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  • posted a message on Teaching your kids to play Magic
    I taught my boys when they were about 10/11. They were already messing around with YugiOh!, and progressed from there into M:TG. They're now 22 & 18. The oldest doesn't play too much anymore (a little Commander from time to time), but the youngest still goes to FNMs and other tourneys with me. I definitely learned good and bad ways to incorporate them into the game.

    I've recently started a youtube channel: Generational Magic to help others in this area and showcase how the game relates to family and friends.
    I've got one video on it currently, but will be finishing up the "Top 10" soon.
    (Had to take a breather with both boys graduating; one high school, one college).
    I know the video is pretty basic, but hopefully some of what I have on it can be helpful. Smile
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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Trailer
    List of Planeswalkers shown (initial list pulled from MassEffekt's list from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/aqynz6/war_of_the_spark_trailer/

    Overall list of planes "neo" walkers here:
    There are a total of 41 walkers, post-mending. (Vivien isn't listed though)

    First side (hard to see overall; need to run slowly):

    Second side:

    Third side:

    Fourth side:
    Ob Nixilis
    Jiang Yanggu

    Fifth side:
    Mu Yanling(?)

    Sixth side:

    Jaya and Samut should fit in there somewhere.

    Other Planeswalkers that don't seem to fit into the storyline:
    Elspeth (kinda dead)
    Sorin (occupied elsewhere)
    Venser (dead)
    Xenagos (presumed dead)
    Daretti (seems outside of the Ravnica theme??)
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  • posted a message on Economists, mathmeticians, statisticians, and MTG experts: Help Me Out!
    Found this listing on an MTG reddit post for the earliest print runs:

    Limited Edition Alpha (August 1993): 2.6 million cards / 1,100 of each rare.
    Limited Edition Beta (October 1993): 7.3 million cards / 3,300 of each rare.
    Unlimited (December 1993):35 million cards / 17,500 of each rare.
    Arabian Nights (December 1993): 5 million cards / ~2,100 of each rare
    Antiquities (March 1994): 15 million cards / ~6,700 of each rare
    Legends: (June 1994):35 million cards / 17,500 of each rare.
    Revised (April 1994): Estimated in the 600 million range. / ~289,000 of each rare.
    The Dark (August 1994): 62 million cards.
    Fallen Empires (November 1994): more than four times the number issued for The Dark.

    Again, these sets were printed back in first couple of years, so I have no doubt that sets like Innistrad, Zendikar, Return to Ravnica, and further have only increased tenfold since the player base has increased tremendously.

    Just with a quick search it looks like the player base numbers the first couple of years were around 5M, 12M+ in 2013, and Hasbro has suggested that they've hit up to 20M+ since then. I'm sure it has fluctuated somewhat since, but no doubt MTG Arena has helped up the numbers.
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  • posted a message on Running a MTG Tournament for 10-year old kids. Need advice!
    From a holistic perspective, consider what you want to have this elective course provide. Is it just meant for playing and having fun (i.e. a game club) or are you looking to expound on the more subtle topics; (i.e. fair play, learning how to lose gracefully, sportsmanship, math skills, etc.)? I figure it's the latter, so however you structure the time they have to play and interact will be important.

    A few suggestions:
    1. My initial thought is to not include drafting. As you say, it can be time-consuming and with only 50 minutes I'm sure they'll want to get right to playing. As we know, there are a lot of nuances to good drafting and some will like it and others may not. Even though the young players can grab what drafting is and generally what a good card is, it's not always easy to determine what makes a good deck. This could deter some from joining or staying. Drafting might be something to hold onto and plan for later once you get a consistent 'core' group of players.

    2. Instead of drafting, you could provide a sealed event. Sealed would be less intensive than drafting. If you feel comfortable doing it, you could make packs out of the welcome decks you have. The students could have the first session to build their 40 card decks and play them from that point. You could choose to switch it up for the 4th & 5th weeks if things seem to get boring (have the players switch decks, give each player another pack each week to reconfigure their decks, etc).

    3. If the player base is 20+ and increasing, I would get a couple more adults to help (if you don't already). This way you're not stretched between all of them and if there are questions or concerns you can attend to them. This would also help with the players feeling included. Maybe getting a responsible person from your LGS or a local DCI judge?

