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  • posted a message on [C19][CUBE] Sevinne's Reclamation
    Very cool card.

    Not sure if this makes it on power level but I think the ability is unique and interesting enough that it adds some extra dimension to white.

    Probably best in a Azorious build with looters.
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  • posted a message on [C19][CUBE] Scroll of Fate
    I think this card is pretty darn solid.

    Don't know if it will make tight lists but I think it's worth experimenting with this in the 540+ range.
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  • posted a message on Ranking Project 2019 - BLUE RESULTS
    Quote from BlackWaltz3 »
    This list has me considering swapping Academy Ruins for Shelldock Isle. Seems like the latter has been a lot more successful for people on the whole and Academy Ruins hasn't made waves for me and Tolarian Academy is a bit too costly relative to its expected impact on my cube -- that is, I think it would be better than Academy Ruins, but Isle would be nearly as good or just as good of an improvement for 40 dollars less.

    Shelldock Isle is amazing. I think it's on par with Tolarian Academy, and miles above Academy Ruins.
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  • posted a message on Ranking Project 2019 - BLUE RESULTS
    I'm shocked there were almost no votes for Time Spiral. Although I didn't see it in time to vote so I blame myself.

    I think Time Spiral is bonkers is a lot of decks. I definitely think it's better than Timetwister, by a good amount.

    To my mind it's also significantly better than many cards that made the top 20, including Control Magic.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    Really depends on your cube environment. Metalworker and Mishra's Workshop are niche; they could be great or terrible depending on your artifact.dec support and Gitaxian Probe is really only good in combo like storm. But if you forced me to pick:

    Cursed Scroll
    Gitaxian Probe
    Lightning Greaves
    Sword of War and Peace
    Emissary's Ploy

    If you really like Emissary's Ploy, then cut Sword of Sinew and Steel instead.

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  • posted a message on Azorious Urza
    Without having tested it, what do people think of a cross between Grixis Urza and U/W Control? In particular, a control shell could make use of the mana Urza provides for counter-magic or draw spells, or EOT Whir of Invention. There's also a couple quality artifact deck countermagic spells in Metallic Rebuke and Stoic Rebuttal.

    Furthermore, Saheeli, Sublime Artificer works wonders in a creature-light control shell and the artifact tokens come in handy for Urza.

    Lastly, with all the great planeswalkers and legendary creatures in these colors, Mox Amber becomes a real option with 11 legendary creatures + planeswalkers total in the deck.

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  • posted a message on Random Cube Card of the Day Thread
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    Chupacabra's awesome. I think it's better than all of those 4cc creatures other than Braids and maybe Yawgmoth.

    This, 100%.

    Get it back in your cube PrimeNumber! Smile
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  • posted a message on Ranking Project 2019 Planning
    Quote from Visserdrix »
    Yeah! I decided to maybe go a less traditional route with answering the rankings going purely off the data I have instead of my personal opinions. Will be controversial im sure, but I think it might also highlight some cards that fly under the radar and fill the categories of being an awesome cube card based on the criteria you outlined.

    Using the criteria of:
    - How critical this card is to winning. (I used my data of how much decks with this card win)
    - How frequently you would maindeck this card (I used my data of maindeck percentages)
    - How important is this card within your cube. (Here I reserve some consideration for cards that might be narrow affecting its maindeck percentage but help support archetypes and the overall cube environment)

    I weighted maindeck percentage and win percentage evenly.

    As far as paladin and vanguard being ranked higher, here is how my data resulted in the ranking:

    Accorder Paladin:
    Main %: 81.82%
    Win %: 57.89%
    Overall: 69.86%

    Adanto Vanguard:
    Main %: 72.73%
    Win %: 63.83%
    Overall: 68.28%

    Main %: 71.43%
    Win %: 58.00%
    Overall: 64.71%

    Just a little bit of a different take. I was surprised at some of the results and it was hard to not just change my rankings based on opinion vs actual cube performance in my list. Never realized how much cast out gets played and wins.

    I like objective, hard data.

