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  • posted a message on Black on Black Planeswalkers
    I wonder how many bots were monitoring Hasbro's site.
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  • posted a message on Black on Black promo price
    It looks like they updated their website for the day 10 minutes ago.

    EDIT: I mean, the advertisements changed at the bottom of the screen
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  • posted a message on The unbreakable situation
    I cannot believe we made it 7 pages before anyone mentioned the Channel and Forecast abilities, especially with Return to Ravnica coming up.

    So, knowing this we can now get around the abyss problem, but not the Jin problem.
    If we can draw the second card then this scenario is available:
    We simply forecast Pride of the Clouds and then play spearbreaker behemoth, letting us get our much needed emrakul into play.

    Any idea on how to draw another card?

    Also, OP needs to add mindlock orb and maralen of the mornsong

    I had a thought, if we could get bottled cloister into play we'd get around Jin.

    I just read the card...
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  • posted a message on [[RTR]] All 10 Shockland Art + other art from Player's Championship
    Why would Sacred Foundry be in RtR art? It is going to be in Gatecrash.
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  • posted a message on Dec 20 B&R Spec?
    Quote from DerangedHermit
    I predict the DCI will ban Alex Bertoncini.

    Aside from punishing fire in Modern, I think that's the only other thing needing banning.

    I could see an argument for Brainstorm in legacy, but I do not thing it's going to happen.
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  • posted a message on [un-land] Question about little girl
    This came up in silly casual night.
    What happens when you block a phyrexian obliterator with a little girl? We ruled that you sacrifice one permanent (because you would round up) but I want to hear what the judges here would rule.

    It just took us all by surprise.
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  • posted a message on Target stores selling repackaged 2 "deck" value packs
    Quote from MagicMav
    probably just the oversized

    Yep, the commander decks have all 100 cards, they just don't have the big ones. And The F&L came with bolts and figures, so I was happy.
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  • posted a message on Target stores selling repackaged 2 "deck" value packs
    I got some yesterday from my Target. There were Commander decks (Ghave and Mimeoplasm) and several Fire and Lightning (minus the display cards). Also, each one came with a second deck and a Mirrodin Besieged booster.

    So, $ 30= 2 commander decks, 2 Fire and Lightning, 2 M12 theme decks, and 3 MBS boosters.
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  • posted a message on [Roger] Death Walks Again
    I think I'm using a battle of wills. However spells might help me along the way, if only for roleplaying's sake. No stats are needed, I'll likely use my mana to maneuver through the fight, no real spells, but if I DO use any spells I figure that blue mana will do blue things and black mana will do black things (like, Blue defense, black offense).
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  • posted a message on [Roger] Death Walks Again
    As fun as diplomacy is against Grol, I think I'll go with combat/wills. And yes a month passes again... *school related excuse*

    Is the following a what you were expecting for combat/test of wills?

    Roger caught himself as he stumbled and leaped forward in his counterassault. A trail of blackness connected to Roger from the black limb, strengthening him and anchoring him. The chains bound Roger to Grol, as well as Grol to Roger, and Roger's mobility was halted by some unknown force. However they were not here in body, so physical strength was unimportant. Roger pulled against the searing chains, drawing Grol to him, then, just as powerfully, twisted against them causing the two of them to spiral around one another. Roger's anchor whiped the two of them around the essences, spiraling them both out of control.

    Life = 19

    Essentially, I draw black mana and attempt to pull Grol toward me and use his "momentum" to break him away from me. If he tries to hit me with something nasty, Roger is prepared to blast him.
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  • posted a message on [Planar Chaos]. GLOBAL DOM-Ooh, shiny!
    It's reasons like that why I don't use alignments in my campaign.

    I just use "be a consistent character."
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  • posted a message on [Planar Chaos]. GLOBAL DOM-Ooh, shiny!
    I wonder if we could compile a list of all the evil things done by players in MTGRPG. Would it outweigh the good?
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  • posted a message on [Roger] Death Walks Again
    Roger basked in a moment of real trust, it was something he hadn't ever felt before, at least before Tilia. Too much of his life had been spent being someone else's toy. His childhood began with a constant fleeing from the undead and even his family. Demon lords pursued him, people he met used him, and Roger knew there was always only one person he could trust. But he had a new trust again, for a moment at least, until he could feel the wrongness. It was like discovering a family heirloom worth thousands of gold in your attic wrest from you by some tax collector. But Roger could feel again, he was free and his mind was open to him. He knew what was right about himself and what was not. The essence, which was the only way he could think of it, had always been there. It was a part of him as much as his hands. He remembered the first time he used it clearly. He remembered what it felt like, the calming rage and icy fire burning through him. It had pulled him through the Alaran sky to his new home and, if he could help it, it was about to bring him back.

