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    posted a message on Khans of Tarkir feels like another Theros
    No doubt, it does go without saying that these "this set sucks/I dont like this set/worse set ever" threads come up with EVERY set. But jeeez, these past few sets they've just seemed more and more justified. I've actually even lost a lot of interest in MTG ever since Innistrad rolled out. And I'm someone who's been playing pretty avidly since about 1995. Since Innistrad rolled out and Theros came in, I've never been less interested in MTG in the near 20 years I've been playing. Usually I'll come up with dozens and dozens of crappy new rogue "Johnny" decks with each new set that comes out. Since Innistrad rolled out, I've made 2 different decks in about the passed year and a half.

    I understand MTG is trying to pull back the power creep and that's fair enough. But now it feels like they're taking us back to the days of Legends with these overcosted and tri-coloured cards that would still barely be playable even if they cost 1-2 less and and weren't so colour intensive. And what's with all the uncommon cards printed as rares?

    This next block after Khans better be like Urza's Saga meets Mirrodin with power 9 reprints after all this crap.
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    posted a message on Thragtusk infestation
    The sick thing is, it really feels like the whole Thragtusk/Restoration Angel thing really is just about unstoppable. Playing on MTGO I'd say about 8 out of 10 matches in "Tournament Practice" are some variation of the whole Thrag/Angel combo. I've seen BGRW "Frites" decks that play it, RGw mid range decks with Huntmaster and the combo, plain old GW midrange, GWu control, GWb with the black splash for Abrupt Decay and other removal.

    EVERYTHING runs it now and maybe I'm just doing something wrong but it seems really hard to come back from a 4th turn Thrag into 5th turn Resoration Angel. Removal doesn't do much, the huge life swing is really hard to get over and the whole threat of them totally screwing you in combat with an instant speed Restoration Angel puts you in that position of either NOT attacking and just dying to them being more aggressive than you or attacking and dying to them suddenly having 2 extra blockers, 5 extra life and most likely knocking out most of your attackers.

    What sucks is that I understand that Thragtusk is "balanced" more or less. But jeez, it just sucks that the format has fallen into the whole "Play this card or lose against this card" thing.
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    posted a message on [Poll] MTGS Obama Approval Rating
    Oh, jeepers I totally didn't notice this was public. Let me just clarify that I am indeed totally not some "right wing" type. I'm entirely opposed to all politicians across the board.
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    posted a message on Yugioh taken over completely by Konami
    What can I say about the art issue, it's entirely impossible to debate an opinion of that sort, and I'd just sound like a tool if I went as far as to present my opinion as a fact.
    And hell, I actually hate anime with a passion, but the art on some yugioh cards is just really neat IMO.

    Yugioh does sort of have a limited format, although I do totally admit it's REALLY lame in comparison to MTG's limited formats. Hell, it's really lame in general.

    Like during the yugioh pre-release they give you 5 packs (I think it's 5) and you have to build a 20 card deck out of them.

    There's generally no real cohesion in any given yugioh set. So it's nearly impossible to actually build a solid limited deck with even a semblance of a theme. And since many sets have no removal what so ever, it's entirely possible to win by just playing 1 creature bigger than anything they got and just letting them deck out.

    There's also no real structure to these tournaments, they're basically just casual. You get a little paper in the beginning and you have to go around looking for matches and write the results on it. After 1 or 2 games, most people just fill out random names and results on the paper and hand it in for their free pack.

    Not to mention that since there's such a large amount of little kids at these events, cheating isn't just a minor issue, it's part of their deck building process. All the time you'll see kids openly trading cards with eachother between decks, not even attempting to keep it discreet. You'll end up seeing decks with 6-7 of the same card and the "Oh, i got like 2 of this card in every pack!!!" excuse.

    Which is silly, cause there's no benefit to winning in these tournaments. Whether you lose every game or win every game 2-0 you still only get 1 pack at the end for turning in your sheet.

    Hell, I doubt they would. But it would be kinda of cool if Konami attempted to have a more structured limited format. But still, I do admit that yugioh sets are just pretty terrible for limited.

    Although I could see it being kinda cool in a "Cube" kinda limited format.
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    posted a message on Yugioh taken over completely by Konami
    Quote from Sapphire Tri
    The Japanese OCG has been like that.. BUT even there highest raritys dont go into the insane prices the american markets go.

    EX: Highest rairty Very played Secret in japan would be about 20-30 ish In Dollars
    American printed version... 100+ Umm LOLWUT?

    Also count on the fact Upper deck makes those cards MUCH harder to get then there Japanese Counter parts. I used to play Both TCG and OCG. And could out right say I could mae the meta defining deck in OCG form for 1/5 of the price if I made it in American. Maybe even... CHEAPER. The reprinting of valuable cards HELPS keep them around and allows the people who couldnt afford them the first time around to get there shot at it.

    But Anyway I am glad UD is losing this. I look forward to what Konami will do. I enjoy so many of there games and they do very well. Lets see what else they have plans for.

    I'm actually not to worried about the crossover myself, Konami seems pretty knowledgeable about games, I'm hopeful that that could carry over to CCGs.

    A lotta peeps were worried that Konami would somehow screw up the banlist or do away with it all together. I think Konami would know enough not to totally piss off the fanbase of one of their biggest cash cows.

    And I'm sorta split on my feelings about Yugiohs annoying reprint policy. In some ways it does kinda suck that you'll bust your ass trading/buying to get this playset of 40-50 dollar cards, only to see them reprinted as commons in the next preconstructed deck.

    In the same vein though, it is a pain in the ass that the tier 1 deck in yugioh right now is literally well over 1.5k in value. Even the more accessible tier 2 tournament decks are at least close to or over 200 dollars.

    I think it'd be a hell of a lot better if yugioh had a rarity system closer to MTG. Instead of like 7-8 different kinds of rares and probably like a less than 5% chance of actually pulling the rares you'd need for decks or even a rare that would at least be decent trade bait.

    At least in MTG if you buy 5 packs or so, there's a decent chance you'd get something that'd be worth trading for something you do need.
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