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  • posted a message on [720][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    hey wtwlf! i saw in another thread that you were quite excited about Kher Keep. while my cube is probably too small to run Polymorph, I do run a fairly light Aristocrats package, Braids/Stax, Skullclamp, etc. do you see Kher Keep doing well in smaller lists with sacrifice, but not Polymorph support? it's something I'd love to try out! plus, i've been looking for a red "spell land" for a while!
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Gamble
    Necro-ing this thread since I pulled a US Gamble and decided to try it in the cube! I run a 400 powered cube (with Un support), and our first draft with Gamble gave it a home in a jund reanimator/sneak style deck. it was an excellent early game play, when random discard meant a lower probability of hitting the card(s) you need. running it in a graveyard-centric deck also means multiple tools to pull your discarded cards back out later on (Regrowth, Recurring Nightmare, Animate Dead, etc.).

    I know Gamble usually gets a bad beat, but I think the fact that it's a 1 mana tutor effect in red (a colour with nearly no other tutor effects, apart from Imperial Recruiter and Goblin Engineer) should not be overlooked. it's tough to compare this to existing staples such as Entomb, Vampiric Tutor, and other better tutors, but i think it's worth a second look!
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Voice of Resurgence
    Quote from rantipole »
    It's a great card, but it just doesn't make my top 5 Selesnya cards. I rank Militant, Knight of Autumn, Finks, Pridemage, and Chant above it (although, you likely don't need both Chant and Pridemage in a small to middle sized cube). If you push a lands matter theme, Knight of the Reliquary is more important. So while VoR is awesome, I can see lots of cubes just not having the space for it.


    Whoops! Totally forgot about Militant and Finks - I moved both of them to the G and W slots a while ago, so I was comparing VoR to other gold GW cards (ex. Knight of Autumn, Mirari's Wake, Pridemage, etc.). But if you're still running the hybrid cards in your gold section, I definitely think Finks wins out! But I still like VOR over the rest of them Smile
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Voice of Resurgence
    I still think Voice of Resurgence is still quite a rewarding card to pull players into GW, especially if you run go-wide strategies. Its a decent impression of Teferi, Time Raveler, punishing players from playing cards EOT or at instant speed, and demands a response before many decks can get back to their gameplan. I also love the fact that is resistant to Wraths, and the lightweight body means it can be recurred with fun cards such as Reveillark, Sun Titan, or even Birthing Pod (if you run it).

    The last cube draft we ran, I was up against a well built GW Reveillark deck, featuring cards such as Deranged Hermit, Angel of Invention, Earl of Squirrel, etc. I took out their early Voice and unfortunately ignored the token until it was too late, at which point I had to prioritize removing the Angel.

    I would rank Voice #2 behind Knight of Autumn (out of sheer efficiency/modularity), but ahead of everything else (Nature's Chant tossed into either W or G).

    Plus, the foil looks great! Smile
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  • posted a message on [THB][CUBE] Enchantment Theme in Theros II
    Great post! I used to play legacy enchantress way back when, so I can definitely appreciate the power enchantments can bring to the battlefield. I know you are focusing on the new THB cards, but I think it would be useful to discuss some of the older enchantment support to help build an enchantment archetype in cube:

    Enchantress Engine: Argothian Enchantress, Enchantress's Presence
    Enchantments Payoff: Serra's Sanctum, Academy Rector, Opalescence, Replenish, Sigil of the Empty Throne, Luminarch Ascension
    Protection: Sterling Grove, Elephant Grass, City of Solitude, and Privileged Position, Dovescape

    In constructed, the redundancy of Enchantress (draw) effects was the key to the deck: once you were able to stick 1-2, casting enchantments became cantrips (often low-cost Utopia Sprawl/Wild Growth variants), before hitting a win condition such as Sigil of the Empty Throne, or even a big X spell (powered by Serra's Sanctum).

    In Cube, I think my biggest issue with the Enchantment archetype is the fact that the cards are tough to find homes for in other decks. With the power level and colourless nature of artifacts, they will often get picked up by other decks, but the colour requirements of Enchantment-archetype cards make it tougher for them to see play outside of the dedicated Enchantment deck. As much as I love Enchantress, I think it would be tough to find the cuts in my cube, but I definitely hope THB gives us some more reasons to try!
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  • posted a message on [720][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    Thanks for the feedback! I ended up deciding to give Aristocrats a shot, albeit with the bare minimum of parasitic cards - really just Blood Artist. I think your comment about Yawgmoth being strong enough for 400 tipped me over. With Yawgmoth and Blood Artist, and all the rest of the existing cubeable cards (stax, recursive creatures, bitterblossom, etc.), I think we will see Aristocrats come together every once in a while.

