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    posted a message on GMAD 318: Tetsuo Umezawa
    Quote from ThatRedwood
    That topped out quick!

    OP also added 3 Crypt Ghast a mere two hours after he started this GMAD, which isn't actually a legal addition. Teach
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    posted a message on [Kitchen Table Finks]: By George, I Fink He's Got It!

    I still exist!

    I'm taking a break from cleaning / sanding / staining my deck. This will be a several week long process. Today, I cleaned the deck. I need to clean it again to really get the green out. Then I shall sand it tomorrow and take forever to stain the dang thing.

    Anyone want to come to NY to help?
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    posted a message on Bye Bye
    Real life just isn't conducive to moderating for me right now. I really love this site, especially this forum. The rest of Sally doesn't know what it's missing here.

    Thank you for being a cinch to moderate. I appreciate the cooperation of everyone here, and I leave the forum in the capable hands of BlackVise and ThatRedwood.

    I'll see you around, but I won't be able to hand out any infractions to any of you. :p

    Salve Pride
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    posted a message on PRIMER REQUESTS(?)
    FYI: You have a Pauper Primers section now.

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    posted a message on [[Official]] CDCC 6 general discussion
    Announcing that DLink123 is the winner of Round 2 with an averaged score of 20.

    Round 3 will be up some time tonight, with what I promise is a more "user-friendly" card (and quite possibly a popular one).
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    posted a message on [Kitchen Table Finks] are taking over the Multiverse!
    Congrats to BlackVise, the site's newest Global Moderator!
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    posted a message on [Kitchen Table Finks] are taking over the Multiverse!
    Finky Dinks! Have you seen this contest?

    I've only seen a few suggestions so far in this thread, so let's move on with it!

    Quote from racky54
    For Elvish House Party: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Rap (WARNING! EXPLICIT LYRICS!)

    Quote from Etched Chester
    Seems to me that Mox Lotus portrays a necklace in its artwork.

    In this version of the video for Oops, I Did It Again by Brittney Spears, she has a conversation about that necklace that the old lady drops in the ocean in Titanic.

    For the contest?

    Any other thoughts?
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    posted a message on Casual Deck Construction Contest 6. ROUND 2 (scores in)
    Still three days+ to submit decks for this round!

    FYI: ExpiredRascals :ER:, one of our esteemed Admins, has agreed to serve as a guest judge for round 2. Thank you, ER!
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    posted a message on Casual Deck Construction Contest 6. Round 1
    Round 2 is now up.

    This was a fun round!

    EDIT: Before Blut left, he posted explanations for 2/5 decks in the Casual mod thread. Here they are, and if he wants to add the remaining explanations, he can.

    Quote from Blutsau

    Creativity/Originality: 5
    Unexpected combo. Not only for my opponents. I would've thougt s.o. to use Coat of Arms.

    Effectiveness/Card adherence: 2.5
    Your deck did could barely use three of the four abilities Post has. There are no artifacts one wants to sac, there barely is anything to get back (tho getting back Map helped me in two games, as I could get Pasture & an untap land), discarding for life was not exactly viable either (it's necessary from time to time). The deck also could use any token producer, Weave & any Lord for an effect similar enough - barring goats in wolf's clothing. Or rather than Weave & a Lord just Mirror Entity.
    Tho the deck clearly is built around Post.

    Synergy/Tuning: 2
    The deck has 18 four drops. 18 four drops! The only accel is each one Sol Ring, Academy & Workshop, but the latter only pays for six artifacts (all 4cmc). Vesuva only wants to copy Academy, but can't. Only Temples for green mana sucks, there's Maps but you don't want to waste them for Temples. Atleast a single Tree of Tales would not have been too much asked for, given Trinket Mage & Academy. Generally I would've cut Vesuva & Shop for more coloured mana. The Trinket box was not exactly thrilling either. And given the white and blue options for token production and lord effects, I'm not sure green was even worth adding (yeah, flavour...).
    The Copy enchantments are grateful to see play, but I don't think worth it (you only want to copy expensive stuff, so they act like more 4+ drops). I only got to copy Ring twice. Might as well just play Detention Sphere.
    Concluding: Curve :thumbsdown:. Lands :thumbsdown:. Rest ~ nothing outstanding.

    Power/Capacity to win: 2
    I actually stand 3:3 with the deck. Lol, right? All wins include topdecking Orings than one should draw (5,2,3 respectively). The losses were to decks Varchilds War-Rider.dec (lol, Goats?) and twice to my lands. Basically I needed a good draw and lots of time.

    Interaction/Protection: 2.5
    Oblivion Ring was really useful and the deck needs it. Most other decks this round, efficient removal or disruption was simply disregarded. "we have life and goats.":armscross:. Turned out that does not quite work as planned. Any form evasion or something that is not dealt with by blocking or gaining some life every couple turns? ... Ouch.

    Format/Thematic: 1
    You get a point for flavour: 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'. Goats are close enough.

    TOTAL: 15/25

    Creativity/Originality: 3
    I've seen enough Mishra decks to not find them particularly creative. The deck looks mostly like I've seen it before. How both "Mishra's" cards do not work with him is ... not ideal, but neither to be blamed on you.

    Effectiveness/Card adherence: 4.5
    I'd give you a 5 for effectiveness, because the recycling of artifact creatures is simply the strongest ability of Post. The deck also made good use of the sac an artifact ability and consequently could afford to discrd for life. Goat activations were only used once or twice, to start the engine with a second activation. Card adherence tho, the deck wants post more than it wants Mishra (a lot, I'll get to that), but it doesn't need Post either - it's rather ok without access to a Post (this will get you plus points below).

    Synergy/Tuning: 4.5
    There's no reason for harsh critique here. The deck plays smooth, with one tiny exception - Mishra's mana cost. Luckily he's not terrible relevant either. I cast him only trice, twice to bait an answer to follow up with a Wurm (worked :)), and once it worked and got me another Wurm - sweet overkill. If you play such a fancily costed card, have the lands be able to support it. And, the deck would work without Mishra just as fine - rale him with Baleful Strix & Storm with some black mass removal and you're good to go. Double Sol Ring start got me a snarky comment, so that might be something to consider too, but the deck is not busted because of it.
    Obligatory note that anythign with evasion is a problem (until you get Spine active, or are lucky enough to draw Storm), see below.

    Power/Capacity to win: 4
    Solid deck, won me a majority of the games, tho only won pairing against a really agressive deck. He opens turn one with Wingcrafter & Ornithopter -> t2 flying Mistblade Shinobi. I concede on the spot. Game plan is as easy as potent: Grind out people with raw power & CA. If given the opportunity, one should play this deck agressive.

    Interaction/Protection: 3
    The deck needs cheaper answers, but can hold the ground quite well with 3/3s and CA-bots. As I said, Mishra - if one looks for easy cuts - a Ring, Helix & Launcher are also mostly just cute, Mycosnyth Wellspring would be next on my list. A late game lock with Spine is hard to overcome tho, without an own CA engie(that has to be resistant to Spine).

    TOTAL: 19/25

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    posted a message on [Kitchen Table Finks] are taking over the Multiverse!
    Good morning, Finks, on this fine December 21 2012.

    I feel fine.


    EDIT: Apparently we're all still here.

    Thank goodness the day's almost over. People have been making Apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow.
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