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  • posted a message on Duress isn't gone for good
    I'd place Duress under teh same notoriety that Hymn to Tourach got when it was around and rampant. Both are great discards and tend to be the benchmark for designing discard-esque effects. Since Hymn never saw the printing light of day again and with the way Duress seems to equal it in power, I wouldn't count on seeing Duress come back at this present moment in time.

    But they've thrown curveballs at us before... Lock :dance2:
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  • posted a message on More Unknown Art
    I can name those cards merely by looking at the pictures. From the left of the first row over to the right,

    Major Teroh|Soul Strings|Wing Snare (7th/8th art)|Cavern Harpy|Brass Herald
    Eel pic (maybe Electric Eel?) Fortitude|Ceremonial Guard|Guma|Some pic of Rofellos
    Bull Hippo|Wild Jhovall|Thunderscape Familiar|Marauding Knight|Rabid Wolverines
    Battlefield Scrounger|Urborg Phantom|Phyrexian Broodlings|Shivan Harvest|Hidden Ancients
    Jolrael's Favor|Restock|Lurking Skirge|Splinter (Urza's Destiny)
    Standing Troops (Exodus)|Sleeper's Guile|I don't know...|Zephid's Embrace
    Those two bottom ones are probably for another game.

    There are two unknowns there but from what I can tell one of them is probably fitted for 9th (the eel) and the other *maybe* for Ravnica. That surely looks like an orc to me...

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  • posted a message on [SOK] product images
    There's a fricken GOAT on the front of the box. WTF is that ****? Are we so desperate for ideas tat we need a GOAT as a mascot for the set? What's next, a drunken barbarian wino stuck at the Capashen Cookhouse Bar & Grill?

    No..that's too much. I'm gonna need to dance this one off :dance::dance2::lock:
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Artwork 11 images
    They look computer-generated animation, a la Bryce 3d and Poser. I dunno...something seems odd about those.

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  • posted a message on Lotus Noir SAV info.
    Quote from SorryGuy »
    Hydro you do not have to apoligize to him! This is fake. Also I have a feeling after talking to BB yesterday that he will close this when he sees. This guy is a faker who has posted other fakes. Why should we believe him this him? Because instead of claiming to have heard from a friend he claims to have seen a magizine ahead of time? Yes the magizine is has a great rep. If I did see it was true Lotus Noir reported this I would believe it in a minute! But I have not. I have the word of someone who has faked before!

    I think this is fake and in two days when Bel gets his it will be proven so, or maybe even as soon as BB sees this. I feel bad for all those who believe this guy!

    Somebody here needs to get laid. Badly.

    As for the Arabian Nights reprints...Let's break out ListBoy Deluxe! Teach
    Army of Allah
    Ali from Cairo
    Bazaar of Baghdad
    City in a Bottle
    Desert Nomads
    Diamong Valley
    Drop of Honey
    Elephant Graveyard
    Flying Men <=== leet
    Guardian Beast
    Ifh-Biff Efreet
    Island of Wak-Wak
    Jihad <===possible inspiration...but then again we had Day of Destiny so that leaves this card out.
    Juzam Djinn
    Khabal Ghoul
    King Suleiman
    Library of Alexandria
    Merchant Ship
    Moorish Cavalry
    Old Man of the Sea
    Ring of Ma'ruf <---we got the Wishes from this little dood thing
    Sandals of Abdallah
    Serendib Djinn
    Singing Tree
    Stone-throwing Devils
    Ydwen Efreet

    Those are all the AN cards that have not seen reprint since their debut. Discuss. or DIE!

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  • posted a message on Textless Reciprocate and no more Tokens
    If it's a textless card then it'll probably be something very familiar amongst players of all rankings. My guess it'll be a land before an artifact, but if it is indeed an artifact then it'll be something that will most likely find its way into the core set. I'd personally like to see Crucible of Worlds get textless. It'll be a fine reward for the people who helped develop it and made it the tournament star it deserved to be.

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  • posted a message on [SOK] Booster display box
    The bannings happened in Mirrodin block; we're talking about Kamigawa block. Those are two separate topics altogether. Mirrodin helped lift the staleness of balance by throwing a wrench into the scene to provide at least a bit of excitement into the fray. Sure, it was dominated by Affinity but if you look at it outside of standard Mirrodin block has contributed a helluva lot of cards to the environment. I wouldn't go and say it contributed MORE than Onslaught block (given Onslaught block does contribute a fair amount on its own...each of the three sets has at least 2 cards that have made an impact on formats other than Standard), but nevertheless it added something UNIQUE and STIMULATING to the environment, whereas Kamigawa's themes are more or less rehashed ideas with new paint to make them gleam brighter than a jizz stain on a hotel sheet during a forensic search.