    But the reality is, even with a pretty large sample size there are going to be lots of flukes and oddities - it's simply unavoidable.
    I think everybody here should take the realistic view that no matter what approach is settled on, the results may be interesting and informative but they will have their flaws and imperfections.

    I view Accorder Paladin being ranked over Balance as one such fluke. Not only is that result in strong disagreement with my prior (subjective, personal) belief, but it's also in strong contradiction to other metrics with reasonably large sample size.

    Once again though - nothing against your approach - more power to you.
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  • posted a message on Geist of Saint Traft
    IMO Fractured Identity and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria are easily #1 and #2 in Azorious.

    After that, there's a lot of cards with similar power level, including Geist of Saint Traft, Supreme Verdict, Celestial Colonnade, Dovin, Grand Arbiter and Teferi, Time Raveler. All of these cards have very different roles, however, so it's really about what you are trying to support and what you are looking for in this color.
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  • posted a message on Sacred Cows
    Quote from BlackWaltz3 »
    There's nothing wrong with having this discussion and pointing out what cards you feel this way about. I invite people to do the same with my cube (http://www.cubetutor.com/viewcube/34371).

    This thread hasn't gone quite the way I hoped, but maybe I can help here!

    First of all, here's some cool cards you aren't playing to consider:

    Cards to Consider:
    Here's a few cool cards you aren't playing, that you might want to consider.
    I'm assuming you are unpowered, but budget could still be an issue for some of these:

    As constructive suggestions have been requested in this case, I cross referenced your cube with my numerical rankings and found the odd cards out.

    Here are the 40 lowest ranked cards in your cube (I excluded a few NAs for cards that just came out) :

    Cards to possibly reconsider:
    From my own personal preference, Warkite Marauder, Crystalline Crawler, Molten-Tail Masticore,Exalted Angel, Serendib Efreet, Kor Skyfisher and Tombstalker (how about Tasigur, the Golden Fang ?) stand out.

    That being said, these cards could be great in your cube and it's all really personal preference :).

      Thalia's Lancers MONO_WHITE CREATURE #N/A
      Warkite Marauder MONO_BLUE CREATURE #N/A
      Jadelight Ranger MONO_GREEN CREATURE #N/A
      Vial Smasher the Fierce RAKDOS CREATURE #N/A
      Yasova Dragonclaw MONO_GREEN CREATURE 1605
      Molten-Tail Masticore COLOURLESS ARTIFACT_CREATURE 1595
      Seal of Cleansing MONO_WHITE ENCHANTMENT 1506
      Kalonian Hydra MONO_GREEN CREATURE 1209
      Catastrophe MONO_WHITE SORCERY 1173
      Reality Smasher COLOURLESS CREATURE 1085
      Exalted Angel MONO_WHITE CREATURE 1001
      Flames of the Firebrand MONO_RED SORCERY 924
      Tombstalker MONO_BLACK CREATURE 905
      Hallowed Spiritkeeper MONO_WHITE CREATURE 857
      Life // Death GOLGARI SORCERY 855
      Thought-Knot Seer COLOURLESS CREATURE 832
      Noose Constrictor MONO_GREEN CREATURE 826
      Kira, Great Glass-Spinner MONO_BLUE CREATURE 802
      Skymarcher Aspirant MONO_WHITE CREATURE 784
      Collective Defiance MONO_RED SORCERY 770
      Imposing Sovereign MONO_WHITE CREATURE 769
      Serendib Efreet MONO_BLUE CREATURE 752
      Carnophage MONO_BLACK CREATURE 750
      Mirror Entity MONO_WHITE CREATURE 728
      Jackal Pup MONO_RED CREATURE 713
      Kor Skyfisher MONO_WHITE CREATURE 684
      Asylum Visitor MONO_BLACK CREATURE 673
      Bomat Courier MONO_RED ARTIFACT_CREATURE 663
      Leonin Warleader MONO_WHITE CREATURE 656
      Xenagos, the Reveler GRUUL PLANESWALKER 652
      Never // Return MONO_BLACK SORCERY 650
      Gisela, the Broken Blade MONO_WHITE CREATURE 647
      Pia Nalaar MONO_RED CREATURE 637
      Anguished Unmaking ORZHOV INSTANT 623
      Selvala's Stampede MONO_GREEN SORCERY 611

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  • posted a message on [M20] [Cube} Brought Back
    I usually overvalue cards like this...

