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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green
    I came back to rework, improve, and add results.
    I do not feel like contributing any more.
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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green
    1/2 - Blue/Black/Red Premium
    2/1 - Green Tron
    1/2 - Red/Green/Black Premium 4 x W6

    Had not played Magic, let alone Modern for 3 months.
    Picked it up, got there, and realised I was missing a couple of cards. Had them subbed out into a Highlander deck. And it mattered.
    Playing a 3 cost Thalia instead of WLL matters when being forced to discard from Kolaghans Command.
    Stupid W/R Fetchland cant get Dryad Arbor.

    Two mulligans in 3 rounds is appalling.
    Got mana flooded in first round in both lost games. first game getting flooded after a one lander was.... disappointing.
    About turn 14, losing with land in hand is pretty special. Sure, he was Cryptic Commanding my Dryad Arbor, but he did NEED to.
    Horizon Canopy really does even it out, and kept me in the game.

    Even so, I would play those rounds again. I beat Green Tron pretty convincingly now.
    The game I lost to Green Tron involved me making the decision to play the Selfless Spirit instead of Gaddock. Then he played All is Dust
    So I rebuilt, and he wiped with Oblivion stone
    I rebuilt, and he cast O-Stone
    And Karn /Lattice for the win. Smile
    We had played 3 games before hand as well. Yup Green Tron REALLY dont like me.
    (I keep 2x Path to exile in the deck now when facing tron to pick off the Wurmcoils.)

    W6 is strong. I realise that is not news to anyone, but even so. He always had the individual kill for the Soldiers of the Pantheon, and I always had multiple 1 defence creatures. Going first matters, and I did not. hmmmmm. Would like more games. Rest in peace was good against Tarmogoyf. Just 1.

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  • posted a message on The Wheel
    Narset is the long game. She is actually not particularly effective against me.

    She stops ancestral, brainstorm and preordain.
    And I have just lost to her when I forgot to do stuff in their turn, but... eh?

    I don't want the long game, because I want to have already won.
    I mean, she does not directly stop my win conditions, and all the stuff she does stop costs less than her.
    Bob ignores her.

    I mean, sure, Narset can be part of the prison.
    And I got one, because maybe I should be playing one. Maybe

    3 Porcelain Legionnaire - seems an interesting solution to Narset, if she does become a problem.

    I just don't play enough vintage to really be sure about Narset.
    But,... eh.

    You play Narset, and i dont counter. OK
    Do I get to have a turn?
    Can I win now?

    And Mishras Factory can kill her.
    And I can still use all those (5?) suddenly bad blue cards as Force fuel.
    She stops Ponder, Ancestral and Brainstorm, mid game onward.
    And she stops them being recast from the graveyard.

    Yawgies is going to be sad, about the lost card draw...
    Fact ignores her, transmute works, Tez works, tinker works.

    And the Sensei can activate in their turn, but the key trick wont work.
    Library needs to be more careful, only their turn.

    Why do I care about Narset?
    This is not quite yer run of the mill Vintage B/U.
    How about I Mind Twist her first?
    Can one of my 4 creatures with 2 power kill her already?
    Or cast Tezz in my turn, and win?
    Or cast Tinker and win?
    And I can just cast a Blightsteel Big boy manually, I spoze. (Sadly, It has happened.)

    Hmmm. Why should I care about Narset? OK. then what?
    How about I just play around her and kill you?
    She is an irritant, not a road block.

    I spoze against that style of deck, maybe take out the Yawgies, and a preordain (or 2) and add in some 2-3 Porkys.
    That way she does basically nothing to me, except draw you cards. Wonder if balance should come out against you too. Depends on the other 49 cards I spoze.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I think

    1) 18 land, is not enough.
    2) Ankh of Mishra, instead of Eidolon, is a mistake.
    3) 4 Fireblasts, is 1 too many
    4) it is missing a sideboard
    5) Skewer the Critics isnt quite good enough.
    6) LutS getting a Fireblast or Riftbolt is really annoying.

