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  • posted a message on [The Evil Trio] Your no.1 place for banners and avatars
    Just to be curious, why do you need to have at least 25 posts to request an avvy/sig?
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  • posted a message on Blue Ponza
    There's a deck like this in standard, but it's called "Tigger".
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  • posted a message on Top eight decks from Ky 1000 Type Two event.
    NOOOOOOO... Ponza beat MUC?? Maybe he kept getting nuts draws of Mox and Slith with LD on the next turn. Meh, at least the metagame is diverse.

    But Proteus-Belcher in T8? W00t! Smile There seemed to be a lot of TnN and MUC, but no B/G or U/G... hmmm. I can probably see why that is so:

    -Wrecks both decks with Kiki-Titan
    -Mindslaver is quite lethal to both of them
    -Topdecks the answers with the Top, which also softens the blow on a Plow Under

    -Sits on counters, waiting to counter vital spells from both decks
    -Draws way more cards then both decks, which is vital in a control-control matchup
    -B/G really can't play Kokusho, nor can U/G play Meloku, because of the dreaded Shackles. (though U/G puts up more resistance)

    And if the metagame is TnN and MUC, Ponza comes into the picture. It will be a diverse format indeed.
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  • posted a message on Reanimator Tek against Madness
    Is Mind Bend meant to hack Wonder? Try Withered Wretch instead. Not only does it stop Wonder, it gets rid of Deep Anylasis, Roar of the Wurm, and Genesis. Plus, it also wrecks other decks like Goblins and it's good in the mirror matchup as well.

    You can also run Chainer's Edict in the sideboard if Madness is really prevailant in your area. Personally, I think both Edicts will kill more of Madness's creatures than Smother. But that's my opinion. It all depends on the situation.
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  • posted a message on {Post Rotation} MBClerics
    Here's my decklist:

    20 Swamp
    3 Unholy Grotto
    4 Dark Supplicant
    4 Shepard of Rot
    4 Withered Wretch
    4 Rotlung Reanimator
    4 Cabal Archon (this guy is insane)
    1 Scion of Darkness
    4 Duress
    4 Chainer's Edict
    4 Smother
    4 Gravestorm

    4 Cabal Therapy (control)
    4 Innocent Blood (Madness)
    4 Engineered Plague (Goblins)
    3 Mutiliate (aggro, Decree of Justice)

    The one card you might be questioning is Gravestorm . Let me tell you, it is way better than Muse and Arena in my playtesting. Why?

    -Muse and Arena are both "draw until you die", though you do have control over the Muse, Gravestorm can allow you to draw an extra card each turn, without pain.

    -Alone, it can hurt a lot of decks. Many decks, IMO post-rotation, will rely a LOT on the 'yard. UG Madness. Goblin-Bidding. Threshold and Flashback decks. If you can't draw a card from Storm, you are probably going to maim your opponent's strategy to some extent. Otherwise, you net an extra card. It's a win-win situation.

    -With Withered Wretch, insane synergies happen. We know how good Wretch is, and how he quickly decimates graveyards. With a Wretch and Storm on the table, you have a personal Howling Mine on the table. As long as you have your opponent's yard empty, you are going to be outdrawing your opponent and most likely win.

    Shepard of Rot: It triggers Reanimator, Supplicant, and Grotto, making it a solid choice for the deck. It helps drag down the life totals vs. control, helping get within killing range to drain your opponent with Archon.

    I chose Duress over Therapy maindeck because it will almost always snatch a card, where, unlike Therapy, it's the guessing game. I just bring it in vs. control for more discarding power. I do understand the flashback synergies, but I prefer Duress.

