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  • posted a message on Secret Lair
    Magic Players: "Magic is too expensive! Screw R&D. Screw MaRo. Screw Hasbro." Mob Justice

    Also Magic Players: "Man, I just can't wait to buy all of these fancy foil cards that I already own regular copies of." Jam

    And on and on it goes...
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  • posted a message on [MYB] Playtest Cards for Un-Cubes
    Nice writeup of some of them exists here.

    I'm sold on Evil Boros Charm and picked one up..not sure how I'll wedge it in but it does seem pretty awesome for cubing.
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  • posted a message on Piracy
    I have an idea... trollface
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  • posted a message on Piracy
    Good point! I hadn't even thought about this.

    Seems we are good there.. Happiness and Rainbows Mana abilities don't use the stack. They can't tap out in response.
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  • posted a message on Piracy

    I've been thinking about this card for a while now, most recently cube.

    Let's be clear: This ain't Mana Drain. However, this does seem like it would be quite potent in a few different shells. Blue Control. U/R mana Spell Slinger. G/U mana Tempo. The UU is a pain but I have an abundance of colorfixing--not terribly worried.

    Didn't see any threads for it anywhere. Maybe there's a good reason for that. Anyone ever tried it out? (We play almost esclusively multiplayer games and it feels like it has a higher ceiling there.)
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  • posted a message on Unsanctioned- Preconstructed Silver Border decks
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Quote from user-11102155 »
    reprints of beloved un-cards ?
    was there ever any un card beloved or is it just a poor excuse for "sorry, we had to cut down developement cost, so we wanna make money with reprints, you will probably just buy it for the lands anyways" ?

    Oh yeah, I'm sure no one liked any of the un-cards. That's why they made three whole sets of them, of course. Because nobody liked them.

    Well, it's a simple fact that the Un-sets have been some of the worst-selling sets of all time..

    Like a few things in Mtg, they more beloved by MaRo than anyone else. Don't get me wrong--I have played Magic since 2000 and I do appreciate the Un-sets for what they are, a goofy diversion from regular 'serious' Magic to create unorthodox, goofy, or normally-impossible experience for Magic fans.

    And yes, the full art lands are definitely the biggest reason the packs always sell. The lands. The foils. The most valuable cards from every Un set? Yep. You guessed it: Foil Lands.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar in 2020
    Adventures are probably returning and so are manlands. Landfall has to be coming back. Levelling I'm a lot less confident about.

    I personally think a major mechanical theme of this set is Zendikar itself rising up in some fashion so that makes me expect tons of lands matter and manland-based combat going on. Fortifications? Who knows..
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  • posted a message on (Spoiler) Throne of Eldraine favourites so far?
    It is a 4-drop roughly 80% of the time. 4 out of 5 times you cast this. I'm considering it a 4-drop "most" games.

    I hear what you are saying. That said, to be honest Bob & Viper appear have very, very little in common, pedigree-wise or ceiling-wise. Yes, you are making a great argument on card evaluation but it feels a little forced here.

    I've actually played with Ohran. Back when they printed him. And, yes, I just recently rebuilt a Snow Stompy deck now that Snow is back. I do have quite a bit of real-world experience playing with this card. Not a bad card but he's nothing stellar. Try him (or this new guy) out if you want but don't expect him to be some powerhouse.
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  • posted a message on (Spoiler) Throne of Eldraine favourites so far?
    Oakhame Adversary feels like a trap. Someone else pointed out that it basically is this but with some (fairly unreliable) multiplayer trinket text added on. I think that's about right most of the time and Viper isn't exactly setting the world on fire.

    I do see quite a few C/U staples I'm picking up for different decks. (in no particular order)

    Crashing Drawbridge is just a godsend for weenie decks. I will be trying it out in quite a few decks I think. I think this card might prove to be a mistake, honestly.

    Also stocking up on 4x Edgewall Innkeeper & Lucky Clover for when we go back to Zendikar. I can't imagine a more likely return of Adventures than that. Sneaky

    Also picked up 4x Cavalcade of Calamity (to go with 4x Torbran, Thane of Red Fell.) Seems like there's a deck there somewhere.
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  • posted a message on Morphling's Artifact Cube
    Appreciate ALL of this. Thank you sir. Making some changes.. Appreciate your inputs!

    I was reaching a similar conclusion on the Energy stuff. I felt like there's a really only a handful of cards that make it worth it. Then, trying to put at least one halfway playable Energy card in each color is like 'What are the odds this even matters?".. I think I'm right where you are, honestly. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

    I like the theory of boardwipe cards a lot more than the practice. We seem to only play MP games and wraths/wipes just make the games take SO LONG. It's a bit of a problem tbh. Duly noted. Thanks for saying something.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] the rest of the cards and magic players played happly ever after
    Quote from HighHolder »

    Why all the janky tribal?

    Tribal is something they will do in every set. We will never be rid of it. Why?

    1) It's Limited "Glue". Dfrat environments are better when you have as many different archetypes for drafters to go after. Inserting tribal synergies in the card pool just gives drafters more flexibiilty. It's a very good thing they do it. It does have the intended effect.
    2) It's 'known territory'--they've done it so many times now, it's too risky NOT to do it in every set
    3) It's 'safe'. Magic players have always wanted to build tribal decks. It's a natural tendnecy so they don't risk offending many people with it.

    Boil them all down...it's easy for them to do it. They've firmly convinced themselves they pull off a set without it. Hasbro tells them not to **** around with a formula that works (and one that consistently delivers the best profit margins of any division within Hasbro.) People like making money and having jobs. The rest takes care of itself..

    For better or worse, Tribal will play a significant role in every (drafted) Magic set until the end of time. (Sometimes it is a even central role, rest of the time, it's merely involved.)
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  • posted a message on Something Throne seems to be getting right...
    Well, Oko probably shouldn't have a Beast Within mode but I guess they'll use the "Well, Blue does Polymorph effects, so it's technically allowed." That is a pretty convenient defense but it still doesn't excuse the fact MaRo endlessly rails against that sort of thing but then turns around and lets them do it over and over again.

    After nearly two decades of MaRo's shifting stances (sometimes total 180's) on all kinds of color pie stuff, I have a hard time taking much of it seriously anymore, tbh. They do whatever the hell they want here and then usually justify it after the fact on the basis of "We needed to make Limited/Creative work." Maybe that's enough and I'm just being crabby.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] ashlizzlle previews cards - a enchantment and equipment
    I'll be honest I'm rapidly beoming not a fan of having some requisite number of colored artifacts in every single set now. It feels completely unnecessary on this equipment for example. Making this card artifact and black just feels like an answer seeking a question to me.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] the professors preview (tolarian community college) - Realm-Cloaked Giant
    This card is just fine. It's not busted no but either half of it are at least reasonably playable in a game of Magic. No, probably not in Standard or in Modern. The flavor is great. He's so big he wears the entire battlefield like a cloak so whenver he takes it off, everyone dies. Great design.
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