    7) But not as annoying as drawing 1, or 4+ Mountains
    And 3 mountains gets pretty sucky too if you start to draw more of them.
    So, 2 Mountains, 5 spells and you are good to go.
    Ah,.. Provided those 5 spells are not LutS, Fireblast x2, & Ankh x2. And Skewer the Critics in that lot does not help either.

    Getting an Ankh on table against a Combo deck often does nothing
    My life total is irrelevant in about 40-60% of the time.

    Ankh is the only disenchant target, Eidolon is too I spoze, but at least they still take 2. Mostly. And artifact destruction does exist, a bit.

    Turn 2 Griselbrand
    or Dark Depths Combo
    Or Silly Storm
    Will make you sad.
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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green

    3/1 Won the tournament, 10 player at Untap

    2/0 U/R Storm
    Thump. Thalia & Gaddock just stop him

    2/0 Red/Black Discard tricksy
    Game 1 I double discarded 2xWLL, but he did miss them in the first random discard. Smile
    Game 2 - His Turn 1 Hollow one got hidden by my Leo RW on Turn 2
    Social third he smashed me.

    2/1 Humans
    Got him. Sideboard turned up.
    Game one was a beating. Meddling Mage as first creature can stop Path to Exile! What that about?
    Game 2 the LeoRW won it by exiling his Aether Vial.
    Game 3 he stalled on 2 Horizon canopies after a mull, then the LeoRW hid his Vial. Devout lightcaster exiled his Freebooter. LLanding did flip into the 3rd land on my side, which mattered. Windbrisk got a Stillmoon Cavalier, which has protection from his deck (except nobleH, but he can still fly).
    I still think Humans should win this, but winning this round was satisfying against the odds.

    I did some strange boarding, but it seemed right.
    Took out
    2x Path to Exile
    2x Tarmogoyf
    3x Spectral procession

    Put in:
    2x Leonin Relic-Warder
    2x Devout Lightcaster
    1x Stillmoon Cavalier
    1x Mirror Entity
    1x Remorseful Cleric

    1/2 Eldrazi Tron
    He got what he needed, and JUST got there. Both of us mulled a bit.
    Path to Exile is strong in this, and very ordinary for the rest.

    Two ZERO land mulligans, and Two ONE land mulligans.
    No just lose games though.

    My Army Works.

    Kytheon, Hero of Akros Flipped twice, and went indestructible once
    Soldier of the Pantheon Was OK, and boarded against Eldrazi
    Legion's Landing was the 3rd land once.

    Thalia, Guardian of Thraben won the U/R match
    Selfless Spirit was fine
    Gaddock Teeg Was good in first match
    Tarmogoyf - Hid, and got boarded once

    Benalish Marshal- is the centre
    Spectral Procession - Is great, and is bad against humans.
    Wilt-Leaf Liege- Back to 4x, just good.

    Windbrisk Heights - Is an excuse to play so many lands. Wins games.
    Eiganjo Castle - No effect. Was a Plains. Was active once.
    Shefet Dunes - No effect. Caused me one pain once
    Horizon Canopy - Sacced twice

    Temple Garden - Was fetched for
    Windswept Heath - Got Plains, TempleG and the DArbor
    Dryad Arbor- Worked. Got fetched, and attacked, and fought, and died. Almost cost me a game against U/R when he Anger of the Gods my board.
    Razorverge Thicket - Could have been 4th land once, but wasnt.
    Arid Mesa - Bad. Was never good. Think I need to remove this

    Path to Exile - Was subbed in against Eldrazi, sucked otherwise
    Gaddock Teeg - Works real good against R/U
    Leonin Relic-Warder - Fantastic against Humans
    Rest in Peace - Never subbed
    Devout Lightcaster - Subbed in against Humans, worked. Discarded against R/B discard
    Martyr of Sands - Subbed in, and bad against R/B
    Stillmoon Cavalier - Worked against Humans
    Gaea's Blessing - Subbed in, and drawn against B/R but didnt work - Dammit! Maybe it is time.
    Mirror Entity - Subbed in Turned up against Humans and in a social but never good to cast. Maybe it is time.