    1. If players are able to use their own decks, make sure they are using comparable decks to the welcome decks you are providing. If not, this will give the 'feel-bads' if one or two players are always winning because of their 'rare-stacked' decks.
    My youngest (17) every so often brings his Modern deck to play against the standard decks at their game club and he normally crushes them (Note that the other guys are his good friends, he does let them know beforehand, and does have his standard deck if they don't want to play against it).

    3. If you're providing the decks, you mentioned you could rotate decks between players and that would be good, but I would suggest allowing them to keep ahold of one deck for the first two sessions and then switching to another deck for the next two. This way they can have a week to get used to the deck and another week where they have a better feel for it. This would also allow them to find out what type of decks/colors they really enjoy (control, aggro, mid-range, and as far as you can with welcome decks - combo) Wink .

    4. Provide themed sessions where you can 'change-up' the decks. This will also help reduce the monotony and allow them to see the decks from different angles. Some examples: Pauper or Peasant decks only, 3-color decks only, random assignment 2-headed giant to encourage teamwork.

    5. A couple of random ideas:
    a. Maybe on the 5th session provide it as a more fun end to the program. If possible, bring pizza and make it celebratory.
    b. If any of your sessions work around a new set, maybe provide a mini pre-release. I'm sure you could contact Bruce Richard https://twitter.com/Manaburned to get some background information on ways to accomplish that.

    Anyway, I'll stop there. If you have any specific questions for me, feel free to ask. Good luck and happy magic!
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  • posted a message on Where do you buy Japanese Cards?

    I would imagine not, but I only base that on this article:


    You would think they'd mention Chinese cards as well.

    Quote from idSurge »
    Quote from Odie »
    tokyomtg.com is another good place. Not sure if they work with PayPal though.

    You could also try mtgmintcard.com, but I believe most of theirs are simplified Chinese.

    Very nice, I would assume Chinese cards are printed on the same stock/ink as Japanese?
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  • posted a message on Where do you buy Japanese Cards?
    tokyomtg.com is another good place. Not sure if they work with PayPal though.

    You could also try mtgmintcard.com, but I believe most of theirs are simplified Chinese.
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  • posted a message on How long do prereleases go?
    Yea, I went to one of our local Saturday C19 PRs and before I left they had 2 boxes ready to go when I went up and asked (I almost forgot myself since it wasn't like that before).
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  • posted a message on How long do prereleases go?
    You can always gauge the amount of time you'll be there by how many rounds there will be. It'll take about an hour for the deck construction and on average an hour for each round.
    Each LGS is different on how many rounds. Some around here go with as many players there are and some cap it at 4-5 rounds to allow for another pre-release tournament during the day.

    Starting with Dominaria, you can pick up any pre-ordered boxes at the LGS at the pre-release.

    Quote from OfTheMist »
    Quote from OfTheMist »
    Quote from OfTheMist »
    I'm going to my first Prerelease on the weekend, and I was just wondering, how long do they take? Is it a casual event where you can just come and go? Is there some sort of tournament?
    you can a) just get your packs, drop from the event, and leave, or b) play in the event which will take approx 5 hours. Everyone gets additional packs based on the number of wins they finish with

    Thanks for the reply Deception. One last question for anyone out there:

    Can you get your pre-ordered booster boxes and the prerelease?
    Preorders dont become available until the first day of retail availability

    Thanks for all your answers to my questions The Decepticon.

