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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Reverent Hunter in Mono Green
    Yeah, wrath effects do suck. With no Predator Ooze, Rancor, Strangleroot Geist, Young Wolf and Garruk Relentless to stick around after a Verdict and make tokens. This definitely doesn't bounce back as well from wrath effects.

    Nevertheless, I wanna try to see how far we can go with this whole devotion thing.

    I definitely see Hunter as being more than just "meh". Sure, it has it's faults. But even with a single GG costing permanent out it's at least 4/4 for 2G. Being able to pretty consistently come down as a 5/5 or a 6/6 (more if can throw Burning-Tree Emissaries in with him) seems cool enough to me.

    I'm hoping we'll see some GGG casting costs on some permanents in this block. I'd LOVE to see Leatherback Baloth back.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Heliod, God of the Sun
    I think all the Gods so far are at least kiiiinda cool. I'm not sure if they're gonna be popping up in any high end, tournament winning decks but they seem fun at least.

    White has it's fair share of decent WW costing cards in Standard. Giving everything vigilance ain't bad and the tokens keep this from just doing nothing if it's not active and you don't have any creatures out.

    Maybe in some kind goofy Mid-Range white deck.

    I'm sure hoping Theros and the rest of the block brings us some GGG,WWW, etc... costing permanents. That'd sure be badass.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Reverent Hunter in Mono Green
    With Innistrad and M14 rolling out, just about everything good is leaving mono green. Rancor, Silverheart, Garruk Relentless, Strangleroot Geist, Predator Ooze, Prey Upon, etc....

    But I don't like playing anything else, so I'll try and force it anyway.

    So far all I could think of was some kinda Mid-Rangeish deal with a focus on Devotion.

    On a good day you can drop a 5/5 or 6/6 Reverent Hunter on turn 3 and keep up the threats with Pulkranos, Nylea and Hydras on the next few turns. Hydra does cool stuff with Reverent Hunter, kinda sorta Pulkranos and Scavenging Ooze too.

    What else would be cool as far as trying to drop big Reverent Hunters and get Nylea going fast?
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  • posted a message on Rancor
    As much as I'd LOVE to see it. I'd be really surprised if it came back. It's just too cool to be reprinted immediately after it leaves standard. Not OP or anything, just "too cool" you know what I mean?
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  • posted a message on Human Control
    This is kind of a goofy idea, but it seems to suck slightly less than I thought it would.

    So you have a lot of multipurpose removal and try to get through with your guys. It's been working okay enough against other aggro decks.

    I know there's gotta be better creatures though. I'd like to keep them mostly human so they can pick up a Bonds Of Faith if the time is right, but whatever. Should I maybe even splash another colour?

    Green would have Mayor Of Avabruck, Rancor, Advent Of The Wurm (another pseudo-removal spell) and maybe Hamlet Captain.

    What would you guys suggest? I'm not expecting this deck to be some hardcore tournament deck, but I'd like to make it as cool as possible without straying from the main idea too much.
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  • posted a message on Why no ELO system?
    I both like and hate this idea. On one hand, as a teeeerrrible player, I like the idea of not being put against functional players. But it never really works like that. You still end up with either tons of hardcore players who just started and end up in the crappy league who will stomp the crap out of crappy players like me or people losing on purpose to get down to the lower ranks where they can just win tons of games against the crappy players which may or may not even exist at that point.

    Another thing that sucks, is that it makes me reluctant to win, since I'll always worry that if I win too much I'll get stuck with the "functional players" where people are going to be playing spells and stuff rather than just goldfishing for 6 turns. And I'll just get stomped again.

    I do love the idea of a league or whatever for terrible players, so that I can actually deal some damage before I lose. But it's hard to really keep the good players out of that.

    IDK, to be honest I haven't really seen it implemented anywhere where it actually worked. Either that or there's just never a league low enough for me.
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  • posted a message on World Cup Mono Green Spin
    Jeez, this is a deck now?!! That's awesome. I've been playing something like this for a bit over a year now in standard. Mono Green always does that, it'll be awesome for a long time but no one will play it until like the last few months the cards will be in rotation.

    The Druid's Familiar is cool, but I like Yeva, Nature's Herald better. It's pseudo removal and could do all sorts of neat combat tricks with the Silverheart.

    If you can get them, 4 Mutavaults are the bees knees in here.
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  • posted a message on What card that makes you groan everytime you see it?
    Quote from M_Orozco

    It just feels less and less like a card and more like a game state. It'll just be nice to see it go away and see what takes it's place.