    Seems unjustifiable mana problems again.
    But, seems to be happening. This is almost mono colour, with 23 land in a weenie deck.
    Not sure what else to do.
    No land, One land and 5 land. Dunno. keeping 4 landers with 3x1 Drops does work. (horizon, Winbrisk, Fetch for DArbor)

    My Army is resilient
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  • posted a message on My Army of Teeg White Weenie, with a splash of Green

    4/1 came 2nd

    2/0 U/W
    Thump . Lost the social 3rd game, but his deck has to do amazing things.

    0/2 Hogark .
    Grrrr. Land problems. (Lost the 3rd to land problems as well)

    2/0 U/G Combo. Won the social 3rd too.

    2/0 Hogark.
    He had land problems, and his version wasn't quite right, and he got unlucky, but he still got pounded.

    2/1 U/W/b
    My Army did like it should. Works.

    Deck is REALLY GOOD.
    Dryad Militant <-Backbone
    Isamaru <- Got Thoughtseized
    Kytheon, Hero of Akros <- Flipped twice, and went indestructible once
    Soldier of the Pantheon <- Was ordinary, and did the kill against multicolour spells.
    Legion's Landing <-was the 3rd land once.
    Path to Exile <- Didn't really work

    Thalia, Guardian of Thraben <- STRONG won games
    Selfless Spirit <- great team player. Got targetted. 2nd one won it
    Gaddock Teeg <- Won a game outright
    Tarmogoyf <- Was OK. Got bounced once, Dryad Arbor died, and I couldn't cast it till 2 turns later.

    Benalish Marshal<- Central Card
    Spectral Procession <- was the hammer once, got boarded once, and hid
    Knight of Autumn <- was a Blah 4/3 once
    Wilt-Leaf Liege<- Big, worked, (never discarded)

    Plains<- Fine
    Windbrisk Heights <- Won games
    Eiganjo Castle <- No effect. Was a Plains
    Shefet Dunes <- No effect. Caused me one pain once
    Horizon Canopy <- Sacced 2 for the tournament
    Temple Garden <- Was fetched for
    Windswept Heath <- Got Plains, TempleG and the DArbor
    Dryad Arbor<-Was Good. Got fetched, and attacked, and fought, and died.
    Razorverge Thicket <- Never a problem with Tapped.
    Arid Mesa <- Bad Was never good

    Path to Exile <- Was subbed in against Hogark & U/G was average
    Gaddock Teeg <- Works real good against W/U
    Wilt-Leaf Liege <- Subbed in every Match
    Leonin Relic-Warder <- Never subbed in
    Rest in Peace <- Won a game on turn 2 against Hogark
    Devout Lightcaster <- Subbed in for Hogark, never got to 3 land
    Martyr of Sands <- Not subbed in
    Stillmoon Cavalier <- Subbed in against Hogark and W/U/b. Never turned up
    Gaea's Blessing <- Dammit! Had the card and no green mana on turn 2. Frown
    Mirror Entity <- Subbed in once and was poor.

    Deck had massive unjustifiable mana problems, and went 4/1
    My Army is THAT solid. Every player knew exactly what they were doing.
    Four of the opponents had pimped out versions of their decks, and exactly the cards they wanted to play.
    The 2nd Hogark player was missing the Vengevines, but had replacement strengths, and he got unlucky.

    My Army felt like it deserved to be facing them, and deserved the results. I could have beaten the first Hogark player as well, if only the green mana showed up. He won overall, with a draw in the last round. I report all of my results, It has just been a while.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    went 3/2

    Beat red twice, beat planeswalkers, lost two U/G simic nexus twice
    Shifting ceratops is just a beating.

    Sphinx of Foresight was the strongest card of the day, by far.
    I have no idea why no one else plays it.
    In this deck, Sphinx is phenomenal.

    Aether Gust was good.
    C-Drake hid

    T-wand just might be justified, Creatops is just that bad.

