn't hurt me much.

    All my opponents were playing premium versions of their name brand decks.
    I do not feel I need to describe their decks in detail because they were playing all the cards I expected them to play.

    2/1 at Untap

    2/0 U/W . . . (0/2 in post board socials after)
    Game 1 I won from 5 cards on the draw. He just drew lands.
    Game 2 was Gaddock and speed.

    0/2 U/r/w/g . . . (1/1 in socials)
    Game 1 was removal, then Blood moon, and then a Huntmaster
    Game 2 was a Izzet Staticaster mowing down my tokens in responce to a WLL. Then a Bolt/Snapcaster/Bolt killing my WLL, and mowing down another set of Spectral Tokens. Electolyze, path, bolts, L-helix, Cryptic commands, Tarmogoyf and blue cantrips to nail them together. Bloodmoon is impressive in a 4 colour deck, but it worked.
    The staticaster is a singleton from the board, and, ergh. He is the ex-store owner, and the random strength of the deck is cool. Spellqueller worked well.
    In game 2, I should have cast Isamaru instead of the second 2/1. Isamaru has 2 defence and it would have mattered against Electrolyze.
    Wallop doesn't like Tarmogoyfs + powercards, but, it still has game. Soldier of The Pantheon was surprising good.
    The socials afterward were notable in that the Ravorverge actual came into play tapped for the first time ever, both of them, but it made no difference.

    2/1 W/B Tokens
    Game 1 Loss to a land heavy draw where he thoughtseized by Spectral, and curved out.
    Game 2 was an Epic creature battle. My 7 creatures repeatedly killing all 7 blockers, for 3 turns. He could not kill me because of the turn 2 lifegain I got from a Martyr of Sands. He could not inflict lethal, and so had to block repeatedly. Big Thalia won it by making his next wave appear tapped. Only one martyr was sided in, soldier looked poor.
    Game 3 he stalled at 3 mana, and I curved out.

    Only mulligan was game 1, round 1. Single land, mulligan to no land, and win from 5 cards.

    In socials beforehand, I beat the store owner playing W/U 1/0
    In Socials beforehand, I beat a Green beatdown 2/0

    It has an incredible solidity to it. It feels right.

    There are 5, non-obvious singletons in Base Deck, all of which have been tested.
    There are only 4 spells that have a full four-pack.
    These 2 statements clash with most simple beatdown decks.
    Things like the 3rd Big Thalia in the board, (& the 4th WLL) (& 4th Gaddock), demonstrate playtesting over an extended period.
    The numbers have happened by wearing down the plastic on the sleeves.
    My spirit tokens need replacement sleeves from excessive use!

    There are certainly cards I would like to include, dozens of them, but, . . . This feels right.
    Maybe 2 more Temple gardens should become Razorverge Thickets
    Maybe the 4th Horizon Canopy should return

    In sideboard, the
    1x Damping Sphere
    1x Rest in Peace
    2x Martyr of Sands
    . . are all being reconsidered. They do not come in regularly enough. Their effects are game changing, when they happen.
    But that is about it. All the other cards pull their weight and seem to be in the right amounts.
    Many of these cards incidentally destroy other decks, while primarily being about hitting people.
    Another devout lightcaster would be nice, or Stillmoon. (Hobble, disenchant, sunlance, Auriok, . . . so many cards.)

    Aggregate Results so far for W/gk
    18/11 - So far for White/gk version Smile

    CoCo has never got a spell Queller against me. Queller is certainly a strong card, and has impacted games against me.
    I have beaten it by pure thump and speed, but it is a hassle. Last time I faced it, he was forced to wipe the board, and I killed him with the creature under the Queller.
    CoCo is green, Queller is W/U. They don't go together very often.
    Plan is to have the board filled before the Queller can land.

    4/0 at GamesLab Smile Kickin' it WOOOOOooooooooooT!