    This will be lots of fun to play with after the rotation.
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  • posted a message on Legacy,Youkai and haka's GFX shop
    I don't want to nag, but has my request for my sig been forgotten? If you can't find it, look in page 9...
    It seemed everyone else was getting their stuff done, but I seem to have been forgotten...:(

    Again, I'm very sorry for bugging you guys.
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  • posted a message on How competitive is Disrupting Shoal?
    Shoal is a godsend vs. the aggro decks like WW and Sligh. It stops crazy turn one stuff like Mox Slith, Red Genju, and Isamaru. It's pretty damn decent when you tap out on purpose to play something like Magpie, have your opponent play a Troll... and it gets shoaled.:halo:

    It's meant for the early game, where even though it nets card disadvantage, it keeps your opponent in line and around the same place of development you are in.

    On a side note... you can always hard cast if your desperate. Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on [9th] Mirrodin Block in 9th
    I saw the list at the beginning, and I saw Eternal Witness. :yikes:

    There is absoultely no way that card will be reprinted, EVER. It was way too broken and was at the brink of banning in standard. Regrowth should be CAREFULLY considered when R&D made Witness. I think I remember they said that it was originally at 3GG for 2/1, but then pushed to 1GG.
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  • posted a message on Need help vs. MWC
    Can you give us the decklist the guy is running? That would really help.

    Aside from Tog, there is also Aggroclerics, which I will be playing after the rotation. It rapes W/x control really badly. Here are some cards that smash white to its knees...

    Withered Wretch : Not only is he a 2/2 beater, he annihlates Eternal Dragon, which is a pain in the *** to deal with, and stops the Bringer/Slaver lock you said you had problems with.

    Duress Vital to any black based deck, Duress picks off annoying cards like Decree of Justice, Pulse of the Fields, Slaver, ***, and someothers right from the get-go.

    Rotlung Reanimator If you run AggroClerics, this is an absolute monster. It is amazing vs. ***, Akroma's Vengenance, and Stone, making an army of 2/2s waiting to smash your opponent in. It also stacks in mulitples, so if three Reanimators die at the same time, you get 9 2/2's.

    Basically any types of counterspells (hard counters work the best, of course.)

    I really hope this helps you out. Good luck!
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  • posted a message on Ninjas win tournament!
    Quote from dare2facemaddness »
    i find the deck interesting.. "tech" with ornithopter and ninjitsu... but im sure if you went to a "competitive" tourney (ptq, gpt, gp) you'd get smashed by combo decks =/ (life, desires, aluren)

    That's why I would wait for the rotation to play this deck. Post-rotation kills combo decks hard core (though Breakfast is still around), so it would be easier to play the deck.

    I'd up the Shackles to 4, since it completely destroys Madness if it resolves. I played MUC once in an extended tourney at my card store and got second (lost to Goblins, kept getting nuts draws). A lot of people are going to be playing Madness because it's really powerful, consistent, and is easy on the wallet.
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  • posted a message on Legacy,Youkai and haka's GFX shop
    You guys seem to do some good work, so I have a request for you guys.

    I would like a sig that has the following pictures from left to right: Meloku, Vedalken Shackles, and Bribery. Put my name there too in it (don't forget the underscore!!!), and try to use a really cool font for my name.

    That would be really appreciated, thank you very much.
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  • posted a message on Jellyfish's 'Tar Shop
    I would like an avatar that starts off with a picture of counterspell (Alpha art), then fade into Forbid, then fade into Force of Will, then fade into a black background in white words, "Blue Rocks!"

    I think it shouldn't be too hard to do, thanks for your help.
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  • posted a message on [9th] Chill?
    No way in hell will R&D reprint Chill. If they did, red would be completly screwed for years to come, especially since it will rotate out in extended...

    If they reprint Chill, they should reprint Dread of Night and Perish as well.
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  • posted a message on Educate
    If they would make this, it would probably be in Ravinca. Otherwise, MUC instantly is the top deck to beat, because G/x and TnN will be having fits that Blue has such an unfair counterspell.

    When Mirrodin rotates out, Green takes a huge hit, losing Beacon, Rude Awakening, Eternal Witness, Troll Asethic, and Tooth. Ravinca seems like the correct set to put it in.
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