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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ELD] Wishclaw Talisman
    bringing this up again. for a cube supporting storm, is Wishclaw Talisman really that bad of an idea? being able to throw it down early to "bank" while you build/sculpt your hand to storm off, and eventually cracking it for a cheap tutor seems really powerful. maybe i'm just coming off a cube draft where I found myself durdling for 4-5 turns waiting for the right cards to turn up, but I certainly wouldn've appreciated dropping this earlier on to prep for my combo turn.

    not to mention it plays well with cracking Lion's Eye Diamond; instead of using LED in response to the less cubeable card Infernal Tutor, you can just crack the LED, wish for a Yawgmoth's Will, and start storming off.

    think I just might have to try this out!

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  • posted a message on [720][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    Hey Wtwlf, can you tell me a bit about how Aristocrats has been playing out in your cube? I run a tighter 400 list (powered, but also featuring Un cards), and I am strongly considering adding Aristocrats to give black aggro a stronger identity. Currently I'm planning to add Blood Artist, Bloodghast, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, and Carrion Feeder. Are there any other glaring archetype cards I'm missing (ex. Goblin Bombardment, Zulaport Cuttthroat, Judith, the Scourge Diva) that you think could make the cut at 400?

    Does Yawgmoth even make the cut at 400? Does Vampire Nighthawk still make it these days? I recently cut Hypnotic Specter and the decision still stings!

    This aristocrats package is really making me rethink everything about my black section! I'm taking a second look at old school faves like The Abyss, Contamination, and Attrition... would love to hear your thoughts!


    PS. I think some of your photobucket links are broken on your first post!
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  • posted a message on Attrition
    It's 2019! Is anyone still using Attrition? I'm considering adding an Aristocrats package to support black aggro in my cube, and Attrition (and Contamination) was mentioned a lot. Is Attrition too parasitic for medium sized cubes? I run 400 powered for reference.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Elspeth,Sun's Nemesis
    I think the Escape mechanic is super interesting - a planeswalker that can recur seems really powerful. That being said, Elspeth seems to have been designed with that in mind to be fairly weak, and I'm not convinced she'll find a slot in my cube. If the Escape cost was lower I could see it working out, but I don't quite see the deck/archetype she would fit into.
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  • posted a message on Piracy
    couldn't your opponent tap out in response to casting Piracy and just float the mana? it might work in a multiplayer game where another player volunteers to let you use their mana, but that requires the politics working out first Wink
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  • posted a message on [MYB] Playtest Cards for Un-Cubes
    Quote from LucidVision »
    I don't think bombardment is busted at all. May not even be good.

    The issue is that it is only until end of turn, costs a card and a mana to set up.
    Let's say you've managed to sand bag 3 dead cards?

    Thats 4 cards and 4 mana for 6 damage... and pretty close to a best case scenario.
    Worst case and common scenario is you are near hellbent and the card is worse than a shock.

    Has some corner case build around potential (draw 7's + ramp) , but I don't think it's good in Mono R. Not "bad" tho.

    Problematic Volcano on the other hand seems very good.

    Great point! I might've been a bit overexcited by the Stormbind comparison, but I still think Bombardment is a really great late game option - its a single card that turns all your end game dead draws into damage. It'll never be your most efficient mana-damage-cards ratio, but it can give you the critical reach you need to finish the game. I think its worth testing out!

    Quote from Marl Karx »

    Do all of your creatures have to go on the same side or is it creature-by-creature?

    Reading the card, it sounds like each player puts one creature at a time on a side of the volcano. So you can choose one at a time which creature to put where (and you can react to your opponent's placement too)
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  • posted a message on [MYB] Playtest Cards for Un-Cubes
    Quote from opterown »
    I'm certainly interested in a few of these cards, but probably only the ones that make sense or a pseudo-black-border (like City of Ass or something).

    The fact that these cards technically are "black border" (as opposed to past sticker cards such as Look at Me, I'm R&D) makes me wonder if other cube managers will adopt them as well. It reminds me a bit of the Conspiracy modules we were including a few years ago...
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  • posted a message on [MYB] Playtest Cards for Un-Cubes
    Hi all! For the few Un-cube managers still out there (there are dozens of us!), the latest MYB set is an absolute treasure trove of material. I personally manage a powered 400 Un-cube experience, which means that the bar tends to be quite high for Un-cards to make the cut. I wasn't expecting any new cards to work with until the upcoming Unsanctioned set, but super happy they managed to sneak some Playtest cards into the latest Mystery Boosters. Though I wish they had been silver bordered! Regardless, I wanted to share some of my initial thoughts, tentatively ordered by playability, as well as get some feedback on what you guys think are playable Wink

    EDIT: Scryfall updated to support all the spoiled playtest cards so far, so check them out here: https://scryfall.com/sets/mystpt?as=grid&order=set. Updated the post with some of the new (and more powerful) cards that were spoiled.


