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  • posted a message on Just to check in...
    For many who know, I had a nervous breakdown some months ago, and have been out of commission.

    Nonetheless, I just wanted to tell anybody who still frequents this forum that I am still alive, doing quite okay, and actually, have been in quite the best mood I've ever been in. It's been a long time coming, but I have dealt with many of my demons, and know how to deal with them again should they try and screw with me.

    Nice seeing you all, and probably going to be helping out over at CA and maybe frequent MTGS every now and then!

    Fuzion! - aka, Siberkil
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  • posted a message on Pardon My Absense...
    I apologize for any inconvenience my absence has caused. In lieu of a Near mental breakdown, I've been stifled with agony for the past couple of weeks which would've made any posting on my part near chaotic. I hope to improve within the coming days, hopefully coming out of the manic depressive state I'm in. As it goes to show, a good percentage of the people on the internet are f***ed up. I just happen to be another.

    If anybody wants to continue the legacy of Solgard, or take over wherever I left off, you have the reigns. I'll try and be in and out of the forums, but I have to try and patch up a semester which I near practically destroyed.

    Thanks for understanding.
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  • posted a message on [CTP] Character Profiles

    Name: Saphyra Olexnis

    Race: Human

    Sex: Female

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Saphyra, to say the least, keeps her best appearance on hand at all time, so to speak. Her hair is a dusty brown with streaks of blue, which is the unusual attention grabber. It falls just beyond her shoulders, and its the one thing she prides most on her body. She has dark brown eyes to match her hair, before she streaked it with blue dye. She has a medium build, standing about 5' 9", and keeps well tone by being starting a lot of bar brawls, and often finishing them. Even covered in dust, she has a particular ability to keep a floggy smile and feminine demure which she uses against most men to her advantage.

    Apparel: Saphyra often wears typical pirating clothes, as she is first hand on a boat which frequents Scorch. She wears a beige blouse, tight fitting grey pants, a large belt buckle which not only holds her pants up but houses several useful items including a sword scabbard, and big black boots with oversized tongues are worn about her feet. She often carries a leather satchel that hangs around her left shoulder and rests at her opposite waist, which contains several of her personal effects. She often leaves the top two buttons of her shirt undone, often luring an unsuspecting bar patron into giving her free drinks, amongst other things. Every now and then, she wears a dirty brown beret upon her head, with the mark of an eagle killing a serpent.

    Background: Saphyra has made a living on the seas, pirating with several other members before an untimely accident. Apparently, in a mad dash for treasure which was discovered, two other clashing pirate fleets fought it out in a show of cannon fire and swashbuckling. She fell overboard, and lucky when she did, the ship she was on exploded in a plume of smoke and wood splinters. Saphyra commandeered a small shuttle raft, and took the boat as far North as she could. Saphyra finally brought the remains of the ship into port at Scorch, after being attacked by a hungry mob of sharks in the water. Her sword was proof to her greatness at staving off hungry fish, cutting a vicious wound in one of the reeftips, and throwing the rest of its buddies into a feeding frenzy on the wounded. Her ship didn't do too hot, though.

    Hometown: Somewhere West of the Continent.

    Personality: Saphyra is a tomboy, at heart. She grew up with several brothers who were always sprawling with her. She toughened up, and trained hours at a time with a Cutlass. When she was schooled, she concluded that many boys found her attractive, even though she wore boys clothes and was wildly unkempt. When an unfortunate encounter with a would-be rapist was at hand, she ended up killing him, and being removed from school. To this day, the sight of the dead attacker haunts her, but she uses it as a power tool when defending from attackers and other baddies. As she grew into herself, she watched and learned from prostitutes and hookers in the port town she was growing up in how to get the things she wanted. She kept with her tomboyish look, but fancied her hair and bosom to get money, drinks, food, whatever she wanted. This attitude carried on into her young adult and adult years, where she frequents bars for rum and food, as she drifts from town to town.

    Weapons: A Cutlass that she has trained with since childhood. It is getting old, but she hopes to raise enough money soon enough to get it refabricated.

    Money: 20 Sals
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  • posted a message on [CTP] Announcements
    For those of you who have characters in Gordeo, Please don't let them die off! I had a really fun quest planned out in lieu of Yukora's leave. Please update when you can!
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  • posted a message on [CTP]Gordeo
    (OOC: KoolKoal: I like. Your loxodon is approved for Gordeo. Now, If I can just get these other white devils to start posting again... :p)
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  • posted a message on [CTP] Delvenport (Timed madness)
    "Well, that's just silly, Julia. Wasn't it on horseback or something? I mean, I'm guessing these hoofprints right here-" Brodi brushed his foot over them "-lead somewhere. Let's just follow them."
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    Lash and the youngling also came to a bend in the road, This one truly forking. One path branched off to the left, while the other went to the right.

