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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights
    ...well, not exactely 2x Knight Exemplar.
    First, you now have Dauntless Bodyguard.
    Also, If you build around AEther Vial, you'll probably be able to cast Day of Judgment and throw in Selfless Spirit for the same effect.
    Further on, it is not a bad deal to sacrifice Knight Exemplar onto Wrath of God if you're cleaning the table leaving 2/3 Knights on the board on your side...
    But note that, I'm not saying "THIS IS IT"!

    All I'm pointing out is that the tools are there and, there are different ways to think it over and create a plan.
    Imo, the big issue with knights theme is the main plan. There isn't one! At least one that's fast enough.
    Even Merfolks struggle with the deck's speed in certain matchups.
    We have no Silvergills, no Tricksters, no Harbingers and we're granted lord effects for 3cmc and an enchamtment...

    Now, the thing Knights seem to do good is beating the crap out of other creatures with first and double strike.
    Besides, specific color protection and lately color hexproof, Indestructible seems to be the keyword thats been thrown at knights to build around.

    All creatures fail to some specific effect. ...one stupid Stingscourger can deal with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and live another turn! Smile

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights
    After Knight Exemplar spoiler, I've thought the Knights deck to be a Judgement Day deck or (Wrath of God deck).
    Its like one leads to the other...
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    I think I'll probably cut one Reejerey or Kopala and the Watertrap Weavers to add three Tricksters...
    The value imho, is within the combination of Harbingers and Tricksters supported by Caverns, lowering creatures cost curve.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Has anyone tested Chalice of the Void successfully on the mono-blue build?
    I've been watching Nikatchu's videos on this japanese player that is showing some results main-decking 4 of.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Edit: Free Nikachu!

    Like Rothgar, I'm not yet sold to UG Merfolk but, though a bit too "zooish", I do acknowledge that it is very ambitious and inspiring!
    Actually, I find Kumena's Speaker to be the one making the "most amount of difference" and it is somehow changing play mode on game 1 (after sideboard, UG plays similar as UU).

    Nevertheless, the competitive meta is not yet full of Pyroclasms to slow down UG Merfolks, leading UG to main counterspells to hold on...
    And yes, I’m pretty sure that hate is on its way! After Rivals of Ixalan, If we’re granted a new blue one drop with significant skills, we will most probably see more reluctance regarding the mana base as we see it right now:
    The inefficiency of late game Botanical Sanctum (coming as a 4th land), maining Mutavaults while running Cavern of Souls (as a 4of, 3of or none at all), running 6 fetches and only 4/5 basic lands with Blood Moon on the loose, all this still takes much testing and discussion ahead…
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Phantasmal Image is part of my mainboard as a 2of but, its vulnerability to heavy spot removal makes some diference.

    Not only it can be one of your lords to pump, your Silvergill Adept to draw, your Harbinger of the Tides to bounce, an activated Mutavault for 1 mana , it can also copy Master of Waves for more and stronger tokens.
    With all this, I'm mostly less interested in copying opponent's creatures...
    However, I've noticed that most of the time I copied an opponent's creature it's meant to replicate an ability and block, though.
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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies
    Hi guys,

    For the BGZombies followers here's a link with some videos with Saffron Olive and MTGGoldfish.

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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies
    Can't run nor hide!
    Disruption and removal is our most important tool to stand against other archetypes.
    Aside from this, we can only try to stall a small army and battle or build around an engine to combo off.

    I had a BW build around this, running Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize, Tidehollow Sculler, often finishing late game with Geralf's Messenger… 2 dmg on cast, attacking for 3 next turn and managing it with Disfigure/bone Spliners or Cloudshift for more damage…
    Not the greatest plan but, sometimes it worked!

    Blasting Station and Retribution of the Ancients engine does the same without splashing color and this could be a plan since laylines are not popular in the format right now.
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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies
    Along with Tidehollow Sculler, Gravecrawler, Geralf's Messenger and Diregraf Colossus, Lotleth Troll is undeniably one of the best Zombies available in format but, it needs a proper shell!
    And they don’t always go well with each other!
    We all agree that discarding Gravecrawler, Prized Amalgam or Vengeful Pharaoh for Lotleth Troll counters is major deal but, less interesting when it comes to bury Geralf's messenger or Fleshbag Marauder for the same purpose…
    Without Deathrite Shaman, we cannot cast Lotleth Troll (nor Relentless Dead) on T2 and be able to fully activate its “shield”… There is something vicious here for sure but, without that consistency, it is also a T3 option for the moment!