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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Went 2/1 in a tiny tournament.

    Tried Cerulean drake base, and did not play against red. boarded out all 4 each game.

    The new Elemental deck is strong, and unbeatable if it gets rolling.

    Aether Gust never got drawn.

    Sphinx of Foresight was magnificent.
    I kept a ZERO land hand, and smashed it.
    I cast it as the spell that actually stuck, and the scry found the counterspells to protect it.

    Transmog wand seems hopeful.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    So I played burn 3 times. It has been fun.

    4/0, (2xIntentional Draws, then loss in quarterfinals)

    It is an interesting deck to play for me purely because I play all formats. Vintage, Legacy, Modern, Standard, and the best format, Highlander (Australian Highlander , not EDH or Commander). I have even played a little draft recently, but, I don't play each format much.

    Not knowing a format intensely, or being focussed on one set of decktypes makes it much harder to get really good at complex decks. As example, the format I have played the most recently was Highlander, and remembering which creatures are in the deck so the Green Sun's Zenith works properly is quite difficult.
    Being able to play like this means I always have a deck ready for each format, just grab and play.
    It also means I just don't get to know a lot about what everyone else is playing.

    Frustratingly, I am yet to play against Dark Depths. Slowly, the hatred I am playing against Dark Depths is fading.
    I played against a DD player last night, and he wasn't playing DD. D'oh

    Burn sideboarding is a little different to other sideboarding. I do not agree about trying to improve the deck a little by gently massaging numbers. Burn cards are mostly interchangeable between each other. Rift bolt or Lava spike or chain lightning isnt a huge difference. Goblin or Swiftspear isn't massively different.
    Eidolon is different, as is Sulphuric Vortex, but not hugely so.

    The mana base in Burn is incredibly blah. Fetchlands or not depends on grim lavamancer (& Searing Blaze).
    The only other choices are if Horizon canopy lands, or Barbarian Ring should be included. Including either means the 4th Fireblast should be replaced.

    Barbarian ring has been Excellent.
    At a conceptual level, it seems far better than a Horizon land, but very similar. If the horizon land is needed to tap for mana, it can, and hurts. Exactly like a B-Ring If there is too much land, pay a mana and draw a burn card, well, 2/3rds of a burn card. And 2/3rds of 3 = 2
    Barabrian Ring does exactly the same thing, 2 damage.

    The reason B-Ring is better is because it can't be counterspelled, (or discarded), and because it does not need more mana to actually cause the damage. The lightning bolt drawn from the horizon land still needs a mana to cast.

    Either way, 18 land is just not enough. 20 is so much more comfortable.
    I am quite happy playing 4 Barbarian rings.

    Light up the Stage is a mana source, sorta.
    Turn one riftbolt, M-SSpear or Goblin means Light Up can be cast on turn 2 from a single mana. Seeing a one land hand and keeping it can be done, sometimes. Maybe you will draw a second on turn 1 or 2. Maybe LutS will show a 2nd. And maybe you will just lose, it happens.
    Currently I am playing 2x LutS.

    Skewer the critics hasn't worked for me.

    Sideboard is more interesting.
    Smash to Smithereens deserves a full 4 of. Smashing Chalice of the void is good. So is breaking a batterskull, or sword of Ice & fire from a Stoneforge

    Searing Blaze also deserves a full 4 of. It works good. Burning a delver, snapcaster, Strix, Stoneforge, goblin, or whatever is a really good thing. It works.

    The other 7 cards in sideboard can be anything.
    Anyhoo, I have been play a couple of weird sirdboard cards, and they have been working.

    Last night I played against a turn 1 Trimisphere, and a turn 2 Chandra.
    Ball Lightning is an AWESOME way to kill Chandra. Smile
    Then Smash to Smithereens, Bang, bang, bang.clunk. His Ancient Tomb certainly helped, but he was casting a lot of 3 cost Goblin makers and would have got me on his next turn.
    I highly reccomend a Ball lightning or two in the board. Against all in strategies, it does get thru.

    Pyrostatic pillar has won me a game against storm.