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  • posted a message on Craziest streak of pack luck you've had
    Back during Fate Reforged, my youngest wanted to go drafting one weekend. Thing was it was Valentine's Day and I was already booked.
    Fortunately for him one of our neighbors's boyfriend wasn't in town and she offered to take him to the local LGS and see if they could scrouge up a draft. I gave him $20 to eat and draft. They hung around for awhile, but ended up not drafting. Afterwards they and a few others went to her house and played Commander.
    When I texted him to come home he texted me back that the neighbor bought him dinner and he spent his money buying 5 packs (he bought 3 packs for the draft and then 2 more after it didn't fire). He attached a picture with the text that showed a non-foil Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Smile that he got from the first 3 packs and a Foil Ugin, the Spirit Dragon that he pulled in one of the last two! EEK!
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  • posted a message on Grand Prix Season 4 - Prize wall shirt question
    I would have thought so as well, but checking back on the other GP shirts (Amonkhet for example), there aren't any except a few old oddball shirts. Just wondering if anyone had any experience in getting them.
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  • posted a message on Grand Prix Season 4 - Prize wall shirt question
    I'm somewhat unfamiliar with how prize walls work at GPs. My youngest would love to get one of the season 4 shirts, but there isn't anyway we'll be able to attend the GPs this season. Does anyone know if these shirts will be available for purchase or otherwise?

    Here's the link to the Ixalan prize wall shirt: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/organized-play/all-ixalan-grand-prix-playmats-2017-09-21

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  • posted a message on U/R/x Control
    My youngest got into the top 8 playing Grixis Control (I won in the finals with UW Control which I shared in that forum):

    His list:

    He went 3-0-1 in the swiss beating UB Colossus, R/W Burn, and RB mid-range. He lost in the quarters, ending up with a couple of unfortunate games. After he was able to stop everything his opponent played and hopefully stabalize, his Temur Energy opponent top-decks a Glorybringer to beat for 3 turns and steal the first game while he was drawing lands. He then drew very few lands in the second game and couldn't come back.

    He ran over the Colossus deck (was able to ultimate both Chandra and Liliana), won 2-1 against the R/W Burn deck, and won a close 2-1 against the RB list. In his 2nd game he was down to 2 (with his opponent still at 20). He played Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh which got him back in the game with a couple of nice +2 activations. The first one got his opponent's Chandra, Torch of Defiance to zap the only creature he had on board, a Glint-Sleeve Siphoner (which his lone Gearhulk couldn't block and would've killed him). He then nabbed a Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet to start climbing back and with a 7 shot from Bolas during his main with his board full, his opponent conceded.
    The rubber match wasn't as lopsided, but it was still close. His opponent was at 7 and he was at 4 with a Wandering Fumarole available to block and all of his mana available. His opponent had an Earthshaker Khenra in the yard and goes to Eternalize the Khenra. He Disallows the activation, flashes in a Gearhulk and wins.

    The Fatal Pushes were great, but he would probably switch out a Magma Spray for the fourth one (we were expecting more Ramunap Red, but only 2 people played it over the whole weekend). Censors weren't that great. Having the right timing usually wasn't there.
    Collective Brutality was great though and he used it multiple times in multiple ways. I watched him a couple times discard a land and an instant to get the full value right then to be able to Gearhulk the instant back at another time. In one play against the RB deck it saved him at least 7 potential damage (killed an Earthshaker, gained 2, and removed an Incendiary Flow).

    He didn't say much about the rest, but I'll ask him for further information and update.

    Have fun! Smile
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  • posted a message on UW Draw-GO Control
    Attended HOU Game Day with this build (slightly changed from what I have on pg. 1):

    4 rounds then top 8:

    R1 vs. 4c Approach (Fog deck) 2-0
    In game 1 I played an early Gideon of the Trials, activated his +1 once and created his emblem after a couple of turns trying to beat down. He played an early Fevered Visions, which concerned me at first, but once I had the "I can't lose" emblem I was pretty sure I was good. I still ended up playing Cast Out on it a few turns later to keep him from drawing more cards. I was able to get him to 8 then he played his win-con Approach of the Second Sun. For a second I was concerned, but then remembered I had the emblem in play. When he re-read the emblem again a couple of turns later, he thought for a moment and realized that he didn't have anything to remove Gideon and conceded.
    Game 2 I had no doubt he was waiting for me to play Gideon again. On his turn 3 he played a cycle land and left 2 lands open (He did admit afterwards that he had the Negate). So on my turn 3 I played Kefnet the Mindful with 6 cards in hand. He knew he was in trouble (he sided out some of his fog effects). I went on the beatdown plan for 6 turns and got him after a couple of fog spells he did keep and Spell Queller'd the final one to win the match.

