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  • posted a message on [ALA] New "Mythic Rare" Rarity
    They could have just not made a new rarity and had more rares so you had to buy more boxes anyway. Needing to follow market trends my ass...
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  • posted a message on Is there a point to buy tournament packs over booster packs?
    The only reason to get tourney packs is the land, which unlike what WoTC thinks, no one ever has trouble getting. Theres also more uncommons but I wouldn't know since I don't buy packs of any kind. Make it better than buying singles Wizards, then we'll talk.
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  • posted a message on Has Magic changed your life in any way at all?
    It used to be a guaranteed way to chill with my friends on Friday, but now a bunch of them work and/or don't play. Other than that and eating my money from time to time (and my Friday nights before the parties start), it hasn't really changed me at all.
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  • posted a message on MTG the D&D campaign world
    Oh it's coming I'm sure. They already vastly changed the way magic works, so a mana-based system (or at least one where casters have to choose between colors) shouldn't be far behind.
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  • posted a message on U/G/R Spawnwrithe
    No Overrun for when you get four or more?
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  • posted a message on Merfolk, gonna get it right one of these days
    I'm not in a hurry to get a final version for this since I work Friday nights now, but still some input would be awesome.

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  • posted a message on Zombies ate my Neighbors
    I'm not running Husk to keep my count below lethal for Graveborn Muse. I'd rather run neither and keep up the attacking theme. Warchief lets me have a B 4/2, 4B 7/4, and so on, and I'm not scared of running 4cc creatures or anything. Thats assuming only one copy and Lord of the Undead isn't out to boot.

    Also Urborg is a mana fixer for your opponent, so don't run it just because you'll have two non-swamps out.
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  • posted a message on Zombies ate my Neighbors
    Here was the build I just got w/o playtesting or anything:

    Graveborn is horrible and a win condition for your opponent. Withered Wretched has no targets anymore.
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  • posted a message on I have no clue what to play at states!
    Rack's going to be good but Goblins or Kithkin has been winning just about everything on magic-league.com's tournaments. BTW the build of Goblins doesn't use Wort, its basically Satanic Sligh with Knucklebone Witch and Mad Auntie for silly creature stuff.
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  • posted a message on Pestermite's better than I thought
    At first I saw it as a limited bomb but not quite up to being Type 2 worthy, but then I realized its a 1U 2/1 flyer that usually can't come out turn 2, or 2U for a nifty effect elsewhere. Anyone else think that means its going in my (theoretical) Faerie build?
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  • posted a message on Wild Pair combo
    You're not playing Pandemonium why?
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  • posted a message on Holy crap, a green deck without Tarmogoyf
    *High 5's Sarijy* Cenn's Heir can be bigger than Tarmogoyf, and no I'm not paying for them while they're over $100 a set. Tarmogoyf can be a 4/5, probably just a 2/3 or 3/4 in this deck, and that's not worth $100 when Cenn's Heir can be 5/5+ assuming I'm not playing vs. Wrath effects (which is likely looking at the meta for States right now). Sure my opponent can be playing sorceries but Goblins and Elves don't (unless Elves play that "double the number of Elves" thing) so I'm not too worried about it. Plus not one G/W Kithkin deck that's won on magic-league.com has had Tarmogoyfs =P

    Wow I'm surprised everyone didn't ***** about only 3 Gaddock Teeg. And yes the Warhammers might come out, but they've rarely lost people games when they stay out where I'm at (especially on Yavimaya Druids vs. green) so again they're basically a win condition by themselves. Cenn's Heir with Trample seems silly against another weenie deck.
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  • posted a message on R/W Kithkin
    Cenn's Heir needs 2 other Kithkin out to exceed and Cloudgoat Ranger puts 3 into play. How is that not synergy? Granted he looks like Limited bomb and nothing else on paper but he's insane when other Kithkin are involved. Wizened Cenn makes Militia's Pride put 2/2's into play, which by itself should coax out any Wraths they have.

    Apparently by broken I hinted that Cenn's Heir would be an 8/8 when attacking or something, when its probably going to be a 3/3 or 4/4. For 1W. That makes the cut in weenie.

    Yeah that part about knowing how to play the game was kinda dick-ish of me but still I hate how people go "OMG WEENIE LOSES TO WRATH" all day long when you have to back Wrath up with something (usually Lightning Angel) or I can still get two guys out and win, especially with Militia's Pride that turns Cenn's Heir (assuming I played another Kithkin) into a 4/4 the second time he attacks in that situation.

    I might throw Rift Bolt in as my other 1 drop but finding space is hard. I'm not completely convinced Oblivion Ring is bad yet, just so easy to deal with it might not stay in the final version. Merfolk, Kithkin, Goblins, and Elves all have enchantments they want out so why wouldn't maindeck enchantment hate make sense?
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  • posted a message on Elemental Aggro
    Quote from Slayer001
    the kithkin drops are better, but you don't have the soulstoke and chaser there
    they are both totally different decks if you ask me, but both seem nice

    yea maybe no mulldrifter, but braiders you need, they are definetely better then the spitfires and bladewhirls, they get your chasers out very early

    Right but Kithkin have a Soulstoke that comes out a turn earlier, or you have Cenn's Heir out anyway so you have your huge non-evasive attacker a turn earlier than Soulstoke can get on out, and it keeps swinging instead of dying that turn. Also the 4cc Kithkin blocks Nova Chaser and lives same as Knight of Meadowgrain so that's also a disadvantage. If Soulstoke/Nova Chaser is your thing why not just make a Pandemonium deck?
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  • posted a message on R/W Kithkin
    Decks playing Wrath/Damnation don't care about Teeg or are built wrong, one of the two. Cloudgoat's been winning online tournaments so its definitely staying, as again its the bomb post-Wrath. Anyway if I was an idiot and played every creature in my hand I guess Wrath would suck but good thing I know how to play this game.

    Theres no room for Griffon Guide, and Mana Tithe/Rebuff the Wicked would go in before it anyway.
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