    Sulphuric Vortex does work if forced into a long game.

    Alpine Moon is still a 4 of for me, and I am still boarding an Island of Wak-Wak, come on Dark Depths.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo

    Went 3-0 in a tiny tournament

    2-1 Beat dinosaurs, but, I REALLY shouldn't have. Opponent just didn't realise Shifting Triceratops can have reach. He only bought them yesterday. The card is HORRENDOUS for us. He was playing four and drew them. Its obscene. We swapped decks and played some more, and I stomped my Blue deck with his Dinosaurs.

    2-1 Beat Nicol Bolas. Just. well made home brew version. Odd draws on both sides. Easily could have gone the other way. Ritual of soot and Cry are backbreaking. Sphinx was a real star.

    2-0 Beat Red. He got flooded, and he missed a couple of tricks. Newer player. Sphinx was awesome in the second game. We played another 4 games and I taught him a lot of his decks tricks and timing.
    Chainwhirler is much less effective now than I am only playing 4x Stormtamers as my only 1 defense creatures, after boarding.

    Curious obsession was important in 2 wins, and not sighted much else.
    I haven't updated it in months. Not sure I would want to.

    None of the cards listed above seem stronger.
    Sure, lots of them are playable.
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  • posted a message on My Vintage Black & Blue
    Both of Us Play
    1 Tinker
    1 Time Walk
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Brainstorm
    1 Ponder
    4 Force of Will
    1 Tezzeret the Seeker
    1 Mystical Tutor

    1 Sol Ring
    1 Mox Sapphire
    1 Black Lotus
    1 Mox Jet
    1 Mana Vault

    1 Yawgmoth's Will
    1 Demonic Tutor
    1 Vampiric Tutor

    1 Blightsteel Colossus
    1 Time Vault
    1 Voltaic Key

    4 Underground Sea
    2 Tundra
    7x Fetchland
    1 Library of Alexandria
    1 Tolarian Academy

    Just You
    4 Thoughtseize
    2 Duress
    1 Imperial Seal

    1 Personal Tutor
    4 Daze
    2 Spell Pierce
    3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    1 Tezzeret the Seeker (2nd one)

    2 Watery Grave
    1 Mox Emerald
    1 Mox Pearl
    1 Mox Ruby
    1 Lotus Petal
    1 Mana Crypt

    Just Me
    1 Fact or Fiction
    1 Mana Drain
    1 Muddle the Mixture
    1 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
    1 Snapcaster Mage
    3 Preordain
    1 Mental Misstep

    1 Mind Twist
    2 Dark Confidant
    1 Balance
    1 Merchant Scroll

    1 Sensei's Divining Top

    2 Tundra
    1 Island
    1 Seat of the Synod
    1 Mishra's Factory
    4 Wasteland
    1 Strip Mine

    Yours can be more explosive. Mine is more stable
    Your extra artifact mana is faster, and less reliable

    Yours is going for Hand disruption, Mine goes for land disruption

    Mine has 2 more blue mana, and more 3 more cantrips
    Yours has 4 more Heavy blue Planeswalkers

    You use those walkers to win and draw cards, while I am using Fact/Sensei/cantrips/Vryn/ and Bob

    I like mine a whole lot more, but, well, that's magic.
    I have also been playing this off and on for an extremely long time.

    I like having the Bobs, and the Mishra's Factory as back up kills.
    Transmuting the muddle into well, anything, is a neat trick.
    So is using the tinker on the Factory since it only becomes an artifact when I want it. This matters since I just don't have as many artifacts as you.
    My academy is worse, but I am far more resilient to Artifact hate. Often it does nothing to me.

    I use the Strip/Waste approach because everyone has lands, and sometimes I just win because they only have one blue source.
    After a discard the game always goes on.

    The top is REALLY strong. The interaction with Key is also a bit abusive. Works good with Bob and fetches, obviously.

    Manadrain spending mana on a Mindtwist or fact is good. But the double U is tricky, which is one reason I am playing more. Same with casting the Muddle...