    I thought Malicious Affliction would be awesome as a strictly better Doom Blade but the BB really killed that card.

    That being said, I'm still probably going to try this card out because it's so cool. Getting back a fetchland and a Memory Jar, or cashing in a Planeswalker with a downtick and getting it back plus the fetch, all seems pretty sweet.

    Obviously Mulldrifer is nice with this card, as are cards like Glen Elendra Archmage.

    That being said, I do get the feeling that this will end up being too narrow, and thus get cut eventually.
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  • posted a message on Sacred Cows
    Quote from steve_man »
    Quote from BlackWaltz3 »
    I'm not saying outclassed in terms of its particular effect. I mean Orzhov, the guild, has better options.

    Currently my Orzhov section is the following:

    - Vindicate
    - Lingering Souls
    - Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
    - Gerrard's Verdict

    Please tell me what my better options are and exactly why they are better than a 2-cmc card that results in a 2 for 1, which is an extremely rare effect.

    I really like your Orzhov section FWIW. I think the 1st three are staples. I think a few other considerations would be Tidehollow Sculler, Anguished Unmaking, Sorin, Solemn Visitor, Ashen Rider (for reanimator / Recurring Nightmare), Sorin, Grim Nemesis and Sin Collector, all of which are more popular than Verdict according to cubetutor data.

    However, personally I agree that I prefer Gerrard's Verdict to those options but it's an unconventional opinion.

    I officially maintain color and guild balance but cheat a little bit by putting Lingering Souls in white and Phyrexian Metamorph in artifacts for example.

    Anyway, there hasn't been a single card that's gotten more than one vote as a "Sacred Cow" Smile

    Edit: This is not a thread about the cubetutor rankings but in the same fashion that 3-0 deck archives are invoked I may sometimes invoke data from that project when I find the results interesting. They were based 100 million + cubetutor picks as well as over 5,500 votes from this forum on ~1600 different cards so I enjoy referencing it as a baseline that may disagree with my own thoughts or biases.

    FWIW the cards you referenced have pretty low ranks:
    Waterfront Bouncer: Rank #728
    Voice of Resurgence: Rank #517
    War-Name Aspirant: Rank #1598
    Duskwatch Recruiter: Rank #421
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  • posted a message on Sacred Cows
    Quote from BlackWaltz3 »
    Well it definitely will spark disagreement--doesn't mean it need be contentious (at least not in the "heated" sense of the word).

    My take on the cards you've listed...

    Mind Twist - I'm on the verge of cutting this and I run a pretty lean unpowered list, but this card is as unfun as it is powerful and it really isn't situational like Armageddon. Early on in my cube black heavy decks won or lost on the back of this card alone. Through years of improvements to my cube and better card quality in general I can safely cut this and be less concerned about its impact on the strength of the color as a whole.

    Wrath of God/Armageddon - These are staples. I define Sacred Cow as a card whose time has passed, but nostalgia has driven us to continue favoring it though better options exist (Genesis is always the card I think of with this term). These are not that. I don't run Ravages of War alongside Armageddon because I don't want to see a deck running both or see one or the other with any more frequency than I already do (also Ravages is costly). Wraths are incredibly important checks against very aggressive creature based decks.

    Brimaz doesn't really belong in the same category as these other cards. He's very pushed and probably will remain in powerful cubes for decades, but he doesn't decide games with the regularity of any of the former cards.

    All of your listed dominant cards are staples. From your fringe list I agree that Disk, Ashiok, Deed, Redcap, Procession, Fetters, Paladin, Frost Titan, Looter, Gifts, Feeder, Artist, Elder, and Beast Within are all too weak for a powerful (not necessarily powered) small-medium list. They're still fine for lists of 540 or greater. The rest I think are still quite good in small-medium lists.

