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  • posted a message on 10/20 Random Card of the Day: Possessed Nomad
    The red and green ones of this cycle are pretty corner case, while the other three are just almost always busted. All of em are useless trash outside commander though.
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  • posted a message on Should standard rotation be suspended?
    You could always play Block Constructed also
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  • posted a message on Question about Neowalkers
    Quote from OathboundOne »

    Unless they change it (which is always a possibility I suppose), the planar bridge can't transport organic material across planes... unless that material is a zombie covered in lazotep... for some reason.

    Was the Lazotep an important reason for why he could port the zombies, or can he just port anything that's not alive? Or like, things that don't have souls? Ghosts and vampires probably not, but zombies are basically just artifacts made from organic material, right?
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  • posted a message on Zirilan, Dragon Commander
    There's some cool tricks you can do with an instant speed Worldgorger Dragon in response to mass removal spells. Including your own if you want to run Apocalypse!

    Also I've been thinking about Rapacious Dragon in some sense being good.
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  • posted a message on Question about Neowalkers
    Quote from Formless_One »
    In fact I would say it actually makes more sense than Urza's final non-artifice method described in Timeshifted: turn the person two dimensional while in the Eternities. And I only just now realized that's a meta joke about the game...

    Whoa, A Link Between Worlds was about Planeswalking the whole time.

    Tezzeret can do this stuff too, right? With his Planar Bridge?
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  • posted a message on End of Days
    Quote from ChariSays »

    Like Noble Hierarch in decks with Supreme Verdict? Or any commander deck that runs green?

    There comes problems with running cards like Utopia Sprawl, Wild Growth, Carpet of Flowers, and Exploration, but I'd still run them over mana dorks in Commander in decks that don't actually use the bodies, especially if I plan to Kill All Living Beings. Mana dorks are a card advantage liability in multiplayer because they often die 0-for-1 (often to the first board wipe) before generating value. You aren't forced to wrath on turn 3 when you have 40 life to blwo... unless it's Winota, but she's a special case.

    Mind Stone or signet into Wrath turn 3 is a much more unhitchable plan than mana dork into wrath, and you keep the permanent. So End of Days has a real drawback compared to other 3/4 cmc options. I was costing it with the intent for it to be "good in some decks," yes, but cards are allowed to be good.
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  • posted a message on Just How Important is MTG Lore To You?
    The amount it's important to me scales with how good of a world they actually sculpt. They focus too much on sculpting planeswalker characters and reasons for them to be on a plane for me to really get a grasp on how the plane is supposed to be working. Also, apparently the whole eldrazi thing happened but Zendikar is still the same as it used to be, so it happened at no cost. That was a disappointment. Potentially interesting characters like Tezzeret and Huatli are discarded to be used much later. There's no overarching goal to work towards in the story and there's no negative consequences if the villains win, so why should I bother reading the books? Leonin grins?

    The crossovers are noncanon. The problem with TWD cards is that if they do become legacy/commander cards, there's currently no flavor alternative. They're actually just in the game you've played, canon or not; In the game you just played, Negan bopped a Solemn Simulacrum or a treefolk on the head with his bat and made some smarmy comment. You can't undo these flavor interactions.
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  • posted a message on How pushed can a legendary vanilla creature be?
    It's interesting, because white and black one-drops are consistently printed with 2 power and still do nothing in Standard formats over the past few years. Isamaru, Hound of Konda was a pushed card once. Toolcraft Exemplar is a nonlegendary 3/2 for 1. Sees no play.

    I have had a card in my binder that is a Trained Orgg with the top half of a Brassclaw Orcs set on top of it (the Orcs was a misprint from Fallen Empires that is crimped and came out of the booster as 40% of a card.) For a long time it was considered silly; a 6/6 for 2R. It's getting less silly as we go on. Relic Golem has a drawback, and an upside. Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath has a drawback and a loooot of upside. So we're not that far from "vanilla 6/6 for 3" territory. Would that card see play? Questionable.

    Anyways, how strong vanilla creatures are allowed to be is kind of a demonstration of how much power creep we've experienced. I think something like Gigantosaurus might technically be an outlier since its five green gives the card somewhat of a flavor kick you don't get from vanilla.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Colored Fetch Lands
    Quote from protoaddict »
    This would honestly make things worse, not better. In older formats having a variety of fetches, including in mono color decks, is a prominent strategy to protect against wasteland/stripmine effects. It is also common to run multiple named versions of these fetches so you are not blown out by a spyglass naming it. This just adds +1 to the count of fetchlands those strategies could have and further weakens the counter strategy to them.

    I don't think you run into an issue where you don't have enough fetches available to put in your deck too often. For each color there's four fetchlands, so a monocolor deck already has access to 16 of them. Legacy decks often don't even want to run 20 lands, let alone 20 fetches. If there's a struggle against fetchland decks there's always Root Maze and Stifle variants available. I think single color fetches only benefit budget and commander players.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE]{TWD} Lucille
    Quote from Daemion »
    Honestly? I have a pod of around 20 people from my area with whom I play Magic. I guess around half of them will tear apart any Walking Dead card if they see them. Therefore: Uncubeable.

    This is no exaggeration. Mad

    Have you had your cards ripped up in the past?
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  • posted a message on Mono-Colored Fetch Lands
    I think being "strictly worse" than Windswept Heath and the like means you get to remove the 1 life payment when you design this card, and it would be nice to have 5 of these in even-yeared core sets or something. I don't think giving it a proper noun name is a good idea, unless it's a legendary land. I think the Castle Locthwain cycle is annoying for this reason; they ought to be legendary, or named in such a way that there can be multiples of them.
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  • posted a message on [CN2] Arcane Savant
    Quote from Breathe1234 »
    Arcane Savant is closed to leaving my cube.

    What I just realized was Savant goes infinite with sublime epiphany.

    It might be enough of a disadvantage that you have to telegraph at the start of the game that you're doing it, but yeah it's pretty nasty. Sublime Epiphany might not be a forever cube card though since it costs 6.
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  • posted a message on We need to stand together against Hasbro
    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    You can't do anything about this stuff besides not buy the product.

    You could form a bandit company and sabotage their supply lines, and then lay siege to Hasbro Headquarters in Rhode Island, in a John Brownesque attempt to force change through direct violence, but it would come at great personal cost as you'd be executed by the Hasbro Megacorps
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  • posted a message on What should Kaldheim bring to the table?
    Quote from Flamebuster »

    that said o want more Ripple and/or Recover. Both are underused mechanics that deserve more light in the frigid sun.


    Ripple is pretty cool, but I wouldn't hold out for a Thrumming Stone reprint in a non-Dominarian set, though a lot of the Inventions were legendaries and showed up a second time on a different plane so who knows.

    I'd like some Beowulf/Grendel stuff, maybe some Barbarian creature-type love with some kind of woad berserking keyword, dwarves, some solid dog cards, Icy Manipulator at common for the first time, Cyclopi, White-aligned Goblins, Land Krakens (maybe a kraken that is a mountain)
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: The Walking Dead; New lowpoint for Vorthos community?
    Is there a Vorthos Community?
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