    You dont list a sideboard. Oh well.

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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    I go with 23 land because I need 3 land.
    I go with 22 sources of W because I need WWW.
    I still get mana screwed, and colour screwed.

    My 23rd coloured land has annoyed me sometimes, but Megatog is OK with 17. Smile
    You guys play too little land for my tastes
    You guys play colourless sources to stop decks I don't need to. (And it is the right choice, not saying otherwise.)
    I gave up on GQ went I started drawing 2 GQ, one Plains, and just lost.
    Those types of Bad Draws annoy me, so I play my deck, where I can't get them.
    I am at the point of writing notes to myself to be careful when I draw my 23rd land, the Dryad Arbor, so I do not cast the Dryad Militant in my opening hand to avoid possible colour screw on turn 3. That is the level of consistency built into My Army.

    Squadron Hawk is a bad card.
    When I wrote "I see one neat combo, and lots of bad decisions.", let me walk you thru it.
    Say you draw a squadron hawk in your opening hand, of the other 59 cards, 3 more are Squadron Hawks, and 3 are force of virtue.
    You are just as likely to be unlucky, as you are lucky. That blows. And if you ARE lucky, great! Now draw a second Squadron Hawk in the remaining 58.
    And how about that hand where you draw 3 squadron Hawks, and no Virtue? Or 3 Virtue, and no Hawks?

    When I draw all 3 WLL, sure, I am most likely going to mulligan. But that is 3 out of 3. Not 3 out of 4. And sometimes, 3 WLL is OK.
    But thats my only mulligan like that.

    I aint disregarding the free Anthem off a Squaddie, that is the 'One neat Combo', but, . . .Really?
    Suddenly you are playing a disenchant target that costs 2 cards.
    I am specifically not playing ANY disenchant targets.
    Discard a WLL wins games, don't discount that either.

    You have found a neat combo, and want to play it, so go ahead.
    But. . . Megatog - "My version is better at being aggressive."
    I don't think so.

    This is your suggested draw :

    Turn 1 Giver of Runes
    Turn 2 Squaddie (+3 Squaddie), Virtue
    Turn 3 - Take 2, RC get a dude
    Turn 4 - take 2+4, cast dude + Squaddie
    Turn 5 - Take 2+4+3+2, + Squaddie
    Turn 6 - WIN !

    My Deck wants a turn 4 Kill.
    (Replace the defensive Giver of Kisses with a proper aggro creature and you add 12 damage by turn 5)

    So, No, Squadron Hawk is not more aggressive.
    Spectral Procession is 3x 1/1 flyers for WWW
    Squadron Hawk is 3x 1/1 Flyers for 1W, 1W, 1W
    Spectral Procession is half the cost, for the same.
    If you do not get a Virtue, Squadron hawk is just bad. With a virtue, it is going to be discarded on turn 1.

    Insert a turn 4 Wrath, or a turn 4 O-Stone & Boom, or a Turn 4 Ugin, or turn 4 combo win, and you is in bad times. (Sometimes RC still can't stop the combo)
    Those situations happening are my starting point.
    Turn 4 aggro win on the play beats them, therefore these changes are not 'Aggressive'.

    I played a lot of Squadron Hawk in the initial version of this deck, and I had neat combos.
    I sometimes pulled them off, and I lost a lot.
    I stopped playing Squadron hawk because I wanted more aggressive cards.
    Decklists that have not been played in tournaments using cards I stopped playing 2 years ago are going to have a real hard time convincing me.

    I mean... seriously?
    Compare that to when you draw the cards we both play :
    Turn 1 - 2/1
    Turn 2 - 2/1 + 2/1 + take 2
    Turn 3 - Benanaman + take 9
    Turn 4 - Win - take 12

    With 3 cards spare on the play.
    (Add a turn 4 WLL and there is another 4 or 5 incoming. Go ahead and Path/Push/Bolt something)
    Squadron Hawk just aint in that mindset.
    And RCoE just looks ordinary. . . .

