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  • posted a message on Commander spoiler
    Wording is off on top of being way too wordy in general, even for the new text boxes. That is reaching Takklemaggot territory.
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  • posted a message on [Magic Origins] Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh // Chandra, Roaring Flame?
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    Quote from Daracaex »
    Today's Arcana article showed Seal of Fire. Got me thinking: wouldn't it be cool if a Chandra planeswalker didn't ping directly, but instead made Seal of Fire-like enchantment tokens? Might provide a much more interesting and powerful Chandra while still sticking to her theme.

    That would be incredibly powerful for a lot of different reasons. The biggest issue I see with something like that is that it creates problems that its incredibly strong as a defense for a walker as it would bypass haste and allow you to stockpile removal to be applied as you see fit. For that to work it would likely need a lot of other stipulations to allow something like that.

    Offhand, I suspect that they would be sorcery speed use only, I also could see them having something like fading or something of that sort so you could only sit on them shortly before they dissipate. Its an interesting idea but as it is, you would have to introduce a lot of measures to balance it. That or it would have to be a significant negative loyalty ability that would remove most of a walker's starting loyalty to create.

    She could just make landmines/explosives ala Goblin Kaboomist
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  • posted a message on [Magic Origins] Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh // Chandra, Roaring Flame?
    Quote from dietl »

    Seems like Chandra's parents will have a card. Looking red/blue to me.

    Feldon is a mono-red artificer, and as a "core" set there is usually not multicolor. But who knows *shrug*
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  • posted a message on Vintage Proxy Question
    Are Shichifukujin Dragon and 1996 World Champion cards that are tournament legal for a Vintage Proxy tournament or can you only choose cards that are made in an actually released set?
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  • posted a message on Recyclable Packs. Was it worth it?
    I am going to get my money's worth and fill them back up with land/ad cards and use them as more sturdy dividers in my boxes.
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  • posted a message on [MM2] Hurkyl's Recall in at Rare
    I believe those are supposed to be Phyrexian War Machines/Factories being magicked away. Beats putting a jar into a box...That one just makes me thing it is an actual product recall being mailed back.
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  • posted a message on [MM15] Name and Number Crunch
    If Noble Hierarch is in, Qasali Pridemage shouldn't be far behind.
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  • posted a message on Fantastic Fours
    The Kirin cycle does seem interesting as there are also 84 cards with the type "spirit" (not counting changeling).
    Not too worried about Transmute cards at the start as tutoring is just a part of the format, and yes it does give you something to do before turn 4. That will be most of the fun is trying to find the things that cost four, but still let you do something else for less or more.
    Droning Bureaucrats is one way to think outside the box, if anything I would be more concerned with Humility.
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  • posted a message on BW pestilence remastered- (heavy critique please)
    I was just wondering because Pariah + Treacherous Link was used as an infinite damage loop back with Flesh Reaver I believe. Stuffy Doll can be used in the Reaver's place allowing you to tap it to hit itself, which deals 1 to your opponent, triggers the Link to deal you 1, which is redirected back to the doll which deals 1 to your opponent, then one to you, etc. The only thing is you need a way to break the loop via sacrifice or an instant like Swords to Plowshares or Path to Exile for Stuffy Doll, or Disenchant for the Treacherous Loop.
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  • posted a message on BW pestilence remastered- (heavy critique please)
    Lashknife barrier is good, especially with the en-kor creatures since it changes any damage into 1-point bursts. There are plenty of ways to boost toughness in both Black and White if you want to run High Priest, but if you ever prevent damage he will never trigger.

    As for Urza's Armor, 1 or 2 are going to be the most you run and you can always tutor for them. White gives you Lymph Sliver which has a built in Lashknife barrier.

    Righteous War also can give your board pro-Pestilence, but if your opponent is playing white that might backfire.

    Also, is the Pariah + Treacherous Link in there for Stuffy Doll?
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  • posted a message on BW pestilence remastered- (heavy critique please)
    I think you may want to look at dropping the Phylactery Lich with only six artifact in the deck. Back around Urza's Saga there was a BW preconstructed deck that had Worship + Protection from Black + Pestilence + Urza's Armor that was really fun to play with.

    En-Kor creatures are also fun since you can choose where their damage is going to be going (may I suggest something with protection or indestructible?)

    If you are looking to try other colors Pestilence + Rite of Passage or Fungus Sliver can make for some big armies.
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  • posted a message on Fantastic Fours
    After seeing some posts about "Behemoth" (4+ CMC) and "Tiny Leaders" (3 or less cmc) as variant formats, I just had a quick thought and I am sure something like this may have already been mentioned.

