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  • posted a message on [MH1] Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Quote from Lectrys »
    Our first MTGO Modern Challenge with Modern Horizons cards is in the books, and it's got a truly scary 10 Bridgevine decks with Altar of Dementia and Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis in its Top 32 (including 3 copies in the Top 8 and a notable 2nd place). How much will this deck affect the meta? Will it push out Dredge? Will it drive everyone and their dog to run UR Phoenix.meta levels of maindeck graveyard hate? What decks will prey on it? Maybe Neoform Grishoalbrand, for example, with its faster clock and ability to dodge Turn 1 targeted discard by comboing on Turn 1?
    It's hard to say. I saw someone playing it on stream, and the results varied because it was a cross of someone learning the deck and everyone else learning it exists. What I will say though is that the deck looks resilient to most of the common grave hates because 1) there's a good chance you can go off faster than the hate can get you and 2) Hogaak is still fairly easy to cast if it's stuck in your hand and forced to convoke it out.

    My musings: I suspect that Leyline of the Void to pick up visibility as I saw the deck just outpace double Relic of Progenitus in a match. The deck also struggles against Chalice on one, so I suspect that Chalice to at the least not go anywhere; it could pick up more visibility as well.

    As for the deck itself, I wouldn't be surprised if thanks to how Convoke and Delve are worded that they pay for card costs, if Bridgevine starts picking up Trinisphere because of how surprising much of the deck can ignore Trinisphere altogether. Casting a Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis for 0 mana and then having a judge have to explain "why, yes that indeed works", seems like a fun way to win a game postboard.
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  • posted a message on Kess, Dissident Mage
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Legacy is slower than modern, though. The reason Kess works there is that turn 4 is not a distant possibility, where as in modern we're talking about a 3/4 that has to somehow keep you alive against a creature with 5+ power. By the time you get her down on turn 4, you wont have time to actually cast the removal needed to prevent lethal and would end up chump blocking.

    As someone that has played their fair share of both formats, Legacy is not slower than Modern. The only way you get to a long game in either format is if you build your deck to kneecap their decks. Coincidentally in both formats, Kess fits into those decks that want to play cards that throw your opponent off tempo. Does that mean that she's going to auto include in control decks? Shocked Good question, but I would not be that dismissive.

    P.S. If this is objectively true that Modern is faster than Legacy, it's going to be the cruelest of ironies because one of the criteria for the modern banlist since the outset of the format has been, "What cards end games before turn 3?"
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  • posted a message on Trinisphere vs. Delve
    So there's something I need to check. Does delve get around Trinisphere? The reasoning I heard is that because Delve has "Each card you exile from your graveyard while casting this spell pays for 1," when Trinisphere sees the delve card in question... we'll go with Treasure Cruise for this hypothetical... Trinisphere "sees" that 8 mana was paid even though 7 cards paid for the 7.

    Does this work or did the player in this situation pay 2U + 7 cards that were exiled before the Trinisphere checked?

    Card tags added for Trinisphere. -MadMage
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  • posted a message on [Sliver Queen]: Superfriends (Tokens and Control)
    Quote from Trav_Ragnar »
    Should I do a whole rework for this deck to include Sissay? I feel like a lot has come out over the past few weeks that is making me reconsider how the whole deck is approached.
    It’s a little early to tell, but Sisay does change the game because she’s a tutoring commander. If she sticks as a commander or even the 99, we’ll probably want more legendary lands, I’m not sure how this will effect our ramp plan, and Ajani… like any of them… just got better.

    I’m a little worried that her restrictions may be a little more convoluted than they initially seem, but the floor is land tutoring at instant speed. The ceiling... I’m not sure.
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  • posted a message on [Sliver Queen]: Superfriends (Tokens and Control)
    I think it’ll make the cut. Between fetchlands and getting this out post Obliterate in those builds, this seems like a nice recovery card. Also it’s a two drop legend that gives Sisay, Weatherlight Captain +2/+2.