    Your suggested problem cards : "Path, Push, etc" are all going to land on something. You are not dodging them by casting Virtue. If you do not cast it for 'free', but instead actually have to cast it manually, it is just a bad anthem. And the creature it boosts get killed by 'Path, Push, etc'
    When you have 1 card on the table, I do not want it to be Force of Virtue.
    I do not want to help them kill my creatures by discarding them.

    RC is just NOT aggressive. He does nothing the turn he comes down. He has a 1 for 1 natural power ratio. He has no combat abilities
    Against TiTi or Burn, sure, RC getting a Martyr seems neat.
    Getting a Militant on turn 4 is going to be ordinary, A bodyguard is going to be ordinary, A giver of runes is going to be ordinary, A Kytheon might be OK, Mikie might be OK on turn 5. I do not want to go into Top deck mode, ever. I want to kill them instead. RC is just looking worse and worse.
    Against Terminus, yeah, sure. Your 3 mana creature went zero for 1, if you predicted it.

    Big Thalia still seems slightly better for me, and I have stopped playing her.
    I have stopped playing the 3rd Little Thalia because of Legend problems. I am at the point where smoothing out that level of wrinkle matters to me.
    Bridge from Below was completely not a problem for me. Selfless Spirit made it just go away. Pity really.
    For a brief moment Dauntless bodyguard had a reason to exist, but, no, he is back to being a bad card.
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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    Why are these changes good?
    I see one neat combo, and lots of bad decisions.
    Winbrisk heights is worse, because you are only playing 3 lords.
    Flipping a Virtue is just not as strong as flipping a Marshal or a WLL
    17 sources of W is just not enough to reliably cast WWW
    Horizon canopy is great for me as land 23, 22 & 21
    I do not want them as land 20, or 19.
    I dont want the 3rd little Thalia because of Legend clashes.
    Kytheon is worse because you are playing less 1 drops.
    Kytheon is worse because you have less land.
    Dryad Militant is MUCH worse because you removed the WLL.
    Squadron Hawk is just weak, especially in a sprint deck.
    Getting 2 Squadron Hawks in the first 8 or 9 cards is terrible.
    Ranger of Eos just wont work properly in a slow deck. Ranger does stop the Wrath for a turn, but then you don't kill them, so, next turn they kill your creatures.
    Dauntless Bodyguard seems terrible in this. No creatures are worth defending. So what if you get him on turn 3 from a Ranger?
    Giver of runes of the Ranger is also just bad. Turn 1 Giver is also pretty ordinary.
    Slowing the deck down, doing less damage, reducing the creature count, increasing mana screw, increasing colour screw . . . Why?
    Sure, it is a white weenie deck, so it will win games. How does this improve it?

    What are these changes good at fighting?
    Which deck are they good against?

    The cards I play in my Army of Teeg have been worn down over hundreds of games in dozens of tournaments.
    An untested decklist and 'Possibly try this out? ' really isn't where I am.

    Feel free to type up your results.
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    The first post on this thread is a decklist, and a set of game states that Tier 1 decks can do.
    Quote from magic geek »

    My opponents will play a targetted creature kill, a Wrath effect, and then a second of both.
    Or, they will play an Ugin on turn 4
    Or, they will combo win on turn 4.
    Or burn me out on turn 4.

    If you win the coin toss, Your deck can win turn four.

    If you lose the coin toss, you lose to each.

    Maybe you can fight burn on the ground. But, only 3 land out of 20 don't hurt you. Ow.
    Turn two Eidolon, on the play, affects every one of your spells.
    My deck is not happy about it, but can still play, Windbrisk, Spectral, WLL, then attack on turn 5 flipping a Lord for the win. Dodging the Eidolon entirely

    Mine is designed to fight those board states.
    Gaddock & Selfless Spirit are in your sideboard, but basedeck in mine. (Little Thalia helps too.)
    Maybe I can fight burn on the ground too. 14 of my land don't hurt me, and I have a couple of neat tricks.

    There is nothing especially wrong with your deck, but, I like mine more.
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