    I'd risk to say that, one black mana dork would put all sort of zombie decks working.
    Order one playset of these for me, please! LOL

    You name it B(1)
    Creature – Zombie (0/2)
    tap symbol , exile a land card in a graveyard: Add B to your mana pool.
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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies
    Hi guys,
    I understand all that’s been explained here and I’m also a big fan of Diregraf Colossus!
    Nevertheless, do not underestimate Geralf's Messenger‘s power as it is very strong with any sac/blink ability and highly useful against Ensnaring Bridge.
    With Blasting Station on the battlefield, it represents 6 dmg total without even attacking and, you can get it back with Relentless Dead as well (for the same cost as Fleshbag Marauder) for another ride later on.
    When Messenger was standard legal, mono black zombies used clunky Mortarpods to create that pressure and the format allowed it to be a very serious menace.

    The thing here is the main plan Ace1 worked out, which leads you to prefer board control creatures like Marauder and Pharaoh over some finishing shenanigans like sac (or blink) a Messenger.

    I am a mono-blue Merfolk player for some years now.
    Some say it’s the 2cmc lords that make it work, other say it’s AEther Vial or the Islandwalk…
    Let me tell you that, it’s the whole 60 card pack that makes it work because every card quickly synergizes with each other…

    As an enthusiast of every form of Tribal deck, eager to build a competitive Modern Zombie Deck eating brains as much as one can, I also have my brews and thoughts with all these cards.

    Modern is a fast format where counter-spells and instant removal demands evil, vicious and furious answers…
    IMO, the main reason mono-black Zombie deck fails to compete is the lack of answers to GY hate (there is not much to do when Grafdigger's Cage or Rest in Peace resolves) and the exiling removal on the format (Path to Exile or Anger of the Gods), relying only on early game disruption and a bunch (quite big, actually) of powerful but clunky creatures further on.

    Developing around a “sac engine”, it should synergize several abilities, between ones that cost a creature’s death to trigger (Bone Splinters, Altar's Reap or Blasting Station), some that trigger when a creature dies (Tragic Slip, Blood Artist or Diregraf Captain), other that get the best out of all these deaths (Geralf's Messenger, Unbreathing Horde, Diregraf Colossus, etc.) and those able to restart process on their own (Gravecrawler, Relentless Dead, Unearth and undying creatures or even Ghoulcaller's Chant).

    But how to support all this and survive, when most of these cards cost 3cmc, without a black (or colorless) “destroy target Artifact or Enchantment” effect?
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  • posted a message on Zombie Tribal thing (attempt)
    Hey there,
    I have been brewing around with some zombie techs myself and splashed out other colors and stuff...
    I don't want to go down with the expectations here but, I didn't get any good results eider.

    Thing is, it is extremely hard to compete with zombies when your best engines are 3 drops!
    Meaning, not just the lords at 3cmc but also, other amazing zombies like Relentless Dead or Lotleth Troll need the 3ed mana open to work... You don't want to cast them and be tapped, with of response to spot removal!
    We are literally confined to Ghouls, Crawlers and disruption until the 3ed land is dropped.

    I mean, all these cards are great individually but, all together, they are slow and clunky.
    Until some form of acceleration is found to put an engine to work on 2nd turn, we won't find other but casual Zombie Tribal decks.
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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies
    Try it with friends or online!
    I've been trying many versions on zombies... To me, BG with rancor is the fastest, because you can handle more things with Abrupt Decay and Lotleth troll is really good on the board as a discard outlet.
    BW is more about control with Tidehollow Sculler and a strong disruption pack!
    BU has nice interaction with Blood Artist, Diregraf Captain and sacrificing your own dudes. You also get the chance to use counterspells...
    Mono Black is disruption all the way down until you find the way to kill them but, its the slowest.
    Maybe BR has an way to kill faster...

