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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    @Outcryqq: Apologies for missing this. Also, many thanks for your kind words. I'm a sucker for praise, truth be told Grin

    I had also completely missed Kindred Discovery. I'll add it to the useful cards list for now until I can test it live.

    I've played nothing but slivers for years on EDH and, to be honest, regeneration has failed to work out consistently for me, even if the meta has never remained constant for long. If I were to pack one, I'd go for Sedge Sliver, since it also packs a buff, and it's been a rare day when I've been short on black mana.

    I may be wrong and, once again, it could be that my meta is influencing me too much. I wouldn't rule it out, but slivers is all I do. Hope you find it useful.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    @iliurgul: At last, we're going to get some DECENT pentacolored stuff on Commander. Long overdue. Me, for one, I'm going to try out your suggestion.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Adding the following to the useful cards list (and to my wantlist, lol) :

    - Cryptolith Rite
    - Engineered Explosives
    - Paradox Engine
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    I don't have anything to say about the Bow of Nylea vs Venom Sliver that Mockingbird hasn't already said, myself - including the single useful effect we can get out of the Bow. It's probably a mistake on my part but I try to look for solutions within the sliver toolbox because tutoring.

    Mind's Eye is something I'm going to try out - it's like a reverse Rhystic Study, which means it shouldn't be anywhere as annoying - and it should have some more staying power. That said, in a multiplayer environment, and given the surplus of mana you're usually expected to have, it's a source of card advantage the enemy will quickly learn to target.

    Triumph of the Hordes is definitely on my wantlist. Everyone's life total reduced to 10 for one turn? Sign me up. Damn, I wish I had considered it in detail myself. Props to you, blackcat.

    I'm considering to once again fill my present build with countermagic, especially since once both Sliver Hivelord and Crystalline Sliver land only a few choice WMDs can really get the table rid of the swarm - stuff like Merciless Eviction or Ixidron, for instance.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Now that's odd. It was nothing I did.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Quote from iliurgul ยป
    Loving Rishkar's Expertise. Draw a ton of cards and cast a sliver lord you just had drawn with the expertise, or fetched in EoT the turn before... seems pretty good.

    Loving it too. I'll have to get one for me. Grin
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    I have tried that approach before. The INSANELY HIGH aggro factor of slivers ended up ruining my day. I'll refer to my last match: I had the Overlord in play, and on a given turn I cast both a mana sliver and the flash sliver. They didn't make it to the next round, and I got my mana rocks blown up for my trouble.

    Your meta will heavily influence the success or failure of your strategies all the time, but even so, I've consistently found out that people is RIDICULOUSLY SCARED of slivers. With good reason, I should add.

    Now, regarding your comments about mana doublers being 'win more' cards: you may have a point. Those cards ended up having a spot on my deck after I was consistently confronted with the fact that either I deployed most or all of my key pieces at the same time, or I would never get to deploy then at all. Maybe your experience is different; if that's the case, share your wisdom with us and tell us how you got it to work Smile
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Something doubling all your ETB fun? Yay, by all means. Just get a lightning rod or something. Goes without saying that you'll have to more or less stuff you hive fleet with strains that profit from it.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    First off: welcome to the forums, fellow servant of the Queen! *chitter* I'm rather happy that you chose to first post here, and happier still that you found the primer useful. Smile