    Also, while not the main focus of the deck, some of the cards we run are worth randomly retracing from time to time.
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  • posted a message on Wrenn And Six - Tom Ross SCG preview
    Quote from Ink-Treader »
    Neat. Their backstory must be interesting

    While I suspect this not to be the case, the art makes me think it’s a fusion from when Emrakul invaded Innistrad, and that the trauma of the fusion caused the spark to ignite, carrying this guy and the tree he just got stuck to far away.

    If that’s even remotely close, I’m crossing my fingers that we finally get an Eldrazi that is good but doesn’t break at least one format along the way.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Does anybody know why there are lists playing Torpor Orb in the wishboard?
    It makes sense against the soon to come Thopter-Sword combo but right now i can only think of Humans and their ETB triggers which seems... really narrow to use a SB slot for.

    Torpor Orb randomly hoses a lot of good things. Besides humans, it kneecaps Primeval Titan, giving us a chance to not be blown out by Amulet Titan or Titanshift. It also throws off Prized Amalgam and Snapcaster Mages. To be honest though, making sure you don't just die or get outvalued forever to Primeval Titan justifies the wish slot.
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  • posted a message on 5 Color Planeswalker Proliferation
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    And now I regret trading my Sliver Queen six months ago. Not because I wish I was still running her, and certainly not to play Slivers - merely because the price has gone insane and I could have gotten an additional $100 if I had it now.
    Quote from Mockingbird »
    Sisay, Weatherlight Captain
    We can Tutor planeswalkers to the field now Smile
    So, I don't know if a legendary tutor in the command zone trumps every other contender, but this does feel like a first. I don't just want to cast as a back-up plan or just when things go wrong. I think this means we struck gold.
    Yeah, new Sisay is a possible contender for Superfriends commander. She's a huge mana sink and card advantage engine rolled into one. It's mostly a question of whether she is win-more. Is it worth paying 2WWUBRG on an empty board to tutor up Oath of Nissa?

    I'd pay 2WWUBRG for an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth from my deck to the field at instant speed.

    She's kind of hard to judge at the moment though for superfriends because yeah, her restrictions are weird. Her comeback potential though is huge, especially with the static abilities on the WAR planeswalkers. Hypothetically, depending on how we can or can't work around her tutor restrictions will determine whether she's win more or an actual Toolbox commander. A number of our planeswalkers are silver bullets. getting them at will is worth it.

    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    We also have Sneak Attack for planeswalkers, but I'm not sure I really want that. I mean, sure, if I have Doubling Season in play and five planeswalkers in hand, and a Venser, it seems great. Or Teferi's Emblem and some spicy walker in hand during an opponent's turn. But deliberately one-shotting my walkers feels bad.

    Yeah, I'm not impressed by that for tempo superfriends, which is what the majority of this thread is dedicated to tuning. Something like the combo Superfriends I'm working on with Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God or the Kenrith Siblings superfriends deck combo deck that I've seen on this board may take an interest in this. Otherwise, it runs into the same problem as Jace, Cunning Castaway outside the deck I'm working on him: it's a situational card in a tempo deck. Tempo decks want broader situations cards.
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  • posted a message on 5 Color Planeswalker Proliferation
    Sisay, Weatherlight Captain

    We can Tutor planeswalkers to the field now Smile

    Sure she has some weird restrictions, but we can tutor planeswalkers with up to CMC 6 or less to the field now. Cool And that's before adding in other stat modifiers we can play (All the Ajanis just got better).

    Oh, we can also tutor anything else with Legendary in the type line, so that also means lands, Oaths (like Oath of Nissa to fix the fact most legendary lands make colorless mana), Pir, The Chain Veil, or even Captain Sisay.

    So, I don't know if a legendary tutor in the command zone trumps every other contender, but this does feel like a first. I don't just want to cast as a back-up plan or just when things go wrong. I think this means we struck gold.
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  • posted a message on [Sliver Queen]: Superfriends (Tokens and Control)
    Tutoring planeswalkers to the field is great. Tutoring Planeswalkers to the field with strings attached... is going to need testing and work. I think she'll do fine for the archetype, but there will be some redoing the archetype to accommodate her strange restrictions.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Quote from CruxMDQ »

    I was thinking Dregscape Sliver is nothing short of awesome because it can potentially turn your graveyard into an extension of your hand. I wonder what would make you think it's subpar.
    For me, it conflicts with graveyard shenanigans like Patriarch's Bidding or Living Death. What that informs then is that it's only going to find its way to the field on the turn you plan to win, likely through a combo or an Alpha strike... if you're playing combo, hiding your combo slivers in the graveyard feels unnecessary when Sliver Overlord exists. If you're alpha striking from the graveyard, Patriarch's bidding seems less risky overall because Spore Frog blows out Dregscape Sliver. Honestly, I think I'd rather Sun Titan because at least Sun Titan can loop Necrotic Sliver.

