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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket

    I've been away from MTGO, and was sad to see the S100 gone. Hope I can make some time to join is some Saturdays.

    As for B+R there are a lot of amazing cards not on that list people could argue about, that's the point of S100 IMO, I don't mind losing to mana drain. I don't care what list we use long as I get to play my decks Smile
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  • posted a message on Best Swinging General
    Vorash and Sliver Queen have probably accounted for most of my commander kills. Queen only takes 3 hits unaided by pump, many players forget they have 14 com damage and skip the block. Vorash is just silly, particularly after any timewalk effects.
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  • posted a message on Would EDH be better off without non-land tutors?
    Banning tutors would destroy the format. If your a format destroyer at heart I guess that would work for you. I like having a few degenerate formats to play in. Why disassemble one of the few really good broken places to do broken things?

    The best player often wins, combo loses to a well timed counterspell and many times is exhausted anyway, and its fun to play magic and lose to and win by playing excellent cards.
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