    From your own cube I would consider the following to be Sacred Cows:

    Reveillark - Let's not have this discussion again here, but I'm still on the Reveillark is overrated train.
    Karakas - For now I think this is belongs on this list. Legendary creatures seem to be gaining more and more ground in cube though so I would expect that Karakas will one day be a staple.
    The whole Storm Archetype - I'm not going to nitpick certain cards (there are several), but in my experience Storm is a 2nd tier archetype much like blink or green aggro.
    Tasigur, the Golden Fang - I have wanted to cut this for a while and finally got to do so with the latest updates. Requiring specific other colors for the ability plus putting the choice in your opponent's hand (almost always a death knell for cubeability IMO) makes this card super overrated in my book.
    Buried Alive - I would run more creatures with discard abilities before I ran something like this. Niche is fine for 1 mana (Entomb) not so great at three.
    Abbot of Keral Keep - Red has several better 2 CC options in my opinion.
    Searing Blaze - Double CC cost, must have a creature target, and it is a bad top deck. This was one of my babies too for awhile, but I had to concede there are better options.
    Nissa, Vastwood Seer - I've thought this card was bad from day 1 and I stand by that. Basic forest to hand is underwhelming, the flip trigger is somewhat high, and the PW isn't that great.
    Garruk, Primal Hunter - I love card draw in green too and also ran this for a long while. Still Nissa, Worldwaker is just a lot better in terms of fitting into Green's gameplan and a bit easier to cast.
    Life from the Loam - I feel like while my opponent is durdling with this card I am winning the game. It's a great constructed card, but I don't think it holds up in cube.
    Plow Under - This card was way too situational in my experience. It's about as consistent as the miracle cards (Bonfire/Entreat) which I think are borderline. I know some people swear by this one, but it was not for me and I think you need to be at 540 minimum to run it.
    Blightning - Now there's a blast from the past. There are some way better Rakdos options now IMO. Blightning isn't even top 6 at this point.
    Ancient Grudge - I wouldn't lose a guild slot to this card. Based on your Izzet section you don't appear to have PW caps. So I would run Xenagos alongside Wrenn and Six
    The Signets - I've recently become a Talisman convert. I think the signets were preferred by many because it was a complete cycle, now talismans are too.
    Gerrard's Verdict - Good card but now outclassed. I see you have Lingering Souls in your white section. I would consider this Orzhov, especially if you has Ancient Grudge in Gruul.
    Ice-Fang Coatl (if you don't run snow lands) - Otherwise I think Hydroid Krasis goes here.
    Crucible of Worlds - I'm in the minority here, but I also find this to be a durdly play. I just haven't seen lands matter really...er...matter in cube.
    Lodestone Golem - Card did nothing in my experience.

    Hi BlackWaltz, thanks for the reply! I think I actually agree with you on a number of these. I have a hundred or so full art snow basics available from Modern Horizons so Ice-Fang Coatl was hard to pass up.

    I actually find your list really interesting because a lot of these correspond to the lowest ranked cards in my cube according to the 2018 cubetutor rank project. In fact, 9 out of the 10 worst ranked cards in my cube are cards you directly or indirectly mentioned.

    Here's the 40 worst ranked cards in my cube - you can see a lot of these are on your list and fall outside the 360 card range as their CubeTutor rank is over 360. Some other cards you mentioned didn't make the bottom 40 but are still outside the top 360 cards, for example Reveillark (389).

    As you might expect, Storm is something of a pet archetype in my cube that I provide a lot of support for so that it can come together. Most cubes don't support storm.

    I do think looking at the ranking of the cards in your cube is a good way to see what cards you might be overvaluing and what cards are non-standard - for me this list definitely suggests some candidates and has helped with making cuts in the past.

