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  • posted a message on Enter the dragon...
    There is indeed lots of people from the aformentioned news site you spoke of. And we welcome you with open arms, amongst other things.

    I've not heard of said Exalted members, but theres no harm in hunting them down like wild dogs and tackling them on site, that is if you find them. Good luck with that dear friend.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono-Green Beats
    Is everyone still totally against the idea of Blanchwood Armour in this deck? I've been running Blanchwood in Mono-Green, since saga, and I've always liked it. A person that I know has also told me in his own way, that he indeed did see more then 1 person playing Blanchwood in their MGB deck recently, at regionals.

    I understand the whole idea, that its vunerable in a way that an equipment is not, in that it can be fully negated just by killing the creature. But that logic seems weird to me, in a way that is difficult to explain.

    In my eyes, its cheaper then Sofi and Jitte, theres lots of land getting stuff in the deck anyway so it will get big fast, and it's really hot on Troll and Birds.

    I wouldn't actually take out Jitte or Sofi for it, I'd still run them as well. I just think maybe like 2 Blanchwood Armours might not be all that bad of an idea. I've tried them with success, and was happy.
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  • posted a message on Unwelcumed
    A thousand pardons for returning. Not that anyone knew I was gone, most probably didn't even know I was here in the first place. But I was, and I always have been, in one form or another. But that other form is dead, overdose and what not, we all know this.

    Well, anyway. Hi, Im Jolly The Octopuss! My friends call my Gelly, my enemies call me a heathen, but I love them all. I like playing magic and writing poetry and other various writings. I hope you guys are real nice and we can all be friends.

    Thank you, I love you
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  • posted a message on Satellite Radio
    I'd totally go with XM as well. And theres a big reason to get it. Howard is moving to satalite next year, and that'll be the only way you can hear him.

    I guess the big difference between Satelite and normal radio is that Satalite gets weird stations you'll probably never hear normally, its uncensored and commercial free.

    Mmmmm, commercial free, uncensored Stern.....PUM!!!
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  • posted a message on My Apologies
    Quote from \m/ >.< \m/ »

    I have one word for you


    This is salvation, not Misetings sir. I'd think you were better then such comments.

    Your lucky my friend likes you, or I would have actually reported that. She told me not too, she says somewhere down inside your a good person. I guess your just having a bad day today, and for that my sympathy goes out to you. Feel better sir, it can't rain all the time.
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  • posted a message on The Unofficial SLAYER Thread
    I love Slayer very much, although I've never had the fortune of seeing them outside of the one time I met them at a signing for Diablous in Musica, wich actually is my least favourite album, no offense. I thought they were going for a more commercial sound on that one, Love To Hate Me almost sounded like rap-metal too me.

    I too own all the official Slayer albums. As for my favourite album, it would probably be South Of Heaven, although it played no role in my choice of residence and is simple a coincedence. Reign In Blood and Divine Intervention are also fantastic.

    As for my favourite songs:
    Hell Awaits
    Spill The Blood
    Dead Skin Mask
    South Of Heaven
    Ghost Of War
    Sex, Murder, Art
    War Ensemble
    Altar Of Sacrifice
    Black Magic
    Chemical Warfare

    I've still not gotten War At The Warfield or the Still Reigning DVDs yet though since im very poor. Kerry King was actually playing and signing for the release of War At The Warfield in my local indie record store, but I didnt have the fortune of going.
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  • posted a message on RPG's, ahoy! (Released in America as: Help Denver find some good RPG's)
    I dont play these new fangled things. Sadly you said you can't play NES, wich is the best system ever made IMO, and home of the best RPG series, Dragon Warrior. You said you can play Super Nes games though so try:

    Super Mario RPG
    7th Saga
    Illusions Of Gia
    Secret Of Mana
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Fun for a game you can beat in 2 days)
    Breath Of Fire 1-3
    Earthbound (probably my favourite RPG ever made)

    Game Boy has some neat ones too:

    Final Fantasy Legend 1-3
    Final Fantasy Adventure

    They really should release a Mary-Kate And Ashley based RPG for ps2. That would give me a reason to buy that worthless system.

    Did I mention I have the rare Illusions Of Gia coffee mug, with the little picture that comes out when you pour warm liquid into it? Its like a little picture of Will turning into that hero guy he becomes at the end of the game. You could get it back when Nintendo Power had like some power points coupons or something like that. That or you had to buy it, either way I know I got it from Nintendo Power.
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  • posted a message on fav. tv show?
    Personally I dont watch much TV with the exception of PBS kids shows like Arthur and Zoom. The Adult Swim comedy stuff is nice too, although I dont like Harvey Birdman.

    If your looking for poll questions I think it will definatley come down to:
    Family Guy
    Chappelle Show
    The Simpsons

    Although let it be known that I HAAAAATE Seinfeld and Chapelle with a burning passion, I just think thats what will be the major picks for this.
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  • posted a message on Game of the year 2004
    I'd vote Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red. I don't really like many other new systems or games. Katamari Damacy was really awesome too, but I only got to play it a few times.
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  • posted a message on Best/Favorite Bass Players
    Music is fun, i wish I could do it. The two i can think of off hand would be

    Cliff Burton and Tom Araya. Less Claypool is really neat too, even though I was never a big Primus fan. I totally respect his talent and style though.
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  • posted a message on Official Demon/Ogre Disssscussion?
    i certainly found your idea of Loxodon Warhammer pleasureable, thank you. I can't understand how Mark Of The Oni is bad though. IMO its like the reason I chose to even bother with Demon/Ogre after seeing Betrayers, what is it you don't like about it? I understand it has the crappy stipulation of needing a demon out, but I usually do, and Mark has won me games.

    The problem I had with Seizan was that the opponent gets to benefit from it first giving him this where he can just play crazy things before I can respond. I had Seizan but In, but I kept holding him in my hand not wanting to give my opponent such glee.

    I like the idea of perhaps Baubles too, and cloudposts. Thank you, perhaps I'll try that as well.

    Anyone else have any decklists also?
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  • posted a message on My Apologies
    Thank you all for the kindness, and im honoured that you all like my avvy.
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  • posted a message on Official Demon/Ogre Disssscussion?
    I doubt anyone would recognize this thread as such, but wouldnt it be just spectacular if we could have a thread meant just for talking about this lovely casual deck, a place where we could all discuss our thoughts and ideas about the demon/ogre tribe. Who knows what amazing concepts we may come up. We can work together to make Demon/Ogre the next Ravager. If not maybe the next......Snake deck, or something. Either way, please give me the pleasure of posting here when speaking of such topics. Heres my awful attempt at a demon deck.

    Many mock the Idols in the deck, but this deck needs a lot of Mana IMO. Plus the idols help for the 2nd turn Persecutes, or 2nd Turn Yukoras. And just generally add speed when needed, and little bits of extra damage.

    But for the most part theres lots of things in the deck im unsure of, and I'd love to hear other peoples takes on the Demon/Ogre deck, or any suggestions and disscussion about said deck, that would be really nice, thank you.
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  • posted a message on My Apologies
    I'd just like to apologize now for my arrival, as im most certain it is an unfortunate thing. Not that Im malicious or anything, Im just not really worth knowing. Either way, its a pleasure to meat you all and I know this place will be splendid.

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