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  • posted a message on Magic Pro League (9 pm announcement got spoiled early)
    Quote from WenSon »
    magic as esports ?
    meh... i think there are many better titles, that are not only more entertaining, but also require more skill of the players.

    in my eyes a strategic mistake, i guess its just something they want to happen but will not happen... but what do i know
    Eh... You do know that Magic has been played at highly competitive levels for a while, and that it's wideky popular as it is, right? The game's suitedness for high level play can be discussed, but nothing about it changes now, except its vessel, and even that only for a portion of events.
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  • posted a message on Magic Pro League (9 pm announcement got spoiled early)
    More here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/next-chapter-magic-esports-2018-12-06

    I absolutely hate that they're killing Nationals and WMC. Nationals was the #1 event I aimed for because it was very high level, yet I didn't need to travel for it. I hope there will be something similar.

    Also, one of their usual bite sized info style pages here:


    Not much to see there, but note how they are hammering it home: "MTG Arena and tabletop Magic" over and over, they have no plans to kill paper. No reason to believe that. People are predicting the death of paper magic here and on Twitter, but they have no reason to.

    I can't wait to hear GerryT's reaction.
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  • posted a message on Magic Pro League (9 pm announcement got spoiled early)
    So much hyperbole, I'm literally laughing out loud here. They will not break into your house at night and rip your cards up. When did Rumor Mill become RudyLand?
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  • posted a message on Magic Pro League (9 pm announcement got spoiled early)
    I think this sounds okay. Arena is the future, MTGO already feels like it's on life support and the Modern format will only get worse with time, so it's not going to be around forever.

    For the last ten years, they have shifted their focus away from high level competitive play with their core audience being wannabe pros (not meant as derogatory, I am one myself) to more casual players who shy away from overly spiky environments, which is a smart move for them from a financial standpoint since the latter group is far larger. This is them showing some love to the spikes, the aspiring high level players, the competitors. We don't know the details yet, so it's still tough to say how this will pan out, but I like that competitive play is something that they choose to pay attention to.

    All that aside... For the last few years they have shown themselves completely unable to not give their new things horribly lame names. Mythic Championship? About as cringeworthy as MagicFest. Ultimate Masters? GRN Mythic Edition? I will be biting my nails until the day they announce their new Arena-friendly non-rotating format in fear that they give it some super lame name that we will have to use to refer to our new favourite constructed format for the next 15 years. The Guildpact format, anyone? Planeswalker? Multiverse? Mythic format? Or maybe something confusing like Eternal, or Arena (so that we will constantly be asking "Arena the format or Arena the client?").

    Edit: I don't see anything in that newsletter that I think seems threatening to paper Magic, where are you picking that up? If anything's under the axe here, it's the Modern format.
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  • posted a message on Mana Source Spoiler- 2019 GP Prom....OH MY GOD!!!
    Quote from jamis »
    Quote from DanzBorin »
    Is it foil?

    Main event GP = Foil bolt
    PTQ/Double up event = non-foil bolt
    GP side event = foil land
    These are available as nonfoil? Oh my god yes yes yes
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  • posted a message on Ancient Stirrings new promo art
    Usually I really love the 99% of the art direction of WotC new art reprints but this time not only I don't like it, but I don't even get it what the **** should be this supposed to be.

    Yeah, cats are nice and everything, but it seems really so out of place and just inappropriate for this specific card.
    Look closer. It's not an actual cat, but a cat-shaped figurine or relic, or, you know... an artifact. Which this finds.
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  • posted a message on Upcoming Norse-Inspired Set
    If this thread isn't moved to Speculation because the mods know something about its validity, I wish they'd share that information or at least confirm it so that this thread still being open here would look less stupid.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Red Aggro
    Quote from magic geek »
    How does this deck do against Mono-U ?
    It's a very good matchup for red ifyou know what you're doing. We are low enough to the ground to not get tempoed out, and we have a ton of removal for their one drops that want to wear Obsession. Just keep Dive Down and Trickster in mind, and save an answer for Djinn if you can, and you should win a lot more than you lose.
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  • posted a message on Ancient Stirrings new promo art
    Cats stir stuff up. It's an ancient cat figurine. Figurine = artifact = colorless.

    Yeah I don't know

    I like it though. It's pretty, and some people, strike that, LOTS of people, are sick of eldrazi. Run the old one in Tron and this in KCI and Hardened Scales Smile
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  • posted a message on Ancient Stirrings new promo art
    I want this art in nonfoil. It's not going to hapen, is it? Frown
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  • posted a message on Your Critics and Hopes with MTG Arena
    I have not seen the video you've linked, so I can't comment on that in particular, but I would advice you to take anything DesolatorMagic with a grain of salt. And by grain I actually mean a truck load. Like, Lantern Control opponent levels of salt. The guy is way out there, and he tends to view everything in the most negative and malicious way to drive views.

    This, of course, is my personal perspective, which you can feel free to ignore or disagree with. I'm just throwing it out there.
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  • posted a message on Your Critics and Hopes with MTG Arena
    I think some kind of game mode that's standard best of three (matches) should be available at all times. It's very annoying when their flagship format in its truest form is replaced with some experimental format like GRN constructed or limited with some older set. One game standard doesn't cut it either, since I need to practice sideboarding and playing postboard games. If there's one thing that could make me stop playing Arena, this would be the most likely one.
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  • posted a message on No more Competitive Constructed offered in Arena?
    I came to ask this as well. I was kind of wondering if there was some extended menu that I couldn't find, as I REALLY think BO3 Standard should be available at all times. It's easily the mode that's most relevant for playing real life paper magic, which means that it's the only mode I'm truly interested in.

    I even paid entry to an event, and I only got to play one match before it was gone. Even if I'm still in it when it returns, I'm gonna feel kind of cheated.

    Get it back, please. Do this thing right.
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  • posted a message on Upcoming Norse-Inspired Set
    Quote from Velrun »
    May I ask from where the dwarf ideas come from when it comes to cold nothern countries?

    It should be the opposite since nothern people are taller than any other part of the world.

    I understand games, fantasy and Wizards of the Coast should not follow real world realism but I still have to ask: From where does the idea of dwarves are from the north comes from?
    I'm not sure, but I think a lot of dwarfes in fantasy worlds tend to have a slightly viking-esque look with big helmets and shields (because they are strong), axes or hammers, very gritty and masculine personalities, long beards, fur/leather and so on, often in wild/rocky environments. Take the guy in LotR for example. Then people got them muddled up. Just my theory. It sure doesn't make any sense culturally/historically.
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  • posted a message on State of Standard Thread: bans, format health, metagame, rotation, etc!
    I beøieve that if it wasn't for GB keeping Mono Red in check, the deck would be too good. Not that GB is unbeatable for R, but it's the worst matchup among the top 6-7 decks by a wide margin.

    Does anyone know how Standard as a format is doing these days, popularity wise? It's been pretty much dead at my LGS as an FNM format since around Bant Company rotated into Temur Energy, and if I remember correctly, this subforum used to have a lot more activity a few years back, at least in the deck threads. The mono red deck has like 14 posts right now... It's just two data points, but it seems to me like the format has fallen from its former glory.
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