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  • posted a message on January CCL, Signups/Round 1: Ancient Birthing Grounds
    A tribute to one of the first cards that blew my mind..

    Moldscape 3B/G mana B/G mana B/G mana
    Enchantment (R)

    If a nontoken creature would enter the battlefield, exile it instead. Its controller puts X 1/1 green Saproling tokens onto the battlefield, where X is equal to the exiled creature's power.

    A world coated in a constant cycle of life and decay.
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  • posted a message on January MCC, Round 1 - Veiled in Flesh
    Violence 3RR
    Creature - Incarnation (R)


    As long as Violence is in your graveyard, creatures you control have "{tap}: This creature fights another target creature."

    Violence's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control.

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  • posted a message on Soul Sisters Convoke
    Glare of Subdual for the sideboard?
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  • posted a message on 20 favorite EDH cards for mono-red (1v1 and multiplayer separatly)
    Alright, I was about to argue with a lot of your choices, but I reread your comments. Smile

    Sticking with my favorites and avoiding staples (narrow to 5)
    Mark of Fury - Not only has this been super solid, it feels like such a perfectly red card to me

    Aftershock - great toolboxy card.. now if only it hit enchantments.. Wink

    Kumano, Master Yamabushi - you haven't lived until you've given this guy deathtouch.. you can lump in Goblin Sharpshooter and Scalding Salamander too

    Chandra's Spitfire - while not quite the powerhouse it is in my modern deck, I have attacked for over 40 with this little guy quite a few times

    Word of Seizing - "Oh, that Planeswalker about to ultimate? I'll take that, thanks.."

    BTW, am I missing something on Arc-Slogger? I don't think I'd have that card in my top 1000..
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  • posted a message on Commander MVP from each Magic Set - Poll 4 (Masques and Invasion Blocks)
    Yeah, if I had realized Terrain Generator was from Nemesis, I definitely would have voted other. Never build a mono-colored deck without it..
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  • posted a message on Mono-W Allies Aggro
    Updated with current mix/sideboard
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    I didn't read the actual comics, but this reminds me of the Marvel story with Apocalypse and the Twelve. He had to drain specific mutants' powers in that one, so it will be interesting if it works that way with the PWs he's looking to syphon from.
    Have to assume he will start to succeed, to feel his oldwalker powers start to come back, and then it will all fall apart. Possibly with a secretly Jace-recruited Garruk slamming his axe into Bolas? :p
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  • posted a message on Commander MVP from each Magic Set - Poll 1 (ABU to Fallen Empires)
    I took a deep dive into Mirrodin to see what I play (and see played) most. I typically don't pay attention to what set cards are from, and I was surprised to see how many Mirrodin cards I play on a regular basis.

    Me: Duplicant
    What I see: Lightning Greaves

    While I like Solemn, he is a pretty easy cut in most decks for something thematic given how blandly generic he is.
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  • posted a message on How unforgiving is Modern?
    One of the key facets of brewing is to come up with a strategy that your opponents won't be fully prepared to fight. The hard part is finding that edge and making the most of it.
    For me, many of the decks I build go out of their way to stop removal. That is mainly based on me liking to keep my stuff, but it can really screw people up when the removal they were counting on for your threats gets nerfed.

    On the issue of price, I currently have 5 modern decks (one for each mono color). The green one is the only one over $50(by $25), but the Red, White, and Blue ones are all commons and uncommons, so that makes sense. And they all do quite well, results-wise.
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  • posted a message on Is Mono-W worse than Mono-R?
    I love my mono-w deck, and it tends to crush most mono-r decks. It has Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant as the commander and revolves around vigilance (as creatures that can't take damage make great blockers). Add in cards like Palisade Giant and Veteran Bodyguard for some demi-god mode fun.

    One of the other major advantages for white that I exploit in the deck is white's ability to protect stuff. Cards like Ghostway, Eerie Interlude, Rootborn Defenses, and of course the stellar Faith's Reward get a lot more powerful in wrath.format... Wink

    And people tend to sleep on Gideon's Intervention. That card has won me a TON of matches.
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  • posted a message on Trying to Choose a Commander
    One of my favorite budget decks is Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker / Kraum, Ludevic's Opus. It is 'tribal' flyers, and has a ton of fun play value.
    Plus, it lends itself well to using cheap dumb cards and then replacing them with improved ones as time goes on.
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  • posted a message on Playing a 75% Deck Against Mass Land Destruction and 100% Decks
    I agree with the split deck scenario. Tuning decks for the situation is the most responsible way to maximize fun for both you and your opponents.

    As for the MLD decks? Just pack all the anti-MLD you can find (Boros Charm / Faith's Reward / Sacred Ground, et al). If they make their play and it doesn't hobble you, they are just super dead.
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 2 - Old Friends, New Faces
    Updated to have the proper feedback.

    MahBoiii - This is so Squee. I do feel like this will almost always be a token engine, but the other abilities do provide depth if needed.

    Cardz5000 - I like this for play mode, but I definitely get a BR feel. It also seems like it would be very common to not activate abilities of this every turn, which is an interesting play switch.

    netn10 - One of the things I think Planeswalkers should always provide is a target for attacking, and I don't think this really qualifies. I think a more asymmetrical 'ultimate' would be helpful.

    |Katamari| - Excellent way to uplift Sisay. I wasn't sold on the vehicle specificity at first, until I realized the flavor connection.

    mirrodin71 - I feel like this Jhoira has to have a lot of stuff going on to make it effective in all modes. And that minus definitely makes it feel like it needs an exile ability on the other abilities to function well.

    Gerrard's Mom - I am mightily confused as to how this would play out. If unchecked, I feel like it could end up being very confusing, with a lot of things appearing and disappearing all the time.

    1. |Katamari|
    2. Mahboiiii
    3. Cardz5000
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 1 - Adaptive Species

    JimmyGroove - I like the effect, and this seems so fun in the right deck. I do have to knock some points for color, as Cromat is a red illusion.

    RaikouRider - This is pretty good, and I like the focus on Basics. A turn two 4/3 Trample Haste might be a bit pushed. Smile

    void_nothing - This feels okay, but it could use more 'Green'-ness in my mind. Maybe a green activated ability as well?

    FreshMeat - And this one feels fine for Blue/Black, but I'm not sure I get a real Gorgon-esque flavor for the abilities. Also, color hit for Damia, Sage of Stone

    Hemlock - This feels pretty production ready. Great!

    IcariiFA - Strong overall. This kind of ability holds a nice spot in my heart, but the combo-tastic part of my brain definitely wants to be able to hit creatures. Also, have to hit you for Junún Efreet (who knew?!)

    1. Hemlock
    2. RakouRider
    3. IcariiFA
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 2 - Old Friends, New Faces
    Teferi, the Well-Charmed 3UU
    Legendary Planeswalker - Teferi [M]

    +1: Target creature you control gains, “Return this creature to its owner’s hand: Return all creatures blocked by this creature to their owners’ hands.”
    +1: Until your next turn, permanents you control gain hexproof.
    +1: Each player draws cards equal to the number of loyalty counters on Teferi, the Well-Charmed. End the turn.

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