    That's such a good way to put it. I'd definitely go with Thragtusk myself.
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  • posted a message on Mono Green Infect
    Quote from TLK
    Is there another thread for Infect Stompy? I thought I remember seeing one. Wouldn't mind seeing a U/G list, or a R/G list with the Blazing Shoal combo.

    I'm sure there is/was at some point. But I checked the first few pages and didn't see anything.

    I've seen U/G and R/G lists but I never really liked either of them.

    With U/G I just can't wrap my mind around how the deck would ever be even remotely in the ballpark of consistent. Most of the builds I've seen run 8 creatures, a handful of draw power and counter magic and a ton of creature pump. I just don't understand how they wouldn't constantly run into situations where they draw no creatures and end up goldfishing for 3-4 turns trying to draw for them.

    With the R/G builds, Blazing Shoal is cool and all. But it still involves running a bunch of otherwise dead big red spells that could clog up your hand. And Shoal+Big Spell+Creature for the win isn't any less cards than Invigorate+Berserk+Creature for the win.

    But, in all fairness there must be some reason they're semi-popular so there could be something I'm missing.
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  • posted a message on Mono Green Infect
    Quote from WeaponX
    Lotus petal, elvish spirit guide, land grant... All options to aid the low land count.

    True, I did totally forget about some of those. This is my first legacy deck, so I don't know what's available as much.

    Much thanks for the input, that's the sort of thing I was looking for. Just stuff that works well in an aggressive legacy deck like this that I never thought of.
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  • posted a message on Mono Green Infect
    Thanks for the feedback so far! Hexproof and creature protection isn't toooo big a problem with Vines in main and Ranger's Guile in the side. But I do definitely like the idea of splashing for counterspells and what not.

    The land count thing, is just something I'm cursed with. I literally can NEEEEEVVVEER run under 22 lands. Even when affinity was big in standard, I was running 22 lands in it when everyone else was running 16. If I run any less, I'll be mulliganning down to 4 cards every game, guaranteed. I guess I could update the list with less land though and keep the 23 land in my real build as I know no one else has that problem.
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  • posted a message on Mono Green Infect
    I always see people trying to splash blue or black in infect and running some goofy builds with like 8 creatures and 30 pump spells and I never understood how those decks just didn't die to a single well timed Swords/Bolt/Path or just drawing nothing but pump with no creatures.

    This is my own crappy build, that sucks for different reasons.

    At best the deck wins on turn 2 with a Invigorated Berserk'd Glistener Elf.

    If I were to splash a colour, I was considering black just for Plague Stinger and Vector Asp. Asp sucks technically, but he can still win on turn 2, so he's got that going for him.

    I need to work on the sideboard too. What else kills Delver? That seems to be the only deck in EVERY format other than standard.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Mill is gonna be a thing?
    What sucks about mill, is mill is like having your opponent starting at 53ish life, and all your threats are crappy but fairly undercosted burn spells that could only go to the dome. And if you run too much removal/creatures/whatever else...then you're just getting in the way of your already weak mill strategy.

    And the milling itself doesn't really do anything. You have just as good a chance of milling the crap that they didn't need and helping them draw into more good stuff as you do randomly milling something they wanted and having them draw something crappy. I usually don't even bother looking at what I got milled when someone's playing some goofy mill deck. They're basically just goldfishing for you while they make your graveyard taller and not much else.

    IDK, I love alternate wincons, but mill just never cuts it.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Sealed Pool (#3)
    See, this is one of those times that makes me think that a lot of people just pick blue because it's blue whether it's good or not. Why can't I have these kids at my shop? Jeeez.....

    The pool is kinda sucky, but I went with R/W.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Magic 2014 Underwhelming
    Quote from ThePitterPatter
    I did forget to mention that there are tons of reprints of the best cards, but it normally doesn't happen for another year or so. In terms of of its "standard" format, it can be much more than MtG's. You can still build a pretty functional deck yes,but I still stand behind MtG always being more fun and more diverse than Yugioh ever will.

    I mean yeah, I think we're more or less on the same page. As a whole, MTG is way better. It's always been the game I took more seriously and played more, where as yugioh I always kinda just played casually. It is just a way better designed game all around.

    I just always have Yugi on the side to tool around with if I get burnt out on MTG or just to have something to play friends at the shop with. A lotta people play either one or the other and it's cool to be able to talk with either "The Yugioh Kids" or "The Magic Kids" that wouldn't otherwise talk to each other that often.
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