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    Ye, you can listen right here. My internet is *****, so I've only listened to the first five tracks, but I like it so far. Hopefully it grows on me as much as Born Sinner did.
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    The Big Division

    They had us open
    Our great; old; mirrored cookbooks-
    And then "solve for X."

    They had us swallow
    The Cocks of "King and Country"
    That we might taste Christ.

    They had us Thank God
    For the "sweet and merciful"
    Rape of heathen souls.

    They had us crawl on
    Hands and Knees and Egos on
    "The hot coals of Love."

    They had us judged and
    Found our Hearts wanting before
    "The hot coals of Love."

    They had us swear oaths
    That we would sanctify our
    Bleeding on "Art's" Cross.

    They had us blink back
    The tears of Abraham for
    The cause of "beauty."

    They had us sharpen
    Stakes and live without our lives-
    And then "solve for X."
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  • posted a message on PRC 261
    Voting for Blippy and Lucknorris

    Blippy's had a heart to it that I appreciated. It's an honest perspective; and kind of aimless and meandering like its subject matter.
    Lucknorris, almost entirely on the back of that first stanza. The title alone is incredibly evocative

    @Talore: I'd be interested in trying to work that out. What would the threshold be? Would it be an instant round ender? I mean, it's probably best to give people time to vote, right? Would it be like, "Okay, we hit this submissions target, you have X days to vote before this round ends? Would you continue to allow submissions during the closing window? Would it be possible to then have overlapping rounds?
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    Quote from Zuko »
    So NehruvianDOOM and FlyLo's new album are both dope as hell...

    I'm waiting on the official release of You're Dead! But the preview tracks (especially, obviously, Never Catch Me) are ill. Still need to catch NehruvianDOOM, bout to start binging the ***** out of "STN MTN/KAUAI." Took Gambino long enough to drop it.
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  • posted a message on [Poem] Thanks for the Running, or, An Ode to the Contest that Just Doesn't Know When To Quit
    Twenty odd wins.
    A hundred and forty or so weeks;
    seventy, maybe eighty or ninety submissions.
    Goddamn did we run.

    Half a year or so of
    Missed deadlines and
    Loving critique;
    Late monday nights
    and rushed sunday submissions.

    "Remember to vote!"
    "Allow me to be the first to welcome you..."

    Goddamn did we run;
    It gave me shin splints but
    What was I using them for anyway?

    Legacies and stories and
    Heroes and myths;
    I still can't believe we actually had to ban someone
    And I'm so damn proud of the ***** that we did-
    I'm proud of the country roads and political prose-
    I'm proud of gods and monsters and cowardly men-
    I'm proud of roses and sunsets and Otto flailing into the den-

    The pace slows. Down to maybe a jog; a halfhearted trot at best.
    Maybe the knees are starting to go- the lungs to fail the body to ail
    and the years (all five or six) have been too much
    Or maybe, the old girl, she just needs a rest.
    Maybe the templates can just sit in the .txt files
    And we can forget the bbcode for punching in the latest winner.

    Maybe the dust can collect and we'll wait for some other nerd;
    Like us;
    To trip across this spot where "maybe I like writing," becomes
    "What else was I doing?"

    maybe one of us will make it.
    Trophies will become prizes,
    and someone will idolize and ask,
    "what were your influences?"

    And in passing, we'll recall
    Haikus about ***** and socks and god,
    and sonnets about crack cocaine and innocence

    We'll remember that levity was our favorite,
    Even if somber honesty always won-

    Maybe we'll even have a favorite.

    That poem Madding wrote, about the hot shower. How he let it run because the city paid for the water anyway.
    Otto, falling down the stairs. A goddamn gem; the sight of which the world has been deprived

    Maybe we'll just remember the times we fell in love with a series of sounds in Portugese or German

    Maybe; like an endless string of untitled poems,
    We'll just keep running.