    But the Ogre was another story. Suspicion, something he had for the other mage since he first met him, suddenly returned to the surface. It had always been there, but the storm had taken ahold of it and pushed it aside like it had to all of his other thoughts. He almost began to wonder why his essence was no longer in his core. It should be at the center of the mana nexus so he could guide it properly. It was like it was being led away from him.

    He grappled with himself, a chain of mana pulling and wrapping itself tightly around it. The beacons around him became clearer as he moved, he could feel them, he could almost see them. He was disoriented, unsure of where he was anymore. He knew his old home was somewhere behind him, at least it felt like it was, and his birthplace was glowing in front of him, getting closes with each moment. The feelings were strange, because he was confident he was still in Estark.

    The mana surged around them both, their auras were mixed in their disembodied movements.

    The trust was breaking, Roger began to wonder if it had existed in the first place. It might have been an illusion, a false memory, or worse. Images of a man in a blue cloak, members of the Dimir, and betrayals bombarded him. It was something he would have to face again someday. Now, however, he had another thing to worry about.

    He could feel the struggle and pain coming from both of them. Trust? The notion was almost gone from his mind. He had traveled alone once before; why should he need assistance now? The magic was flowing around him and everything was slippery and hard to grasp, he felt like he could hardly keep himself together anymore.

    The mana seethed, wrapping around the essence even tighter. That part of himself, the essence, was still burning bright, being fed by the cords of power. But it was his, so he would take it back. Power roaring through his soul, Roger pulled...
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  • posted a message on [Roger] Death Walks Again

    Why did he have to trust? There was nothing in mulitverse that Roger wanted to do less than trust. Especially considering the one he would have to trust was a domineering Ogre-mage hell-bent on going to Roger's home plane at any cost. And yet Roger was asked to trust him. His worry began to spiral around the void, drawing other, less than pleasent thoughts, from it. He would not surrender control, he would not let go of the void.

    Roger almost said "No, I refuse" to the Ogre. He almost lashed out against him, but, like the other spiraling thoughts, these were quickly drawn into void to be contemplated later. It began to pulse, as if it were angry with him, but that was of no matter at the present.

    Two strings were moving about inside of the Maelstrom, wanting to be completed by... something. It was as if a third string, some sort of catalyst, was lying dormant, ready to flare up if needed. Roger tried to pull it, activate it, or even ignore it; but it persisted. The composition reminded him of music. His background on the lute gave him notions about how resonance worked. If certain pitches were played on one string, it could cause others to vibrate in harmony. Roger imagined that a similar property would work here. So he began to play. It was freeing; it was music from his own soul.

    The Malestrom that was in Roger's mind began to spin out of control, as if it were fighting to stay alive. The music kept playing soft, but strong. The storm began to break, memories began to leap out of the nexus, escaping in bursts so the entirety would not crush Roger's mind from shear force. The music persisted and Roger took it's calm melody for shelter. The void collapsed, perhaps it was inevitable, nonetheless Roger's repressed mind exploded out into the Maelstrom. Still, the music persisted.

    The melody continued to dance through the breaking storm, dodging around nightmares and horrors from Roger's past, housing Roger's sanity and consciousness in its lullaby. After what felt like an eternity, the song was nearing it's end. For the first time in Roger's life he felt clear and open and unafraid. The sun was rising in Roger's mind for the first time. He believed he would be able to try "Trust" once again.
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  • posted a message on [Planar Chaos]. GLOBAL DOM-Ooh, shiny!
    Man, Roger would just LOVE to use Black Sun's Zenith + Necroskitter.

    I drafted yesterday, I pulled THREE Corrupted conscience, TWO Inkmoth Nexus, a Spinx, and a Glissa... what a fun pool.

    Needless today, I won that draft...
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