    I think this card might be the most busted I've seen so far from the Playtest cards. For anyone that remembers running Stormbind (back when Gruul was quite shallow...), Bombardment fixes a lot of the problems it had - random discard, 2 to activate, and 1GR casting cost as an enchantment. Bombardment represents the ultimate finisher for burn/aggro decks, turning all your dead cards in hand into sorcery-speed Shocks. If I was complaining, it would be that Bombardment and its fellow Missiles weren't all Instants - or that your Bombarding would be limited to the number of R you can produce in a single turn. Definitely finding a spot in my cube.

    Mirrored Lotus
    Any Lotus or Mox is worth testing in my books. In this case, Mirrored Lotus is a fully functional black lotus, with the drawback of symmetry. Fantastic for cubes featuring Storm, and also for cubes that are reluctant to test/run power due to their one-sidedness. It's a shame it self-exiles after use (same problem Blacker Lotus experiences with Yawgmoth's Will), but pseudo-power is pseudo-power. Definitely finding a spot in my cube.

    Buried Ogre
    This is an amazing design space. For reanimator decks, being able to skip the process of digging for and discarding a creature before reanimating is a huge boon. On the other hand, Buried Ogre is not exactly the most exciting body to reanimate, but speed is of the essence. Not all decks will reliably draw into their bomb, or count on a T1 Entomb, and at the cost of 1 life, Buried Ogre makes sure you're halfway to your combo from T1. Unfortunately, Buried Ogre definitely falls into the category of "parasitic" archetype cards, and I can see this card wheeling right to the end of the draft which is a pro for Reanimator drafters, but a con for the draft experience.

    Witty Demon

    This is a really tough card to evaluate, but I have a feeling it will be good. a 4/3 flying body for 1BB with a Demonic Tutor stapled to it sounds awesome, but with a unique drawback for draft environments - overloading your deck with extra cards. 13 cards is a big jump considering draft pools are typically 45 cards large, which means a lot of extra chaff will find its way into your deck. On the other hand, Witty Demon comes with a built in solution to finding your bombs and outs. This card will definitely have to go through some testing, but I have a feeling it'll perform better in draft environments which either give more sculpted pools (ex. glimpse drafting), or larger pools (sealed deck)


    This is an extremely powerful Un effect that I have been crossing my fingers for for a while - the ability to reset a turn with full knowledge. The usages of this card is insane - scouting counterspells, undoing combat tricks, or identifying your opponent's line of play. The fact that it untaps your lands as well Would Do-Over also shuffle the deck, and give players a second chance at a topdeck?

    Problematic Volcano

    Now this is a card I can get behind! 1RR for a 4 damage burn spell (sorcery) is a great place to start, and the fact that the ability can divide up your opponent's blockers will be a big upside for aggro decks. The throwback to World Enchantments, and the complicated Raging River is a nice touch as well. Definitely will run this at 400, and I expect this card to stick.

    Aggressive Crag

    It's a Boros land with almost no drawback, apart from the fact that you might have less mana to use for instant-speed shenanigans (during your combat, or during your opponent's turn). The other drawback - if we're being greedy here - is the fact that it does not use the basic land subtypes, and therefore cannot be fetched. This will be an easy replacement for cubes still running Needle Spires, and likely makes the cut just after duals, fetches, and shocks.

    Gold Mine
    This is one of those un-cards, like Blacker Lotus, that pushes the boundaries of the rules for a cube environment. There's no doubt this card finds a home - it reminds me of a Gemstone Mine with greater flexibility/activations. In terms of house rules, I think we will errata this card to say that the Legacy counter will refresh every match (just like we do with Blacker Lotus right now). This will definitely force players to evaluate when they need to activate the Legacy ability, and when they can just get away with adding colourless mana.

    Smelt // Herd // Saw
    Not the sexiest playtest card to be introduced, but perfectly viable for the Jund slot. Like a lot of cube owners, I maintain multicolour symmetry in the tricolour slot, but despite being one of the strongest colour combinations, Jund has a fairly shallow pool (Hellkite Overlord, Gyrus, Waker of Corpses, and Lord Windgrace?). For other cube managers looking for something different, I think Smelt // Herd // Saw represents a solid tricolour answer for multiple stages/threats in the game - the ability to deal with power/artifacts, creature threats, or to create elks of its own. Will test in the Jund slot.