    What if we just used cards with CMC = 4 only?

    There are over 100 legendary creatures that fall into this category, and according to gatherer there are 2800+ cards with cmc = 4. And the best part for all the kiddies out there? I am willing to let the Nephilim be legal as commanders (might need to find some kind of play on the number 4 for the commander title *shrug*)

    I'd say it follows the B&R lists, but cutting it down to 2800 cards might pretty much take care of the cards that are on that list.

    Any cards you think might be too powerful?

    I think it can be something done pretty quick and easily, but still be fun and let you play with some hidden gems that either cost just one too much for Tiny Leaders or are sometimes outshined by some really good 6-drops.

    Thank you for your time,

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  • posted a message on DracoBall [Updated 3/24/15]
    Hi Everyone,

    Recently with the influx of Tiny Leaders in my area, I was going through my binder and made a joke as I passed by Draco that someone should make a format called Gigantic Leaders so I can finally use it instead of just letting it sit there. Then I had an idea that has a pretty good base, but I would like some feedback on to see if there is anything that can be added or tweaked at all.

    Here are the base rules:

    1.) Draco begins the game in a shared Command Zone.
    2.) Any player may cast Draco at anytime they could normally play it.
    3.) If Draco moves anywhere except the battlefield, place it back into the Command Zone.
    4.) If a player pays for it's upkeep cost, they gain a point for every mana spent.
    • Only the upkeep payment of the original Draco counts. Clones/Tokens can still be made, but are not tracked for scoring purposes.
    5.) First one to set amount of points, or last person standing with highest point total wins the match.
    • If no one has scored any points and someone wins it will be a draw.

    New Rules Added [3/24/2015]

    So after playing some more, my friends and I have decided to add some more opportunities for points and to increase the incentive to be a bit aggressive with being the first to take possession of Draco.

    Points will also be awarded for the following:

    [3 points] Be the first person to resolve playing Draco from the command zone.
    [2 points] Cause an opponent to lose control of Draco.
    [1 point] Resolve casting Draco from the command zone afterwards.
    [1 point] Begin the turn with control of Draco.
    [1 point] Deal combat damage to a player with Draco.

    This can be done 1v1 or Multiplayer variants.

    Different strategies are all encouraged, as there are pros and cons to playing 1, 2, 3, or 4 colors. More types of basics will let you play it faster, but you will get less points for paying it's upkeep. Dual lands can play a big role during deck construction.

    I was thinking of keeping things simple and setting the point total at 20, as it would take at least three payments to reach, but still rewards someone that wants to go the hard way with no basics and only have to pay twice.

    My biggest concerns right now are people creating copies of Draco after someone has already played him, but that might just have to be for now [Edit 3/12: Added uniqueness suggestion below after getting to play a bit over the weekend.]

    Thank you all for taking the time to check it out and I look forward to hearing about it if you decide to test it out.

    (I have also thought of introducing a similar version for more casual players or tiny leaders that uses Stratadon somehow with a fixed upkeep of 5 minus one for each basic land type)
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  • posted a message on [FRF] Foil Sieges have Khans Watermark. Feature or Misprint?
    At the pre-release I opened a foil Palace Seige and Crux of Fate, the watermark was on both. Did a quick google search about it right away and saw that people were getting the same results. It is on any of the cards with the Khans or Dragon choice, hence the Khans or Dragon expansion symbol depending on the light.

    I was very impressed.
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  • posted a message on Sage-Eye Avengers (Trick Jarrett Twitter spoiler)
    If an instant or sorcery would be turned face up it is exiled instead. "Turn face up" has a specific rules meaning; you reveal face down cards when they move to a different zone, but you don't turn them face up.

    If you bounce a manifested instant or sorcery, it will return to your hand.

    This is incorrect. From the Wizards page:

    "A few older cards turn a face-down creature face up. If you manifest an instant or sorcery card, and one of these older cards tries to turn it face up, reveal the card and it stays on the battlefield face down."

    That's correct, though I thought there was something about exile.

    Either way, the point was that bouncing a Manifested instant or sorcery will return it to its owner's hand, which is true.

    EDIT: Ah, it seems the article has already been edited. The first version that went up did say instants and sorceries turned face up would be exiled. It probably did exile at some point but was changed, and someone forgot to update the article.

    Matt just answered in the affirmative on his Tumblr. The bounced card would go back to your hand. Now where did I put those Peel from Realities...
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