    2/0 UR Thing in the Ice - - 2/0 after in socials. (I do not think this is indicative)
    Dryad won the first game. Sending in the Isamaru & Soldier while he had a Snapcaster, but keeping the Dryad was critical.
    He found a Thing, but too late as I swarmed around it.
    Gaddock went out, path in. But I really shouldn't have. Game 2 he cast Jace and Cryptic, but couldn't quite stop the onslaught.
    Windbrisk was brutal in both games flipping Bananaman & WLL

    2/0 Artifact Affinity Creatures
    Way cool deck. Herald of Anguish off boosters, forced me to discard the WLL Smile Push through the air for the win with double boosted tokens.
    2nd game Wallop was just so strong.
    Gaddock went out, path in
    Windbrisk was awesome.

    2/1 R/B Insane cycling/discard Just nuts
    Game 1 He attacked on turn 3 after Burn Inquiry (?) both players draw 3 and randomly discard 3, pumping both his 1 cost red creatures by 3. Taking 8.
    (I didn't randomly discard my WLL)
    I spread out and formed a massed defense and then flew in for the win

    Game 2 Turn 1 he Burning inquired and discard 3 of my land. I still got to 3 land, but 2 of them were horizon canopy, and casting 3 drops with them regularly hurts. And then he would kill them, and hit me with his hollow one.

    Game 3 Wallop was strong and simple. Spectral procession with boosters
    Gaddock went out, path in

    2/1 BW Tokens and Planeswalkers. Path & Push
    Game 1 He pushed and pathed and Lingering souled, got 3 planeswalkers and won

    Game 2 Went long and complex. Eijango castle was critical.
    His 3 cost Gideon had made my Big Thalia do no damage, so I attacked with little Thalia, Isamaru, Kytheon, & Gaddock. Leaving the Banaman at home. Every legend I had attacked Gideon ! The Banaman had to stay home because he could block with a wall of Blossoms, . . .And Kalitas !
    Kalitas couldn't kill anyone with his 3 damage, because Eijango could keep all of my boosted creatures Alive! Smile
    Another couple of turns and he scooped so we had time to play Game 3

    Game 3 his graveyard was Inquiz, Path, Push, Path, (New point and kill for 1BW)
    Devout Lightcaster booooped Kalitas Smile
    He wanted to cast a Damnation on his last turn, and I pointed to my 3rd Gaddock Teeg for the game, and killed him.

    One Mulligan, 7 cards no land

    The entire deck was awesome.
    Soldier otP did a lot of damage, and was sideboarded in 4
    Legions landing was played once, flipped, and the mana was important.
    Kytheon did damage, flipped once, and had the 3rd one sideboarded twice
    WLL was a bomb. Free discard into play was huge. He had a random 3 in 9 of being cast for free, and wasn't. He was manually cast. He was in play with another WLL making 2x 6/6 creatures they could not deal with. He was summoned from Windbrisks. He was huge. 4th in the board regularly came in.
    Spectral was Flying death a couple of times. And had problems being cast once because of Teeg, but that was OK.

    Dryad won match 1, and was sideboarded a little.
    Gaddock was OK basedeck, and sideboarded in rounds 1,2&3. Then he won round 4.

    Crusader was on table twice. Part of the swarm, but not special. Eh.
    Isamaru was good. Second defence mattered. Being a legend mattered.
    Little Thalia was regularly good. Against affinity she slowed him by a turn as suddenly he had to pay for his Zero cost artifacts. She also annoyed instants, and did use firststrike.
    Selfless spirit was on board occasionally, and did her job, twice.

    Banaman was solid the whole time. Never a chance of leaving.

    Big Thalia really irritated, but got pointed at a lot. The third from the board regularly came in.
    Dryad Arbor was searched for twice, and never drawn. Smile
    Horizon canopy hurt a bit, but was sacrificed to draw 3 or 4 cards.
    Shefet Dunes was used, and it did matter. It was even not the last turn!
    The Razorverge did come into play tapped once, but it did not have a down side.

    11 of 15 Sideboard cards came in. Not Martyr, RIP or Dampening Sphere
    Stillmoon Cav came in for round 4, and hid. The rest were good.

    My last 3 tournaments have been 4/0 - 2/1 - 4/0 Smile
    I lost 1 round in my last 3 tournaments!
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