    Now, on to your questions, one by one:
    1. You could probably use a few basics. Say, assemble your mana pie and add 2 basics of each color, except for the color with the least presence which probably would do well wit just one; this will have the added effect of enabling checklands such as Cinder Glade. Then throw in stuff that can fetch you said basics, like, say, Yavimaya Elder or Sakura Tribe-elder. Out the window go taplands and stuff requiring you to pay or sac, such as Ancient Ziggurat.
    2. In my modest experience, I have yet to find any of these three slivers overkill. If anything, Sedge has the most staying power, because besides the obvious the opposition is usually willing to let it pass in favor of juicier targets. Now, on the other hand, don't ever expect Synapse to survive more than two whole rounds (unless your foes are weak, really dumb, or both), and Virulent should see play only when you're in place to profit from it or else it will have a short (and exciting?) life.
    3. I reach this point after noticing most ramp advice I could give you falls under the first point, but I have this to add: where is your Karametra, God of Harvests? With such a huge load of creatures, you could have them come into play with a tribute you can put to use. Now, card draw... honestly, I have a strong bias against blue, which is of course the best color for this. I myself have tried to mitigate this problem with Dormant Sliver, Synapse Sliver, enchantments like Phyrexian Arena and thralls like Bloodgift Demon. Dormant is brutaliciously powerful, but it can hamstring you if you have no way to get rid of it, which makes sac outlets or Hibernation Sliver even more useful.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Replaced the banned Prophet of Kruphix with Seedborn Muse on the aggro build. *Nods at Groovelord*
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Welcome to the hive rockondon! *cheerful chirps and chitter* Honestly, I did use the Gateway... a LONG time ago, when I was just beginning as a thrall to the Queen. In my experience, you rarely get to have more than three or four slivers in play before someone freaks out and nukes the table... but I suppose you've read me saying those words already. Probably now that we have the Hivelord providing darksteel plating for the swarm the tactic would stand a better chance. Please share your experience with us fellow thralls when you test it, will you?
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    I guess that's what you get when you're analyzing Magic lists at 4 AM. Shocked

    I'll go through your checklist, step by step:

    1. IMHO the more haste the merrier. Considering all your stuff your slivers do you want to have as many redundant ways of having them jumping into the fray ASAP.
    2. A sliver swarm you can deploy quickly will have everyone nuking you back to the stone age very fast. Remember that most aggro decks don't fare well on multiplayer EDH because they have to contend with many opponents. I agree that utility > health.
    3. Right call here. Nothing to add.
    4. Rhystic Study can have effects other than providing simple card advantage - it can annoy the hell out of everyone else. I know, nothing new there, but be careful when you field it. Your choice cards are all very good, even if I prefer filling my hand via synergy between cards instead.
    5. Catastrophe is my weapon of choice when destroying stuff indiscriminately. Given how you will be given no quarter by the enemy in most if not all situations, depriving people of their bread basket while you have a swarm of Birds of Paradise lookalikes is a perfectly valid tactic. Blasphemous Act is an amazing pick though, and one I'm adding to the useful cards list if I haven't done so already.
    6. In my own experience Scroll Rack isn't nowhere nearly as good as other stacking/drawing cards. Hey, even Crystal Ball has proved being a better pick when tested.
    7. This one merits another list:
      • Spirit of Resistance is amazing on paper, though rather difficult to pull off in practice and extremely vulnerable to disruption. The more shields you throw up, the more interested everyone is in nuking you. Or at least that has been my experience.
      • Skyshroud Claim is one of the best ramp cards there are.
      • Lotus Petal is a waste of a slot. Great if you have it in your opening hand or if you draw it on the first few turns, but you can pack only one of those.
      • Door of Destinies is another card which looks amazing on paper but does not perform up to expectations in practice.
      • On the other hand, Sterling Grove IS exactly as amazing as it looks on paper. Supposing that you run tons of enchantments, that is.
      • Hive Stirrings is one card I have actually never used... I suppose it depends greatly on what other slivers you have in play.
      • That Amulet of Vigor is an amazing solution for a problem you don't have, except for those 6 lands. I suggest you decide on a case-by-case basis whether it's more advantageous to take the life hit or the speed hit.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Okay... this is going to be one LENGTHY post. Have to get up to speed with lots of things.

    First, @xterminator90:
    1. I agree that the +1/+1 slivers are a complete waste of a slot each in EDH. I used to think that of Megantic Sliver too but it is a game changer when you have very few slivers in play.
    2. Why pack Talon Sliver at all when you have a 1cmc option available instead? Actually, I don't run first-strike strike-giving slivers at all when I can ship Bonesplitter Sliver instead, which is a very cost-effective card IMHO.
    3. My first impulse would be to sacrifice life over speed if you have to build a budget mana base. Shocklands are an absolute must here IF you're going to ship fetches, but if you won't, filter lands are an excellent second choice, and I wouldn't go for any taplands other than the Alara shardlands in most cases.
    4. Given enough rocks or ways to inflate your resource yields, I'd say you can skip a Gaea's Cradle. Read again: given enough. And consider the amount of creatures you run. It's an expensive card if there's ever been one, agreed...
    5. Darksteel stuff is your answer to Harmonic Sliver's ability. Hell, I consider a Darksteel Ingot to be a mandatory include, no matter what, this being one of the reasons.
    6. Purphoros, God of the Forge has been an absolute and complete monster for me, period.