    Kamigawa does have its gems, yes, but they don't really strike me as being De Beers' worthy.

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  • posted a message on Textless Reciprocate and no more Tokens
    White doesn't seem to have any staples now that they've shifted the colour pie to ungodly lengths. It *used* to be Disenchant, but what have they got to play with now? CoP's? Ok, let's give players five cards then! Healing Salve? Too low-key and not enough impact to warrant a textless card. Looks to me like Reciprocate is going to be the new white "staple" in editions mainly because its ability isn't too uncommon to white's domain (Swords to Plowshares, Second Thoughts...etc)...

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  • posted a message on [SOK] Booster display box
    Quote from guasu »
    Koku, Meloku, Kodama of North Tree, Yosei (he is pretty decent), Kiki-Jiki

    One for each color and there are more :p

    The ones you listed are heavily mana-costed and will probably sit in your hand against decks that can go off on turn 2 or even turn 1. If you can find a way around the mana cost then yes they are useful. Yosei is pretty decent and I'm starting to warm up to Meloku (mainly because every-other pack of Champions I either get that or the red Myogin. Reminds me of the days of Urza's Destiny where I'd either get a Body Snatcher or Goblin Festival. What fun!) But overall the playability of the cards are rather low given their "balanced" nature and templating. Sure, balanced is good every once and a while but so is mindless brokenness too. That, my friends, is the true meaning of balanced. Having one constant variable leads to stagnation. Sometimes you need something to shake it up every once and a while to keep things interesting and progressing.

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  • posted a message on If hand size matters...
    How about a mechanic called Deep Throat - Target opponent must swing their nuts in front of your face and yell "wheeee!" or they lose the game and go straight to the wacky wing where little boys run around in tight outfits and politely call you "father." I call it the Michael Jackson wing.

    Handsize opens up possibilities for reprints of the same nature. Ivory Tower, The Rack, or cards that depend on the handsize in order to function properly: Empyrial Armor/Empyrial Plate, Storm Seeker, etc...I'd like to see a keyworded mechanic that enables other abilities to function if you have more than 4 cards in your hand. Binding or something would be a good start.

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  • posted a message on [SOK] Booster display box
    The only equipment worthy of my card sleeves are the Jitte and that thingy that sounds like a Japanese man cussing. Oh yeah, No-Dachi. Other than that, they can all latch on to my sweaty scroat and pray I don't go Catholic on em.

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  • posted a message on [SOK] Booster display box
    You guys are all cracked out.

    I didn't like Kamigawa. Soulshift was the poo that got stuck on MaGo's bum and they used the idea of splice from the medley of cheese and peperoni. Admit it, the block is JANK! JAAAAAANNNKKK!!!!

    *hopefully* Saviours will live up to its name: save this wretched block from disaster before RE goes on stage and tries to swoon urzassedatives with a pink thong. Mmm...crusty.

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  • posted a message on Offering in SoK?
    I think Offering will probably be the "double strike" of Kamigawa. Modular spread to one other set so that doesn't mean it's gone for good. I wouldn't be surprised if they make a Spirit Offering or a Demon offering just to help with the flavour of the different races in the game and stuff.

    I need chocolate...

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  • posted a message on [Rav] Guild Mechanic + card descriptions.
    All this hype about Ravnica is starting to tell me that something isn't right. When a set is overhyped it tends to falter in the delivery of quality; Tempest was overrated and overhyped. Saga was underrated and hardly reviewed (yet it's one of the most powerful and influential blocks of all time); Masques was hyped up and it failed to deliver what people were expecting. Invasion was moderate as it seemed to have matched the hype given to it. Odyssey...ehh...overhyped I think. Onslaught...same thing. Mirrodin was hypedm but not to the extent that Tempest or Masques were. Mirrodin actually did deliver, and deliver it did. Look at how it's affected the environment on all accounts.

    Anything that's overhyped fails to stimulate the interest because they're trying to make up for something that isn't there. And they know that too. Or else they wouldn't have pushed the product so hard just to get sales. If the set was relatively decent then there wouldn't be a need to hype it up to ungodly levels.

    I need Kraft Dinner.

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  • posted a message on 9E-Could a return of the Knights be in order?
    Thank you captain grammar. I figured that people would have liked to know when the last time an edition had first striking black creatures prior to Nekrataal. But since so few of you did I do believe that a beaver slapping its tail in the woods would make you want to go eat a log. And I have no idea wat I just said.

    Beh. No matter. Black doesn't get weenie-strikers often, though it does get weenies. Misshapen Fiend is a prime example of this. And Nantuko Shade.

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