    Sided out/in:
    - 1 Dovin Baan
    - 2 Fumigate
    - 1 Immolating Glare
    - 1 Stasis Snare
    + 4 Spell Queller
    + 1 Negate

    R2 vs. BG sacrifice 2-0
    I played this deck when Collected Company was in standard and loved it. Unfortunately without that and a few other cards it's decent, but doesn't have that same type of reach as it once did. He added in Bontu the Glorified and Oketra's Monument for more critters (I had a version with Rhonas the Indomitable as well).
    Unfortunately for him I am familiar with how the deck works. Shutting down the appropriate cards (Catacomb Sifter, Duskwatch Recruiter, and any sacrifice effects) will stall them out with a bunch of little creatures that you can Fumigate (of course, destroy any Zulaport Cutthroats first).
    So, both games were very similar. I countered or exiled whatever was threatening, took some beats, wiped the board, and gave the Gideon and Gearhulk beatdown. I believe both games he barely got me into the single digits.
    A couple of interesting situations came up in both games concerning Westvale Abbey. In the first game he started gaining ground with 2 to 3 small creatures where he'd sent them all in at me, I would then beat down with a Gearhulk and he'd make a token from Westvale Abbey and block. So in that interaction I was losing the war, but then I played 'MY' Westvale Abbey and surprised him. He could no longer attack and gain advantage. Once I played a Gideon of the Trials and started the bigger beatdown the writing was on the wall. In game 2 we got into the same staring match with my Gearhulk and his Westvale token blocking. The difference was he had a Zulaport Cutthroat out as well and was causing me to lose a life each time. I drew into one of my Confiscation Coups, stole his Cutthroat, played Gideon and commenced on the Gideon/Gearhulk beatdown.

    Sided out/in:
    - 1 Dovin Baan
    - 1 Kefnet the Mindful
    - 1 Hieroglyphic Illumination
    + 1 Descend Upon the Sinful
    + 2 Confiscation Coup

    R3 vs. GW humans with planeswalker support 1-2
    He was playing Thalia's Lieutenant, Thraben Inspector, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, and various other humans with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar for support. In the first game I stumbled on mana a little bit and he was able to get enough on board with support from Gideon and Nissa to get me after a good fight. I removed the first Gideon and Nissa with Cast Outs, but he played a 2nd Nissa and I didn't have the counter. In the second game he sided in Cast Out for my enchantment-based removal, but fortunately a timely Fumigate and Gearhulk beats took the game. The final game was quite a let down on my side. I was stuck on 2 lands after a mull to 6 for too long and by the time I got to 4 lands he already had 4 creatures, Gideon, AOZ, and Ajani Unyielding in play. I wasn't coming back from that.

    Sided out/in:
    - 1 Dovin Baan
    - 1 Kefnet the Mindful
    - 1 Hieroglyphic Illumination
    - 1 Gideon of the Trials
    - 1 Negate
    - 1 Stasis Snare (I think..)

    + 1 Descend Upon the Sinful
    + 1 Declaration in Stone
    + 4 Spell Queller

    R4 vs. R/B mid-range ID
    The top 4 players in the swiss were already set for the top 8, so we ID'd. My son faced this guy the round before (playing Grixis Control)and just beat him. He was at 2 and his opponent was still at 20. My son casts Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and used his +2. He snagged a Chandra, Torch of Defiance and killed the one creature his opponent had on board. He stabilized and won.

    Top 8:
    The decks were:
    2 Grixis Control
    1 UW Control*
    1 GW Humans
    1 Temur Energy
    1 GW Energy
    1 RB Mid-range
    1 BG sacrifice

    Pairings were:
    UW Control vs. BG Sacrifice (UW Control; 2-0)
    Grixis Control vs. GW Energy (GW Energy)
    Temur Energy vs. Grixis Control (Temur Energy)
    GW Humans vs. RB mid-range (GW Humans)

    I must admit, I was pretty happy to facing the BG sacrifice deck again. Things went pretty much the same. He did get Ormendahl, Profane Prince in play as a last ditch effort in the second game, but I had the Stasis Snare for him and that was that.