    Now, on with that maybeboard:

    • I haven't been able to bring myself to like Crib Swap that much, but I can recall several episodes where it would have been oh so handy. I don't know, I don't like giving slivers to my opponents, even if they're lowly 1/1 tokens. Can't decide here.
    • Whether or not to pack Battle Sliver hinges basically on how aggressive your playstyle and battle plans are, supposing you didn't pack Might Sliver and Megantic Sliver first.
    • Diffusion Sliver is not going to stop a determined opponent, least of all in a resource-overrich environment such as EDH. Waste of a slot IMHO. In 1v1 it gets marginally better... emphasis on marginally.
    • Mana Confluence I would prefer over City of Brass any day of the week. Still I'd look for other options first.
    • Collected Company is a nice shenanigan, which I'm going to include on the list of useful cards. I feel inclined to consider you don't get enough bang for your buck considering how many interesting cards you have that could use this slot, though.
    • Trace of Abundance paints a target on the land you enchant. You could conceivably use this as a beacon for the opposition to nuke another player's land while simultaneously playing politics by helping out someone else... still once again, I feel there are other cards more deserving of a slot than this one. IMHO any ramp spell > this.
    • Consider you run a five-color deck Fellwar Stone is always an excellent pick.
    • Evolving Wilds and Terraforming Expanse are great choices if you run some basics, which I recommend you do in any case. When someone Blood Moons the table you don't want to be left with a load of mana you can barely use.

    • I've never been that much of a fan of things like Conspiracy or Hivestone because they tend to behave as removal magnets, and they also tell the enemy you have some thralls that are so juicy you just can't let them hang around un-slivered. This turns your deck into an interesting target for a Bribery, which is something I avoid like the freaking plague. That's one card I hate if there's ever been one.
    • This is the first time I see Scavenging Ooze in a slivers deck. I suppose it plays nice with the two cards I just mentioned, and it is an amazing hose against decks that do funny things with graveyards. (The Mimeoplasm comes to mind.) What is your basis for including it?
    • Temur Ascendancy is a killer going straight to my wantlist. I'm not going to bore you with the mayhem this can cause if you just play Megantic Sliver alongside this.
    • Also Alesha, who Smiles at Death. Offense and recursion packed in a single effect? Yes please!
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    @nykspree: okay, a promise is a promise... again, lots of unfamiliar picks here. I like it!
    • Wow, the things I could do with Bident of Thassa! The passive ability is cute, but the activated one is a steal. You can use it to kill many useful critters with poor combat potential that way - or force their owner to spend resources to protect them. How come I didn't consider that before?
    • Grave Pact is something I did consider, but the very specific cost has kept me from actually packing it. Of course, that's why you have stuff like Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers, but you don't bet on having them all the time. Still, the carnage you can wreak with it...
    • I used to run Privileged Position in the early builds of the combo deck, but I ended up ditching it because it actually encouraged the opposition to blow up my stuff. Maybe your pod isn't as trollish?
    • Spectral Searchlight is something I'm definitely going to fish for in my commons box. Good for fixing and politics!
    • Treasury Thrull was a total surprise and an enabler for all kinds of naughty given deeper thought. *Approving chitter*
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Great! *approving chitter* I'm seeing several unusual picks here. Adding Braid of Fire, Council's Judgment, Faces of the Past, Grand Abolisher, Kiora's Follower and Steely Resolve to the useful cards list.

    I like in particular Xenagos, the Reveler. I always found his first ability appealing for a tribal deck, but it drew a lot of fire when I tested him in multiplayer environments, which is what I focus on. I suppose it must be a beast in 1v1.

    What is your battle plan? I reckon a section dedicated to 1v1-only play is necessary. Your list would be a good place to start.

    EDIT: I just realised I missed nykspree's list... I'm well and truly sorry. I'll give it a closer look once I get home Smile
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