    ...we're still learning to play with this but, its hard to keep the pace with faster decks.

    Ive been working on the following list:

    As you can see, its a strong mana base to witch I am willing to add 2 Ghost Quarters.
    First turns to cast dudes and enchant with rancor or, delay the opponent with disruption when possible.
    Creatures start to work on the 3ed turn but, it feels like I'm always one mana behind:
    Troll and Relentless only work with the 3ed mana open, Messenger too often needs to be sacrificed and Colossus is still hard handle as an engine (it works side-wises my intents most of the time).
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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies
    I think you are taking the mana curve a bit to high for the competitive meta, with 9 slots for 3cmc, 3 slots for 4cmc and 2 slots for 5cmc,
    considering 22 lands without any particular engine, it seams a bit to edgy.

    Also, splashing a color without fetch, shock and dual land-sets is "way out of league"...
    With no fetch lands and only 4 duals, colored mana spells will get you in a lot of trouble during the game!
    Since you are base-playing black you should consider other options to lower the mana effort and get the deck easier to cast.

    You must be able to control the opponent's hand, use removal and drop your dudes at the same time!
    This means that your creatures must be low costed, otherwise you wont get to combine actions that often...
    I would suggest switching some of your options in order to balance a bit:

    -1 Phyrexian Obliterator
    -3 Terminate
    +1 Diregraf Ghoul
    +3 Dismember (it costs 3 but you can cast it for R and 4life)

    This should significantly reduce your mana effort each turn.
    Keep Bolts for reach, stay alert for graveyard hate and "mind your own business" during play!

    I would recommend cards that produce double effects on the game to get advantage. Liliana of the veil comes to mind but, other spells like Skinrender or Rotting Rats will come in hand for no prohibited prices!
    I like Bone Splinters as a 1/2of here, for example. It adds a nice effect with Geralf's Messenger and other "undying" creatures on the board for only B.

    P.S. Please report how did Gray Merchant of Asphodel go.
    I'm not a big fan of it eider but, it has a nice butt and can win a game...

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  • posted a message on Mono Black Collected Zombies
    Quote from SonicKaos »
    I'm not sure I understand the benefits of Lotleth Troll in a deck like this though. aside from Gravecrawlers, you don't actually want to discard any of your creatures. I am a big fan of the card for sure, but i don't see the advantage here. Could you explain?

    Hi there,

    IMHO, Lotleth Troll is one of the best zombies so far with relevant play roll on the deck for his low-cost abilities. You can clearly benefit from discarding Gravecrawler, Bloodghast (if considering this) or Brain Gorgers and cast it with madness... Now, you can discard any other zombie for counters on the Troll, considering that you'll get the chance put them back to the board with Relentless Dead afterwards!

    The thing is, last time zombies were seen in standard, Deathrite Shaman was granting the one mana advantage to pay Troll's regen ability cost on T2... Unable to do this in modern, we're always one turn behind, so we have to work it out, delaying the opponent with Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek untill the 3ed land is on the board and we get to do "stuff"...
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Collected Zombies
    I'm running my own version of this but I'm clearly assuming it's golgari aspects.
    Such mana base is ready to run Abrupt Decay and Lotleth Troll looking at this guy as another engine.
    The deck must be able to get a fast start and deal with all the graveyard hate available which is a lot!
    Eider you take that Rest in Peace out of the opponents hand or you decay it!

    The list you've posted is lined up for an aggro perspective but you're dealing 2dmg on t2 and 4dmg on t3, which is clearly insufficient considering that a merfolk deck can deal 7dmg on t3 and win on t4 and its not a Tier1 deck.

    Going monoblack should consider disruption as a main plan to turn things around to our benefits!
    T1 Disruption or Creature, T2 Removal or Creature or Disruption and further on, until you have it lined for lethal.
    Nevertheless, disruption in this tribe leads to a white splashed version with Tidehollow Sculler. You've got toi have it!!

    Still, IMHO any of these lacks speed to face the actual competitive meta, looking very clunky facing Burn, Affinity or GRTron...
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