    Just as a note: My son, Jarod, played Grixis Control against Jared playing Temur Energy, so this was the Battle of the Jarods! He ended up with a couple of unfortunate games though. After he was able to remove everything his opponent played Jared then top-decks a Glorybringer to beat for 3 turns and steal the first game while he was drawing lands. He then drew very few lands in the second game and couldn't keep up. He was still generally happy though since he 3-0-1'd in the swiss.

    UW Control vs. Temur Energy (UW Control; 2-0)
    GW Humans vs. GW Energy (GW Energy)

    Fortunately, I was able to avenge my son and win against Jared, but unfortunately for game play there isn't much to say. He mulled to 5 both games, was stuck on 2 lands for too long. I Negated his second Attune with Aether in the first game and he had a somewhat slow start in the second where I Essence Scattered his two attempts with Rogue Refiners, so I easily controlled him. The only thing I actually forgot to do is side in Solemnity, but I don't know if it would've helped anyway.

    UW Control vs. GW Energy (UW Control; 2-0)

    I was happy to see the GW Energy defeat the GW Humans deck (he did it with a surprise Appeal // Authority for just enough). Not so much that I didn't think I couldn't beat the GW humans deck, but that I wanted to try against the GW Energy and see how I fared, since I saw him play Bristling Hydras and Blossoming Defenses which I knew I would have to be careful with.
    The first game I was able to Essence Scatter, Cast Out, and Stasis Snare as needed. This was also the only time I played Dovin Baan. He was ok, but yea, he needs to go. When he went to attack with his one Hydra for the win I cast Blessed Alliance to turn the game around and beat down with Gideon and Gearhulk. He did generate a mad amount of energy, so of course, I forgot to side in the Solemnity again.
    The second game was very close. He had a Electrostatic Pummeler and Hydra out with about 12 energy with me around 12. I just played Gideon, AoZ and made 2/2 blocker. I had Fumigate in hand, but was missing the fifth land. He attacks, I block the pummuler since pumping all that energy into it would've definitely killed me and pumping it into the Hydra would've just gotten me close to dead. I was waiting for the pump spell, but he didn't have it. I then rip an Island, cast Fumigate, make a token, and breathe a lot easier. From there I kept generating 2/2 tokens and played whatever I needed to keep his creatures down (A timely Spell Queller was helpful as well). I was then able to swing in with 4 tokens and the spirit, wait for his draw, and receive the handshake.

    Definitely a deck that you need to think through what removal/counter you're going to use. Will have to test against Zombies and Mono-Red to see how they play out. For the future, I'll probably take out these cards:

    I'm guessing Solemnity is probably just too slow to affect the board. Probably replace them with more counters and card draw (the 4th Glimmer; the scry was more worth it and the energy helps the Confiscation Coups. I still like the one-of Kefnet and mix of 4 Gideons. Playing only 2 colors I almost never had a color-screw problem. The 2 Blighted Cataracts and one-of Westvale Abbey were great.

    Have fun! Smile
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  • posted a message on The Other Two Gods
    Like Manite, I'm figuring the same. That the Scarab god will round out the other 2 gods and allow (somewhat) for a combo if you have all 3 out:

    The Scarab God - 2UB
    Legendary Creature - God
    Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, target creature gets a -1/-1 counter.
    3UB: create a 1/1 blue/black scarab creature token.
    When The Scarab God dies, return it to it's owner's hand at the beginning of the next end step.

    This way if you create or have a 1/1 token, you can draw as many cards as you'd like (then when you're ready to stop drawing cards you put the -1/-1 counter on something that won't die).

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  • posted a message on Amonkhet General Discussion
    Here's a little insight from Rosewater on the topic:


    Quote from Gutterstorm »
    Quote from Quannage »
    The tricky thing about that is a huge chunk of what mainstream culture knows about Ancient Egypt comes from the book of Exodus. So it's hard not to reference that.
    And also, HOD is the Bolas-centered set. it's built around The bad Guy. and unleashing a bunch of really nasty plagues seems like something a bad guy would do.

    Yeah I understand. The plagues are iconic. I'd rather they use the material than not. I just thoughy they said they weren't gonna use them.
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