    Form of the Mulldrifter
    FotM is awesome! It gives you the option to turn all your creatures into Mulldrifter (or Inspiration, if you're Evoking), while retaining the ability to cast your creatures if they happen to be more relevant than a Mulldrifter at that moment. Flexibility is definitely valuable in a Cube format. However, Mulldrifter isn't the most exciting card in Cube (especially in multiples), and I wish FotM either cost 2 less, or left a body behind.

    Generated Horizons
    Have you ever wanted to reliably trigger landfall every turn while ramping? There's no doubt that this is a slower card - ramping from 5 to 6 can be too little too late. But the sooner you can drop Generated Horizons, the quicker you start accruing the huge advantage of additional land tokens. The fact that these permanents remain in play to interact with effects such as Smokestack, Greater Gargadon, or Nissa, Worldwaker can really help get green decks off the ground. Definitely a card to test, and I have a feeling this will perform better than expected in green ramp decks.

    Time Sidewalk

    This is about as swingy of a Playtest card as you can get. The average case scenario of being a 8 mana time walk is pretty bad, but the tradeoff here is starting your game with an extra 4 time walks in your library - unheard of even by Cube standards. Unfortunately, the impact of this card is not always going to be felt immediately (4x Time Walks into your hand would be something else). That's not even considering the added requirement of starting with Time Sidewalk in your opening hand. Similar to Gunk Slug, your experience of hitting the newly shuffled Tokens will vary. This card will be fun to test, but likely won't make the cut.

    That's all I've got for now! Apparently there are ~70 playtest cards floating around but I haven't been able to track down spoilers for all of them just yet Scryfall is supporting MYSTPT cards now, so check them out here. Given the massive size of this set (1000+ cards), I'm really hoping that more competitive and playable cards find their way into our hands - I'll keep this thread updated as they come up. I'm definitely looking forward to the shenanigans we can add to our Un-cubes, and its a nice surprise given that we also have Unsanctioned on the horizon. Thanks for reading!

    Puresteel Angel

    Now this is a card I'd tinker into! The fact that its Indestructible should mean that it should stick around long enough to get a swing in, and the emblem is a great last resort. However, the fact that your opponent keeps their board, nor does it draw you a fresh hand of 7 are definitely strikes against it. I don't think this will make the final cut at 400 (there are a lot of great tinker targets these days), but definitely will test it out.

    This is a card I really want to like. 3/1 First Strike for 2 should be familiar for cubes running Porcelain Legionnaire, albeit with the downside of not being a creature (but upside of being a Haste Vehicle?). I think its flexibility as an equipment really pushes this over the edge. In the end, this card compares a bit unfavourably to both Porcelain Legionnaire or Chariot of Victory, while simultaneously imitating both, but I don't think it will ultimately stick in an environment with Smuggler's Copter.

    Impatient Iguana
    As a Redditor commented, this is a 2-mana 2/1 haste that gives you the Power Play 17.5% of the time. Red 2 drops tend to be fairly pushed (our Wizard Lizard is no Earthshaker Khenra), but I could see this card making an impact in medium sized to larger sized cubes. Having played a bit with Power Play, the ability to go first can be highly impactful for aggro decks, and being able to keep the losing player on the backfoot in a best-of-3 match can be good as well.


    For cube managers still running the Pox archetype, I give you Largepox! I really wish this card cost less than BBBB, since this technically inflicts less damage (1 card/life, as opposed to 1/3) than Pox, but the diversity of effects definitely makes up for it. This card will likely only be relevant for cubes that push mono black, devotion, or Pox effects, but the potential card advantage for hitting your opponent's planeswalkers, artifacts, enchantments, etc. is high.

    PS. I just got the reference to Smallpox.

    Gunk Slug

    This is another card I really want to like. The "battlecry" ability is reminiscent of Hearthstone, but the ability to shuffle dead draws into your opponent's library can be very detrimental. However, this card suffers from the same drawbacks of its Hearthstone brethren: uninspiring body, and low probability of drawing into Gunk. If it happens at the right moment, it can win you the game, but more often the 3 Gunk cards will not be relevant during the game. Fun card, but likely will be reserved for larger cubes.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Yawgmoth, Thran Physician
    have any cube managers gotten some playtime with Yawgmoth yet? it looks like an incredibly powerful card in grindy matchups, but in my 400 powered cube i'm not sure it'll cut it. but a free half-skullclamp is hard to say no to (especially with something like ophiomancer!)
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