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  • posted a message on Tamanoa/Searing Meditation
    Being a perfectionist, I've been working on a searing meditation deck for the past 3 years, so I've done lots of playtesting and tried lots of card choices. It's only recently that I'm finally content with the deck, as there are lots of synergestic cards, each one filling multiple roles.

    Granted, I built this deck for casual, so it probably wouldn't work out too well in legacy, especially some of the "weaker" card choices like Quiet Disrepair, but I though I'd post the decklist up anyway. Perhaps you'll see some new card interactions you could apply in legacy?

    Deck Notes:

    As you can see, this deck is really geared against creature based decks. Wall of Reverence and Recumbent Blissserve double duty as creature control and life gain triggers. Sun Droplet soaks up early aggro damage to help us survive a little longer while we get the combo set up, but also works great with the painlands when we need some more life gain triggers. Lightning Helix doesn't really need any explaining.

    Armillary Sphere keeps the lands coming since this is a mana hungry deck.

    Stormbind is super secret plan B tech and works really well with Well of Lost Dreams.

    With all of these lifegain triggers stacking during upkeeps/end of turns, Ajani's Pridemate can get out of hand very fast.

    And finally, There's the zendikar refuge lands. Pretty nice for a land drop

    The biggest problem with this deck is that it is too slow for the legacy format, and there aren't any ways to stop storm/combo. In earlier versions I tried making the deck more competitive (for the old extended format) and I used cards like glittering wish to help me out against specific matchups.

    Anyway, personally I feel searing meditation is just too slow for the format, but who knows, maybe you can get it to work out. I'm really rooting for ya, as I love the card and I like your deck concept. Hopefully my deck has given you a few ideas, even if it is just a casual deck. Good luck!

    EDIT: someone earlier suggested using Grove of the Burnwillows + Punishing Fire. I think if you could fit it in, it would be great for the deck, as it fills a similar role to what you're trying to do with the meditation and well, it's always good to have another way to deal repeatable damage.
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  • posted a message on Share Your Hidden Gems [First post contains a master list of all Hidden Gem suggestions.]
    yes, you do need to be careful with Endless Horizons. The way I play it usually depends on the state of the game as well as the colors my opponents are playing. Black/Red has little to none enchantment removal, and I can't think of much for blue either, so it's really only white/green you gotta watch out for.

    Glad you guys are liking infernal tribute Smile

    And wellspring is pretty lulzy, yes, but EDH is about having fun and being casual, it's cards like that that make me love playing the format.

    Anyway, I was trying to build a white/red equipment deck in workstation when I stumbled across this little beauty. Soltari Guerrillas.
    This seems pretty good for equipment decks since he's pretty much always going to get through. His second ability seems pretty nice with equipment power buffs as well.
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  • posted a message on U/W Shape Anew Colossus Combo
    I understand that the dread is expensive and inkmoth is way better.

    All I'm trying to say is, from what I understand, it does not hurt to include it in the deck, considering it takes a land slot and serves as lategame combo piece 9 & 10 with shape anew. It also doesn't come into play tapped, so you can use it right away. The only bad thing about it is that it's a colorless source of mana, and this is the only reason I see it not being able to make the cut.

    So yes, obviously you'd rather master's call or inkmoth for the combo, but unless throwing a copy or two of dread really hurts the manabase, I still don't see why no one plays it. I think you guys should consider throwing at least 1 in there.

    A 'Plan C' sounds more like hardcasting Blightsteel Colossus, if the game lasts that long.

    That's true, but it takes only 8 mana to dread/shape anew. That's still 3 turns faster than hardcasting the colossus.
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  • posted a message on Share Your Hidden Gems [First post contains a master list of all Hidden Gem suggestions.]
    so I went through my 4 EDH decks and picked the best "hidden gems". A few of them might be more well known than others, but you should definitely consider throwing some of these in your EDH decks next time you're testing it out

    1. Skyshroud War Beast
    - In a format where nonbasic lands are rampant, this guy's gonna be pretty big.

    2. Mindstorm Crown
    - This seems perfect for decks that find they're running out of gas quickly.
    Does mono-red run this? Seems pretty good when you've got nothing else.

    3. Lignify
    - Probably already starting to see more use, but just a great removal spell for green,
    especially against generals

    4. Vampiric Link
    - Can negate an opponent's attacking creature or just use it on a fattie

    5. Endless Horizons
    - This card is really underrated, I don't see it in as many mono-white decks as it should be. For FOUR mana, you can thin out your entire library, making your draws significant, AND guarantee a land drop every turn. Ridiculous...

    6. Infernal Tribute
    - A nice sacrifice outlet for mono black.

    7. Aphetto Dredging
    - Efficient for tribal, though there are arguably better recursion effects

    8. Imp's Mischief
    - In a 40 life format, losing the life is well worth the effect. So great and unexpected!

    9. Tarnished Citadel
    - Super secret tech with Darien, King of Kjeldor

    and finally, the best super secret awesome tech for EDH ever...

    10. Wellspring
    - Do I really need to explain this one? It's wellspring!
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  • posted a message on U/W Shape Anew Colossus Combo
    I'm happy to see how much the deck has progressed, as I love the concept, but I haven't seen anyone using Dread Statuary. Has there been any serious discussion on this? Granted, his activation cost is on the expensive side, but would it really hurt the manabase to throw 1, maybe even 2 of these in a deck as a plan C?

    Anyway, loving the decklists, I'm thinking of trying to make a build myself.

    Keep up the good work guys!
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  • posted a message on The mathematics nightmare
    I'm just warning you right now, everyone is going to hate you after they play against this terrible, spawn of satan deck lol.

    Also, Pendrell Mists for budget Tabernacle.

    Also also, not the greatest card in the world, but Embargo does fit the whole "lets slow this game down to a crawl and get nasty glares from across the table" theme.
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  • posted a message on Card Kingdom Discussion Thread
    I find that their singles are generally a little more overpriced compared to other vendors.

    Having said that, they always seem to have everything in stock (in ample amounts) which is really great for the player who doesn't want to hassle around placing orders from multiple places. It's basically convenience at a cost, which is fine for those who enjoy convenience!

    I've placed a few orders with them in the past though (they had a surprisingly good price for snow-covered swamps and alot of them) and I've got to say that I've never had any problems with them.

    If you don't mind spending a little extra cash next time you're looking for singles, then I highly recommend these guys, because chances are, they'll have it!
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