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  • posted a message on [KHM] - Commanders Official
    No snow means a happy Goblin Furrier I don't know why you guys are upset
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  • posted a message on 3/05 Random Card of the Day: Fire // Ice
    Might be a good add to Zilortha, Strength Incarnate. Or could help those Ball Lightnings finally get through those Tundra Wolves.
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  • posted a message on Trickster Thief
    Trickster Thief 1UU
    Creature - Rogue Wizard

    Trickster Thief enters the battlefield with a Hexproof counter on it.
    U, Remove a Hexproof counter from Trickster Thief: Copy target Instant or Sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

    Just wanted to make use of ability counters in a way like this; it comes down with hexproof and may copy something now or on a later turn. Don't know if the stats on it are all that relevant but I could see it being a 3/2 or a 2/4. Maybe the activation should also cost U in addition like on Glen Elendra Archmage, but it only has one shot at copying something? There's some infinite blink shenanigans that could happen as well, but maybe that's okay.

    Edit: I think I'll add the U activation because of spells that copy creatures. CMC reduced by one to make up for it
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  • posted a message on Nightstalker King!
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    That said, my only thing here is the 4/7 p/t line seems odd. Not bad, just a strange combination.

    He's a 4/4 but he's getting Throne Bonuses from his chair making him a 4/7
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  • posted a message on [KHM] New Kaya
    She's decently interesting for a walker that follows the "safe five mana planeswalker formula"

    The similarities to Ashiok, Nightmare Muse, or Ob Nixilis Reignited, or Ral, Izzet Viceroy? It's the B-list character treatment, I guess. Exiling nonland permanents is sweet though. Wonder if we get Mutavault in this set along with the other changelings?
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  • posted a message on [KHM] The last 4 MDFC duals— Mastodon previews
    The flavor of the Pathway lands is a bit odd to me. I feel like they should have been designed artwise to be two sides of the same hiking trail, but they don't appear to share similarities between the two sides ever. So barkchannel/tidechannel at least has some things going on that link the two, even if one is bible stuff (Part Water returns???)
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Showdown of the Skalds— Angra preview

    Snow Enchantment - Saga.

    World Snow Enchantment - Saga you cowards
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  • posted a message on 3/05 Random Card of the Day: Fire // Ice
    Asking for two mana for this effect is outright offensive to my sensibilities. +1/+3 just doesn't swing combat enough to be worth it, even in limited.
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  • posted a message on Nightstalker King!
    Desgidor, Eternal Night 5BB
    Legendary Creature - Nightstalker Noble

    When Desgidor, Eternal Night or another Nightstalker enters the battlefield, return target Swamp from your graveyard to the battlefield. If you do, each opponent loses 2 life.


    Nightstalkers are hot garbage, and Return of the Nightstalkers is a card that attempts to make them better and fails dramatically. This is an attempt to provide a missing link to Nightstalker tribal decks, that, if printed, would cause investors to immediately buy out Return of the Nightstalkers, which would be funny and sad.
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  • posted a message on Angel Tribal riders
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    (Aside - Answered Prayers is already a card)

    Also, Devout Chaplain is a very similar name to Devout Captain. These things probably irritate me more than they should; in a real set, they'd be called Captain of Nunya or whatever they wanted to call the city they come from in the set's plane. It's hard to make new names for cards that aren't similar in some way to something previous.

    Divine Restoration doesn't really need the "angel payoff" when compared to cards like Restore if you ask me. And in any case, it's strange that the Angel on the battlefield is helping you to aim your stuff at noncreature permanents. I think they should be more like, (effect) + (bonus effect with Angel that fits Angel flavor.) Perhaps Sundering Growth was the Angel Token enabler we needed all along?
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  • posted a message on Brain dead x MTG collab 12/8/20
    Imagine showing up to FNM with garish Slingshot Goblin pants and a Plaguebearer man-bag full of cookies, though, you'd be a star

    This man's onto something, where my chimney imp apparel
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  • posted a message on 3/05 Random Card of the Day: Fire // Ice
    Yeah this one ought to cost 3 at the most, it's a draft only card
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  • posted a message on White Chord of Calling
    Mesmeric Trill XWWW

    Communal Trance (Your enchantments can help cast this spell. Each enchantment you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for 1.)
    Search your library for an enchantment card with converted mana cost X or less and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

    This is just a white Chord of Calling. Chord and Whir of Invention are great magic cards. It might be too powerful compared to artifacts and creatures though, because of the existence of things like Humility and enchantments that win the game on your upkeep (Test of Endurance and others)

    Do you think this is something they would put into the game, or does the Chord cycle stop at green and blue?
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  • posted a message on Ratatoskr base legend potentionally confirmed for kaldheim
    He's not holding a Crystal Skull or an Ankh Jewel so it's probably another famous squirrel.
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  • posted a message on Gallia of the Endless Dance deck help
    Lumbering Satyr seems like an absolute beast to me, providing evasion and being a 6/5 haste for 4 at the same time. It could even be the best satyr available, unless no one is playing Forests (unlikely!)
    Chameleon Colossus is worth a look as well as one of the more efficient Changelings around.

    When I see Gallia I can only think of how I want to use her with a Life from the Loam engine package - Cycling lands and Gamble ensure land drops and lategame card advantage grind.

    I don't like Library of Leng at all, it just doesn't seem worth the card to me when we're committing to jamming vulnerable bodies onto the board, and all we get is the option to put a card back. In fact, with our nonreliance on artifact sources of mana and card advantage, we can forego them totally and blow them all up with Shatterstorm effects if we desire.

    Sapseep Forest and Madblind Mountain don't seem great to me in this deck. They have uses but I think they don't outweigh coming in tapped. There are a few land cards from the new Zendikar set that double as creatures or spells that I think far outweigh the drawback of entering tapped, however. Bala Ged Recovery is a very good land slot occupier.

    I wonder if Ornithopter and other free creatures are worth consideration, just because attacking with three creatures on turn 2 is so appealing. It's probably too narrow to matter, though.

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