    Thanks, guys. To everyone I've ever interacted with in any way through the PRC. It breaks my heart to see it slowing down. I've seen the rest of this nook of MTGS slowly wither, but I always kinda figured the PRC was untouchable- because for me it was. It was a moment in history that never blinked and never faltered even when rounds got delayed. It was a thing that I spent way too many hours hosting (and yet still too few to have done a decent job), and a thing that got me through a lot of weeks. I'm a better writer for it. I'm a better person for it. I like to think I'll always remember what we did here.
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    DQ on you, DQ on your family, DQ on your cow!
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    A man can no longer stand alone in history
    against the oceans of anonymity-
    No one can struggle, mightily,
    against the undertow-- and prevail.
    One can only close their eyes and relax;
    can only give way to the waves of our era
    as the salt slowly washes away
    the fine, ugly lines of our lives-
    the details will become a blur
    Our work, our rage, our love, our hurt
    will be undone by the historian's pen;
    the marrow of our days will be footnotes
    amid a textbook's endless slur of words-
    One can only close their eyes and inhale-
    What worth has a scream
    that will only go unheard?
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  • posted a message on PRC 260
    Vote for Blippy

    Because struggle. August was Rough, and it sure didn't help that we failed to fire a single PRC. Hopefully activity gets a little more consistent; I know things get rocky after we have delayed firings.

    (Glad to have you back iCwalzy, btw)
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    It sounds a little out there and whimsical to be offensive to anyone but the incredibly easy to offend
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    Charon oh my captain
    I only to row;
    One arm wounded, useless-
    I only know to row.
    I am a rabid dog,
    Lame, and toothless-
    Charon oh captain my captain
    I only know to row

    Replacing my previous entry for this contest
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    vote for Ilvaldi
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    Quote from Zuko »
    Holy *****, been forever since I've been around. For good reason, there's not ***** coming out lately....

    Shabazz Palaces was a good listen.

    Been re-listening to Pinata and Kismet (eXquire released an alternate version called Kismet Blue at some point, not sure when. Has more tracks and a lot of tracks of him talking about some songs before they play. It's good)

    Albums have to come out...eventually, right? I liked Pinata way more listening to it today than the first time I did. I found it to be a surprisingly involved listen, given the overall sound seems really inviting in an old school kind of way.
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    Record Low: 102*F

    Seven million.

    "In or out?"

    For what? The copper

    Ran out seventy years

    Ago and the citrus

    Doesn't like drought

    "In or out?"

    "You're wasting A/C"

    Seven million.

    The people came

    Looking for something;

    And the kids leave

    Looking for something;

    And the sun sets

    And the winters are mild

    And the summer wants

    You dead and so does

    The sheriff and the voice

    At the back of your skull-

    The one that has studied you-

    Hand picked to write your

    Biography, so he knows you-

    And he regrets it. He's seen

    What you've done and he nods

    In agreement when you sink

    your head and slur

    "God damnit,

    "I'm ****ed up ain't I?"

    And you both think the same thing.

    You both hope it's true- that you are

    A remarkably awful specimen,

    The apex ********,

    The pinnacle of wasted space-

    Because the alternative?

    That everyone out there

    Could be just as bad-


    We've got weak stomachs
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  • posted a message on Putting In My One Week Notice
    well, enjoy your sabbatical! I always assumed you were actually just a nature spirit, coming in to remind us of our own hubris. Gonna miss your contributions a fair bit, but not much beats travelling.
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  • posted a message on PRC 258
    Quote from Crusible »
    Welcome to the Poetry Running Contest!

    Here are the Poetry submissions for this week:

    End of submissions for Round 257, Begin submitting for Round 258! by Crusible
    *****. I totally forgot to post something. My bad dude, I even had a few things ready. by Zelderex

    I am laughing unreasonably hard at this. I can't contain myself. This is perhaps the greatest thing I've ever seen. I don't think anything has ever summed up what it's like to host the PRC so succinctly as accidentally listing the closure of a round of submissions as a poem. This is beautiful, it really is. Too meta. It helps that this is one of the more bizarre weeks, PRC wise. I'm still deliberating my votes, so I guess this is a placeholder for now, just to preserve this moment against edits.

    EDIT: Vote for Ilvaldi and Ophidian Eye. I sorta liked both. Ilvaldi's more, certainly, but I'm willing to endorse the lighthearted goofiness of Ophidian's piece.
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