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    Finally, I'm back to post another blog. It was nice to get a chance to play a few games vs. Boone43 yesterday after quite a bit of time having not seen him at all!

    We only got a few games in, though; much of the afternoon was spent hanging Christmas lights in the freezing cold (house looks nice, though).

    It seems as though Boone has constructed himself quite a fiesty little Rakdos deck. I'm kind of jealous because I never got any of my BR deck ideas to function properly, and this one gave me a run for the money.

    I know that I must update my Glissa, the Traitor deck; it really didn't do much. Some playtesting on Cockatrice should give me some opportunities. However, I'm glad to say that my Elemental tribal deck is still going strong; it's a deck I built by severely overhauling the "Elemental's Path" starter deck from Llorwyn, making tweaks here and there ever since. It's a solid deck; lost one game, though, when a silly Ancient Ziggurat wouldn't let me spend mana how I wanted to. Mad

    Anyway, not much of a blog here, but nobody reads this anyway.
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  • published the article An Introduction
    I don't have much down time, what with two small children to raise. I figured that blogging here on occasion might be a constructive use of my time (as far as honing my writing skills). I call this blog "Tales from My Kitchen Table" because that's where I play, and that's how seriously I take MTG.

    By no means am I a Magic: The Gathering fundamentalist--I play purely for fun with a small playgroup. This playgroup consists primarily of Etched Chester (me) and two friends / fellow MTG Salvation users, Boone43 and Blue Sun's Seeker. We've been playing together since high school (we are now all in our 30's), back in the days where my Thrull deck often reached a stalemate with Boone43's Homarid deck. (We both owned a ridiculous amount of Fallen Empires cards back then; we also played with decks of 100+ cards, so what did we know?) Our games are most often duels, but there are occasions on which the three of us might actually get together at the same time for some multiplayer shenanigans.

    Among other topics, it is my intention to use this block to discuss the duels and the outcomes of the duels in which we engage. I thought that as part of my pilot blog, I'd give you the rundown of our play group members.

    Blue Sun's Seeker
    Preferences: He is, by far, our master deck builder. Building a new deck? Run it by B.S.S. I'm often amazed as his vast knowledge of the card base. He once put together a (rather effective) deck in his head while waiting at the dentist's office. He typically prefers to play control type decks; he's not limited to these options, however.
    Pros: He certainly sets the bar for us; his decks are the decks to beat. His knowledge of the cards and tricky rules presents some challenging decks. Many of the decks display an uncanny ability to come from behind for the win at the last minute.
    Cons: B.S.S. tends to have a few pet cards that he refuses to remove from some decks. This weakness can sometimes be exploited. (One such recent occurrence involved his cocky mishandling of Liliana of the Veil.)

    Preferences: Boone likes combo decks. I often envision many of his decks MTG style Rube Goldberg devices. Some of these combos are quite clever.
    Pros: These decks are a riot to play! Once a combo gets going, it is often difficult to break. Each of his new decks nicely employs some obscure card I've never heard of.
    Cons: Often his decks rely solely on a combo and are unable to supply a win condition. (He is certainly working to improve this!)

    Etched Chester
    Preferences: I like aggro; I also have a soft spot for creatures. To me, nothing is as satisfying as a creature to the opponent's face. I also like to have unusual creature combo wincons.
    Pros: My decks are usually quite consistent. Some of my favorite decks are rather fast and are able to pull off neat little tricks; I've been told that I'm good at creating several win conditions in one deck.
    Cons: Like B.S.S., I tend to get married to certain cards regardless of how wrong they may be for a deck. (I still won't let Conundrum Sphinx go.) I often cannot survive late game, and if I haven't won the game early, I won't win. I also hear that I'm a bit of a sore loser. Frown

    So, that's my core play group. I hope to bring you some play-by-play matches of our favorite decks, showcase some of my favorite cards, and generally just share my interest in MTG!
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