    Ultimately, it doesn't feel subpar despite my misgivings in the previous paragraph; it feels too narrow for the Sliver style I go for, which is tempo. I think combo oriented sliver decks will take an interest in this because those decks don't care how their slivers get on the battlefield, so long as they end up on the field long enough to win. One aside I could be wrong because I will admit part of this is I've just never liked unearth, so reading "Unearth" is not that exciting on Slivers.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Quote from CruxMDQ »

    And while we're at it, what awesome synergies do you guys see for The First Sliver?

    Scroll Rack. As someone who has played their fair share of Maelstrom Wanderer, the best thing to do with with cascade is to control what gets cascaded. The First Sliver though is a brand new escalation that surpasses the Wanderer because after the First Sliver resolves, Each Sliver you cast after that will get you a new Cascade trigger, including the ones you cast off cascade. For example, the new Changling Lord could cascade into up to seven slivers, depending on how you stack the deck (hopefully through legal mechanics within the game).
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoiler 5/22 - The First Sliver & Slivers!
    I think my favorite and least favorite thing about this is that after The First Sliver resolves, the next Sliver that you cast that cascades... if that sliver cascades into another sliver, that sliver will cascade as well. So cascading a 6 cost sliver could get up to five-six slivers (is there a 0 sliver?) onto the battlefield depending on the cmc's you hit on the way. It at least gives hypothetical sliver decks a reason pick Tormod's Crypt for their sideboards I suppose.
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  • posted a message on Urza, Lord High Artificer (Command Zone Preview)
    I think the most amusing thing about this new Urza is that he was clearly under the planeswalker template at some point with something like this:

    +1: Tap an untapped artifact you control: Add U.
    -2: Create a 0/0 colorless Construct artifact creature token with "This creature gets +1/+1 for each artifact you control."
    -9: You get an emblem with "5: Shuffle your library, then exile the top card. Until end of turn, you may play that card without paying its mana cost.

    And that's only assuming that the mana cost was still 2UU and had a starting loyalty of four (it's eventual toughness). IF they costed him higher, they could have attached more powerful abilities to this hypothetical version of Urza, i.e. putting the Construct token on plus, Tolarian Academy on the small minus, and his ultimate not requiring to shuffle before doing Mind's Desire.

    However, as fun as it would be to speculate what a planeswalker version of Urza could have been, the card we have is a creature. In Modern, he seems fine. I would say that costing four is a problem for him, but costing four isn't exactly a potential killer as four cost cards see play all over Modern. It doesn't do him any favors though either. The token is... neat. The mana off artifacts can probably find a home because as the Command Zone podcast mentioned: he turns all your artifacts in Mox Sapphire, which is considered one of the best cards in the game. So yeah, there's that. Good luck doing all the things with his Mind's Desire dig effect, but I'm sure there's something out there.

    As for commander... he's going straight to the top. He's everything Teferi, Temporal Archmage wants to be but without requiring a slot for The Chain Veil. Bannable, I dunno, but printing a card that looks like it captures the full spirit of the combo winter Urza Block doesn't seem to be like it's going to do nothing. Oh well, that's the Gitrog Monster's and Thrasios' problem.
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  • posted a message on [MH1] Force of Negation
    Quote from DanzBorin »

    It will be a sideboard card every now and again to check unfair decks. It won't be some powerhouse.

    I think our fundamental disagreement is that my definition of a "fair" deck in Modern is one that goes 0-3 drop in any sanctioned or recorded event. It doesn't have to be a powerhouse; it just has to keep the opponent from running away with the game.
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