    Feenix continued right down her path, Her glowing ball keeping a faint light in the passage way. The halls were overgrown with foliage and roots growing through cracks and openings of the once smooth and ornate walls. Now, this was a relic. It was old, smelled decrepid, and Feenix was prepared for anything. As she went further, she came to a room. She couldn't see much further beyond the light of her globe, but it seemed a pretty decent size room. She found the starting of a string of torches that probably lined the walls. If she could light them...
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  • posted a message on [CSP] Feedback and Discussion Thread
    Yes, yes... the battle system is a F***ed up little machine, isn't it? Leave it to the realm of imagination, and ships will never die... leave it to the realm of mechanics and nobody wants to play. But... BUT! Leave it to the realm of "play as you go"... and something might be birthed.
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  • posted a message on [CTP] Impending Disaster: The CTP War
    Just sayin, Tipsy, You asked for it. :p
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  • posted a message on [CTP]Gordeo
    [My old character is going NPC for a while, and basically, he's going to lead a quest shortly here in Gordeo. It will all work itself out, as I have no nihilistic tendencies. Gotta run, though. I'll update later today.]
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  • posted a message on [CTP] Impending Disaster: The CTP War
    Well, boo hoo... Aren't you just a bahumbug? :p
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    The Creature did not hesitate, and screamed his silent rage and psychosis at Elesor. The imp stopped, and looked befuddled. He was about to attack that creature, but there was something else he needed to do... Like sit on a rock and think about the future. He was quiet, and screaming, and it all made sense in a twisted sort of way. It was sane insanity, beautiful, horrific, violent, peaceful--

    "Kuuuurrrr... leeehhh... nuuuhhhh... gaaaahhh... nuuuhhhh... gaaaahhh... "
    "This... Land... is... ours.... ours...."

    --Elesor heard those voices before, but it was like he was flying anyway, flying away as pins and needles stuck from his eyes, and as if a force beyond recognition was peeling away his skin, setting fire to the flesh underneath... the pain was release..."


    As the Captain left the Solustarus, He saw the Golox, and prepared his men to fire when he noticed the imp at the mercy of the beast. It had locked onto Elesor, and was screaming its silent scream of death. He ordered his men to check their fire, and follow him to the East, towards the Training Grounds. His other detachment went west, to provide protection and discover the fate of the Solutar and the Secretoria. None watched as the Golox picked up Elesor and started its massacre of the Imp. Its two free arms began to cut and rip into the man's flesh, and when the beast was finally done, it let go of its prey.

    ...falling, falling into darkness.

    (OOC: Sorry, Ben. You asked for it. ;))
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  • posted a message on [CTP] Impending Disaster: The CTP War
    I'm preparing Gordeo and Solgard for whatever you decide to throw at them. I have a feeling things should get quite interesting in Solgard, as well as Gordeo, now that Yukora gave me Modship of his city.
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  • posted a message on [CTP]Gordeo
    [OOC: To let you all know, I'll be moderating Gordeo for now, as Yukora has handed me the reigns. I will make sure that the CTP War shall infuse your characters with honor and power, if not them dying a glorious and heoric death!]

    Amidst the chaos of the crowd, The Elder continued on with his speech, raising his hands to calm the ecstatic crowd down.

    Elder: "Please, please. Patience, my children, for war has come to our doorstep, and I ask that all of you prepare for the upcoming chaos. It is believed that there will be waves of dragonriders approaching soon, so it is now that we make haste to arm our towers and prepare our harpoons and ballistas. We ask that all of your skills be made of good use, that if your hand is strong at the forge, prepare our weapons and armor. If your hand is strong with the blade, take arms and armor to protect and defend our ancient land! As is my home, this is also yours. No dragonrider will take our pride and our joy from us!"


    The Loxodon, almost in a rage of his own, wanted to slam his fist down, but kept his cool.

    "Why so many lies? Our legends speak of your kind! They came here so many thousands of years ago! They burned our villages! Used their fire and plague breaths to wipe out our people! And you sit here and lie! Lie to our people, who now prepare themselves for war! What say you!?"

    Marcus looked astonished, but something clicked in his head. He spoke of Dragon Wars centuries ago, the ones that split the land and the people. He read about it when he was studying in the Solustarus of Solgard nearly ten years ago!

    "No! NO NO!! You got it all wrong! The Dragonriders of Solgard mount Silver and Gold dragons! The dragons you speak about are the Reds and Blacks that devastated much of the land thousands of years ago! Our ancient texts that our 'good' dragons helped inscribe resides in our libraries! In fact, I can show you! I can take you to my dragon if you help me find it! Silvers are lovers and protectors!! You got to believe me!"

    The Loxodon was overloaded with information. But there was a sincerity in the man's voice that the Loxodon had to believe in. If anything, they would make a search party to prove his worth.

    "Very well. We shall see if it is the truth you speak."
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  • posted a message on [CTP] Delvenport (Timed madness)

    Brodi put the clock away.

    "Wasn't something supposed to happen at 5:00? Did we not realize what just happened? Oh wait!..."

    Brodi smacked himself on the head.

    "It was just 5:00 an hour ago! That's why the head dude was casting that crazy spell! Man, we got a long time to wait to find this '5:00' demon."
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