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  • posted a message on Primer Decks: Goblins
    They are completely unnecessary. Your top end is really just Goblin Chieftain & Reckless Bushwhacker.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement Feb 12 JtMS unbanned
    So I wonder what happens when they just turn around and re-ban him at the next announcement.. Sneaky

    Mob Justice Mob Justice Mob Justice

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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Modern Discussion
    Quote from Billiondegree »
    If nothing else, this Pro Tour is definitely proving that Young Pyromancer is the rightful addition to the unofficial power 2-drop creature cycle alongside Tarmogoyf, Stoneforge Mystic, Dark Confidant, and Snapcaster Mage

    Well, except for the fact that MaRo has already told us the actual card you're talking about is still coming..

    The card is quite strong though, no argument from me there.

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  • posted a message on Prid3's Amonket Multiplayer Set Review
    As someone who's been thinking about trying an Orzhov Curses! deck for some time now, I'd be interested in seeing that Abzan list you keep mentioning.. Nodding the Affirmative
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  • posted a message on Prid3's Rivals of Ixalan Multiplayer Set review
    I could see Ravenous Chupacabra + something like Deadeye Navigator being pretty decent at my tables. Shrugs

    I must admit, you talked me into Nezahal. At his current price, why not.

    Thanks as always--these are a lot of fun. Smile
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  • posted a message on The Commander Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from draftguy2 »
    So the time of silver EDH is comming to an end. Do you expect all the silver cards to drop back to rock bottom prices or do you think any will "stick" ?

    Ones that are also good in Cube have a better chance than those that aren't. From what I've read, that includes a couple of the Very Cryptic Commands and the 'manipulate counters' morph of Everythingamajig (the most expensive one, currently).
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  • posted a message on Vona's Hunger Ascend Mechanic
    I'm not liking Ascend. In fact I'm hating all these strange uninteractive mechanics that's been popping up all over the place that leaves random emblems to play with. Can't we just go back to magic cards and tap 2 mana for a Grizzly Bear?

    It's a way to do transform/modal/multi-use spells without making it feel like transform/modal/multi-use spells. They are constantly looking for new ways to create cards that:

    1) provide as many options/choice as possible on the same card. *and at different stages of the game*
    2) provide a way to break stalemates and push the game toward its conclusion.

    #2 is increasingly important as the game becomes more and more mid-range slugfest over time. (It is.)

    I don't disagree with you entirely but I think cards like this are where Magic is probably headed over time.

    The biggest problem *I* have with designs like this is that teach new players a terrible lesson: Flood the board. Empty your hand. Overextend. Frankly, that is a very bad thing to teach them. Shrugs
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  • posted a message on Foil basics at one per case is super freaking scummy..
    Maybe it's time to stop obsessing over silly things like foiling out your decks. It's not like they're required to play the game.

    I understand you're upset and I'm sorry, but I have zero sympathy for you. You signed up for this b.s., 100%.
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  • posted a message on MTGStocks - changing of the guard?
    Sorry to disappoint. I just PM'd you a link to his FB page. Happiness and Rainbows
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  • posted a message on MTGStocks - changing of the guard?
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    Does anyone know Jeremy Lichtenberger? Or know someone who knows him? I'll even accept "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" here (but remove Kevin and insert Jeremy)...

    Just go look him up on FB. He's not hard to find. Smile
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  • posted a message on What pairs well with Ninjutsu?
    If you're willing to go outside of Asian-themed sets, your options get quite a lot better.

    Thalakos Seer This guy is the best one I know of. Evasive all the time to empower your Ninjutsu and draws you cards when he leaves play. SWEET. (However, notice he also cannot block.)
    Gravelgill Duo You're going to be casting (and recasting) creatures...this guy loves that.

    I think these two monuments might be worth trying out. There's also these two but honestly, their effects seem not quite worth it to me. The only one I've ever had any luck with was this one paired with Dash creatures, which mostly act like 'red ninjas'. (It's fantastic.)

    To be completely honest, I have found Ninjutsu can be quite challenging to pull off. Think about it..they require a constant investment/re-investment of mana every attack to do their thing. You could be spending that mana on doing other things. Your opponents creatures won't usually have that drawback so it's a real tempo tradeoff taken over the course of the entire game. You need to pick up the slack elsewhere (by playing very efficient early-game disruption to even things out) to have a good chance of winning most games.

    You can build Ninja in any color but you're going to have the easiest time staying in Blue & Black. Going beyond these colors, you better have a very, very good reason because that adds additional slowness to your deck. That said, here's a reasonably solid Ninja deck in UBR aka "Grixis" colors.

    Good luck with it!
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  • posted a message on Fatal Push rarity
    I'm just gonna leave this here.. Sneaky
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  • posted a message on Buy-outs - are things slowing down?
    I don't think anything's going to stop it. You can't really stop people from spending their money in this fashion other than abolishing the Reserved List, which isn't happening.

    It's largely self-regulating though. If someone is sitting on a hundred copies of a Reserved List card they simply can't sell at the new price, who's really taking a bath?

    Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it if you're not personally going after any of those cards anyway. Are you?
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur predictions for Rivals of Ixalan.
    Quote from Others »

    If it doesn't have both deathtouch and first strike, I'll be pretty pissed.

    It spits venom. Shrugs
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  • posted a message on What to Expect for Ixalan 2
    Perhaps we will finally see some more Coatls in Ixalan 2? Shrugs
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