      Rank Card CubeTutor Rank
      1 Heartbeat of Spring MONO_GREEN ENCHANTMENT 1374
      2 Gerrard's Verdict ORZHOV SORCERY 1297
      3 Seething Song MONO_RED INSTANT 986
      4 Lion's Eye Diamond COLOURLESS ARTIFACT 822
      5 Buried Alive MONO_BLACK SORCERY 814
      6 Cabal Ritual MONO_BLACK INSTANT 811
      7 Blightning RAKDOS SORCERY 686
      8 Coercive Portal COLOURLESS ARTIFACT 665
      9 Mind's Desire MONO_BLUE SORCERY 660
      10 Ancient Stone Idol COLOURLESS ARTIFACT_CREATURE 659
      11 Ancient Grudge GRUUL INSTANT 629
      12 Garruk, Primal Hunter MONO_GREEN PLANESWALKER 624
      13 Tendrils of Agony MONO_BLACK SORCERY 616
      14 Imperial Recruiter MONO_RED CREATURE 593
      15 Lodestone Golem COLOURLESS ARTIFACT_CREATURE 575
      16 Turnabout MONO_BLUE INSTANT 558
      17 Custodi Lich MONO_BLACK CREATURE 550
      18 Firedrinker Satyr MONO_RED CREATURE 542
      19 Dread Wanderer MONO_BLACK CREATURE 539
      20 High Tide MONO_BLUE INSTANT 529
      21 Brain Freeze MONO_BLUE INSTANT 526
      22 Baral, Chief of Compliance MONO_BLUE CREATURE 515
      23 Searing Blaze MONO_RED INSTANT 504
      24 Knight of Autumn SELESNYA CREATURE 501
      25 Retrofitter Foundry COLOURLESS ARTIFACT 495
      26 Manglehorn MONO_GREEN CREATURE 494
      27 Recruiter of the Guard MONO_WHITE CREATURE 490
      28 Raging Ravine GRUUL LAND 485
      29 Dauntless Bodyguard MONO_WHITE CREATURE 483
      30 Mirari's Wake SELESNYA ENCHANTMENT 479
      31 Manamorphose MONO_RED INSTANT 477
      32 Saheeli, the Gifted IZZET PLANESWALKER 476
      33 Soldier of the Pantheon MONO_WHITE CREATURE 468
      34 Goblin Cratermaker MONO_RED CREATURE 467
      35 Horizon Canopy SELESNYA LAND 463
      36 Accorder Paladin MONO_WHITE CREATURE 461
      37 Nahiri, the Harbinger BOROS PLANESWALKER 441
      38 Boros Signet BOROS ARTIFACT 440
      39 Abbot of Keral Keep MONO_RED CREATURE 437
      40 Life from the Loam MONO_GREEN SORCERY 436

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  • posted a message on Sacred Cows
    Quote from Marl Karx »
    I think Sacred Cows are cards that are held to be above criticism. The confusion comes from the fact that the idea of Sacred Cows is typically invoked in cases where someone is debating the status of said Sacred Cows.

    With the above in mind, I don't think any of the cards you list qualify for SC status. I think it refers to cards like Wrath of God, Armageddon, Mind Twist and so on. All of which I think are mediocre or worse Cube cards in super high powered Cubes (but I digress).

    As an example of changing perceptions, Baneslayer Angel probably once qualified but its day has long past.

    As an example of a card that is probably contentious, how about Brimaz, King of Oreskos. My small group just never feels that is where white decks want to be.

    Thanks Marl.

    I could see how Wrath of God, Armageddon and Brimaz could be viewed as sacred cows. I have Brimaz as the 2nd best white 3 drop creature behind Monastery Mentor and ahead of the likes of Blade Splicer and Thalia, Heretic Cathar. However, there are a couple Gideon 3 mana planeswalkers that are also on par.

    For me, Mind Twist is the 2nd best black card after Demonic Tutor.
    I actually think Mind Twist is best in powered cubes with tons of fast mana like Moxen, Sol Ring,Mana Crypt and Black Lotus.

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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from rantipole »
    Finding room for the Horizon lands so some other fixing needs to get cut

    Lumbering Falls vs. Simic Signet
    Needle Spires vs. Inspiring Vantage


    I'm actually like Simic Signet over Lumbering Falls. I think the ramp and mana filtering is better than the ETB land, even if it can swing.

    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    I like Verdict more than Sculler too, unless you're playing an aggressive artifact package.

    I like Serra more than Gideon Blackbblade.

    I think Jura and AoI are better than Avacyn.

    Thanks! I think those choices make a lot of sense
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